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Bedtime Stories
Skimmer’s Fears Are Realized.
When whs* you fear at last comes true
You may at least know what to do.
—Skimmer the Swallow.
SKIMMER the Swallow and Mrs.
Skimmer now had four eggs in
their nest in an old home of
Drummer the Woodpecker. You
know this was in the stub of a limb j
of a maple tree in Farmer Brown's j
dooryard. Fastened to the trunk just |
a little below was a Wren house put;
there by Farmer Brown's boy. It was
the very day that Mis. Skimmer be
gan to sit on those four eggs that
Skimmer’s fears were realized. The
Wrens moved into that little house.
At least they began to move in. Mov
ing in, you know, means building a
It seemed to Skimmer that Jenny
and Johnny carried into that little
house enough material to build a
dozen nests. He wondered how that
little house held it all. He could hard
ly believe his eyes when he saw some
< the thing they that took in. Of j
course there were sticks. There were !
i~ I
kW h • w
Salmon Salad
Salted Wafers
Rad>shes Pickles
Angel Food Cake Tea
cups flour 2 tablespoons
3 teaspoons bak- butter
ing powder '* cup brown
teaspoon salt sugar
3 tablespoons '2 teaspoon
lard cinnamon
*2 cup milk ’4 teaspoon cloves
Mix flour with baking powder and
salt. Cut in lard and slowly add milk.
When soft dough forms pat it out
until ti inch thick. Spread with rest
of ingredients. Carefully remove to
greased baking pan and bake 12 min
utes in moderate oven. While hot
quickly cut into squares with knife
dipped with warm water. Serve warm
with more butter.
*4 cup flour 1*2 cups milk
13 cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla
1 >-_> squares choc- 3 egg yolks
olate, shaved 3 egg whites,
>4 teaspoon salt beaten
Mix flour, sugar and chocolate. Add
salt and milk. Cook until thick sauce
forms, stirring constantly. Add vanilla
and yolks. Beat 2 minutes. Fold in
whites, pour into buttered baking dish
and bake in pan hot water 40 minutes
In moderately slow oven. Serve warm
or cold topped with whipped cream.
(Serving Six).
1 cup salmon \ % teaspoon
2 hard-boiled galt
eggs, diced ,, +-,.e_„_ ‘
\'3 cup diced 4 t«asP°on
cucumbers paprika
14 cup diced 1 teaspoon lemon
celery juice
1 tablespoon ,.'
chopped sweet '3 cup mayon*
pickles naise
Mix and chill ingredients.
Wrens." He said as mucn 10 jenny
"Tut, tut. tut, tut. tut!” said Jenny
Wren. "You just mind your own af
fairs. I guess I know how a nest
should be.”
"Perhaps you do,” retorted Skim
mer. “But if you ask me, I'd rather
have no nest at all than such a mass
of trash as you have.”
"Nobody asked you!” snapped Jenny,
and tugged another stick into that
little house.
Now, as a matter fact, what
Jenny and Johnny were doing was
building the foundation. Those sticks
and nails and bits of .wire were not
the real nest and were not intended
to be. Wrens are very small people,
you knowT, and they need only a small
nest. The real nest was yet to be
built. It would be of grass and per
haps moss and other soft material.
Of course. Johnny Wren sang all
day long. When he wasn't trying to
poke a stick through the little round
doorway he was singing. When he
sang he shook all over. That was be
cause he was singing so hard. It was
surprising how rapidly that little
house was filled. The time came when j
Jenny inside refused the sticks that
Johnny tried to poke in to her. It j
took. her some time to convince him j
that she had all the sticks she wanted, j
Johnny seemed disappointed. He was I
disappointed. There are two things [
that Johnny Wren dearly loves. One
is to sing and the other is to fill
somet.iing full of sticks. If there isn’t
a house to fill with sticks he’ll fill
the hole in the tree, or sometimes an
old can, if he finds one.
Of course, Mrs. Skimmer had to
leave her precious eggs to hunt for
food, but Skimmer took care to al- j
ways be on hand when she left. He j
didn’t trust Jenny and Johnny Wren.
He had heard things about them
which he didn’t like to believe, but
which worried him. If they were not
true everything would be all right.
But if those stories were true it would
not do to leave those precious eggs
Unguarded one minute. So Skimmer
tried to be always on hand when Mrs
Skimmer went out for her meals.
(Copyright 1036.)
Winning Contract
Important Six-Spot.
THE declarer who automatically
drops his lowest card either in
following suit or trumping is
apt to lose many important
tricks by so doing. It is really re
markable how often a careless play of
that sort will result either in blocking
a suit or in killing a valuable re-entry
into closed hand or dummy.
South, dealer.
East-West vulnerable.
A Q 7 4
V A 9 4
♦ 3 2
A K Q 9 6 2
A — A .1 5 3 2
* Q 10 8 N VKJ76
3 2 WtE 4J94
♦ A Q 6 5 S A 5 3
A A 8 7 4
A A K 10 9 8 6
* 5
♦ K 10 8 7
A J 10
The bidding:
South. West. North. East.
1 spade Dbl. Redbl. 2 heart
2 spade 3 heart 3 spade Pass
4 spade Pass Pass Pass
West opened the three of hearts.
Declarer went right up with the ace
in dummy and promptly led the deuce
of clubs and played the ten-spot from
his own hand. West played low.
whereupon declarer shot the jack of
clubs, which West w'on with the ace.
Another heart was played, and the
declarer ruffed in his own hand, and
while it appeared likely that the hand
would now be a laydown for five, de
larer was careful to trump with the
eight of spades, thereby conserving his
six-spot, a card lower than dummy’s
Declarer now laid down tne ace'Oi
spades, and when West showed out,
he realized that his wisdom in con
serving the six-spot of spades was
going to be rewarded. Accordingly, he
led the king of diamonds. West won
with the ace and played another heart,
which declarer ruffed with the nine of
trumps, still saving the six.
A low diamond was now led, East
won with the nine and led the three
of trumps. Now the six-spot of spades
was played and overtaken by dummy's
seven and the king of clubs led. East
promptly ruffed with the five of
spades, but it did him no good; de
clarer ruffed with the king of trumps
and led the ten up to dummy’s queen.
This drew East's last trump and
dummy’s two clubs were now good for
the ninth and tenth tricks.
It will be noted that had declarer
failed to save his six-spot he would
have been unable to get Into dummy
with the seven and would have lost
the hand.
(Copjrism. 1930.)
The Four Ace* will be pleased to
answer letter* from readers if a
stamped 13-cent). self-addresaed en
velope is inclosed with each communi
The next article in this series will
appear Sunday.
Softly Styled Frock
Easy to Make and Charming to Wear
From Dawn to Dusk.
ASY to make and easy to look
at are the gracious lines of this
softly-styled frock you can
wear from sun-up to sun-down.
The fabric mediums are boundless.
You can start the morning in
checked ginghams with a self-fabric
belt and piping around the collar and
culls. Hail the afternoon in a printed
silk or cotton crepe with bright but
tons on the bodice closing, then be
your loveliest at dinner in a crepe or
Sonny sayings
. ~— 1 T
• HH, Lil fMMt.
If someone would only love me 11
think I could stand it. . . .
satin with a bit of organdy pleating,
or lace trimming peeping from the
scallops. Versatile isn't it? And ex
tra slimming in the skirt panel, too.
Barbara Bell pattern No. 1890-B is
available in sizes 36. 38 40. 42. 44, 46.
48 and 50. Size 38 requires 4"x yards
of 35-inch material plus % yard for
Completely invia
. *■ Ible in us* ... no
) napkins, pads or
( b*lts. Modern
\ ... women agree that
IA this sate-hygienic
/ ISJJJl new method is the
Box- of 1} "1r°*t
BuHku protection ever
if, devised!
Nature’s Children
Jack in the Pulpit (Ariasaema triphyllum).
“With hooded head! and shield of green.
Monks of the wooded glen.
I know you well: you are I ween,
Robin Hood's merry men.”
Child's Own Book of Plowers.

JACK - IN - THE - PULPIT needs
your assistance. He is appeal
ing to you and your friends for
protection. Being such an un
usual looking little preacher, some
folks cannot resist him. They de
scend upon a "conference" of preach
ers, male and female ones, and not
being satisfied to take just the flower
home, pull the poor things from their
With such rough treatment, is it
any wonder that places shared by
thousands of these charming preach
ers, surrounded by their neighbors,
the white and blue violet, bluets, ferns
and other fairylike friends, are now
ugly bare spots. Glaring evidence of
what greed will do.
T i spite of such drastic treatment,
/ VT
the preachers are still holding forth
in a wide range. They csn be seen
from Nova Scotia westward to Min
nesota and southward to the Gulf
Seek these little preachers in the
month of May. temperature govern
ing the time of the month. Look
for them in moist woods, wooded hill
sides and in thicket bordering woods.
Of course, you will see them in other
localities; their animal and bird
friends give the seed children trans
Watching the preachers grow up
Ls a faslnating experience. Having a
few of them in your wildflower gar
den is to bring fairies into your
midst. Jacks transplant well, they
will take a year or maybe two to
get accustomed to their new sur
roundings. but once their foot is well
I established in the soil, they prosper
I and flourish.
j In the early Spring you wil. notice
the mottled pegs pushing their way
through the soil. Then they begin to
The Old Gardener Says:
Hollyhocks are old-fashioned
flowers, but they never lose their
charm. They are much in favor
for growing in front of walls or
buildings, but unfortunately they
are very susceptible to a kind of
rust which disfigures the leaves
and causes them to drop. Various
remedies have been recommended,
but careful experiments seem to
prove that finely pulverized sul
phur will give the best results. It
should be dusted onto the plants
and on the ground under them
every 10 days throughout the
Summer. It is advisable to use a
dusting gun, which will make it
possible for the operator to apply
the dust to the under part of the
leaves as well as on top. Constant
dusting is the price of good holly
(Copyright. 1936.)
stretch a bit, and the sheath that
protected the pulpit (spathe) all
Winter begins to unwind lengthwise.
The leaves are wound in this fashion,
too. They have close to their heart
Jack, or perhaps it is Jacqueline. For
the male and female flowers are
found under separate hoods. Gradu
ally the spathe Is free and bends
over the preacher under the canopy.
To the wise, the lighter colored pul
pits protect the Jacks and the deeper
colored pulpits the Jacquelines. This
is not an infalliable rule, but accurate
enough for us to depend on.
Investigate the occupant of the pul
pit. The preacher is really one
legged and called a spadix. The
flowers are to be found at the base. If
it is a female flower, they will be
found packed neatly around the
spadix. They have purple stigma
with whitish centers. In August,
you will And here, instead, bright
red berries in a beautiful cluster.
If the flowers under the next hood
arc merely white projections, each
provided with four purplish, cup-like
anthers, filled with white powder,
you have discovered Jack.
Watch his guests—the gnats, flies
and small beetles. It is a tight
squeeze, even for them, to crawl
between the spadix and the spathe
chamber where the flowers are lo
cated. They eat and drink their fill,
and make their exit the same way
they entered, going to call on Jac
queline. Once she has the valuable
pollen, she goes to work to develop
her seed children. That is what you
can see in your garden.
(Copyright. 1936.)
How It Started
'T'HERE are many things which are
properly characterized as rigma
role: A long-winded harangue of little
importance or meaning: an inter
minable. rambling discourse; a suc
cession of unconnected or incoherent
! statements: senseless, time-consuming
and energy-dissipating procedure.
Rigmarole is a corruption and sur
vival of Ragman's Roll, a phrase con
notating "list” or "catalogue.” and
which went out of literary use about
Ragman is said to have been the
I colloquial name by which the English
j statute identified as 4 Edward I. was
•Copyright. 1036.)
Kellogg’s Com Flakes open the
| door to leisure—save hours for
things you like to do. Every
i body loves their crisp, delicious
flavor, and they’re ready to
serve. No cooking. Get Kel
logg’s today at your grocer's
j —oven-fresh. Made by Kellogg
in Battle Creek.
Nothing tokos tho plate of
Youth Problem*.
V1ANY adults imagine that chil
dren outgrow their youthful
problems pretty much as they do the
measles and chicken pox. If a child
is afraid of the dark, he will get over
it in time. Or if a child has a tend
ency to take things that don't belong
to him, he will in time turn out to be
honest. So dlshonesy is often regarded
as a mere childish trait, that has its
In recent years the historical evi
dence on youth problems has become
voluminous. No one outlives or out
grows an emotional difficulty. Now
and then a child will find a solution.
But just as often he will repress his
difficulty so that from superficial ap
pearances it no longer exists. The
truth is that every youth proolem
leaves its mark on the personality.
The problem will follow the individual
all through life. A child cannot be
told to forget. No emotional conflict
is entirely forgotten. Sooner or later
it will crop out in a situation which
bears no relation to the one in which
it was originally aroused.
The usual course of repression of
conflict is to spread over a large
area. It will in time set up a general
personality trait. A set of habits of*
personality instability will often con
tinue to develop. Whenever you find
an adult who shows emotional ten
sions, you may be sure that back of
them lies some youth problem that
has never been solved.
(Copyright. iy38.)
— - ' • ■
19 Children in Family.
Quadruplets born to a colored couple
at Charleston, S. C„ made a total of ,
19 children borne by the mother.
Will You Do Only
One Pleasant
Thing To
Now, without strict dieting, exer
cising or taking drugs it is pos
sible to lose 7 pounds a month
HERE, at last, is a SAFE way to
reduce. A way that does NOT
call for strict dieting, exercising, or
taking drugs. A way that actually
increases your mental and physical
energy as pounds of ugly fat seem
ingly melt away.
Please read carefully : In a recent
test, held under the direction of the
eminent Dr. Damrauof New York, 14
people who were gaining at the rate
of 1?3 pounds a month, followed this
method. And the average loss regis
tered was 7 pounds a person in a single
What You Do
Now, all you have to do is this: Mix
li of a glass of Welch’s Grape Juice
with yi of a glass of water—and drink
before each meal, and at bedtime.
Then eat sensibly—and this is what
First, Welch's Grape Juice satisfies
your normal craving for rich, sweet
foods. You have less desire to over
eat fattening foods—yet you do feel
comfortably satisfied.
___ “Gives Quick Pep
and Energy”
“Red "Woodworth, All
American Star and
Coach at Morgan Park
Military Academy,
_ says: "Welch's Grape
Juice gives my boys
strength and energy without adding
health-destroying fat. The mineral? and
vitamins are valuable in helping to build
red blood, strong bones and teeth. I rec
ommend it for all growing children and
athletes. I have also found it excellent
between meals as a quick energy pickup
drink for children and grown ups."
Irene Rich is over 40, but weighs the
same as at 16. She *syi,"Eat sensi
bly—drink Welch’s Grape Juice."
Second, the grape sugar in Welch's is
quickly burned up—producing viral
energy—and, most important, helps
nature to burn up excess fat.
Thus, weight is lost naturally and
safely. Often at the rate of 7 pounds
a month, or more.
Only One Thing To Watch
In following this proved, SAFE way
to lose ugly fat, eat sensibly—and
then theje is only one thing to
watch. Use only the genuine Welch's
Grape Juice. In order to get the finest, '
selected, premium grapes grown we
pay more than anyone in the United
States. That is why Welch’s is always
full strength. No
adulterants; no ar
tificial coloring—
Certified Pure. In
sist upon Welch's.
Welch Grace Juice Co.. Weitficld, N. Y.
sticks and sticks and sticks. It seemed
to him as if every time he looked
either Jenny or Johnny were trying
to get a stick through that little
round doorway. Then there were nails.
Yes. sir, there were some rusty nails.
Of course. Skimmer didn't know these
were nails, but that is what they were.
And there were little pieces of rusty
wire. To Skimmer it all seemed just
like a lot of trash, and nothing else.
He told Mrs. Skimmer so. You know,
the Skimmers' own nest is rather
dainty. It is made of fine grass and
th>. i carefully lined with feathers.
Usually white feathers.
"I can't understand any one using
*uch trash for nests,” declared Skim
mer. "I don't see how Jenny Wren can
be comfortable sitting in such a nest
end I certainly am sorry for the baby
Cook’s Corner
Chiller! Pineapple Juice
Egg Omelet.
Buttered Toast Coffee
Fresh Vegetable Salad
Boast Lamb Broxcned Carrots
Mashed Turnips
Currant Jelly Sliced Cucumbers
Spicy Squares Butter
Chocolate Souffle Whipped Cream
Iced Coffee
- ---—%
\_^^ ABOUT MOTHS^f—*
rs^00*' \
\ ,S »y\
* 1
Your Dog Tiros of the Same Taste, Too
. . . FEED HIM
Foods that are relished do the most good.
Tout dog will always attack Rod Heart with
asst whan its hoof, fish, and cheese flavors are
fed in rotation. All three flavors have the same
wholesome basio ingredients—beef and beef
by-products, vegetable and bone meal, cereals,
cod liver oil. Extra Vitamin 6 is present, and
enzymes are employed to aid digestion. Get the
3 flavors today. Red Heart is fit fox human use.
Yen can keep any unused portion in your re
frigerator. A product of John Morrell A Co.
General Offices: Ottumwa, Iowa.
'Duxxjufcl Duz
JL '<
’oik,. M
Domino A
Domino Package Sugart-clean
pure cane-refined at homo
IKtnt n l v n n H u l u u nHmM3
every Friday night over NBC Blue Network. Thrilling plays
starring Irene Rich. See your paoer for the time and station.
_ Aw '_
jpr MINE,TOO/I've V
Try it on your husband
and well give you double your money back
if he doesn’t praise your cooking to the sky!
Now ALL-vegetable shortening
makes baked and fried foods
doubly delicious
Don’t say a word to your husband!
Just serve him a dinner cooked
with Spry. Use this amazing new short
ening for all your baking and frying.
Then watch his face light up at the
first delicious taste. Listen to the compli
ments. See him eat. You’ll have convinc
ing proof that Spry really does make food
taste twice as good!
But you won’t need his praise to tell
you Spry is a better shortening. You’ll
find that out for yourself the moment
you open the can.
Whiter—smoother— creamier
Spry looks better—is better. It’s purer,
all-vegetable, contains no animal fat.
Spry stays fresh and sweet indefinitely.
Keep it right on the pantry shelf where
it will always be ready for easy creaming
—instead of in the refrigerator to get
chilled and stiff. Spry does not develop
off-flavors under intense oven heat. It
does not smoke in frying, does not absorb
food flavors; can be used over and over.
Amazing cooking results
Try Spry. Use it in any of your regular
recipes. You’ll marvel at the new light
ness and delicacy of your baking. You’ll
get finer-flavored, finer-textured cakes,
fluffier biscuits, flakier pie crust. And
what a difference it makes in fried foods.
Friedin Spry,they’recrisp, tender, grease
less and as digestible as if baked or boiled.
Hard to believe? See for yourself. Ac
cept our double-money-bacjc offer now.
Get a can of Spry from your grocer. Use all of it
you want. Give Spry every test in pies, cakes,
biscuits, fried foods. If you don’t find Spry
absolutely the best shortening you’ve ever used,
simply send your name and address to Lever
Brothers Company, Cambridge, Mass., with the
strip of tin that the key takes off when you open
the can. You will promptly receive back, with
out question, twice what you paid for Spry. This
offer is limited to one can to a family.
Try Spry Now—Offer expires June 5
In Mb. and
3-lb. cans
4 i
The new, purer ALL-vegetable shortening ,

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