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__ • ■ " ■ ..—1
Special! For Your Vacation
Wahl Pen Bases A Genuine
Complete with Pen Leather Album
1.95 129
2.95 desk sets—Wahl These jeather albums
, , „ , . in black and brown
base and guaranteed have 50 leaves in which
pen. Especially priced to keep the snap shots
tor Friday. you take on your trip.
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.) (Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Special! Special!
40 Pairs $2 Healthade
Boudoir Sandals Tooth Brushes
$1 3 for 39c
Cool slippers in black, In a celluloid container
red or blue, trimmed —three Healthade
with silver. Sizes 4 to 8 brushes. Two styles,
in the group. Come with pastel colored
early for your size, handles.
(Main Floor, The Hecht Co.) (Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Special! Tre-Jur Reduced!
Dusting Powder $2 Silk Slips
35c 99c
8-ounce container of Lace-trimmed or tai
fragrant Tre-Jur pow- lored slips in bias cut
der with a huge powder or 4-gore styles. V or
puff. The scents in- straight tops. Evening
elude carnation, lilac styles included. Tea
or gardenia. Beautiful- rose, white, navy or
ly packaged. black. Sizes 32 to 50.
* (Main Floor. The Hecht Co.) (Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Special! 50c Special Purchase!
Discontinued Hecht Co.
. wr, Tooth Brushes
Package Kleenex
2 pkgs. 59c
1 ” Pure bristle tooth
brushed made especial
304 sheets to the pack- ly for The Hecht Co. by
age, large size tissues, one of America's larg
12 by 15 inches. Lirflit- est brush houses. Tuft
ed quantity at this ed or plain, medium or
price. hard. Pastel handles.
(Main Floor, The Hecht Co.) (Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
$1 Tre-Jur Loose Special!
Powder Vanities Tre-Jur Talcum
59c 3 cans for 35c |
Jeweled loose powder Tre-Jur. talcum in the
compacts by Tre-Jur. tall can- carnation,
beautifully finished in i£a® or gardenia odors
pastel colors. A Friday trm a^e. so popular.
Bargain. Reduced for Friday.
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co ) (Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Special! New Special!
Shaving Ease Imported Print
with Clipshave Handkerchiefs
$10 18c
6 for $1
Limited quantity of „ . . , .
these Clip-shavers, the Sheer sported hand
electric shaver that kerchiefs in prints and
makes shaving a pleas- floral designs, all ex
ure. A real special. quisitely colored with
hand-rolled hems.
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.) (Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Special! Special!
Boxed Stationery $2 Neckwear
19c 59c
24 sheets and 24 enve- Special purchase of 200
lopes of good quality pieces of sample neck
paper at this extremely wear in white and pas
low price. tel colors.
(Main Floor, The Hecht Co.) (Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Special! Margy Special! Gloves
Crepe Sheer for Summer
Stockings _ _
88c 59c
3 prs. for 2.60 Light-weight gloves In
Flatteringly dull crepe cotton string and ben
has that look wispy galine. Novelty styles
sheer, but that actually ir_ . _
have unusual resistance whlte’ apricot, pur
to snags and runs. P‘e ar*d navy. Sizes 5 V2
Made of highly twisted to 7>/2.
silk in Summer colors.
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.) (Main Floor, The Hecht Co.)
Special! Girls’ Reduced!
Princess Slips $1 U. S. Keds
3 for $1 89c
Cool, comfortable sport
h il hrt t'riSf Shoes. High laced, in
wnhmWprv^nr^nitnrpfi brown, black Or White,
stv?es dThev are cut with black trim- Du.ck
full and roomy and MU^nn^hopknrooAn1^
have reinforced seams. 5®1® a?f
White onlv RWpc R tn ner s°le- Arch support
wmte omy. bizes 8 to ing styles Sizes n to 6,
<8econd Floor. The Hecht Co.) (Second Floor, The Hecht Co.)
Keduced I Special I Boys
2.95 Infants’ Blue Sport Coats
Flannel Coat Sets ^ ~
159 ,5,5U
* These sport coats in
Coats with matching
bonnet or beret, beau- If o f t h nmih?e
tifully trimmed with ^rfocatotrih JthD°™rt
hand embroidery and onll oifff
fully lined. In pastel ®lue only- Sizes
shades with the saddle 10 10 16
shoulder. Sizes 1 to 3. (Second Floor, The Hecht Co.)
Special! Girls’ Special!
Knit Suits Children’s All
2 ^ Wool Sweaters
Regularly $4.95 and 1.09
55.95. Two-piece knitted
sport suits, made of all- These all-wool zephyr
wool zephyr or crepe- sweaters in cardigan
,_JL , , „jLt„ and pull-over styles are
tex yam, hand sewn regularly $1.59 to $2.95.
and smartly styled. Some are trimmed with
Crew, boat or V necks. angora in navy, copen,
In aqua, maize, peach, white and brown. Sizes
copen and combina- 1 to 6‘
tions. Sizes 8 to 16. (Second Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Very Special! 1.95
Cotton Pajamas
A. B. C. percale pajamas In two^
piece style with button-up-the
front jacket and short sleeves.
Washable and fast colors—in red,
brown, aqua or navy polka dots.
Sizes 14-17.
15—7.95 Tailored Crepe Negll- ^ ^
gees In aqua, royal, wine..
(Third Floor. The Hecht Co.)
. •*
Uniforms and Corsets
75—1.69 printed broad
cloth servicettes in 1 AQ
small, medium or large J-*vr37
75—Maids’ Form-Pitted Uniforms In
solid colors or stripes, sizes 14 l rn
to 46.
2 for $3
75—$5 Bien Jolie Lastex foundations,
sizes 32 to 38; also knitted lastex
foundations for juniors and Rengo
belt side hook girdles. Slightly
soiled ____ “-1
35 Lastex Panties and Girdles in peach
or white. Small, medium or large
sizes .
(Third Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Just 75! I
3.95 and $5 Hats I
Brims, turbans, sailors—in
black, red, grey, brown, violet
or navy.
65—$3 and 3.95 Hats in brim and »l
turban styles_
77—Hats reduced for immediate
clearance .
(Third Floor. The Hecht Co )
21 prs.—1.65-1.95 Wom
en’s Lace Stockings 79c
873 prs.—79c and SI Full
fashioned Chiffon.
Hose from a well
known manufac
turer-_-59c: 3 P»- 1.75
36 prs.—1.65 - 1.95 Van
Raalte Ingrain Chif
fon Stockings-79c
189 prs.—69c Women's
Full-fashioned Chif
fon Hose, mercerized
soles-2 P” for $1
(Main moor. The Hecht Co.)
. 60—50c Ladies’ Dark Col
ored, hand-stencilled
Handkerchiefs . - 25c
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
100—69c Cool Sheer Cot
ton Gowns, broken
sizes _49c
60—$3 Hand - made
Chemises and Pan- '
ties, broken sizes...^59
. 20—$3 Hand-made Crepe
Slips, all bias cut;
broken sizes... -—1.49
100—79c Rayon Gowns,
Pajamas and Slips in
pastel colors _ .39c
20—$3 two-piece Silk Pa
jamas in tearose,
maize and blue;
broken sizes . - 1.99
50—$2 Hand - detailed,
long, fitted gowns;
regular sizes .. .139
(lain noor. The Hecht Co.) .
h ?
18—$18 and $20 Sheldon Hi Prep Suits, sizes 18 to 22-7.95
6— 7.95 Boys’ Blue Sport Coats —.1.50
18—1.45 Summer Sport Slacks, sizes 8 and 10-29c
25—2.95 Flannel Sport Slacks, sizes 6 to 9----- 59c
20—12.95 Linea^and Seersucker Prep Suits, sizes 17 to 22.-7.95
(Second Floor. The Hecht Co.)
10—2.95 White Linen Ensembles-1.95
12—3.95 White Summer Ensembles-*-2.49
7— 3.95 Three-piece Seersucker Ensembles-1.95
5—2.95 Blazers with Contrasting Shirt_ .98c
14—3.95 Freddie Bartholomew Suits with long pants-1.95
8— 3.95 Three-piece Regimental Junior Ensembler— -—2.75
12—1.95 Boys.' Ensembles, white coat and shirt._. SI
(Second Floor. The Hecht Co.)
40—1.59 Girls’ Printed Wash Dresses with sleeves,
sizes 12, 14 and 16. . _ ---29c
33—1.15 and 1.59 Girls’ and Junior High Wash Blouses,
sizes 8 to 16 . _... .. 58c
6—1.15 Girls’ Plaid and Striped Rayon Crepe Blouses
in sizes 8 to 16 . _ - —-.7-29c
4—5.95 Junior High White Crepe Dresses, slightly soiled;
size 14-1.95
1—10.95 Junior High White Moire Party Dress, slightly
soiled; size 14......3.95
1—10.95 White Lace Party Dress, slightly soiled; size 18-.-7.95
1—7.95 White Net Dress with jacket, size 14.3.95
1 10.95 Pink Lace Party Dress, size 12... .-7.95
39 55c Three-piece Play Suits, broken sizes_ .39c
(Second Tloor. The Hecht Co.)
2—5.95 Wool Jersey Pajamas, size 14- ..$1
4 79c Boys’ Guage Union Suits, size 10- -.50c
3 29c Boys’ Guage Union Suits, size 10.- - . ---19c
9—1.95 Junior Princess Slips in satin, slightly soiled;
size 12---1.59
(Second Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Junior Dresses Reduced
for Clearance!
29—10.95 to 16.95 sheer jacket
dresses, mousseline de soie evening
. dresses, taffeta, alpaca and benga
line one and two-piece dresses re
duced to
• $6
10—12.95 to 19.75 Redingotes and
Wool Coats, with print dresses. **
21—5.95 to 7.95 Tunic Print Dresses,
sheers and crepes. Broken
sizes 11 to 17_ ^
(Third Floor. Young Washington Shop.)
38 prs.—3.50 Junior Miss Patent or London Calf T-strap
Sandals, sizes 3 V2 to 8- -.1.95
14 prs.—4.25 Simplex Flexeze, white with brown-trim
oxfords; broken sizes- --2.95
35 prs —$3 Boys’ Welt Sole Oxfords, black or brown;
broken sizes lto6-- .1.49
ISecond Floor. The Hecht Co.)
30—79c All-Wool Tots’ Sweaters, sizes 3, 4 and 5-38c
25—1.59 and 1.95 Boys’ Pique, Poplin and Broadcloth
Suits; sizes 3 to 6- .-78c
19—1.59 and 1.95 Tots’ Wash Frocks in Pique, Dimity,
Percale and Broadcloth; sizes 3 to 6-,-78c
7— 1.59 Linen and Pique Sailor Hats in navy.—..59c
1—2.95 Bunting with zipper and detachable hood in
pink, soiled ----1.95
50—85c “Qiuckees” light-weight union suits, sizes 2 to 6---39c
65—59c “Vanta” Summer Union Suits-39c
3—3.95 White Georgette Dresses, sizes 5 and 6; soiled-$1
8— 1.65 All-wool Bathing Trunks, size 8-79c
11—$1 Hand-knitted All-wool Sun Suits, infants’ sizes-39c
6—SI Hot Plates, irregulars. .58c
10—1.59 Hot Plates, nursery designs..78c
(Second Floor. The Hecht Oo.)
60 prs.—1.65 Wrist-length DEPT.
Washable Doeskin
Gloves, white and 50—$1 and $2 Summer
natural_135 Scarfs, slightly soiled,
50 prs.—59c Cotton Mesh to clear at.29c *nd 69c
Gloves with Organdy 10O-59c and $1 Neckwear,
cuff, white only-44c soiled; reduced to..-39c
25 prs.—1.35 Four-button
Washable Doeskin *
Gloves, soiled-95c Ruffling-10c *° 89c
tor juniors, misses, women and little women
!*■-. • ' v. ' • . >
. . .... • .. .. . ...... ... . .... . . '
Were 29.75, now Were 16.95, now
12.50 8.47
27—29.75 Spring dress coats, plain or far trimmed, in 44—16.95 Spring swagger salts in nobby fabrics and fur
misses' and junior sires. Fnrs include wolf and squirrel. roi^es^and^women^ sizes °F s,ulml tnm' Joni0rs‘
„ . . .__ . . __ . „ 45—16.95 fur-trimmed dress coats with collars of mole,
25—29.75 Spring salts In casual, dressy styles or two- squirrel or wolf. Others in plain and dressy styles. Jun
piecc tailored and dressy styles with wolf, squirrel or tors’, misses’ and women's sizes.
galyac trim. Juniors’, misses’ and women’s sizes. IT 22—16.95 fleece sports coate for misses in swagger styles.
♦ ^ I/.-:'"*-'* * '
V»,WA. .-V, ^ - . -, ••• J.
0 •• # * •• • -■
Were 10.95 arj 13.95, now 1 Were 13.95 to 16.95, now
< ' '
I ^ $§3§iiK , \ •. ,
^..5'^ :-:'J : - v •. *'■ >’'&■ f ■
*£ ...
>- • ;■ • # •
«—10.95 and 13 95 Spring suits in tweed mixtures, twa*- »-»»£» *n* ?*2?* <*ate’
ger and tailored styles. Monotones and worsteds. Jun- S£“** * ,*r'irimm*d* Juniors - misses’ and women’s
tors' and misses’ sixes. 3^43.95 to 16.95 tailored suits in double or single breast
21—10.95 and 13.95 Spring dress feats in light-weight ed, also dressy two-piece casual suits. Sices for misses
jacquard weaves. Misses' and women's sices. and juniors.
(ThM Flew, The Her hi Co.) j
Knit Dresses
Sports Shop Specials!
Originally 12.95 to 19.93
Boucles and novelty knits includ
ing zephyrs, chalkelles and cham
pacas Pastels and high shades.
Sizes for misses—few in women's
(Third Floor. Sports 8hon.)
1 " i
Sports Shop
90—2.95 to 5.95 wool skirts tre
mendously reduced for clearance.
Checks, stripes and solid colors.
75—1.95 to 3.95 Cotton and Silk
Blouses in printed and solid
50—1.95 and 2.95 Zephyr
Sweaters in pastels_
35—3.95 and 5.95 Flannel and 1 QQ
Tweed Jackets.
(Third Floor. Sport* Shop.)
181 Better Dresses reduced for quick Clearance!
71—$13.95 to $19.95 dresses in afternoon, street and evening sizes. O OO
Broken sizes and colors. Grand buys at..--- OiUO
11.88 6.97
Broken siws1 anddcoK ^ ^ afternoon weaf* 50—13.95 and 16.95 dresses to wear right now.
Just 100! $10.95 Thrift Shop
Silk Prints, Sheers & Printed Sheers
Every dress in this group sold in our own stock for $10.95. Plenty of navy
and pastel sheers. Sizes 14 to 20, 38 to 44 and 16V2 to 24V2—but not all sizes •iff
in each style and color. • U O
24—Unlined wool swagger coats, in navy, to wear with your Summer dresses--1.88
Clearance! Famous make 1.59 Cotton Dresses
We can’t mention the name of the maker because of the low price, but QQ
you’ll recognize the dresses. Piques! Pre-shrunk and colorfast. Sizes 14 to 44. ^7^71/ .
(Third Floor, Thrift Shoo.)
l ' *

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