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' National Safety Council
Marshals Forces for
Traffic Campaign.
The National Safety Council, which
has been instrumental In reducing
industrial fatalities by about 60 per
cent, has marshaled all its forces in
an intensive drive to effect a com
parable reduction in the appalling
»• total of automobile deaths.
When the council was organized in
1912, the industrial death total for
the year was 35,000. In recent years,
this has dropped to between 12 and
14 thousand. Automobile deaths j
numbered 666 in 1912, but by last
year had reached a peak of 36,400.
The council believes it can do the
same thing in the field of automobile
safety that was done in industry, and
It is determined to prove it.
The foundation of the council’s.
drive is inter-city and inter-State
safety contests. Thirty-six States I
,• already participate in the contests, i
and it is expected that by the end1
of 1936 all 48 States and more than
1.000 eligible cities will have been
Palmer Is Pioneer.
Lew R. Palmer, founder and past
president of the council, is a firm be
liever in the value of these contests In
any safety promotion campaign. A
pioneer in this field, he started In the
steel industry, expanding into other
In 1923 a safety contest was started
among the Nation’s railroads, result
ing in a 60 per cent reduction in em
ploye fatalities and an 80 per cent
reduction in injuries.
Encouraged, the council then turned
to the automobile problem, starting
with contests among cities and then
introducing the interstate contests.
The States are grouped according
to populations, and the awards are
based on the fewest deaths per 100,000
of population. Consideration also Is
given the State with the greatest num
ber of eligible cities (those with popu
lations of more than 10,000) entered
In the inter-city contest.
The States are grouped in three
classes and the cities in six. the
awards in the latter also being based
on the number of deaths per 100,000
of population.
Contest Idea Best.
“I believe the contest Idea is the
best means of conducting a safety
campaign." Palmer said. “It not only
arouses interest in the project, but
<. maintains it—that is the important
thing. We have also found that such
a contest, once it is under way, serves
to put pressure on those responsible
for enforcing traffic regulations, and
in many cases has resulted in the
employment of traffic engineers.”
The possibilities inherent in the
safety contest, Palmer said, are best
illustrated by the experience in Mil
waukee. where the council was
For the past eight years, despite a
- steady increase in population, Mil
waukee has had a consistent decrease
in the total of automobile deaths.
It is estimated that 506 lives have
been saved there during the nine
year period since the contest was
Last year. Milwaukee, with a popu
lation of 599.100. had 65 traffic deaths,
a rating per 100.000 Of 10.85. In
Washington, the city with the worst
record in group 2 (population of 250,
000 to 500,0000), 125 persons were
killed and the city's death rate was
20.5, almost twice that in Milwaukee,
. a larger city.
“Clean Politics" Helps.
Palmer said he is convinced the
foundation of Milwaukee's enviable
record is “clean politics.” He also
expressed the belief that one of the
principal troubles in Washington is
f that of handling the non-resident mo
» torists.
* “They are unfamiliar with driving
t conditions here,” he said, “and in some
instances are inclined to ignore the
regulations. Some means of correct
ing this evil must be found before
any great improvement can be ex
"In Milwaukee,” he said, “there is
no such thing as having a friend
higher up who can fix a traffic ticket.
The rich and the poor, public offi
cials and private citizens, are pun
ished alike. As a result, the opin
ion seems to be pretty general among
motorists In Milwaukee that if you
break the traffic laws you will have
to pay the price.
“Other factors in the city’s success
have been extremely effective modern
engineering work, intensive and con
tinuous educational work, fine safety
salesmanship, remarkable co-opera
tion and a substantial ‘property-mind
ed' citizenship.”
School Children Record.
An interseting feature of Milwau
kee's record is the fact that only two
school children have been killed in
the last seven years while going to
and from school. An organization
of 2,300 “safety cadets" is credited
with playing a major part in this
An inter-precinct safety contest in
Detroit has met with marked success,
resulting in 41 fewer deaths in 1935
than in 1934. With this record in
mind, a somewhat similar inter
borough contest has been started in
New York and during the two years
of its existence there has been a re
duction of 94 in traffic deaths.
“Since 1908.” Palmer said, "there
has been an estimated saving of
923,000 lives in industry as a result
of the application of safety methods.
If this was possible in the case of
industry, it is equally possible in au
tomobile traffic regulation.
"The council is in this fight to the
finish. On the whole we have re
ceived splendid co-operation from the
Governors, mayors and other officials
and with this continued support we
confidently expect to see a steady re
duction in the automobile death rate.”
Specialty Numbers Included in
Elks Boys’ Band Program.
Several specialty numbers have
been Included in the program for the
Elks Boys’ Band sixth annual concert
Thursday night in the auditorium of
the McKinley High School.
Solo numbers will be presented by
Harry Allen, Granville Bageant,
Gardiner Shrode, John Battenfield,
Louis Soule, John O'Steen, Edward
Nagel and Robert Darraugh. The
concert will be directed by James L.
Kid well.
Backs Drive
—Star Staff Photo.
Role of International Law in
Peaceful Change Is
Theme of Meeting.
The role of International law in
peaceful change will be the theme of
papers and discussions during the
thirtieth annual meeting of the Amer
ican Society of International Law at
the Carlton Hotel April 23 to 25.
The convention, which will attract
international lawyers from all parts
of the East, will open Thursday. April
23, at 8 p.m., with an address on "The
United States and International Law”
by the chairman, George Grafton
Wilson of Harvard University. After
an address by Parker T. Moon, pro
fessor of international relations, Co
lumbia University, a general discus
sion will be held.
The following day papers will be
presented by Hessel Yntema of the
University of Michigan, Quincy Wright,
University of Chicago; Norman Mac
kenzie, University of Toronto; John
B. Whitton, Prinoeton University:
Amry Vandenbosch, University of
Kentucky, and Allen Kiots of the New
York bar. Discussions will follow
presentation of each paper.
The morning of Saturday, April 25,
will be devoted to conclusion of pre
ceding discussions, reception of com
mittee reports and election of officers.
The session will close with the an
nual banquet at 7:30 that night, when
the speakers will Include the Minister
of Colombia, Senor Don Miguel Lopez
Pumarejo and Senator EUbert D.
Thomas of Utah.
• •_,
Social Insecurity, Topic.
“Social Insecurity" will be the sub
ject of addresses by Representative
Lundeen, Farme%-Laborite, of Wis
consin and Paul Rasmussen, national
secretary of the Workers' Alliance of
America at a meeting of the Capital
City Forum Friday at 1502 Fourteenth
A new roof
right over
the old!
• • • and beautiful9 too!
XTO NEED to rip off your old shingles—
1 gamble with the weather—litter your
yard with dirt—put yourself to a lot of
needless trouble and expense!
We can lay Genasco Latite Shingles over
your old weather-battered wood or asphalt
shingles just as efficiently as over new
Genasco Latite Shingles are locked to each
other. The sun can’t curl them. Wind can’t
tear them off. And they’re FIRE-SAFE as
well as weather-safe.
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S h
The new Cadillac V-8, Series 60, was designed
in response to a definite demand. Cadillac own
ers, both men and women, in all parts of the
country, were asking for a Cadillac especially
designed for the personal use of its owners.
They wanted it to be compact—easy to handle
economical to operate—but unmistakably a
Cadillac. And they wanted it reasonably priced.
The Cadillac V-8, Series 60, priced at $1643,
Detroit, answers that demand so completely
that it is proving a decided favorite everywhere.
May we send a Series 60 to your home for a
personal demonstration?
% . F. D. AKERS, Prtsideni
1222 22nd ST. N.W. NATIONAL 3300
I '*
A Grand New
Sleep Recipe
QUILTED Mattress
You have only to compare this new quilted mattress
with the conventional tufted and tuftless mattresses to
see that it is a grand new sleep invention. Without a
single hard tuft, it is quilted with V2 mile of thread and
38,466 stitches. No wonder the filling material can't
creep or lump. Within these quilted comforts is one
of the finest innerspring mattresses you can buy. See
this comfortable, durable mattress with quilting which
takes the place of tufting. Beautiful colorings.
Double or twin sizes. Box springs to match, $39.50.
Karpen Innerspring
Mattress ••••• 519.75
This splendid mattress is in an attractive
tan and white stripe ticking. 180 prop
erly tempered 14-gauge wire springs
over which is o sisal pad ond 34 lbs. of
clean, sanafied cotton felt. Muslin over
construction. Taped roll edge; handles,
ventilators and button tufted. A good
value. Twin or double sizes. Mayer's.
Curled Hair-Top
Karpen Mattress
Springy curled Block Horse Hoir (50%
mones ond 50% tails) is used for the
top of this mattress. Between the
springs and the hair top is a protecting
sisal pad and layers sanafied cotton felt.
A beautifully tailored mattress with
sturdy blue and white striped ticking.
Twin or double sires. Box eOC
springs to match also $35.
"The Dolly Madison"
A LuxuriouslyComfortable
Innerspring Mattress
A quality mattress thru and thru! Beautiful
as well as comfortable. Fine innerspring
mattress unit topped with protecting sisal
pad and 34 lbs. of clean, sanafied cotton
felt. Muslin over entire construction.
Beautiful damask ticking. Handles and
ventilators. Box springs to match at $29.50.
Finely tailored. Twin or double sizes.
Other Karpen Mattresses as Low as $14.75
Seventh Street Between D and E
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