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Washington Wayside
Random Observation? of Interesting
Events and Things.
WASHINGTONS old street
markers—maybe you re
member the wooden signs
once posted on corner
buildings—are vanishing rapidly.
A pair of the remaining signs on
Which the direction is spelled in full,
will pass from the public eye if the
current owners should decide to tear
down the old Y. W. C. A. Building at
Bixth and E streets.
The old signs read like this:
"6th St. West.”
"E St. North.”
Just across the street are the new
markers, attached to a light pole,
“N.W. E St.”
"N.W. 6 St.”
The old “Y" building is now used as
a stock and storage place by the Hecht
Co. Its fate will be determined be
tween now and Easter.
The wooden signs, with numbers and
letters cut into them, have never been
taken down—probably because they
are on the brick wallihigh above the
* * * *
Wives of Senators sometimes
have to be a« politic and quick
thinking as their husbands. One
newly married Senator's wife re
cently let her maid take the usual
any ujj aim wan ua oe*j in inc
midst of baking a cake for fiiend
husband when the door bell rang.
Donning an apron and cap
quickly she answered the door to
the caller announced that Mrs.
Blank was not at home. And got
away with it.
* * * *
A GRAY dawn the other morning
^ revealed ohe small possum cling
ing desperately to the topmost branch
of an all but submerged tree on the
Washington side of the Potomac about
a quarter of a mile above Chain
The frightened creature clung des
perately while the branch swayed in
the yellow current. The men at a
small hydroelectric station on the
river bank below the reservoir made
efforts to rescue the little animal, but
without result.
Then a big tree floating on the sur
face brushed the possum from bis
perch. The little creature clung on and
vanished down the swollen river. The
men on the bank wished him bon
voyage, although his chance of sur
vival seemed slim, Indeed.
/"\UT on Wisconsin avenue In Be
V thesda an air funnel or wind Indi
cator, such as one sees at all airports,
floats above a garage and service sta
tion. A wayside operator, wondering
whether the funnel flaunted a chal
lnge to pilots to attempt to land on
the flat roof of the building, conducted
an investigation.
He learned that the garage and
service station was operated by the
former owner of an airport, who
brought his field's "trade mark" to
Bethesda with him.
It Is said to attract many pilots and
air-minded persons to the station.
* * * *
If the stockings on display in
the window of a downtown store
“go over," men will have some
thing to fuss about other than the
queer hats women wear. There are
several pairs with elaborate em
broidery up the front; others with
painted scenes, but the trickiest
pair has monkey fur, 3 inches
long, attached to the "clocks’’ on
each side.
* * * *
Told by the city editor he would be
called at 3 a m. In case of flood here,
Phil Love, assistant city editor, stayed
awake most of the night In anticipa
tion of the call.
Weary and tired. Love Anally went
to bed, only to be awakened In whal
seemed seconds later by the ringing
of the alarm clock.
Jumping up quickly Love, still
asleep, grabbed the alarm clock,
shouting, "Hello.”
* * * *
(")N THE way to the beauty which
they purchase In beauty parlors,
some women look strange, Indeed.
As much is admitted by a woman
patron of one of the prominent estab
lishments who was one of the sheeted
figures moving like ghosts through the
place the other day.
"Hello," said another of the white
wraiths, in a friendly voice.
They talked for quite a while and
made out quite well considering the
fact that the woman who describes
the Incident admits she never recog
nized the other until several days later
when she met an old acquaintance on
the street.
It all became quite clear when the
old acquaintance said:
“It was nice to have seen you at
So-and-So's the other afternoon.”
Dance, Sergt. Jasper Poet, American
Legion, Broadmoor Hotel, 9:30 p.m.
Dance, Lambda Sigma Delta Soror
ity, Washington Hotel, 10 pm.
Bingo party, Anacoetia Association,
Council No. 15, 2407 Minnesota ave
nue southeast, 8:30 p.m.
Meeting, Biological Society of
Washington, Cosmos Club, 8 p.rn.
Dance, National Press Club audi
torium, 10 p.m.
Dance, California State Society, Ra
leigh Hotel, 9 pm.
Dinner, Optometrlc Society, La
Payette Hotel, 7:30 pm.
Dinner, Democratic League, La
Payette Hotel, 7:30 p.m.
Trinity College Alumnae, Mayflower
Hotel, 7 p.m.
Dance, Athletic Association of Ped
■ral Bureau of Investigation, Ward*
nan Park Hotel, 10 p.m.
Dance, Dormitory Council, Central
IT. M. C. A., Eighteenth and G streets,
> p.m.
Bingo party, Pride of Washington
Council, No. 26, D. of A., Ms sonic
remple, 523 Eighth street northeast,
5.30 p.m.
Bingo party, Washington Section,
Socialist Labor Party, Thomas Circle
Club, 1326 Massachusetts avenue, 8
Meeting, Bartenders’ Union, Old
Local No. 75, 725 Fifth street, 3 pm.
Meeting, Town Hall, Shoreham
Hotel, 8 p.m.
Manchuria Exports Beans.
Manchuria exports a .good deal of
beans and their products, bean cake
snd bean oil.
- J
Emerson Dismisses 9250,000 Ac
tion in “Swap” Case.
LOS ANGELES, March 21 (A*).— -
Walter E. Emerson, actor and writer,
yesterday dismissed his $250,000 lost
love suit against Barton Sewell,
wealthy yachtsman.
Emerson and his wife, Jane, were
denied a divorce a year ago, after a
trial in which Emerson accused Mrs.
Emerson of misconduct with Sewell.
She countered with accusations that
Emerson was too friendly with Mrs.
Is Coining to the
Shoreham Hotel
For One Week, Beginning
Monday, March 23d
J0T“ 11™ F and G Streets Phorb DIotmct 3300
Choose a particularly
flattering hat—•
with the aid of
Mme. Lydia

of Lydia Modes
This well-known designer, recently re
turned from Paris, will be in our Mil
linery Salon, Monday and Tuesday, to
show you, personally, just how to capture
the most spirited angle in her eminently
wearable hats.
i --..
MissCorrine Eastwood
of Barbara Gould
—will be in the Toiletries Section, next
week, to help you answer your beauty
questions, and to tell you about the new
Plastic Cream that lifts, stimulates and
tightens sagging muscles.
A special offering of a 75c jar of Finish
ing Cream with each $1 box of Face
Powder will be made.
Visit the Girl Scout
Cookie Sale
In the Girls' Apparel ■
Section, Fourth Floor
This event (March’ 20th through March’
28th) is being offered for the benefit of
the Camp Fund, George Washington Na
tional Forest. Cookies are priced at 25c '
a package.
Pictorial Patterns Will
Have a Representative
Miss Virginia Kirk
In the Pattern Section—
4 i
• Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday of Next Week
She will be glad to help you select the
patterns for your Spring outfit.
_ _ _ ______________
A * •
Woodward 8c Lothrop
10™ 11™ F and O Streets Phone DIstrict S300
I ---
Four suggestions — culled
from our Spring bouquet of
distinctive ways to - mark
your wardrobe “new
. season.”
| VV
1: :X-X
front of fashion, with the culotte
slip to wear beneath culotte frock*.
Note it* “bra’’ top. In pure- QC
dye satin _ T™’
Costumi Slips, Third Floo*.
TIMED AND TIED for Sprlnf chic
—a natural linen ’kerchief in fay d* I
[ red or blue plaid-▼ ^
Handkerchiefs, Aisle 17, Fust Floor.
sheer, very feminine blouse to wear
with tailored suits. Lace is dyed to
match its violet, citron, QC
jray( navy or powder blue, Y^#
Other Blouses_$2 to $29.75
Sportswear, Third Floor.
a shining prize in Gerside’s black
patent leather “suit” tie, £ I L Crt
with mesh inserts. Pair, Y * OeW
Women's Shoes, Thus FXoos.
—the calendar makes "official" that lift of the
spirits. And Spring wardrobes "take off" to happy
landings from such important fashions as these.
For the Shorter Woman
-—news of Spring is very apt to be printed. No wonder,
with such refreshing editions of thoughtfully styled chic
as the jacket frocks sketched at left. Sizes 16J4 to 24J^.
At left—A scarf print top contrasts with navy
in a sheer frock with soft revers and push-up
sleeves. Tie ends echo the print's colors
At far left—A meadowful of daisies on an
aqua, black or navy pure silk frock that-edges -- -
sleeves, jabot and collar with pleating- vj'1'1 /Sj5 — ''
Women s Dresses, Third Floor. _>
Blithe Young Frocks
... in these blithe young styles, garnered from our Spring
crop of chic frocks for misses.
At left—A bolero frock outstanding because of its
use of three colors—gray-yellow-black is just one
of the smart combinations.
At far left—A “cravat” print in a debonair two
piece frock of imported silk. Red, green or
Missis’ Dresses, Third Floor.
Take the matter of
This is a Spring for individual fashions—
so many styles you can “be yourself” with
a maximum of chic and flattery.
Colors are a matter of prime importance
with crushberry, toast, gray and a host of
mixtures, bold checks and sporting plaids
_and those constant favorites, black and
navy, outstanding. Fabrics, too, play a
gtellar role—adding their distinction to
\ deft tailoring. Sketched (in misses'
? sizes):
A—The chic tunic length coet in a --
•uit of Forstmann’t candlewick $ AU./D
woolen- mS
B—A “flare for Spring” in the pep- e-A --
lum back of a auit in Foratmann’a >> 4U./J
nubby woolen, grosgrain bound
C—Button*—a double row of them (7A 7C
/ —emphasize the trim line* of a JM*' J
nubby wool eoat with gay acarf- **
Other Coats_—$16.95 to $115 *1
Other Suits--—$16.95 to $95
Coats ahd Suits, Thud FLooa.
* 'j

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