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Thousands of eits- vS? A
tomers base been Vi y
more than satisfied X
with our work orer 5g (J
a period of *!(l .\19 \
years. May we estt- PA® 0
A mate for you? No V]n x
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a too small. v
c l FERGUSON i \
0 3831 Gb. Av«. COI. 0567 %
Germ* of Rhoumotlam
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your froo copy. Buy Woldona tablota for tho rollpf
of rhoumotic point and muaculor lumbago a(
drug atoroa. WEIDONA, Inc., Atlantic City, N. 1
Mrs. Robinson
has changed to
Another Clash Between Prize
Committee and Drama
Critics Possible.
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK, May 4 —Possibility of
another clash of judgment between
the Pulitzer Prize Committee and
drama critics enlivened interest in
tonight’s announcement of the 1935
Pulitizer awards.
Columbia University authorities
again were keeping strictly secret
their selections of winners in Journal
ism and letters.
The Drama Critics’ Circle, formed
last year after its members disagreed
with the Pulitizer play selection, “The
Old Maid,” has stolen a march on
the Columbia officials by labeling
Sherwood Anderson's “Winterset” as
last year’s best play.
The May issue of Stage Magazine
has also selected "Winterset.”
Winners will be announced at the
annual dinner of the Columbia School
of Journalism alumni by Nicholas
Murray Butler, president of the uni
The prize for the best American
novel, won last year for 1934 by
Josephine Winslow Johnson’s “Now
in November,” is another of the Pulit
zer awards in which there is wide
The journalism awards are for a
newspaper, a reporter, a Washington
or foreign correspondent, an editorial
writer and a cartoonist.
Other letter awards are for verse,
American biography and history.
Hill-Billy Bands Needed.
LINCOLN, Nebr. </P).—James Lewis,
Lincoln playground director, told dele
gates to a recreation conference that
what Nebraska needed was a hill-billy
band on every playground. His recipe:
"A hill-billy band is something that
can be gotten together in every town
in the State. You don't need musi
cians, Instruments or anything else.
All you need are a few boys and girls
who want to harmonize.”
Irvin S. Cobb
"Flu Deafness Enables
Me to Enjoy Bright
Things I Say.”
SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 4 —
In response to large numbers who
wrote or wired, I would state that
pit.hpr I’m ppt.ttncr nvpr mv inf!n»n*a
or maybe I’m Just
getting used to it.
Its latest wnltrt
sictil rotion was
to settle in both
ears and now
should it thun
der. a rare oc
currenc* out
here, In oroer tor
me to get the
benefit of the
phenomenon, it'll
have to thunder
again—and loud
er. However, be
i n g temporarily
deaf has its ad
vantages—i aon t near me auu mmgs
other people say, but can still enjoy
the bright things I say myself.
On the other hand, my cough Is
better. Wiser. I let go the neighbors
no longer think old Bugle, the trusty
coon dog. must have treed some game
over at the Cobb house.
As will be noted, I'm back from
Palm Springs, where I cooked in the
desert sunshine until all I needed to
do, before being served, was to drape
a sprig of watercress across my brow
and thicken the gravy with a little
brown flour. Driving in, I kept tying
up traffic; so many motorists mistook
my face for a stop signal.
Should I relapse I’m going to try
to throw myself into the episootlc.
That's a horse disease, but I’ve been
as sick as a horse and had to be
as strong as a horse to live through
it—and anyhow I know a good horse
• Copyright tft.'ifi. by Norih American
Newspaper Alliance. Ine >
Dog Teeth for Money.
Natives found in a district of New
Guinea use dogs' teeth as money.
Hotel for Hobo Cats and Dogs
Luxurious With Sunken Garden
By the Associated Press.
CHICAGO, May 4.—Flagstone pav
ing in the sunken garden was started
yesterday as the last step toward com
pletion of the Anti-Cruelty Society's
$100,000 "hotel de luxe" for stray cats
, and dogs.
Around the luxurious exercise yard,
workmen were erecting an 8-foot stone
wall to guard hoboes of the animal
world from the prying eyes of humans.
The garden Itself was a canine and
feline heaven, what with Its two big
maple trees—and the flagstones.
The hotel, a 3-story affair, made
possible by a bequest of the late
Marion E. McConnell, boasts still more
On the flrat floor iu the kitchen,
with electric refrigeration and pastel
tinted walls; the dogs' bath room, spot
less white; and kennels, with glass
doors leading to the gaiden.
There were two rooms for cats, one a
many-celled cage on wheels ard the
other more commodious, with shelves
to accommodate leaping felines.
On the street level was the 2-room
free clinic and operating room, equip
ped with the latest facilities for treat
ment of cat and dog Ills and hurts.
Nearby were offices and reception room.
Hidden away was the death cham
ber, for electrocution or asphyxiation
of animals. Dog and cat owners could
pick the easiest way out for their pets.
7th I
H 1
All H ns lay/ȣWeggs!
ALL Cigarettes are not FRESH!
LISTEN, PEOPLE!.. . Are fresh eggs better than stale eggs?
Everybody says “Yes”!
Are fresh cigarettes better than stale cigarettes?
Everybody says “Yes”!
Two jackets of Cellophane ... not one but TWO ... stand guard over
the freshness of Double-Mellow Old Golds. Each of those two
jackets is moisture-proof Cellophane; the highest quality obtainable*
This double Cellophane wrapping keeps out dampness, dryness and
every other foe of cigarette goodness. It gives you FACTORY-FRESH
cigarettes... as fresh as the egg the hen lays in the nest.
P. S. Double Your Money Back,
if you’re not pleased
Smoke half a pack of Double
Mellow Old Golds. If, then, you
don’t say it’s the finest smoke you
ever tasted, mail us the remaining
ten cigarettes and the wrapper
at any time within 30 days from
date, and we’ll send you double
the price you paid for the full
package, plus postage. Address,
119 West 40th St., New York.
A A a . A
Everything Finished, Ready
-to-Use, Including Men’s
Shirts Hand-Finished, Mend
ed, Buttons Sewed on, etc.

and the bigger your wash the less it
Costs per Pound
VW-. I
IMAGINE having men's Rhirtshand/|f READ THESE AMAZINGLT
finished, buttons sewed on—your flat FOR HIGH QUALITY
pieces ironed and neatly folded—out- FINISHED LAUNDRY
er garments carefully finished hy First 10 Pounds
hand—everything ready to near and $1.59
to use — at a price that enables you -
to send all your wash every week! 13* a pound for the
next five pounds.
Manhattan Laundry offers you all _
this—and more—in its famous Econ- 11* a pound for all ad* II
omy Service. Ten pounds of wash— ditional pounds.
for only $1.59. Washington’s prize REMEMBER — the bigger
washday bargain! the wash, the less it costs
per pound.
Everything is laundered hy Man- -
Italian's famous “Net Bag Method’’ NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR SHIRTS
which lengthens the life of clothes, To secure this fine work *t
because there's no riih-riib-ruh to kh«*i.l0W • Pu*Cer' L***'
half the weight of your bun
wear them out. And remember, the die should he flat work. Min
imum bundle accepted for
price per pound goes down as the size this service, $1.50. Natural
ly .1 t ... .• ly, heavy things such as
of the w ash goes up. I ry Economy blankets, curtains, furniture
Service this week. Save ("money on covers, linen and washable
suits, cannot he included in
your first wash and on every wash. this low-priced service.
Send for our routcnian today. —
BLANKETS CLEANED h y methods appro* ed hv leading blanket manufacturers. W«
guarantee them not to shrink. We return them in moth-proof hags.
CURTAINS CLEANED (cotton, silk and ra*on). We measure them in and out of our plant,
to insure correct siae. We stretch them on modern equipment to preserve straight edges.
fUirni Dieobuu \Y10

1330 TO 1346 FLORIDA AVE.
A M 4

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