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ijiomas Assails New Deal
Jand G. 0. P. in Accept
ing Nomination.
Br the Associated Press.
CLEVELAND, May 26.—Delegates
to the Socialist National Convention,
vreary from three days of intra-party
controversy, assembled today to adopt
the party's 1936 platform—admon
ished by Norman Thomas, presidential
nominee, "to win men and women to
*r new hope and a new way of life.”
In his formal speech of acceptance,
Thomas declared the Roosevelt ad
ministration has failed and predict
ed the Republican party would have
“SOothing positive to offer.”
»*It is a great thing we dare to do,”
Thomas told the convention banquet
last night. “We oppose the massed
resources of Republican captains of
industry, the political power and the
public purse in possession of the Dem
ocrats, facing them with the might ol
a gTeat faith, of a logical analysis ol
the diseases of our time and a sure
philosophy for building the co-opera
tive commonwealth in which is oui
Claiming “the New Deal has not
worked/* Thomas said “there is not
a single economist or social analyst
of repute who dares to affirm that
there are now in operation political
and economic forces to make new wai
unlikely or the danger of fresh eco
nomic catastrophe remote.”
Citing the phrase, “Roosevelt oi
reaction,” the standard bearer of th<
dominant Leftist Socialist party asked
“What does that phrase mean t<
the exploited peons of the cottoi
fields or to the slaves of Florida’;
flogging belt, whose first rays of hop;
have come not from the rising of an;
Democratic sun?”
$The Republicans,” he continued
"will curse Roosevelt and the Ner
Deal with all the stupidity of Frenc)
Bourbons who by some concession
might have prolonged their ignobl
dynasty before the fall of the Bastile
But they will have nothing positive t
offer. They cannot agree on any
Of George Nelson, Wisconsin farmer
the Socialists’ nominee for the vie
presidency, Thomas said:
•*His name on the ticket is a guar
antee that Socialism is not the hop
metely of workers in the cities, bu
also of those who toil in that moe
elemental of all human occupations
the raising of the food by which w
> Thomas, the party nominee In 192
and 1932, was selected by an over
whelming voice vote. Against hi
choice, there was low cry of "no" fror
sortie members of right-wing delega
tiofis—evidencing the bitter week en
dispute over the New York contro
veiay, which ended in the seating c
the Leftist Thomas delegation ant
the- organization of a new party by th
Ne»’ York “Old Guard” after its dele
gabion was turned down by the con
Demonstrations, begun with th
nomination, reached an uproariou
climax when Thomas was escorte;
into the convention hall by Mayo
Daniel Webster Hoan.
The hall was a mass of red flag
as delegates paraded about the aisles
with the standards of their States.
Thomas led the delegates in the sing
ing of the “Internationale.”
READING, Pa., May 26 UP).—James
H. Maurer, twice Socialist candidate
for Vice President, said last night he
would not bolt the party "at this
time,” to head the group of Social
Democrats to be organized by Louis
Waldman of New York.
Maurer said: "My sympathies are
with the old guard, and I want it
understood I am a rightist, but I
will be guided entirely by the reports
of the Reading delegation when It re
Enough morphine to kill several men
today was in possession of a thief who
stole a physician's small black satchel
from the automobile of Dr. Philip
Diatz, 700 Emerson street.
Dr. Diatz said the bag contained
morphine, a supply of hypodermic
needles and syringes and other medical
Hope Ridings Miller Elected Vic<
President at Meeting at
the Admiral.
Margaret Hart, society writer o:
The Star, yesterday was re-electe<
president of the Newspaper Women':
Club of Washington. The meetini
was held at the Admiral, 1640 Rhodi
Island avenue.
Others elected were Hope Riding:
Miller, Washington Post, first vici
president; Grace McGeer, Nebrastci
State Journal, second vice president
Ned Brunson Harris, Minneapolt
Journal. corresponding secretary
Katharine McKiever, National Cath
oUc Welfare Council News Service,
recording secretary; Margaret Oer
mond, Washington Star, treasurer,
and Mary Buford, Nashville Banner,
' Members of the Board of Governors
elected are Sallie V. H. Pickett, Wash
ington Star; Eleanor Patterson, Wash
ington Herald; Malvina Lindsay,
Washington Post; Marylyn Reeves,
; Washington Times, and Betty Garnett,
, Washington News.
Berry Schools Graduate 139.
i MOUNT BERRY, Ga„ May 26 OP).—
■ The Berry schools graduated 139 stu
k dents yesterday.
Nearly 2,000 persons crowded the
i chapel to watch Dr. Martha Berry,
; founder of the schools, present the
■ diplomas.
Flamingo Defies Tradition «t
Hialeah Park.
MIAMI, Fla., May 26 OP).—One of
Hialeah Parle's 250 flamingoes laid an
egg yesterday—the first to come from
the birds is five years of captivity.
General Manager E. R. Burch, ex
citedly reporting the occasion, said
he has been told repeatedly by bird
fanciers he need never hope to see
an egg laid by one of the big birds, as
flamingoes refuse to reproduce in cap
The flamingoes, one wing of each
clipped, live at Hialeah Park as a
decorative feature of the race track
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. be eiyqyecL
4 4
. i

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