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F. H. A. Official Declares
Many Know Little of In
sured Mortgage Plan.
Immediate cash sales, increased
natisfaclion lo home buyers and other
advantages may be derived by real
estate operators who impress their
selling organizations with tlie ad
vantages to he gained from a rlear
knowledge of t lie Federal Housing
Administration's insured mortgage
system, J. Reilly Stanton, district di
rector, pointed out today.
Stanton's comment followed the dis
covery that in frequent instances
real estate salesmen evince an unfor
tunate lack of knowledge of this form
of insured home financing.
"To remedy this situation,” Stan
ton said, "and at the same time pro
vide a benetit to the real estate busi
ness. our office is open at all times to
provide such information. ' We will
arrange group meetings or send rep
resentatives to sales gatherings when
ever there is an opportunity to add
to the general knowledge concerning
Insured mortgage financing.
"There are actual cases) where the
salesman knows less about the in
sured mortgage system thin pros
pective buyers. If this condition is
remedied real estate organizations
may increase this form of business
and benefit by the immediate cash
payments in full, which they receive
tthen a mortgage is insured. After
that the bank handles the convenient
monthly payments for the buyer and
the Federal Housing Administration’s
insurance stays in effect until the
obligation is removed.
‘ Many salesmen are losing great
opportunities to make sales from lack
of knowledge of the Federal Housing
Administration plan. Heal estate men
who wish to educate their salesmen
along these lines have access to any
or all of our facilities to improve their
organization’s knowledge along these
Stanton explained that throughout
the past year numerous real estate
organizations have met in group con
ferences with experts from the Fed
eral Housing Administration’s district
office and that additional groups have
been acquainted with the insured
mortgage system at meetings con
ducted by Housing Administration
workers in towns and villages adja
cent to Hie District.
Protection for Skin,
Pre-historic man in America almost
Universally used pigments of different
colors to decorate his face and body.
This custom is ordinarily interpreted
ns due to desire for adornment, but
the paint may have been used for
protecting the skin against the sun’s
! Aydelotte. I lent. Col. John T., Medi
j cal Corps, to be retired May 31.
j Davis, Maj Thomas p« Dental
: Corps, transferred from Hawaiian De
railment to Army Medical Center on
i completion of present tour of foreign
Chase, Maj. Chauncey I,., Medical
Corps, to be retired May 31.
Miller, Capt. Harry W., Old- |
nance Department, Aberdeen Prove j
! mg Grounds, Md., transferred to
i Cavalry, Fort Riley, Kans., June 20
Bruner, Capt. Allan P. Coast Artil
lery. Columbia, S C., to Fort Monroe,
Va , August 15.
Bureau of Navigation.
Vanderkloot. Comdr. Eltoy L„ de
tached as commander Destroyer Divi
sion 12, Battle Force, in June; to
Naval Academy.
Mitchell, Lieut Comdr. Edward A.,
detached Naval Operations, Navy
Department, ir. July: to c. f. o. U. S.
S Shaw and in command when con|
! missioned.
Dugan, Lieut. Thomas B.. detached
Naval Operations, Navy Department,
about July 6; to c. f. o. U. S. S. (
; Downes and on board a? executive |
; officer when commissioned.
Jones'. Lieut. Detainer I... detached
! Naval Academy in May; to II. S. S. |
I Kanawha as navigation officer.
Nature’s Children
by minx cox athey
“Once on a time there was a pool
Fringed all about with has leaves tool
And spoiled with cov line' garish
Of frogs and pool' the ancient parish.
Aiders ihe croaking’ red,,mgs sink on,
Tn-'-ucks mat noii'e bmhe Hub o' Lincoln,
Heu, id aiowtid Hie mnssuaed seclusion.”
O THIS plate hie yourself to get
heller acquainted with tiie liger
salamander, an interesting
member of the crowded but
very enchanting pool.
In most cases we can readily see the
reason for the names given to tiie
folks who had to depend upon their
human brother to help them out.
I Whenever some mild creature car
ries the name of an animal that is
rather wild, it is usually a color or
form resemblance, rather than be
havior. This is the case in point con
cerning tiie tiger salamander. liis
ijiai'K seal coat occuraieu wun s|mis
railed forth his name. A more harm
less fellow could hardly be found. He
Is one of the ••mtlktoast” brigade, who
prefers peace at any price, though he
Is an amiable fellow in the aquarium.
Some people know' the tiger by the
name of Mexican axolotl.
In his prime he will measure 9 or 10
Inches. In outline he has a newtlike
aspect. Tiger salamanders believe in
large families. The eggs are laid in
the water As they are sizable, you
should be able to find them attached
singly to the leaves of water plants.
Perhaps In some places, where the
water Is cold, you may watch the
mother lay her eggs. She Is a me
thodical creature, tidy, and determined
to give her child protection If possible
from the many foes close about the
nursery site. Khe deftly folds the leaf
with her feet, and with a mucilage
that she manufactures herself, she
fastens the edges over the precious egg.
The youthful salamander is about a
quarter of an inch long when it
emerges from the egg. Ills gills are
built along most simple lines, enabling
breathing, and his front legs are small
knobs. In front of his gills are two
Ill II I IUUI 4 til PV U> l II1U. L '
taut, for they are the means by which
the baby can hold fast to the surfaces
of the water plants about him.
In two weeks he has doubled in size
and his gills are handsome by now
and are branched affairs. His legs
are well developed, though there are
only two toes at this stage; later lie
acquires two more. By this time he
has two hind legs, a great achieve
ment in his life, as well as making
life a little less complicated. The
complicated gill system now' under
goes a change, and slowly disappears,
while the lungs begin to develop. Now
it l.s passing from fish to reptile stage,
and must seek the surface of the
water at intervals for air.
In a very short time it will crawl
up the bank of Its birthplace to amble
away to some moist spot, where in
sects are plentiful, the return being
I made next Spring when lie wishes to
I wed
~~~ ^ ~ ll
Land's End Will Be Combined
With Springsbury by
Special LMspatcn to The Star.
BERRYVILI.E, Va , May 23 —The
sale of Lands End, one of the oldest
Clarke Counly properties, to George
P. Greenluilgh of Toledo, Ohio, and
this place, has been announced by
J. Hunter Williams and William M.
Lupton, co-owners.
The purchase price was $15,750, of
which $5,750 was a cash consideration.
The Greenhalghs already own Springs
bury, which originally embraced Land*
End. The 400-acre tract was a part
of the King Carter grant along the
banks of the Shenandoah River, and
was acquired by Fielding lewis,
nephew of George Washington, along
with the 6.000-acre Mercer tract.
The purchase of lauds End by the
Greenhalghs again combines the two
properties. Tire present owners are
now engaged in extensive improve
ments and building, erecting large
stables for housing thoroughbreds.
Enamel Improves Sinks.
Fresh white enamel greatly lm
ptoves the appearance of the outside
of sinks and stationary tubs that are
badly spotted or unsightly.
Dnlurl I uULUnb rtA I Unt
Many Enter Competition Spon
sored by W. C. & A. N.
Miller Firm.
Brilliant color combinations seem to
be tlie keynote of the decorative de
signs submitted by llie many laymen
who have entered the interior decora
tion phase of the My Home competi
tion sponsored by W. C. Sc A. N. Mil
ler. This branch of the contest closes
a week irom tonight, with all entries
supposed to be in the mail by mid
night, May 31.
For one monlh a reproduction of
the living room in the actual home
now under construction at Forty-ninth
and Upton street in Westerleigh, has
been on display on the sixth floor of
Woodward & Lotlirop's. There one
conception of the manner In which the
room should be furnished is on exhi
bit ion, designed by the department
store's decora lion staff.
..• —————
Bituminous Coatings.
Bituminous coatings, with or with
out mineral or fibrous matter, are
used for purposes of protection
against corrosion, for water-proofing
and damp-proofing. Fibrous ma
terials, such as felt, cotton fabric, bur
lap and asbestos, impregnated with
bituminous materials are used lor
roofing or waterproofing.
Figures for Entire Country Also
Move Upward, Survey
By the Associated Press.
RICHMOND, Va„ May 23—Farm
real estate values In Virginia in
creased during the year ended March 1
for the third consecutive year,
United States Department of Agri
culture figures received by Henry M.
Taylor, State-Federal statistician,
showed today.
The average for last year was 103
(using values in the period 1912-14 as
loot. The low point was reached in
1933, when Virginia values sank to 88.
They rose to 91 in 1934 and 97 in
Values for the whole country also
rose for the third consecutive year.
the statement showed, but the In
crease was more widespread the past
Other Virginia figures were: 197*0.
189; 1925, 154; 1930, 134; 1931, 117;
1932, 99.
rI HE gut wameu
slowly down
the path that led
from the little
Irish cottage, down
the path that went
through the woods
and to the mys
terious hilts over
looking the pictur
esque valleys be
low. x
Humming a
Whimsical air, she
kept her head
dow n. her eyes
catching the ac
tions of tiny mov
ing things at her
feet as she walked.
Halfway up the
lane she saw a fig
ure standing in
wait for her. It
was a sturdier,
more handsome
form than she re
membered seeing.
It was tall and erect and spienaia. it
was- She caught her breath a bit
and then ran toward it with her hands
• Michael! You have come back to
the hills. They told me you had come,
but I didn’t believe them. Oh, and
Michael, you’re such a fine man now!"
The boy smiled and said:
’’Sheila, my love, I am a man now.
I have come bark to take you away
with me . .. away from these wretched
hills, to the cities where there’s some
thing to live for. And. I must be leav
ing tomorrow. My darling, tell me you
will come with me.”
* * * *
“T CANNOT,” .she answered sadly, ‘‘I
belong to these hills. Twould
break Aunt Margret's heart should
I leave-”
’’And you. Sheila, have you not a
heart that might break, too. if you
stay? Tell me why it Is that you do
not wish to come with me.”
“The city has made you forget the
tales of the hills. Michael.”
"You do not love me at all." he ac
“I love you with all my heart,
"Come then and we’ll go to your
aunt’s home together and tell hpr.
She'll be after changin’ her mind. I'm
“Very well. Michael, we -shall tell
her. But then you must be on your
* Slowly the two went down the path
to the cottage from which the girl had
come but a short while before. Both
tall, both black-haired, he with bright
blue eyes, she with blazing dark ones,
he with bronzed skin, she with the
lily-white of the true Irish lass.
"Stop trembling, Sheila. We are
here. Hold my hand tighter and we
shall go in together.”
“Yes. Michael. Aunt Margret!”
Sheila called in her low voice as they
entered the cottage. "Aunt Mar
* * * *
-You have come back, Sheila. Sure
.and I don’t know why I was
thinkin' you wouldn’t. Oh, saints in
heaven, but you've brought along that
Michael Shannon. And you said you
wouldn't be meetin’ any one!” The
little old woman’s fear was in her
“I didn’t know, aunt. I didn’t know.
He's come back from the city for a
"Yes, Miss Margret, and I’ve come
this time to take Sheila back with me.
Today she has given me her heart;
mine she has always had. Tomorrow
I must be returning ta my work. We
have eome to ask your blessing that
•be may be with me when I go.”
By Rita Bunyon.
ftucnaei- a
little sob from the
“Never, Michael
Shannon! Never
can Sheila leave
these hills. My sis
ter Kathleen left'
them once. Shei
la's father broke
her heart. Do you
want to break my
little one's heart,
“Indeed, and it is
the opposite I want.
If she comes with
me her heart will
be happy. I pro
mise you that.” i
"All yottr promis
in’ can do no good,
lad. It's the curse
of the hills I’m
tlrinkin’ of.”
♦ * * *
“You do not love me at all.”
y\'“ " 1~11 n were nonsense, mim
Margret said in a low voice, I
“nothin’ more than that. No one ever
escaped from the curse of these hills,
Michael. I remember years ago when
Kathleen and Peter came Into this
very house and asked my own mother,
God rest her, for her blessing. "Twas
young like the two of you they were
and full of hope. My mother warned
them as I sit here warning you, but |
they took no heed. They said they !
were too much in love.
"But the hills say that no woman !
of their possession shall ever break !
away from them. Here she must al- I
ways stay. Peter took Kathleen away,
Michael. They had nothing but mis
fortune, nothing but bitterness and
grief. ’Twas an awfui thing the way
the hills came between them and their
happiness. The hills say that my
Sheila shall stay with them. What
awful fate would you be takin’ her to
if slie went away with you, Michael?”
The words spilled rapidly, nervously
from the old woman’s lips.
“But, listen to me. There Is more
I have to say, Miss Margret. Tell
her to listen to me, Sheila!” Michael
pleaded. Sheila said:
“No, Michael, she Is right. It is of
no use. I have been telling you that.
You must go back to your father’s
house and on the morrow- you must
return to your work in the city and
“Forget? God, Sheila, you can't
love me when you speak such words.”
* * * *
“ J IGVE you Michael—that is wrhy I
am sending you from me. Goj
Michael, you shall do great things
and I’ll be proud of you. But go
“Go? Is there nothing I can do or
be saying to you?” .
‘‘Nothing, Michael-—”
“Good-by, then?” S>! ,
“Good-by, Michael-”
She watched him turn pitfully away
from her with a hurt, bewildered
glance and then retrace his steps
down the old familiar path. She
made one hungry gesture and then
let her hands fall by her side listlessly.
There was no sound save the choking
sobs from the form of the old woman
sitting by the smoldering fire.
“Hush, Aunt Margret. I under
“Oh, my poor little darlin’I It’s an
ache I have in my heart for you. Aii
ache that will never leave me. But
you would have died with him-’’
Sheila's laugh had no mirth in It.
“I have died with him. Aunt Mar*
gret—in these hills I have died!”
(Coprrlsbt, 1938.)
Quaekenbos Street Home Sold
i—i -
New home at 4?7 Quackentios street recently purchased
from the Harry B. Pitts Construction Co. by Mr. and Mrs. Mich
ael Sirkis. The house has 6 rooms ami bath.—Star Staff Photo.
16th St. Highlands—Above Reservoir
1414 Nicholson St. N.W.
In that hlihlv desirable ar.d convenient neighborhood, two doors ea«t of lfith
St., on a bcaii* if ally landscaped lot 130 feet derp individually designed It
contains tf room-. bath*, hut-water hc-at electricity, screens, weather strip',
detached bra i: *arair In Tms limited and re'tricied neighborhood you Will
i.ot hud as good a \alue to compare won it
Priced to Sell—Open Sunday and Afternoons
L. T. Cravalle
729 lath St. N.W. REALTOR National 9753
fr- --li
Inlc'rcvst as Lou as
Easy Monthly Payments
as low as $7.f>0 per $1,000
Federal Insurance pro*
tecta your savings here,
up to $5,000.
716 11th Street Opposite Palais Royal
Ilj % demand thii new comfiott ’ B
I in tfout new home... A new I
r Provides humidification • Air circulation •Air cleansing *1
IIPlI ★ I Positive controlled heat for every room • Ventilation I ★ BBi
L Sun-hke radiant heat-Year'round domestic hot water J mSm'
f||| Whether you build or buy your house, you |j§t
m deserve the ultimate in comfort. You deserve HE
■ the health-promoting benefits of clean, hu- HE
• B midified and circulated conditioned air...You tj|j|
,B deserve heating that duplicates the sun’s
own radiant warmth...You deserve a year
S ’round domestic hot water supply. H
The whole happy combination of auto
|5M| matically-controlled radiator heat, condi*
BE tioned air and domestic hot water is an Wm
S American Radiator Conditioning System... |j||
j^B and its price is so low that what was once a
, B rich man’s luxury is now every man’s right.
■ I
m Look for this aign when you f-j I ; j look for a homo. For con*
jNV: plot, information and book- _\tj Uta, writ«,’phon»orcometo; B|
B; r B
Sensational -!
$5,250 3941 kikST STREET
TH A new tommithuv of fine homes over
* lOuliiin the t'uiumm Kiver Clu.se 1u
/pa schools hid i block tiohi bit.', service. Ail
Link, hoior contain** five spacious rooms.
Anpkl » . || v taiseliviht room with open flieplace two
(Ji LN DAILY lrjl Led loom* tiled Lath with shower.
Iti'ilialed bud floored aitiC. deep, land
scaped lot dethihrd eai.nr
Built by Frank L. Fanning, Inc.
Lime o.er llth st. bndue to Anacoiha.
thru out Huhul$ A>e tu itW* bloil., just
beyond end ot loimti itir hue. to office
tjf SUdur L'uii\trm.tujii Co turn rwht one
hiyjfk fo u.uia liter t o Lust .street it ml left
Offcce^OO Nicholt Ave. LI. 9585
565.00 Per Month It
Lot <10,500 sq ft.t facing two streets.
Insulated. Weather stripped. Automatic heat.
Frigidaire. New gas range. Detached garage.
Fireplace in living room.
New 30-gallon storage water heater.
Full-length bronze screens throughout.
Handy to busses, stores, churches and schools.
_ „ * CINJf*l C j After down payment—$65.21
F. FI. A. blNuLt ! prr month pays interest,
1 principal, taxes and insurance.
I No renewals.
See owner on premises after 1 P.M. daily.
I A GIVE-AWAY—$16,600
(can 90 with this new home for smoll additional price)
Something new in Chevy Chase direction worth seeing
Mammoth living room—28 feet long .
Dining room—18 feet long
Four bed rooms, 2 baths, 1st floor lavatory
Three more bed rooms can be added on third floor
Has new stable and adjoins
beautiful bridle path.
Ill rruni «Hirum'c antrance to rrnaie vrucwuw gp
DRIVE OUT Wisconsin'Avenue to Bradley Lane, which is first street |
after passing Chevy Chase Golf Course. Turn left off Wisconsin Avenue Hi
at Bradley Lane. Go 3 miles and you will see entrance pictured above. HI
For Sale by Owner and Builder |
Phone Cleveland 6658
I $2-95 «.i.
I 421 10th St. N.W.
A Smash Hit!!
Cove Point Beach
On Chesapeake Bay
Lowest Prices in History '
Water Beach. Paved Roads to Beach, Biggest Lots, Best
Fishing. Summer Homes Financed. Property Free and
Clear of All Encumbrances. Title Guaranteed bv Owner,
former Senator J. c. Webster. SEEING IS BELIEVING
--- To Reach --_
hrivd out Penn. Av< S r.. through 1'nper Marlboro. Baar r gbt on lop
of bill in Hiiiiii- 41(1, Solomon's Island Boulevard to foie Point Brarh.
follow our signs,
Suite 203—204 People's Lite Ins. Bldg ,
14th and H Sts. N. W. MEt. 3683 and 3781
Cape Cod type. Brick construction. 5 rooms,
bath, full basement. Large side porch over
hung by magnificent Japanese magnolia tree.
Insulated 2nd floor ceiling. Fully screened.
Automatic gas heat. Every modern improve
ment. Garage. A really beautiful wooded lot
TO PEACH' Drive nut
AMPw | lfith St. tn end. Left In
llrr N Sib rr Svnno. Left at
traffic light and continue
• out Ga. Are. ejtenied 1
wile to Garfield St. <one
DAILY & SUNDAY hi nek heVf)nd Grace
jUlil/n I Church >. Left cad mn.
tinue 2 blocks to houses.
8413 Ga. Ave., Silver Spring, Md. Shepherd 3892
Breaking All Records
Only Three Left Out of Eleven
You Are “Sitting on
Top of the World”
—when you buy one of
these new Cafritz homes
in pretty. Petworth, liter
ally on top of Washing
ton, for they overlook the
entire city. And from an
investment point you are
getting the BEST VALUE
in Northwest Washing
ton—a Lifetime home for
a lifetime of comfort and
Exhibit Home
308 Emerson Street N.W.
Furnished by Hutchison; draperies by Ligon
No matter where you look nor what the price
around $10,000, you cannot get the many important
features that Cafritz construction has built into these
homes. The wife will tell you what they mean to her,
in the saving of housekeeping labor.
3 bed rooms—2 baths—recreation room—break
fast room—electrically equipped kitchen—Master
Kraft Oil Burner with oil burner boiler—built-in
garage—insulated walls—EVERYTHING.
fTh* Exhibit Home has been inspected
and approved by the Federal Housing ms«hQuctverr»i*
Administration. Can be financed under fjD\0H HOMf
the Federal Housing Administration plan. ■■■■■■
Come out Kansas Avenue to Emerson Street, turn•
ing right—direct and convenient. Open every day
eewet eiianin or
Over 4,000 Lifetime Homes Built and Sold

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