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New Yorkers Nabbed After
Chase Along Rock
ville Pike.
By a Staff Correspondent of The Star.
ROCKVILLE, Md„ May 12.—Efforts
to link two men captured after a chase
along the Rockville pike with a series
of telephone pay station coin box
robberies in the vicinity of Washing
ton and Baltimore were being made
today by Montgomery County police.
Booked as Ted Kramer, 37, and
Samuel Morrison, 36, both of New
York, the men are being held in the
county jail for investigation. Photo
graphs and finger prints have been for
warded to several police departments
to determine whether they are wanted
in other cities.
Heard Man Pry Box.
The pair was arrested yesterday
after several high school students
seated at a table in a store here heard
a man pry the coin box from a booth
telephone. They notified the proprie
tor and police were called.
Policeman James Burdette and Con
stable Leslie Thompson gave chase in
a police car and found two men driving
south on the Rockville pike in a car
bearing New York tags.
Caught in Blind Alley.
Their quarry wheeled and headed
back toward Rockville, but they were
caught when they drove into a blind
alley near the ice plant here.
Telephone officials who came over
from Baltimore declared that numerous
coin box robberies have been reported
throughout this section of th? country
and .the men are to be questioned to
determine whether they are implicated
in other thefts.
— " — — 1 ~
Trend From Local Self-Govern
ment Visualized by Brook
ings Institution.
! E> the Associated Press.
Extinction of counties as political
subdivisions of States and a trend
away from local self-government is
visualized by the Brookings Institution
unless there is a reallocation of State
and county functions.
Dr. Arthur C. Millspaugh, reporting
on a study of local democracy and
crime control, said so far as major
services were concerned, counties were
tending to become merely areas in
which agents of State departments
He said a reallocation of State and
county functions must be made if
counties are to continue to act freely
as self-governing units. County func
tions, he said, should be of a purely
local nature.
Dr. Millspaugh said the county man
ager plan, advocated in many places
as an efficinecy measure, does not solve
the problem of dividing functions be
tween the State and county.
The report advocated the transfer
of policy and prosecuting of crime, in
both rural and urban areas, from local
government to the State. •
Service Orders
Kirtland, Col. Roy C., Air Corps,
San Francisco, to duty In the Office
of the Inspector General, July 18.
Loughry. Col. Howard K., Coast
Artillery, New York, to the War De
partment General Staff, May 21.
Schreuder, Maj. Otis B., Medical
Corps, Randolph Field, Tex., to the
Army Medical Center, June 30.
Dildine, Maj. Seth C., Veterinary
Corps1, from duty in the Office of the
Surgeon General, to Carlisle, Pa., Au
gust 24.
Rice, Maj. John K., Infantry, Fort
Leavenworth, Kans., to headquarters,
16th Brigade.
Hearn, Maj. Harry E., Medical
Corps. Army Medical Center, to Gov
ernors Island, New York, June 1.
McConnaughy, Capt. Donald S„
Field Artillery, Quartermaster Corps,
Philadelphia, to Fort Hoyle, Md.
Battley, Capt. Joseph F., Chemical
Warfare Service, from duty in the
Office of the Assistant Secretary of
War, to Edgewood Asenal, Md., May 31.
Gibson, Capt. James A. B„ Ord
nance Department, Fort Knox, Ky., to
Curtis Bay, Md., May 15.
Bayer, First Lieut. William L., Sig
nal Corps, Fort Monmouth, N. J., to
the 17th Signal Service Company.
Unruh, Capt. John G., Chaplain Re
serve, Culpeper, Va.; to active duty at
Army Medical Center, June 17.
Garrecht. Capt. Francis A„ jr„ Field
Artillery, Corvallis, Oreg.; to Fort
Myer, Va, August 22.
Higgins, Capt. Charles C., Infantry,
Fort George G. Meade, Md.; to the
Panama Canal department, August 1.
Landaker, First Lieut. Chester L.,
Engineer Corps, Fort Belvolr, Va.; to
the Hawaiian department, August 14.
Bureau of Navigation.
Kirk, Comdr. Alan G., detached
Naval Operations, Navy Department,
about July 1; to command XJ. 8. 8.
Milwaukee (instead of U. 8. 8. Missis
sippi as published in orders of May 6).
Forster. Comdr. Otto M., detached
Marine Corps School. Quantlco, Va.,
about June 1; to staff Marine Corps
School, Quantlco, Va.
Clifford, Lieut. Comdr. Lloyd E„
detached Naval Academy about June
1; ,to u. 8. 8. Houston as first lieu
tenant and damage control officer.
Jupp, Lieut. Comdr. Stanley D., de
tached Naval Academy about June 1;
to U. S. S. Chicago as gunnery officer.
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