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F. C. C. Spikes Stations’
Requests for Bands of
Distance Broadcasters.
OPES of a dozen broadcasting
stations to improve their oper
ating facilities through a pro
jected East-West Coast dupli
cation on several of the so-called clear
channels have been blasted by the
Federal Communications Commission.
At a meeting during the last few
days, the F. C. C. broadcast division
denied in their entirety a sheaf of ap
plications for duplicated assignments
on three of the 40 clear channels. It
did not assign the reason, but it is
generally thought that it Is holding in
abeyance any alteration of existing
allocations until it can survey the an
tire broadcasting spectrum, and that
the changes in regulations which
would permit such duplications will
not come until hearings are held on
them later this year or next year.
Clear channels originally were set
aside by the old Radio Commission in
1928 as a means of providing service
from high-power stations to rural or
remote listeners, with high-power sta
tions on the channels. Of the original
total of 40. some 10 have been •'dupli
cated- at night by assignment experi
mentally of additional stations on
them The theory has been that by
assigning stations on opposite coasts
no undue interference would bp caused,
but the F. C. C.. after more than a
year of consideration, decided against
the applications in the three current
The most important of the proposed
clear-channel •'breakdowns” involved
the 640-kilocycle channel, upon which
KFI. Los Angeles, is the dominant
station, using 50,000 watts at night
with no other station on the wave. A
number of stations in the East sought
full-time operation on it. Instead, the
F. C. C. denied all these applications,
but did grant that of the Portland.
Me., Broadcasting System for a new
600-watt station on this channel to
operate only until sunset at Los
Angeles, when night propagation char
acteristics set in. During the daytime,
there is no chance of interference. The
Portland company is associated with
the Press-Herald of that city.
The second East-West Coast dupli
cation project involved the 830-kilo
cycle channel on which KOA, Denver,
N. B. C. owned station, is the dominant
outlet. WHDH and WNAC. Boston
and WEEU Reading, Pa., sought full
time operation on it with 5.000 watts
power. All three applications were
The third effort involved the 1,180
kilocycle channel upon which KOB,
Albuquerque, N. Mex., and KEX. Port
land, Oreg., share lime. WINS, in
New York, and WDGY, Minneapolis,
Bought duplicated assignments on this
channel without success.
* * * *
'T'HREE young women, who cannot
I* see, are to appear in a one-act
play for the microphone. They are
from the “Light House” players of
New York City.
i Because the usual script means
nothing to them, they are memorizing
their parts the same as they w-ould
for the stage. The girls—Lillian
Askanls, and Rose Licalst and Ruth
Hillman—will have as a seeing male
lead Lyons Wickland. who played op
posite Mae West on the stage in New
The production is “Afternoon,” and
it will go on Columbia May 14.
* * * *
!TACK BENNY leads the “stars of
** stars” in the Radio Guide popu
larity poll which has swung into its
final month. Amos 'n’ Andy, who held
that distinction for two years now are
In fifth place.
Irene Wicker leads the children's
programs, Wayne King the dance
orchestras, Bing Crosby the male
Singer of popular songs, and Kate
Smith the female singer of popular
•ongs. Nelson Eddy is ahead in the
singer of operatic or classical songs,
and Jimmy Wellington is the favorite
Special Train* Moving U. S. Gold
Hoard to Fort Knox Will
Cost $1,429,240.
My the Associated Press.
Plans for transporting approximately
$6,000,000,000 in gold bullion from
New York and Philadelphia to the
new Federal vault at Fort Knox, Ky.,
were disclosed yesterday in a report of
hearings before a House appropri
ations subcommittee.
W. C. Cram, jr., of the Bureau of
the Mint told the committee it will
cost *1,429.240 to ship the bullion.
Of this. *104.440 will be for guards.
The gold will be moved on special
trains. On each will be a company
of Federal troops, 2 Secret Service
men, 10 Federal plainclothesmen and
2 agents of the Post Office Depart
D. C. Children to Attend Indian
Reservation Opening.
Washington's public school children
have been invited to attend the formal
opening of the Indian reservation on
the Mount Vernon Memorial Boulevard
at River Bend, tomorrow. A special
all-day program has been arranged
for school children in the elementary
Guides will conduct the children
on a tour of the reservation where
Indians from the Apache; Sioux, Crow
and Cheyenne tribes are staying. The
program, which was presented in more
than 350 schools and colleges during
the past Winter, will include such
dances as the double-hoop. Omaha,
kettel. wounded-warrior and war
Mooney Case Is Topic.
John F. Finerty, counsel for Tom
Mooney, now serving a life term in
connection with the 1916 Prepared
ness day bombing in San Franciao,
will speak on “California versus
Mooney” at a meeting of the Capital
City Forum at 9:15 o’clock tonight.
The forum will be opened for general
discussion after the talk.
tail Ml. ST..N.W."-DEc.ru. 4220 |
Capital’s Radio Programs
Friday, May 8. tcornuh* i&ae> Eastern Standard Time.
| WRG 950k | WMAL 630k I WOL 1,310k \ WJSV 1,460k |
12:00 [Merry Go Round Joan and the Escorts Dance Music Man In Street 12:00
12:15 Sounding Balloon Curbstone Queries News Bulletins Savltt Serenade 12:15
12:30 Salon Orchestra Farm and Home Hour Walkathon Reporter Merrymakers 12:30
12:45 " ”_“_Church of the Air Between Bookends_12:45
1:00* Magic of Speech Farm and Home Hour Zeke Manners’ Gang Afternoon Rhythms 1:00
1:15. “ “ Boys’Club 1:15
1:30 Mary Mason Edward Davies Crasy Quilt Sweet and Hot > 1:30
1:45 " " Education for Living_ " “ .. « 1:45
"27b0- Forever Young uTs. Marine Band Dance Rhythms Championship Debate 2:00
2:15 Ma Perkins " “ Ladies of the Air j “ “ 2:15
2:30 Vic and Bade Showmen Quartet Musical Potpourri “ " 2:30
2:45 The O’Neills The Rangers _ News—Music _ M “__2:45
37o<T Woman's Radio Review Betty and-Bob Brooke Steele’s Orch. Billy Mills’ Orch. 3:00
3:15 “ ** Back Stage Wife Afternoon Concert Jack Dempsey 3:15
3:30 Happy Jack How to Be Charming Musical Interlude U. S. Army Band 3:30
3:45 Grace Shannon _ Strolling Songsters_Dance Time _ “ “__3:45
4T0O "Congress Speaks” Snake Exposition Today’s Winners Buddy Clark 4T00
4:15 •• « •* “ “ " Dorothy Gordon 4:15
4:30 Tervi La Fraconl The Singing Lady - “ Mark Warnow's Orch. 4:30
4:45 Garden Pilgrimage Little Orphan Annie * " _Rhythms_4:45
5:00~ Bulletin Board Evening Star ^Flashes Fantastical Facts Buck Rogers 5:00
5:15 ’* “ Rod and Stream “ “ Terry and Ted 5:15
5:30 Chasin’the Blues Have You Heard? H M News—Rhythms 5:30
r.hanrin tha Uaffirian T/iorall Thnmaa ‘Walkathon Rpnnrtpr Rpnfrpw of thp VTonnts»H
: - - ■ — .— » .. ... ■ i -
6:00 Amos ’n' Andy Niels Ooodelle Today In Sport* Musical Revue 6:00
6:15 Uncle Ezra Bill Coyle Music and News Arch McDonald 6:15
6:30 Question Mark Evening Album Dinner Concert Paris Night Life 6:30
6:45 Uncle Zip Dorothy Lamour_ Musical Revue_ Boake Carter_6:45
TOO Jessica Dragonette Irene Rich Five-Star Pinal Red Horse Tavern 7:00
7:15 “ “ Janies Wilkinson News Spotlight • •* ** 7:15
7.30 " ■ Music Club Lewis aryi Young Broadway Varieties 7:30
7 45 “ “ Detective Mysteries " “ 7:45
8~ 00" Waltz Time Music Guild Dance"MuSc Hollywood Hotel «Too
g;15 <• •• •• “ « “ 8:15
8:30 Human Relations Court WaHng's Pennsylvanians The Gaieties “ ** ■ 8:30
g:45 | •• “ j •• “ Bob Hurlelgh " “ 8:45
Too"'Richard Himber's OrchT "The Death Orchid” Howard Amateurs Wostelanetz’s Orchestra 9:00
9 15 j “ " ** “ “ “ “ “ 9:15
9; 30 ; Marion Talley Roy Shields’Orchestra Washington Amateurs March of Time 9 :30
9:45 Three Maids “ - _ _“_Mrs. Robert Hoyal 9:45
! 10:00 News—Music George R. Holmes Washington Amateurs Don Redman’s Orch. 10:00
10:15 {The Dreamer News Bulletins “ “ “ “ 10:15
10 30 MacWilliams'Orchestra G. W. U. Forum Dance Music Arthur Godfrey 10:30
10:45 “ “ Duke Ellingtons Orch._ News Bulletins_ _ “ 10:45
I1T00 Airbreaks Shandor Varieties Emory Daugherty’s Orch. "ll:00
11:15 Ranny Weeks’Orch. Slumber Hour “ “ 11:15
11:30 Midnlte Frolics " “ Oliver Naylor’s Orch. News Bulletins 11:30
11:45 | “ ** • “ “ “ _ _ Don Bestor's Orchestra 11:45
fjToo" Sign Off 'Night Watchman <2 hrs.) Sign Off sign Off 12:00
6:00 Gordon Hittenmark 6 00
6:15 ’’ “ 6:15
g 30 " " Senator’s Visit 6:30
6:45 “ "_" “_6:45
7:00 . Gordon Hittenmark Morning Devotions Musical Clock Sun Dial 7:00
7:15 “ “ Today's Prelude “ “ “ “ 7:15
7.30 mm « mm mm 73g
7.'45 « « mm mm mm 7.45
8 00~ Gordon Hittenmark Today's Prelude Art Brown Sun Dial ~8:00
g 15 “ “ Wake-Up Club “ “ “ ’’ 8:15
8 30 “ “ Breakfast Club “ “ “ 8:30
g:45 mm ...._”_“_"_ 8:45
Too" Gordon Hittenmark News Bulletins Art Brown Sun Dial 9:00
9 15 The Vass Family Edward MacHugh Views of the News Rabbi Gersenfeld 9:15
9- 30 Lucius Metz, tenor Marie de Ville Police Flashes—Music Let's Pretend 9:30
g:45 j •• “ Originalities _ News—Music_” ’’_9:45
10- oT Children’s Frolic American Schools Morning Concert Kiddies’ Radio Revue 10:00
10-15 ; Cadet's Quartet Merry Go Round “ “ 10:15
10:30 Jerry Sear’s Orchestra Junior Radio Journal “ “ Civic Forum 10:30
10:45 | “ " Bill Drenz_Prevue_’’ ”_ 10:45
FlToo Logan's Musk-ale Genla Fonariova Dance Tunes Glee Club "Tl:00
nllg j « .... « « Musical Reveries 11:15
11:30 Merry Madcaps Words and Music Bud Gilbert Marble Tournament 11:30
11:45 « •« * ” “_Salon Music_’* ’’_11:45
12T60 Merry Go Round Old Skipper Balladeers Jack Shannon 12:00
12:15 Linton Hall Band “ " News Bulletins Poetic Strings 12:15
12:30 'Philatelic Exhibit Farm and Home Hour Walkathon Reporter Buffalo Present* 12:30
12:45 | “ " " " Dance Music “ " 12:45
Y-00 College Choir Farm and Home Hour Zeke Manners’ Gang Afternoon Rhythms lToo
1:15 “ “ " mm A1 Roth's Orchestra 1:15
130 “ “ Bryn Mawr Day Music Only Labor News Review 1:30
1:45 ..M _ « «_Clyde Barrie 1:45
■j-OO- Lets"Have*Rhythm Bryn Mawr Day Music Only Down by Hermans 2:00
2:15 “ " “ “ “ “ “ 2:15
2:30 Week End Revue Prise Quartet Hollywood Brevities Tours in Tone 2:30
2 *5 “ “ Larry Cotton Musical Interlude Zeppelin Arrival 2:45
3:00 Week End Revue A Cappella-Choir Musical Potpourri Frank Dailey's Orch. 3:00
3:15 | •• “ mm Afternoon Concert “ 3:15
! 3 30 Ruby Newman's Orch. 1 Davey Rose's Orch. Rhumba Rhythms Isle of Dreams 3:30
3:45 | | “ “ _ Dance Time___“ "____ 3:45
4TOO Gene Beecher's OrciT Jackie Heller Today's Winners Hartford Orchestra 4:00
4:15 “ « Sunday School Lesson “ “ Tommy Broadhurst 4:15
4:30 Kaltenmeyer'sKinderg’t’n Treasure Trails “ * Motor City Melodies 4:30
4 45 “ “ Ruth and Ross “ “ Vincent Lopez's Orch. 4:45
5:00 Dixie Handicap Evening StaiTFlashes Fantastical Facts Frederic William Wile 5:00
5:15 ; “ •• | Tech High Players “ “ Ann Leaf 5:15
5:30 News—Alma KitcheU jTea TimeI*' _News—Music5^30
Edward G. Robinson and Joan
Blondell, screen stars, will present a
preview of their new picture, ‘ Bullets
and Ballots” as a feature of the
‘ Hollywood Hotel” program on WJSV
at 8.
Jessica Dragonette will sing Lehar’s
■‘Eva Walts” as the high light of her
recital on WRC at 7. Her program
also includes ‘‘Comme Autre Pols,"
from Bizet’s ‘‘Pearl Fishers,” and
Grondahl's “Eventide."
“Death for Dinner.” a mystery mur
der drama, will be Irene Rich's star
ring vehicle on WMAL at 7.
Mrs. Robert Lincoln Hoyal, chair
man of the women's division of the
Republican National Committee, will
be heard over WJSV at 9:45. Her
topic is “Promises and Performances.”
The world premiere of a quintet
for piano and strings by Kent Ken
nan, 1936 winner of the Prix de Rome
fellowship In music, will be presented
by the Music Guild on WMAL at 8.
The work will be played by the
Kraeuter String Quartet and Vladimir
Brenner, pianist.
Fred Waring and his Pennsyl
vanians will feature the latest song
of Benny Davis and Fred Coots, ‘T'm
Grateful to You” during their pro
gram on WMAL at 8:30.
President Presents Award to Mil
waukee Winner in Gorgas
Memorial Contest.
President Roosevelt yesterday pre
sented to Helen Mae Collentine, 17,
Milwaukee high school girl, five $100
bills as a reward from the Gorgas Me
morial Association for the best essay
on ‘‘Gorgas’ Control of Transmissible
and Other Preventable Diseases.”
Nineteen thousand manuscripts
written by students in high schools of
every State in the Union and the Dis
trict were received, and Miss Collen
tine's was accepted by judges as the
She was accompanied on her trip to
Washington by her father. Dr. C. E.
Collentine. The presentation was made
in the President's office before a dis
tinguished gathering including Maj.
Gen. Reynolds, surgeon general of the
Army; Rear Admiral Rosslter, surgeon
general of the Navy, and others.
Bike Stolen, Iceman Walks.
HUTCHINSON, Kans. UP).—John E.
Teter, popular ice man on the Main
street route, had to walk to work for
the first time In 26 years when some
body stole his bicycle, an old-fash
ioned, high-wheeled bike. It had been
In daily service almost three decades.
Needs Dependable
Exclutivt Auto Radio Station
2015 14th St. N.W.
Seek Law to Prevent His Operat
ing Car in Dis
The American Automobile Associa
tion today expressed determination to
request the colleagues of Representa
tive Marion A. Zioncheck, Democrat,
of Washington to make it impossible
for him to drive a car in the District
The association has ready a resolu
tion for presentation to the House Dis
trict Committee urging immediate ac
tion on the bill widening the District
government’s authority over revoca
tion of driving permits issued in Juris
dictions outside the Capital.
The legislation, which has the ap
proval of the Senate, would add speed
ing to the misdemeanors for which the
Board of Revocations mieht suspend
the pennits. The offenses are limited
now to drunken driving, reckless driv
ing. leaving after colliding and to be
involved in an accident in which a
judgment of $100 or more is allowed.
Zioncheck, now on a Florida honey
moon, where his bride is doing the
driving as a result of his own three
tangles with the traffic laws, was found
guilty of speeding here two weeks ago,
and the board was powerless to take
from him his Washington State per
mit, according to William A. Van
Duzer, director of traffic.
Man in America Before Ice Age.
Evidence that man lived in America
before the ice age has been recently
renovizeTT . your home
Satisfied Thousands 87 Tears.
Competent Artisans.
1108 K N.W. DISTRICT 0887
ninniiu vnur hnm* Vhnnm •• Fh*rlu’
Mirian Tilley I
(■1926 I
S Crisp,delicious Ry*Krisp wafer* are
I simply whole rye, salt and water. j
■ That’s why they’re safe, wholesome
I —filling hut not fattening. Slim, radi
ant Marion Talley says, “Today
iflHh I weigh only 107 pounds —
Lppl thanks to Ry*Krisp and the Hol
nOQ lywood Habit. Instead of feel*
ing older than I did in 1926,1
actually feel 10 years younger.”
SSWRC 9:30 P.M.
V ■* - ,
a Julius Lansburgh
| I
} I
' ———..

Why let the “bogey-man” of spoiled food and costly
ice raid your pocketbook when you can banish him
forever with a new' Julius Lansburgh General Electric
refrigerator guaranteed for five years. Now, you can
take advantage of special week-end prices, stock up,
and keep your food nice and fresh the week through.
There’s a model for every purse here.
i ,-rite , JuluiA Xafvshwuih I
imiwrei furniture COMPANY I
909 F STREET N.W. jj
That's what your telephone can do for you
—make little tasks out of big ones.
Why travel to grocery and drug store—to
hardware store and meat market—to the
many shops that can be reached more quickly,
more easily, more often and just as satisfac
torily by telephone in a fraction of the time.
Shopping tasks seem trifling when modern T*\f
Mrs. Gullivers cease their travels—and • • • • • HU I D ■ _
723 13th Street, H. W. _MEtropolitan 9900
. *. ~ ' " » I

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