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Acts After Failure to Be
Elected on Ninth Ballot
at Conference.
By the Associated Press.
Columbus, Ohio, May 14.—Edwin F.
Lee, missionary Bishop of Manila,
withdrew today as a candidate for
membership on the Board of Bishops
of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
The withdrawal of Lee, former
Springfield, 111., minister, after the
ninth ballot put Dr. Harry W. Mc
Pherson, president of Illinois Wes
leyan University, in the lead for the
< fourth of four vacancies on the Board
©f Bishops.
Dr. McPherson got 190 votes on the
ninth ballot and Rev. Oscar T. Olson
of Cleveland 74. A tenth ballot was
taken immediately.
Three of the new bishops have been
The delegates studied today a four
page statement submitted by the Com
mittee on State of the Church as a
•‘proper stand” on social and economic
. Questions.
Liberal and conservative leaders pre
pared to dispute merits of the state
ment, while impartial observers de
clared it was a "middle of the road”
course drafted to heal a split between
liberals and conservatives evidenced
Bince the conference opened.
Prepared by a subcommitee headed
by scholarly Dr. G. Bromley Oxnam,
president of Depauw University, the
statement asserted that ‘‘in the pres
ence of hunger, injustice and exploita
tion we insist that it is not only the
right of the church to speak, it is its
bounden duty.”
Lloyd Breeden Captures Event
Sponsored by Optimist Clubs
of Section.
Lloyd Breeden, sophomore higt
school student of Richmond, Va., wor
the boys' oratorical contest sponsorei
by the Optimist clubs of this area as i
feature of the annual meeting Tues
day night in the Mayflower Hotel.
Breeden won in a close contest wit!
Glastou Hathaway, winner of thi
Washington contest, and Charle
Muller. Baltimore. He will represen
the district, which Includes clubs ir
Maryland, Washington, Virginia anc
West Virginia, at the coniest at thi
International convention in For
Worth, Tex., next month.
Walter J. Pray of Indianapolis
president of the International organ
ization, was a visitor at the distric
convention. R. J. A. Kaemmerer 1*
district governor and A. E. Nesbit
*" Is president of the Washington club
Birds Back Despite Fire.
BEAUFORT, N C., May 14 <&).
Gorgeous plumed black crowns, heron*
and egrets are returning to the Lenox
ville rookery near here. Official!
doubted the migratory birds would re
turn after last year's fire, which swepl
the rookery and killed thousands ol
baby birds.
Dave Godwin. Audubon Society offi
cial, said today, however, many an
v coming back to nest.
Two Small Children Recovering
From Poison in Chocolate Milk
Two Capitol HeigniS, mcl., cmmrcn
are recovering today In Providence
Hospital from a mild dose of rat poi
son which their mother allegedly gave
them in a glass of chocolate milk
Monday. Symptons of the poisoning
did not develop until yesterday, when
they were taken to a hospital for the
second time. They had first been
taken to Casualty, where a physician
was unable to find any trace of poison.
Justice of the Peace Robert E. Ennis,
to whom the hospital authorities re
ported, said that the mother ad
mitted giving her children the poison,
but that he would not issue any war
had been discharged from St. Eliza
beth’s Sunday after undergoing treat
ment for a nervous disorder.
A conference was scheduled today
with welfare authorities to discuss the
advisability of sending her away for
a rest cure. First information that
the children, aged 6 and 4, had been
poisoned was given by the mother to
her husband, who immediately carried
them to Casualty. She did not give
any reason for her act.
Dr. James Ryan of Providence said
last night that the children had been
given only a small dose, possibly less
than a teaspoonful each.
Expansion of Work for Blind and
Americanization Students Is
Provided for.
Adam Arnold was elected president
of the Washington Lions Club at the
annual meeting of the club last night
in the Mayflower Hotel. Plans for
expansion of the club's work for the
blind and Americanization students
were adopted.
Other officers were elected as fol
lows: Walter Handy, first vice presi
dent: H. M. Brundage. jr., second
vice president; Randy Myers, secre
tary; Vergne Potter, treasurer; Wil
liam Leach, "lion tamer,” and John
Teunis, “tail twister.”
Myers, Teunis and Bert Piers were
elected delegates to the International
Lions convention in Providence, R. L,
July 21-24.
Chester Caywood, John Waters.
Hugh Kaiser and Piers were elected
Investment Census Asked.
A census by the Commerce Depart
ment In co-operation with the Se
curities Commission of all properties
and investments held in this country
by foreign citizens and business inter
ests organized under laws of foreign
nations was proposed yesterday in a
resolution introduced by Senator Mc
Adoo, Democrat, of California.
Would Honor Long’* Memory.
BATON ROUGE, La., May 14 CP).—
State Senator James A. Noe intro
duced a joint resolution in the Louisi
ana Legislature yesterday proposing a
constitutional amendment to make
August 30, birthday of the late Senator
Huey P. long, a legal holiday.
How the State of Maryland to work
ing for the welfare of youth to being
studied by the American Youth Com
mission of the American Council on
Education, Dr. M. M. Chambers, a staff
member, told the Research Club of
Washington at a dinner meeting at the
Orace Dodge Hotel last night.
The meeting, the last to be held by
the club this Spring, was presided over
by Miss Irene Raver, president Mrs.
Mildred Percy was in charge of ar
King Wins Glass of Fort.
Mr. “G”—King Gustav of Sweden—
with Jean Borotra as his partner,
won a tennis double match for a glass
of port at the French Riviera. Their
opponents took the first set and Mr.
“G” and Borotra took the second.
“We are going to win that glass of
port,” shouted Mr. "Q." They did,
taking the third set. The King is 77.
Monkeys Terrorize City.
Two wild monkeys which escaped
from Queen’s Park reserve have been
terrorizing East London, South Africa,
for more than three months. The
larger, known as Teddy, has been
frightening housewives by attempting
to enter homes. His smaller com*
penion has Joined in raids on orchids
and yards.
Just a Misunderstanding.
MALONE, N. Y. <yp).—'The motor
went dead. The plane crashed. Clar
ence E. Durfort, Malone aviator, and
William F. Drucker, Potsdam police
men, clambered out of the wreckage
with minor Injuries. Then they
checked up. Each understood the
other had filled the fuel tank. Neither
—^ ■ i. ■ i i ..
Bite of Human Fatal. !
CHICAGO (JP).—The bite of a hu
man being killed Oscar Robinson, 60.
He entered a hospital February 20 j
for treatment of an Infection In one
Unger, which he said was bitten by il
an unidentified woman during a
party. The Infection spread and doc
tors cut off the arm. Yesterday Rob
inson died.
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isi-..N»’h,7 r5«¥S1| ji,«i '
tqw^o- r<f,. -^:
Tm certainly
I !
thankful to the
Boys' Club''
Gee, I like the Boys' Club,-says B—
H—. Before the police started
the Boys' Club in our precinct I was
running around with a gang of kids,
getting into all kinds of trouble, but
now I can go over to the Boys7 Club
after school and meet a swell bunch
of fellows and, best of all, the cops
there teach us all kinds of games
and see that we have lots of fun—
and if they open that camp this
Summer you can bet I am going -to
be '"first on line to make my appli
Help the Metropolitan Police Boys'
Club cut down juvenile delinquency
Headquarters—Metropolitan Police Boys* Club
130 Willard Hotel—Metropolitan 5349 f
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