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___< Continued.)
feuiCK 1034 aeries 41 four-door trunk
tedan; jet-black finish, practically new
tires: perfect from bumper to bumper;
driven only 11.000 actual miles: an out
standing buy at $505: see it today. Su
ferlor Motor# 1320 14th at. n.w. Decatur
_ 300.
BUICK 1031 60 aeries sedan: 6 wneels.
motor, tires, paint and upholstery like
new: 1 owner: low mileage; guaranteed.
Your own terms. $270
BUICK 1031 8 small series sedan: new
Paint, motor and tires perfect; exceptional
Value: $109.
BUICK 1930 5-pass, coupe: 6 wheels,
radio, heater: perfect throughout: a real
bargain: $140. Wade Motor Co., Inc.,
Bulcks, 0431 Georgia ave. n.w.
BUICK 1030 4-door sedan. $59. Can be
6ut in good shape for very little. See Dick
nsrlish. 1522 Penn. ave. s.e. Open eves.
ind Sunday._
BUICK 1933 club sedan; 6 steel wheels,
trunk rack, white side-wall tires, painted
ft beautiful light gray clean upholstery;
you’ll really be Dleased with the splendid
appearance and fine condition of this car.
$495. C. C. C. Guaranty. Capitol Cadillac
Co.. 1222 22nd st. n w. National 3300.
OP^n Sundays and evenings.
BUICK 1929 sedan: original two-tone fin
ish. motor A-l: must sacrifice; real low
down payment: any reasonable terms.
Tom’s Conn. Ave Stadium. 1355 Conn. ave.
CADILLAC 1935 convertible roadster—Jet
black finish, white sidewall tires, twin rear
lights, metal tire covers, rumble seat.
Fisher no-draft ventilation, radio, twin
windshield wipprs. luxurious blue leather
nphostery: with the top up you have
closed-car advantages: with the top down
you enjoy roadster advantages; goes on
sale at. once for $1,695. Superior Motors.
1320 14th st. Decatur 1300.
CADILLAC—Fleetwood custom convertible
sedan an extraordinary car cost $8,400;
make offer. Address Box 203-M, Star office.
CADILLAC 1031 7-passenger sedan. 12
cylinders, interior very clean, color black,
has de luxe equipment. $685.00. War
field Motor Co . 2525 Sherman ave. n.w.
Phone Adams 8000.__
CADILLAC 1030 Fleetwood de luxe sedan:
radio, air horns: excellent condition; will
take trade 1753 L st P.W. Monday •
CADILLAC "l 932. cylinders 7 -passenger
Imperial. 6 wire wheels. Perfect black
paint, excellent white side wall tires. You
will agree this lovely car is a real value
at $725. C C. C. Guaranty. Capitol
Cadillac Co . 1222 22nd st. n.w. National
3300. Open Sun. and eve
CADILLAC 1033 club sedan: 6 wire wheels;
black paint: fine, clean upholstery; this is
surely a beautiful car: in finest possible
condition $805. C C. C Guaranty. Cap
itol Cadillac Co . 1222 22nd st. n.W. Na
tional 3300. Open Sundays and evenings.
CHEVROLET 1034 master de luxe sport
roadster rumble seat, etc.: carefully
driven. For immediate sale, S295. Call
North 0663-W. evenings._
CHEVROLET 1931 sport coupe. Must sell
“as is” for cash immed. Call Robert M.
Gray, assignee. Natl. 2707. 9 a m. to 5 p m.
•1A t
CHEVROLET 1931 sedan 6 wheels, trunk,
etc.: only $167; terms. Nolan. 1111 18th
Ft. n.w,__
CHEVROLET 1933 master 4-door sedan;
new' black enamel paint new rubber; clean
inside and mechanically perfect. A real
buy at $297. Kearney Motors. Inc . 4201
Conn, ave. n.w.. Plvmouth-Pe Soto Dealers
CHEVROLET 1929 coach; as clean inside
as a new car: good rubber and motor per
fect. This car would make a good family
car A real buy at $87.00. Kearney Mo
tors. Inc 4201 Conn. ave. n.w.. Plymouth
De 8oto Dealers._
CHEVROLET 1930 coach: good black
paint, clean velour upholstery, fine motor
and tires: $125: easy terms. Logan Ford
Dealers. 1119 Irving st. n w. Col. 3700._
CHEVROLET 1934 master de luxe road
ster; new- top and tires, knee action, rum
ble seat, snug curtains, heater, splendid
mechanically: low mileage. Priced ’way
down; liberal trade and terms Capitol
Motors. Inc.. 215 Pa ave. s.e Phone Lin
coln 0303. Open evenings and Sundays.
CHEVROLET 1931 de luxe coupe. Black
finish with cream stripe and wire wheels;
economical 6-cylinder motor; tires very
good. Only $25 down easy terms. Steuart
Motors. 1503 R. J. ave. n e. North 3177.
CHEVROLET 1934 de luxe 2-dr. touring
sedan with trunk carefully driven; for
immediate sale. $395. Col. 2075.
CHEVROLET de luxe custom. 193.3 couoe—■
Rumble seat, etc ; onlv $297; new-car
terms, only $17 down. Nolan, 18th and
M sis, n.w. ___
CHEVROLET 1933 master sedan; one of
the popular models; can be bought an
easy way; $35 down. $21 monthly guaran
teed 60 days. Warrington Motor Car Co..
2035 17th st. n.w_Potomac 0701.
CHEVROLET 1932 de luxe panel delivery,
two-tone cream and black body with Chi
nese red wheels: 5 new’ tires; priced lower
* than a ’31. Your own terms. Toms
Conn, Ave. Stadium. 1355 Conn, are.
CHETVROLET 1933 coach: motor completely
overhauled: new rubber: paint and in
terior perfect. A real buy at $247.00
Kearney Motors Inc., 4201 Conn. ave.
n.w . Plymouth-De Soto Dealers._
CHEVROLET 1931 conv. coupe with rumble
seat radio heater, new rubber and top:
interior perfect; new brakes and clutch.
This car is the best buy in the city
$197.00. Kearney Motors. Inc.. 4201 Conn.
»vc„ Plymouth-De Soto Dealers. __
CHEVROLET master sedan. 1935; fully
equipped Sold new $816. For quick
sale, $590. Will take trade and finance.
Call Georg la 7912.__
CHEVROLET sedan. 19327 finished in a
beautiful tan. very clean; priced for quick
sale. $185. White. Lucas Kerr, Inc..
Rosslvn, Va. Phone Walnut 7155.
isti£.vituL>&r sport roadster. 1941: me
chanically perfect, this car is a real buy
at $135. White. Lucas d- Kerr, Inc.. Ross
lvn.JVa._Phone Walnut 7155.
CHEVROLET. 1940. Coach. $95. Finish
Is good: tires are like new: inside clean:
runs perfectly. Pohanka Service. 1120
20th st. n.w. Phone District 9141.
CHEVROLET. 1942. De Luxe Convertible
Coupe. $255. Original 2-tone finish is
perfect: o wire wheels, metal tire covers,
trunk: driven only 1H.OOO miles. Very at
tractive and your inspection will convince
you of the original owner s fine care. Po
hanka Service. 1120 20th st. n.w. Phone
District 9141._
CHEVROLET, 1941. Roadster. $145. New
green finish: wire wheels: new top; tires
» almost new: performs perfectly. Very at- j
tractive and a real bargain at this price
B?sht“rI“ckta9MrrCe- "0th St' “ W- Ph0ne
CHEVROLET 1923, Sport Roadster. $195.
Canary yellow finish: red wire wheels;
good tires, and it runs fine. Pohanka Serv
ice, 113o 30th st. n.w. District 9141.
r^.Ev^OLET 1934 Coach; good mectian
Lf r.cond‘,tion■.Priced low for quick sale.
nu49- JVIld city Aut0 Co.. 1711 14th
Phone Decatur 5050.
CHEVROLEr standard 1935 coach: runs
new; *450: 1935 master
coupe, $4.5: terms. See Mr. Barnes. 1T39
J4tn_st. n.w Phone Decatur 2390.
CHEVROLET 1944 master sedan—One of
the cleanest jobs we've ever seen: see it
«nd drive it today—it’s an amazing value
at $405. Superior Motor Co.. 1420 14th
st. n.w. Decatur 1400.
CHEVROLET 1929 coach: perfect me
chanical condition: $50. See Monday all
1-32 14th st. n.w. Inquire Mr.
CHEVROLET J934 master sedan. New
paint and slip covers Good buy. Terms
Seen after 4p.m. 1133 Maryland ave n e
CHEVROLET 1920 coach. New tires. Clean
excellent runnlnt car: $H6. Terms. $10
cash. Phone Met. 245H Sunday or eves. «
CHEVROLET 19.14 sedan, excellent shape.
$.175. Duncan Motor Co., 1425 Irvin* at.
n.w. Phone Columbia 9828._
CHEVROLET latest 1933 master touring
coach, built-in trunk; original finish, tires
like brand-new car. upholstery spotless;
radio, twin horns, other extras: wonderful
condition: one owner since new; $325.
Phone Shepherd 2660._
CHEVROLET 1934 master de luxe coach:
sacrifice. $375 or best cash oiler: consider
small trade: private owner. Clev. 9309. »
CHEVROLET8—1933 master 4-door de
luxe sedan, n w. wheels, metal covers and
trunk, exceptionally good condition. $365;
19.33 master coupe, maroon and black,
looks and runs like new: a real buy at
$295: 1931 coach new Duco finish and
original 18.099 miles: perfect upholstery
and very good tires: only $185; very lib
eral terms: fully guaranteed. Simmons
Motors Inc.. 14th and S sts. n.w. Phone
Decatur 51B3-5173,_
CHEVROLET 1933 coach, master 6. com
pletely overhauled new paint; private
owner must sacrifice Immediately. JtiOti
D st. n.e, ___
CHEVROLET 19.33 master coach, Drivately
owned: excellent condition: $325; terms
il^eslred. _3160_18th st. n.w. _*
CHEVROLET 1933 4-door sedan, like new
throughout. 1 owner; guaranteed; $119
down, your own terms.
CHEVROLET 1931 sedan, fi wheels, new
paint, motor, tires and body like new;
guaranteed: $219. Wade Motor Co.. Inc.,
Bnicks._9431 Georgia ave. n.w,_
CHEVROLET 1935 (own sedan. 2-door
model, with built-in trunk, original Brew
ster green Duco. has only been driven very
little, has had unusual good care taken.
Automobile looks Dractically new land Is>.
Fully guaranteed by a warranty: 1.3 months
to pay. Reasonable liown payment to suit
you. Greatly reduced to $586. Standard
Motor Sales Co.. 2022 14th st. n.w. Phone
North 9139._
CHEVROLET, late 1935. de luxe coach,
perfect in every detail, low mileage: any
demonstration: original owner. Sacrifice.
Before 3 pro . Columbia tiOIS-M_
ruriinot _*. _ . . '
excellent condition and a real buy: guar
anteed.Eddie Adams Co.. Wise. _49<S9. •
CHEVROLET 15*30 sedan: quiet motor,
good rubber: a steal at $125. Terms. Tom's
Conn. Ave. Stadium. _i:J55_Conn. ave.
CHEVROLET 15*34 sedan, master: beauti
ful maroon finish, retuned motor: clean
as a pin: priced way down. Terms to
suit. Tom’s Conn. Ave. Stadium, 1355
Conn. ive. _ _ _
CHEVROLET 15132 de luxe coupe, mid
night blue, chrome louvers, cream wheels,
retuned motor; priced to suit you. Your
own terms Tom s Conn. Ave. Stadium,
1355 Conn._ave._
CHRYSLER 15*35 de luxe touring sedan;
o wheels, side mounts, white side wall tires,
black finish: used so little It can't be told
from brand-new. Reduced to $8515. Your
car down, balance 12 to 18 months.
Sktnkcr Motor Co.. Inc., 1516 SOth st. n.w.
CHRYSLER 15*35 four-door sedan—Mid
night blue finish, excellent tires and a
powerful, peppy, smooth-running motor;
this car includes all the luxurious features
that have made Chrysler famous, some
lucky buyer will get this car for only $85*5.
Superior Motor. 1320 14th st. n.w, De
catur 1300._____
CHRYSLER 15*32 de luxe sedan, wire
wheels, spares in fender wells, black finish
and chromium plating, etc., like new;
traded from original owner; an exceptional
value; $385.no Warfield Motor Co.. 2525
Sherman ave n.w._Phone Adams .soon
CHRYSLER 1935 airstream 2-door 6
passenger touring. Black paint, excellent
tires. Fine clean upholstery. This car
had very little use and is in splendid con
dition: $875. C. C. C. Guaranty. Capitol
Cadillac Co. 1222 22nd st. n.w. National
33(*<*. Own Sun. and eve._
CHRYSLER 15*35 Imperial de luxe sedan,
airflow type: looks and runs like new. low
mileage, new-car guarantee; $800 saving.
Tom's Conn. Ave. Stadium. J355 Conn. ave.
CHRYSLER 0 1934 sedan, runs perfectly:
finish like new; new tires: $350. 1920
Kearny st. n.e. North 3658-R._•
CHRYSLER six 1936 sport coupe, rumble
seat, radio, etc.: excellent original jet
black finish: does not have a mark or
scratch, spotless beautiful Interior; car
ries our 90-day warranty; a real value
at $995. Very liberal terms at low cost.
Simmons Motors. Inc.. 14th and S sts.
n.w. Phone Decatur 5193-5173._
DE 80TO 1935 de luxe 4-door sedan;
driven 9.430 miles: beautiful black finish
with frieze upholstery; sadlo equipped. If
you are interested in a high-grade used
car you will buy this one. It is an arch of
chronlum: $726. Mid - Citv Auto Co ,
Washington's oldest De Soto-Plymouth
dealer. 1711 14th. Decatur 5050.
DE SOTA 1934 Airflow 9-passenger sedan;
original black finish shines like new, in
terior clean and shows best of care; tires
very good: car is reconditioned and guar
anteed: *505 00. Warfield Motor Co.,
2525 Sherman ave. n.w, Adams 8000.
DE EOTG 1933 Custom Sedan. Here-la
a car that really warrants your inspec
tion. It has had the greatest of care,
both mechanically and otherwise, and
certainly shows It. No finer transporta
tion could be had at *445. Norris. lnc„
2018 14th st. n.w. Phone North 3949.
DODGE 1939 de luxe 4-door touring se
dan. built-in trunk Only driven 4.000
miles. Owner must sacrifice for quick
sale. Call Columbia 3900. Apt. 7 09._
DODGE 1935 2-door sedan. Original jet
black Duco: clean as a pin; was bought
brand-new Dec. 30. 1935: car is exactly 4
months old: clean Inside and out and per
forms like a charm. Reduced to *595:
down payment. $145. and 18 months for
balance. Standard Motor Sales, 2022 14th
st. n.w. Phone North 9139.
DODGE touring sedan, latest 1939. Driven
1.900 miles. Substantial discount, new
car guarantee: terms to suit. Clev. 6823.
DODGE 1934 4-door sedan: absolutely like
new: no reasonable offer refused; terms.
Phone Columbia 5327.__
DODGE 19.30 sedan: built-in trunx: com
pany official's car. driven 350 miles; lib
eral discount. Mr. Vassar, 1218 Conn. ave.

DODGE 1935 de luxe coupe. $550. Phone
Lincoln 1300._
DODGE 1932 D. H. sedan; clean inside
and out; retuned motor; a steal at the
price. Surprisingly low terms. Toms
Conn. Ave. Stadium. 1355 CoH. are.
DODGE 1934 de luxe coupe $25 down;
excellent condition, gun-metal finish like
new. low mileage, low price; guaranteed.
Eddie Adams Co., phone Wisconsin 4969. *
DODGE 1939 touring sedan, demonstra
tor. a real savings in a car that is new
every way; any demonstration. Phone Mr.
Green. Wisconsin 4969._•_
DODGE 1934 sedan; excellent condition;
privately owned; would consider small
trade terms to responsible party; must
sell. 1304 Kenyon st. n.w.
DODGE 1935 4-door de luxe touring sedan.
Built-ir trunk; late model, practically a
new automobile; mechanically perfect; new.
spotless uDholstery: fully guaranteed by
our warranty for 90 days. You can save
$235 from its new delivered price. It's a
genuine bargain. New-car finance rates;
2 years to par if necessary. Standard Mo
tor Sales. 21*22 14th st. njv. North 9139.
DODGE 1935 four-door trunk sedan—
Lustrous pearl gray finish! practically new
tires and a motor that purrs like a kitten:
see it once—drive it once, and you'll need
no urging to buy it for only $695 Su
perior Motor. 1320 14th st. n.w. Decatur
luxe 4-door sedan and 1935 de luxe 2-door
touring sedan with radio. Both of these
cars were locally owned and are in ex
ceptional good condition and look like
new They carry our regular 90-day
warranty. At $075 they are real values.
Also 1934 de luxe 4-door sedan with
double chrome horns, rear lights and
many extras, for $475. with terms to suit
any reasonable requirement. Simmons
Motors. Inc 14th and 3 sts. n.w. Phone
Decatur 5103-5173.
DODGE de luxe sedan; perfect; like new;
bought In Jan.. 11134: original owner; only
$397: terms or trade. Nolan. 1111 18th
st. n.w._
DODGE de luxe custom coupe. 1933—Must
sell: only $387; new-car terms. Nolan,
18 th and M sts._
DODGE 1929 Sedan, good motor, fine rub
ber; a real bargain at $125. Mid City
Auto Co.. 1711 14th. Decatur 5950.
DURANT sedan, model 014; absolutely
perfect; looks and runs like new; $245
takes. Columbia 9332.__
ESSEX 1932 de luxe sport coupe; rumble
seat, all extras: only $187; terms. Nolan.
1111 18th at. n w.
ESSEX de luxe 1931 coach: excellent con
dition. lust like new: must sell for unpaid
notes: only $95: act quickly. Mr. Roper.
Ill 1 18th st. n.w.
ESSEX 1932 Sedan: o. k. motor: looks
fine: a real bargain at $109. Mid City
Auto Co.. 1711 14th st. n.w. Phone De
catur 5950._
ESSEX coach by owner: good running or
der. good tires; $40 cash. 023 Allison
st. n.w.__•_
DODGE 1935 4-door sedan; built-in trunk;
10,000 miles: very good condition. Torrey
Motor Co,. 1218 Conn, ave. _♦
FORD 1935 de luxe Fordor sedan; driven
very little; new-car condition and appear
ance in every detail and radio equipped;
any demonstration you wish. Fleming Mo
tor Coip . Champlain st. at Kalorama rd„
Just north of V st.. Just east of 18th n.w.
FORD coach. 1933: nerfect In every re
spect; a real buy at $285. White. Lucas
A Kerr, Inc.. Rosslyn. Va. Walnut 7155.
FORD 1932 V-8 Victoria; radio, heater
and many other extras. This car is in
perfect condition: $265. White. Lucas ic
Ken. Inc . Rossiyn. Va. Walnut 7155._
FORD 1932 V-8 Tudor; beautiful black
finish with red wheels, practically new
tires, dual carburetion. One of the finest
used cars we have had In a long while.
Act quickly $275. Steuart Motors. 6th
and New York ave. n.w_
FORD JJW5 V-K touring 4-door sedan:
Washington blue finish. Chinese red
wheels, seat covers custom Ford radio,
twin horns, trunk, safety glass all around:
5550. Steuart Motors, Oth and New York
ave. n w
FORD 1935 coupe: rumble seat safety
glass. V-8 motor like new. factory finish
and velour interior spotless. Priced way
down liberal trade and terms. C. Dick
English, 1401 Pa. ave. s e. Phone Lincoln
9304._Open evenings and Sundays.
FORD 1935 Tudor; black finish like new,
clean throughout, low mileage, tires show
no wear Priced below market; liberal
trade and terms. C D’ck English, 1522
Pa ave. s.e Phone Lincoln 0305. Open
evenings_and Sundays.
FORD 1939 Tudor touring sedan—Radio,
white side wall tires; low mileage, this car
like new throughout. $250 down, balance
monthly. North_540?-j
FORD TUDOR. *34; excellent condition
must sacrifice cheap, radio, heater. Georgia
2403. _ 5400 'th st. n.w . Apt, 207. •
FORD TUDOR, late 1935. with Philco
radio; just like new; veteran ill. hospital
ized past H months; car in steam-heated
garage: only 7.00U miles. Call Potomac
o:tK3-W __ •
FORD CREDIT—Have a $105 credit on a
new Ford, will accept any reasonable
offer._Phone Adams 8174-W.
FORD 1930 model A convertible coupe,
rumble seat, excellent motor: price reduced
for this ad to $95.00. Warfield Motor Co.,
2525 Sherman ave. n w. Adams HOOO._
FORD 1935 convertible sedan. Washington
blue. Ford radio and heater; actual mile
age very low, original cost. $95o; now
only $595.00. Warfield Motor Co . 2525
Sherman a\e n.W. Phone Adams HOOO.
FORD 1935 de luxe coupe gunmetal
finish, broadcloth upholstery, excellent con
dition: $495.00. Warfield Motor Co.. 2525
Sherman ave. n.w. Phone Adams HOOO.
FORD 1034 de luxe coupe, with amart
Arabian aand finish: has wind wings,
spotlight, twin horns and tail-lamps, dual
windshield wipers, custom radio and heat
er; very low mileage: not to be distin
guished from a new car. faultles* running
condition; 5 very good tires. Small down
payment and easy terms, including our
Famous Blue Ribbon and R & O. 2-day
money-back guarantee. Triangle Ford
Dealers. No. 3 N. Y. ave. n.w. Phone
National 31182._Open evenings._
FORD 1035 Fordor sedan, in green with
fenders to match: privately owned and
carefully driven a few hundred miles: new
car appearance and running condition:
tires practically new. Only $05 and easy
terms, with our Famous Blue Ribbon and
R At O. 3-day money-back guarantee.
Triangle Ford Dealers 4th and Fla. ave.
n.e. National 3085. Open evenings.
FORD 1034 de luxe Fordor sedan: black
baked-enamel finish, spotlessly clean in
side: tiptop mechanically and has excel
lent tires, privately owned; low mileage:
only $05 down and balance easy, with
our Famous Blue Ribbon and R A: G.
2-day money-back guarantee. Triangle
Ford Dealers. 4th and Fla. ave. n.e. Phone
National 3085. Open evenings._
FORD 1034 Tudor sedan: black body with
red stripe and wire wheels, clean plush
upholstery: smooth, economical V-8 motor:
very low mileage by original owner; tires
excellent, safety glass^ Only $05 down and
$21 monthly, with our Famous Blue Rib
bon and R At G. 2-day money-back guar
antee. Triangle Ford Dealers. 17th and
R. I. ave n p_Natl. 3088. Open evenings.
FORD 1030 roadster, heater. Chevrolet
coupe. 1028: new Phllco radio. Both A-1
cond. Must sell one. bargain. Sterling 4088

FORD 1035 std. sedan, in perfect shape.
Private party needs to sell. 227 pth st.
FORD 1034 de luxe black phaeton, new
top. maroon wheels and stripe leather
upholstery, used very little: $305.00. War
field Motor Co.. 2525 Sherman ave. n.w.
Phone Adams^80<)0._
FORD'l020 coupe. New tires. Good
running car: ¥40.00. Terms, *10 down.
Mel. 2450 Sunday or evenings._•__
FORD 1020 sedan, good mechanical con
dition. fair appearance; best cash offer:
need garage space: private owner Phone
Cleveland 8783. 3327 Military rd.
runu—T* i • * ticuu un nuj ru;u nui
sacrifice for $60. Address Box 313-M,
Star office._•_
FORD 1035 Tudor. Excellent black paint,
spotless upholstery good tires, splendid
motor. You cannot get better value at
*423. C C. C Guaranty. Capitol Cadillac
Co.. 1333 32nd st. n.w. National 3300.
Open Sun. and eve
FORDS—FORDS FORDS—1036 de luxe
touring sedan *695; 1935 de luxe Tudor,
radio with overhead speaker. $495; 1934
de luxe sedan *375. All In perfect con
dition and ready for any kind of demon
stration Low down payment and 12 to
34 months to pay and fully guaranteed.
Simmons Motors Inc . 14th and S sts.
n.w Phone Decatur 5163-5173.
FORD 1931 roadster perfect condition
throughout, new paint and tires: motor
excellent; $15o cash._Cleveland 6131.
FORD 1935 de luxe convertible coupe,
eauipped with heater and radio This car
like new and can be purchased on easy
terms Call Mr. Hudson, Atlantic 1537-M,
or 603 14th at. n e.__
FORD 1935 Tudor sedan perfect motor,
car like new; will give $200 for ’31 Ford
or Chevrolet in aveiage condition; private
party Phone Lincoln 6703.
FORD 1935 de luxe coupe; radio, looks like
a show-room car fully guaranteed: trade.
Low down payment and easiest terms In
town. Toms Used Car Stadium. 1355
Conn. ave.__
FORD 19.34 town sedan, private family;
tires, motor, finish like new settle estate.
real bargain. Columbia 1152 _
FORD 1935 De Luxe Sedan >475 runs
and looks like new, terms See Mr. Barnes.
1739 J4th st. li w. Phone Decatur 2390.
FORD 1035 de luxe Tudor sedan. At
tractive green finish, shatter-proof (lass
all around. Clean as brand-new. Smooth
V-8 motor, driven very little. Tires show
no wear: $405. Small down payment and
easy terms. Steuart Motors. 1503 R. 1.
ave. n.e. Phone North 3177,
FORD 1031 Tudor. Excellent paint, clean
upholstery, fine running order; 5 very good
tires. Only $25 down; easy terms. Steuart
Motors. Inc., 1503 R. X. ave. n.e. Phone
North 3177.
FORD 1034 Tudor sedan. Attractive tan
finish, spotless velour upholstery; V-8
motor, smooth and economical: low mile
age by one owner: excellent tires. Only
$H0 down. Easy terms. Steuart Motors,
1503 R, I. ave n e__Phone North 3177._
FORD 1030 coupe. Rumble seat. Oood
motor and tires; seat covers: sound body.
Excellent black paint. Only *25 down.
Steuart Motors, Inc. 1503 R. I. eve.
n.e. Phone North 3177._
FORD ,032 de luxe Tudor; like new; only
$107: terms. #33 down. Nolan. 1111 lSlb
st. n.w.
FORD 1035 standard V-8 coupe: direct
from owner; original lustrous black finish
tires good motor is perfect: priced at
*415; have two cars and must dispose
of one. Sunday, until 1 o'clock, at 4823
0th st. n.w. Phone Adams 1464. 24*
FORD de luxe 1934 sedan: only $377;
terms. Gasoline station. 22nd and M sts.
FORD 10.35 sedan, iust like new; only
$487; give terms. Mr. Hall, 43U1 Conn,
ave. n.w.____
FORD 1920 coupe; rumble seat, looks new;
only $67. Nolan. 1111 18th st. n.w._
FORD 1034 De Luxe Sedan equipped with
twin horns, tail lights, $375; also 1934
de luxe coupe $350; also 1033 coach
equipped with Phllco radio. $325; terms.
See Mr. Barnes. 1729 14th st. _n w
FORD 1034 bargains—Special sale of
Tudor sedans, coupes and roadsters. All
reconditioned and guaranteed. Equipped
with new tires. Your opportunity to own
a fine car at very low price and easy terms.
Northeast Motor Co., Ford Dealer, 000
Bladensburg rd. n.e. _
FORD coupe. 4-cyl. 1932 model; finished
In tan: equipped with new tires. A perfect
car for only $249: easy terms. Northeast
Motor Co., Ford Dealers, 9Uti Bladensburft
FORD 1932 Tudor sedan: attractive green
finish, clean plush upholstery: quiet 4-cyl
inder motor is economical; 5 very good
tires unusually clean and sound. $245;
easy terms. Logan Ford Dealers. 1419 Irv
ine st. a.W Phone Columbia 3700._
FORD 19*18 coupe: good running order,
good tires, clean throughout: $45: easy
terms Logan Ford Dealers. 1419 Irving st.
n w Phone Columbia 3700._
FORD 1930 cabriolet, rumble seat; excel
lent top and tires, dependable 4-cylinder
motor, clean inside and out; tires good for
thousands of miles; $165 easy terms. Lo
gan Ford Dealers. 1419 Irving st. n.w.
Phone Columbia 3700._
FORD. 1930. Coupe. $136. New green fin
ish. cream wire wheels, perfect lines and
It runs fine You won't find a nicer one
in town Pohanka Service, 1126 20th st.
n.w. Phone District 9141._
FORD. 1935. Tudor Touring. $495. Just
like new throughout: large built-in trunk:
finished in black with green stripe; very
low mileage. You won't find a nicer one
In town Pohanka Service, 1126 2t)th st.
n.w. Phone Distr!ct_914L_
FORD. 1934. Tudor. $315 Beautiful Arab
ian sand finish, black wire wheels; tires
like new. spotless upholstery, motor per
fect You won't find a cleaner car in
town, and compare our price on this one.
Pohanka Service. 1126 29th st. nw. Phone
District 9141._
FORD 1935 De Luxe Coupe, black with
rumble seat: low mileage looks and runs
like new, $479, Mid City Auto Co.. 1711
14th st. Phone Decatur 5050.
FORD 1836 da luxt coupe—Built-In radio-,
almost brand-new; lady must sell: only
4.000 miles: greet laving. See Mr. Roper,
1111 18th st. n.w.
FORD 1932 V-8 de luxe 4-door eedan: ex
ceptionally clean inside end out. beautllul
black finish with six green wheels custom
made trunk. You absolutely cannot tell
this car from new. $265. Steuart Motors.
6th and New York ave n w._
FORD de luxe 1936 touring eedan—Cus
tom built, with trunk: Phllco radio: only
run 3.500 miles: never been sold: sacrifice
*125 off new Drlce. See Mr. Roper. Nolan
1111 18th st. n.w._
FORD 1935 sedan, de luxe: excellent con
dition. Must be eold. only $417; terms,
SftOdownNolan, 1111 18th st. n w._
FORD 1034 de luxe convertible coupe:
brand-new canary yellow finish khtici top
like new. motor quiet snd powerful, rumble
seet: our car In a thousand: fully guar
anteed; $305. Steuart Motors. 6th and
New York ave. n.w.______
FORD 1020 Fordor sedan: new rubber and
paint: -lean Inside: motor A-l shape: lots
of cheao mileage In this car. A steal at
$77. Kearney Motors, Inc. 4301 Coun.
ave.. Plvmouth-De Soto Dealers.
FORD 1031 Tudor sedan; clean Inside and
out: new tires, motor perfect: $I5.oo
down, small monthly payments. A real
buy. Kearney Motors. Inc. 4201 Conn,
ave. n.w„ Plymouth-De Soto Dealers
FORD 1934 cabriolet: looks like new: low
mileage: rubber, top and motor perfect:
$57.00 down payment, small monthly pay
ments. Kearney Motors. Inc.. 4201 Conn,
ave. n.w.. Plymouth-De 8oto Dealers.
FORD 1935 V-8 sedan; Avon green pearl
escence finish. Chinese red wheels, custom
Ford radio and custom-made seat covers
$535. Steuart Motors. 6th and New York
FORD de luxe roadster. 4-cyl., ID.'!?-~i
beautiful little car in perfect condition,
equipped with new tires, new top and at
tractive new paint lob See this wonderful
value for only $249: easy terms. North
east Motor Co., Ford Dealers. 006 Bladens
burg rd. n.e. _
FORD 1035 de luxe 3-window coupe with
rumble seat: matched horns and tail-lamps
dual windshield wipers, safety glass: low
mileage by one owner, black factory finish
without a scratch, spotlessly clean. Only
"o.> down. $22.50 monthly with our Fa
mous Blue Ribbon Guarantee and R & G
3-day money-back warranty. Triangle
Ford Dealers. 17th and R I. ave n.e.
Phone National 3086. Open evenings.
FORD 1031 Tudor; best condliton: only
$14,; terms. Mr. Hixson. 4301 Conn
ave. n.w_
FORD 1934 de luxe Tudor sedan, new
opalescent pearl finish, clean velour inte
rior. dual horns and tail-lamps, safety
Hass. V-8 motor smooth and sound; 5
excellent tires. Small down payment and
iVI our Famous Blue Ribbon
Ki. J* , & G- y-day money-back guarantee.
Triangle Ford Dealers. No. 2 N. Y. ave.
*L7L. *tl°nal 398*;. Open evenings,
FORD 1935 coupe. in black, spotless inte
rior; splendid V-8 motor like new. origi
nal black finish unmarked; tires good for
tnousands of miles. Save over $ldu on
easy terms. Includes our famous Blue
Ribbon and R. & G. U-dav money-bac’:
guarantee. Triangle Ford Dealers. No. 3
N. Y. ave. n.w. Phone National 3982.
Open eveningr,_
FORD 1935 Tudor sedan: bright black
body and clean Bedford cord upholstery;
snaiterproof glass all around: low mile
age; tires show practically no wear: new
car running condition: *489. easy terms,
with our Famous Blue Ribbon and R & G.
2-cay money-back cuarantee. Trlankle
Ford Dealers. 4th and Fia. ate. n.e. phon#
National 39sr». Ooen evenings.
FORD J935 Tudor sedna; lees tnan 10.000
actual miles; clean and so>;nd > a brand
nrtw car; black steel body, snatierproof
glass thromrhout: tires show no wear;
$495: small down payment and easy
terms including oFamous Blue Ribbon
and R. & G. *!-dny money-back guarantee.
Triangle Ford Dealers, i'ith and R I.
ave. r. e. Nat tonal 398d. Open evenings.
FORD de luxe 1935 coupe: rumble seat,
Philco radio, just like new: only $4*7;
terms. $50 down. Nolan. 1111 18th n w.
FORD cabriolet, late 1934 model: a beauti
ful sport car. finished in attractive green:
equipped with new tires: onlv $385: easy
terms. Northeast Motor Co.. Ford Dealer,
906 Bladensburg rd. n.e.
Cadillac Fleetwood
with built-in-trunk
! This is a brand-new car,
never having been sold and
is offered with a new-car
warranty at an exceptional
G. M. Norrii Phil Maloney
The house with a reputation.
2018 14th St. N.W.
*fc»f counts"
Save $50 to $75
1936 Chevrolet Coach. *P8P
Wu *H34_ 9919
1933 Chevrolet Sedan. #J4A
Was St S3 _ 9499
1034 Chevrolet Coach. 01)10
Was 8383 _ 4949
1934 Chev. Master De luxe OIOC
Sedan. Was *485 ._ 9499
1932 Chevrolet Spt. Coupe. 9819
Was *'*93 _ 9449
1932 Chevrolet D. L, Rdstr. (AqC
Was *293_ 9499
1934 Chevrolet Cabriolet. AHHK
was *183_ 9449
1934 Ford D. L. Coach. 44^E
Was *415_9919
1933 Ford D. L. Coach. C97R
Was *323_ 94 14
1981 Ford Sport Conpe. PI IE
Wao $195_ #140
1931 Flrmonth Coach. • i EE
Was *215_ 9199
1932 Graham Spt. Conpe. # IAE
Was *273 _ 904
1930 Hoick Sedan. © I QE
Was *235_ *103
Moat Liberal Term*
^ 1437 Irving St. N.W.
Open Till 10 ADams 5411
'fifitir-Teited I
SafetyTeittd MEANS . . . that the car which carries the
Safety-Tested tag has been carefully inspected and recon
ditioned with regard to the following features that contrib
ute to safe driving—TIRES, BRAKES, STEERING, ENGINE
and ELECTRICAL SYSTEM—as indicated by the dealer’s
check mark on the Safety-Tested tag itself.
—Car has six-wheel equipment; f
black body, cream stripe; has been
reconditioned throughout by fac
tory-trained 69/flO i
—Finished in a beautiful blue with
cream wire wheels; tires show very
little wear; has free wheeling; motor
reconditioned to highest standard;
safety tested and
guaranteed .
1934 PONTIAC 8 SEDAN—Finished
in dark blue cream trim; interior
very clean; car has had but one
owner; equipped with knee action,
no draft ventilation and a perfect
performing ft/i ft
motor .
1936 Dodge Six Coups.$649
1936 Ford V-8 Tudor (Radio).$545 '
1935 Dodge Six Coupe (R. S.).$595 3
1935 Ford V-8 Tudor Sedan .. .. $445 i
1935 Ford V-8 Fordor Sedan.$485 |
1935 Dodge 4-Door Touring Sedan.$645 |
1935 Oldsmobile Six 5-Pass. Sedan.$645 j
1935 Pontiac Eight 4-Door Sedan.....$695 j
1935 Pontiac Six Tudor Touring.$595 i
1934 Auburn Six Brougham ..$445 j
1933 Chrysler C. 0. Six Coach.$395
1934 Chevrolet Master Coach.$399
1933 Oldsmobile Eight 4-Door Touring.$399
1932 Ford V-8 Sport Coupo.$185 j
1932 Chevrolet Master Coach.$211
1932 Graham Blue Streak Sedan.$275 !
1935 Oldsmobile Eight Convertible Coupe.. .$775
1935 Plymouth De Luxe Coach.$545
1932 Buick 50 Series Sedan. .. $349
1935 Ford Touring Tudor Sedan.$525 *
I ’MOM*. Sadia.$99
’ll OI9l Mil.$199
'29 Studebaker Cut. Co»p*.$95
'29 Emu Cued.$45
'30 PmIIk Cuch.$119
'21 Oakland Cuch.$59
'29 Clin. Coupe_ $44
'30 Fwd Tidlf_$149
'29 FMtlK Cuch_$95
*30 Fwl SUM_$155
’31 Pantile Spt. Coupa.*199
’29 Old:. Coach..*99
'29 Etaai Sedan.*4S
’31 Old:. S-W. Sadia-*21*
'30 Plymouth lit. Ceepe.*95
’30 Essex Sedan (ladle)...*99
'29 Packard Sadia_*149
’29 Eaten Sedaa.*99
*31 Chat. 0. L Idatr.-HIS
’21 Ford Stdaa- *52
/^hsuuhSL caSMU/hjq /m& thZ\ I
[Jhtom ItiM&'ajj Wadu*&to*-- I
\CatnSLtovxhah of /rtuj jMX/f 1
I JboteCtiemAJot Aock (rotten** jj
pfutaA a**dThA/n*s$ to mtueXs 1
| uffuA nozJ&tboeknvAA* If
h*Jl£ uAAAjf" J j
'vi ' ♦ •
| 1935 Ford V-8 De I ,
I Luxe Sport Coupe I
I I!
I rrw r»r S*ve $495 I
I at Sullivan "T ■
I . See U «t Ht* St. j
1934 Chevrolet
Matter Coach
Jter,- in e«eU«nt cond.
lion. A real . gft» aa
**'"• Sa«„iv $399
Sullivan. Onl> *r
• see it Bt 2435 l*th SU
•30Po-»'»«O^,"“ §89
Coach, b wheels — -
"29 Chevrolet §79
loich _ — — -——— - — aw0
s'p0„r?<Vouife‘— S130
Rumble seat, wire »***!?_
Mi Chevrolet §149
Cotcb — ^ ^ aa
Ml Chevrolet $|89
Sedan- av
Ml Ford §195
Tudor - a m I
Ml Hudson §245
Ml Ford V-8 §419
Ml Ford V-8 §345
Coupe-“ X _ -var
M2 Ford V-8 §197
Sport Coupe
M2 Ford §99
Coupe -a-X a w*
M2 Bulck §345
Tn. C^anMMt"- |539
Ml olds. SPt. §235
I MO Chevrolet §89
Sedan --
•SO Plymouth § f f
sedan - * -nn
C„°ach#n“*e_ §88
6S Other* on thi* Lot!
1930 Buick
7-Passenger Sedan
Value This car traded In
by its ontlnal -
owner. Saven al $135
Sullivan. Only "T
. see it «t 2435 lith St.
1933 Dodge Sedan
Flni.hef •» W«ko”d>V»;l f
?£f' U »Are»l bn»r*»ln
Priced *100 'e
value. S»v« at $295
Sullivan. Only *t |
11934 Ford V-8 Tudor
Original black flnW>. I»
rtTilAV $345
. see it at 2«5 Uth St.
Ill ’36 Chevrolet
I iaapfas*
If 1931 Chevrolet Coach
I Finished in tn-tone mi.
I ro°j..?nd w»eh. Perfect
I condition and appear
| ance from ij
I bumper to
■ bumper. j
I rial_ |
12!) Essex Sedan__$39 ff
^9 Dodge Sedan_$49 If
’29 Chevrolet Sedan.. $59 if
’29 Pontiac Roadster. $69 if
’28 Reo Coach, new tires $7? if
’30 Chevrolet Coupe.. $99 f l
1 ’32 Ford V-8 Sedan...$149 i| _
31 Chevrolet Coach..$179 |f
31 Chevrolet Sedan _ _ S189 ff
’33 Ford V-8 Tudor..$349 El
’34 Ford V-8 D. L. If
Fordor __$395 ff
'32 Chevrolet Sedan..$249 h
’34 Chevrolet Master 11
Coach _$389 ff
’35 Chevrolet Master ...
D. L. Sedan-$539 If
’31 Chev. Coach...$195 H
’30 Buick Sedan_$145 ff
^8 Chev. Coach.. $59 ff
’32 Chev. Coach_*219 H
’30 Chev. Sedan...$139 ff
’34 Chev. Plck-up.$395 ff
’34 Chev. Sedan..*399 ff
’32 Chev. Light ||
Delivery ..*225 §]
New Mint *nd tire.. ff
ii; Many, Many Othert ff
1419 Irving St. N.W.
2017 Virginia Ave. N.W,
'zzzyz,/s/z.4..:.M. vs/X*./s*A&
One of the most Impor
tant considerations in
buying a used car is the
reconditioning it receives
before you buy. 21 years
of experience goes into
the reconditioning of
YOUR used car at Trew
Motor Co. Mechanics
that are proud of their
work make it possible
for you to be
proud of your
Trew Value Car.
I . — a?.™-.I
More than 175 to choose from
1935 Pontiac
4-Door Sedan
This car has been
driven less than
4.00m miles by a
careful driver.
Black finish. Mo
tor perfect!
1935 Olds 4-Dr. I
Touring Sedan
Compare it . .
drive it . . Gr»en !
finish driven
rt.ftoo miles fully
Ruaranreed. Then
buy it!
1932 Hudson I
Plenty of mileace
left in this one
black finish.
Motor billet, up
holstery clean. s
I W e Guarantee That Xo Tretr Value Car
Is a Reconditioned Taxicab or Rental Car
1935 DODGE 1-DR. TR. C£OQ
1933 DODGE tfjrcft
1933 DODGE CaQrt
COUPE (R 8.)_
COUPE (R 8.)_
1935 PLYMOUTH 2-DR. eC<Q
TR. SEDAN_ f?07
1934 rLiMutm 0:7ns
1031 CHEVROLET t A 1 Q
COACH __ »417
COLTE _,_ 5“7
3-DR. TR. SEDAN +373
1932 FORD V-8 C7fl7
COl'PE _
1932 FORD V-8 C 1 0<C
Tl'DOR _ ^ I
1R30 OLDS MOBILE ff 1 “) A
COACH _ ^ 1
1932 PONTIAC COl'PE C7 77
<R S.) B W. W...
1930 STl'DEBAKER Cl 1 3
COACH _ 31 13
in w. w.) _ 31
COl'PE (R. S.)_ 3307
iwt.) iirrimm rrnn
COUPE (R. 3j\J7
1931 buick caao
COUPE _ 34.37
COUPE _ 3 1
1939 DODGE CinC
SEDAN ..- ^
1931 FORD Cl aQ
TUDOR .. f 13'
1933 FORD V-8 C^flC
1939 BUICK d~OQ
SEDAN _ 307
1930 CHRYSLER tfM 3
COUPE (R. S.)_— 4>,A3
' • Pla* 3Q-Pty CgjinuiU* (UnU« OtK»rwU« Sptcified) | I
Terms as low as $10.00 monthly!
Dodge mod Plymouth Distributors
1509 14th St. m
U*ed Car Salon
| 152614th St. N.W. 1416 Church St. N.W.
New Car Showroom Bargain Lot
j : Phone Decatur 1915
Open Evenings and Sundays Till 10 p.w«.
y ICMtlMH n tttxt Pw.)

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