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Citizens at Special Meeting
Settle Discussion Started
Week Ago.
Repeal of the so-called “red rider”
relating to the teaching or advocating
of Communism in the District public
schools was favored last night by the
Takoma Citizens' Association, 14 to 4,
at a special meeting in the Takoma
Public Library. After several resolu
tions had been presented a substitute
one by Secretary W. H. Parsons was
j The resolution set forth that the
association approves the passage of
ftie Sisson bill, and strongly con
demned Communism. It recommended
to the Board of Education that it es
tablish at once a permanent Text Book
Committee to make a survey of all
text books and study material which
may be suggested for use in the public
schools, and also consider and report
upon complaints which may be made
by the taxpayers or patrons of the
schools with respect to objectionable
matter used in the schools.
Question Raised Week Ago.
At a meeting of the association a
week ago a resolution was presented
by William M. Greene, chairman of
the School Committee, favoring repeal
of the rider and expressing confidence
In the public schools and its officers
and teachers. George E. Sullivan and
Jesse C. Suter spoke on opposite sides
of the question, resulting in the call
ing of the special meeting last night.
Greene last night moved the adop
tion of his resolution and was followed
by George E. Sullivan, who spoke at
some length on toe history of Commu
nism and its effect not only in Russia
but in other countries.
Secretary Parsons read a letter from
Mr. Suter. who was ill ab home and
unable to attend the meeting. In his
letter he said that there was never
the remotest reason for such a law
and that its existence had done harm
to the local schools and seriously in
terfered wtih the proper instructions
of the pupils. “The misguided action
of the representatives of the Federa
tion of Citizens’ Associations in caus
ing this matter to be injected into the
consideration of the District's 1937
appropriation bill,” he wrote, “has
been the means of distracting con
gressional attention from the more
Important and urgent needs, particu
larly the schools."
Clarifying Substitute Urged.
Sullivan's substitute resolution ad
vocated a clarifying supplement to
the rider against communism. This
prohibition, he said, should not be
construed to prevent the giving to
pupils of true and accurate informa
tion about communism being a world
revolutionary conspiracy to overthrow
and destroy all nations and practically
every vistige of civilization. Teachers
must not misstate to pupils that they
are forbidden to mention or explain
communism, nor use any text book
or other medium of instruction which
purports to explain communism with
out giving true and accurate informa
Television Inventor.
Prof. Takayanagi of Hamamatusy,
Japan, has invented an electric tele
vision transmitter.
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Court Rules G. O. P.
Owns Elephant as
Symbol of Party.
By the Associated Press.
10.—Whether of African or In
die n origin, an elephant is an
elephant, Supreme Ccurt Justice
Willie C Gillette ruled yesterday.
As a result, the People’s Party
of East Rochester, a political or
ganization of Democratic origin,
will have to find another emblem
to represent it at the polls. It
sought to use an elephant, but
Justice Gillette in effect ruled
that elephants of all sizes, shapes
and nature were politically the
property of the G. O. P.
W. M. Carter, 68, Business Man,
Wins Reversal After Sentence
in Slaying of Woman.
By the Associated Press.
JACKSON, Miss.. March 10.—The
life sentence imposed on W. M. Car
ter, 68, Laurel, Miss., business man,
in the murder of the wealthy Mrs.
Daisy Keeton was reversed yesterday !
and the Mississippi. Supreme Court i
awarded him a new trial.
Mrs. Keeton’s daughter Ouida and
Carter were charged with slaying the
widow and tried separately. Both
were convicted and sentenced to life |
Her appeal to the State Supreme j
Court is still pending. j
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Citizens Unanimous in Op
position to Norton Meas
ure for Legal Betting.
Unanimous opposition to the Nor
ton bill, legalizing horse racing in the
District, was expressed in a resolution
by the Park View Citizens’ Association
last night.
The action was taken pursuant to
a request from Chairman Norton of
the House District Committee for an
Members of the group declared that
the introduction of pari-mutuel bet
ting into this city would bring a
’’criminal influence” too close to the
community. It was asserted that at
the present time gamblers must travel
I ' " 1
into neighboring States for their race
track transactions, thereby lessening
their effect here.
A communication from the National
Symphony Orchestra in regard to the
current drive for funds for that
organization was considered, the or
chestra being commended for its
service to the public. Definite sup
port, however, was deferred until ad
ditional members approve.
Concerning a proposal which pro
vides for the construction of a Naval
Reserve armory “for use in case of an
emergency" the association, after a
discussion, decided to table the meas
ure until a committee investigates
more thoroughly.
The organization, which admitted
two new members, was entertained by
children of the Park View School, v.ho
gave their version of the legend,
“Der Rhinegold.”
Japan Leases Cotton Land.
A Japanese firm has leased 214
square miles of land at Geelvink Bay,
In Dutch New Guinea, for growing
cotton and expects to produce 20,000
bales a year as a beginning.
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Philadelphia. Executive Resents
Placing: of “Lesser Official’'
Before Him.
By the Associated Press.
PHILADELPHIA, March 10.—Mayor
S. Davis Wilson took a walk yesterday,
affronted because the State secretary
of welfare preceded him on a program
opening Philadelphia's blind week.
The mayor described the affair as
"a deliberate affront to me, personally,
and to the city.”
“Had the governor himself been
here," the mayor said, “he would of
course have had the place of honor.
But when a subordinate official repre
sents him there is no reason for the
mayor of Philadelphia to stand asiiSe
in his own city.”
Mayor Wilson told Dr. J. Evans
Scheehle, the welfare secretary, to ‘go
ahead” and speak because "it wasn’t
his fault.” ,»
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