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^D. C. Naval Reservists
Hope to Get New Ship
100-Foot Coast Guard Patrol Boats to Be
° Turned Over to Navy for
Training Vessels.
FTER struggling along since
the star.t of the governmental
economy move which resulted
In the withdrawal of their
destroyer here, with only a small
motor launch, the officers and men
of the First Battalion, United States
Naval Reserves in the District of
Columbia, are hopeful that they will
VJ receive one of the boats which are
to be turned over to the Navy by the
Coast Guard next month.
These vessels are constructed of
Steel. 100 feet in length and have twin
screw’s, driven by Diesel engines.
They were formerly used as patrol
boats during prohibition days by the
Coast Guard. It was pointed out by
officers of the local battalion that
boats of this size would permit more
V than 30 men and 5 officers from
the local divisions to make a week
end cruise at one time. It was added
that with the present launch it Is
practically impossible to give each
man of the three divisions one train
ing cruise a year during the few
months in the Summer when the
boat Is available.
With this type of vessel, it was
pointed out, each platoon of a divi
sion could go out every six w’eeks.
There is a heavy demand for use
of the motor launch,' and officials
point out that the Government is
losing a lot of valuable training, for
which the men volunteer to give up
their week ends without pay, by not
providing a larger vessel here. The
, limitations on training aboard the
launch are such that only the mini
mum of naval activity can be carried
out. However, with a larger vessel.
It was said, both officers and men
would be able to obtain valuable
training in the operating of the ves
sel in pilot watefs and could carry*
out a number of emergency drills on
a small scale.
Up until tlie beginning ot tne de
pression the reservists had a destroyer
assigned here for training purposes,
end they received much training, al
though they did not take regular
week end trips, However, the bat
^ talion has been recruited up to full
strength since then and the training
work has been materially Increased
to keep up with the rigid require
ments of the Navy Department and
the Inspection Board. While the
members of the Reserve receive much
Valuable theoretical instruction in
their class rooms during the Sum
mer months, officers point out that
they should be given the opportunity
to take full advantage of the open
^ weather months to get practical train
Ing by cruises on the river and Chesa
peake Bay during the week ends. This
would be the only cruising ship train
ing they would receive during the
year except for the two weeks’ training
cruise aboard a vessel in commission.
The battalion now Is making prepa
rations for the annual cruise which
will be made aboard destroyers of
the Atlantic training squadron. The
organization will be gone for two
weeks, and the mid-week liberty will
be given the officers and men at the
United States Naval Station at Guan
4 tanamo, Cuba.
An intensive recruiting campaign
Is being planned by the Naval Com
munications Reserve division, com
manded by Lieut. J. H. Nicholson.
The organization Is anxious to enroll
in its ranks qualified radiomen, either
technicians of any commercial radio
activity, radio amateurs and opera
tions of landline telegraph. Facili
ties are provided by the division for
the training of a limited number
• of inexperienced men.
It was pointed out mat tne iNavai
Communication Reserve duplicates on
a modified scale the work of the regu
lar Naval Communication Service for
the purpose of providing constant
training and exercise In the methods
cf radio communication as standard
ized by the Navy.
The Naval Inspection Board had a
Word of high praise for the seamen
branch of the local Reserve, particu
larly the first and second class sea
men. The board’s report said that
^ these men were above average in
knoweldge of knotting, splicing and
deck seamanship. The 1st Division,
It added, was very good. On the other
hand, the board reported that the non
rated men of the engineer force were
slightly below average In instruction
of fundamentals of marine engineer
The signal force, in general, the
board said, is average in proficiency.
Most of the rated men, the members
said, require additional instruction in
one or more branches of signaling.
They found one man in the Its Fleet
Division who could take charge of a
signal watch at sea with a little more
The radioman of the 1st Division
was found below average, due to lack
of practice and instruction.
Discussing the armory, the board
pointed out that it is one floor with
a basement. It is small for infantry
drill and not well arranged for class
The attention of naval communi
cation Reserve men has been called
to the fact that additional duty is
available at the Naval Air Station,
Anacostia, for all qualified radiomen
who desire to take advantage of the
came. This duty is for 14 days with
pay. and it is planned to have two
groups, one to start on June 2 and
the other on June 16.
Communications men will be given
an opportunity to get in some sea
manship this Summer, if they can
pull a good oar. according to an an
nouncement of the division com
mander. He said that the battalion
la attempting to obtain a few small
boats that can be sail-rigged and
used on Saturdays and Sundays for
ahort sails on the river for the pur
pose of giving instruction in small
boat handling.
However, it was added, that as there
Will be times when sufficient wind will
not be available for return to port
under sail, it will be necessary to row
In order to get into the home station
on schedule.
The Secretary of the Navy has ap
proved the commissioning of 15 avi
ation cadets who are scheduled to
graduate from the Pensacola Naval
Air Statfon prior to October 1, 1936,
In the United States Marine Corps
on July 1 next, provided they suc
cessfully pass a competitive exami
nation and fulfill the following addi
tional reoulrements:
Must be more than 20 and less than
25 years of age on July 1 next, must
be citizens of the United States and
> unmarried, must be graduates of a
four-year course of a College or uni
versity approved by the Association
of American Universities, must give
promise of successfully completing
flight training at Pensacola with the
class with which they entered.
The appointments will go to the 15
cadets w'ho pass highest in the ex
amination to be given, provided they
receive passing marks. The exami
nation will include the following sub
jects. and the weight noted after each
will be allowed: 'Demonstrated effici
ency, 40; United States history, lim
ited to general questions, 10; general
history, limited to general questions:
algebra, higher (quadratics and be
yond), 10; geometry, plane and solid.
10; trigonometry, plane and spherical,
10; physics, elementary, 10.
5th Battalion, Fleet Marine
Corps Reserve, Results
Six enlisted members of the 5th
Battalion. Fleet Marine Corps Re
serve. are assured of appointment to
the United States Naval Academy this
year as the result of the competitive
examinations held In Washington on
April 15, coupled with two congres
sional appointments. Nine enlisted
men of the 5th Battalion entered the
competitive examinations for the 25
vacancies allotted annually to the
Marine Corps and Naval Reserve units
throughout the United States and four
i of them finished in the first twenty
! five out of 215 participants.
Second and Third Tlaces.
John Edwin Lacouture, a member of
Company B. finished in second place,
with another member of the same
company, Raymond J. Koshliek. rank
ing No. 3. Charles Abert of Company
F. born, raised and trained in Rock
ville, Md., was well within the first 25
with fifteenth position, while John
Tooke Straker. a member of Company
B also, assured himself of an appoint
ment by placing twenty-first.
Congressional appointments will en
able Alfred Benedict Hebeisen, for
merly of Company C, and John An
derson Heagy, jr„ of Company D, to
enter the 1936 class at Annapolis.
Fifth Battalion members who passed
the examination, although not in the
select first 25. include Michael Joseph
Hanley, jr.; Louis Morton Clcmmer,
John Chandler Smith and Francis
Chester Clagett.
Enlistment for 1937.
Young men between the ages of 17
and 20 who desire to compete for the
1937 examination for appointment to
the Naval Academy must enlist in a
| unit of the Marine Corps Reserve prior
I to July 1 this year. Parents’ consent
j must be obtained in all such cases. The
j other requirements include attendance
at 27 of the 48 weekly drills of the
Fleet Marine Corps Reserve unit and
attendance at the annual training
period for 1936, which will be held
from August 16 to 30.
The deadline date for general serv
ice enlistments in the 5th Battalion
is June 15. After that date no en
j listments for this year’s training camp
j will be made. Recruits should apply
at 458 Indiana avenue on any Tues
1 day or Wednesday evening. The age
| limits are from 17 to 35. No previous
j military training is necessary. Enlist
ments also can be made at Rockville,
Alexandria and Indian Head. The
battalion goes to camp this year from
August 16 to 30.
An annual excursion given Joint
ly by the D. of A. and the Jr.
O. U. A. M. will be to Marshall Hall
next Saturday. The Metropolitan Po
lice Boys’ Club will be guests and will
give demonstrations at the resort.
There will also be a dance aboard the
steamer leaving here at 2 p.m. Boats
leave at 10 a.m., 2, 5:30and 8 p.m.
There will also be a moonlight trip
down the Potomac River aboard
steamer leaving here at 8:30 p.m.
Golden Rule Council concluded
nomination of officers on May 22.
Election will be held June 12. Mrs.
Margaret Taylor announce a social
June 24 at the Northeast Masonic
Temple. Mrs. Florence C. Howard
and Mrs. Virginia Sundblad who were
initiated were presented with a mem
bership Jewel by Councilor, Mrs. Ethel
Friendship Council convened with
Councilor Frances Willard presiding.
The applications of Ethel Brooddus
and Dorothy Donnelly were received.
Florence Speaks was elected to mem
A birthday party was held in honor
of Miss Alice Courtney and Miss Irene
Star Spangled Banner Council met
Thursday night. Nominations of offi
cers were made. The council has
planned to retain the present line offi
cers for another term.
Mount Vernon Council was called to
order by the councilor, Mrs. Ada
Huntt. Nomination of officers was
held. Mrs. Goldie King, a former
charter member, was reinstated. The
charter was draped in memory of
Mi*. Gertrude Beard and Mrs. Eliza
beth Poivret, late of this council. A
solo was rendered by Mrs. Ada Huntt,
accompanied at the piano by Mrs.
Ethel Joiner of Independent Council.
Goodwill Council was presided over
by Mrs. Janie Sherwood. First nomi
nation of officers was made. The
council held a beauty and popular
woman contest and entertainment.
Miss Martha Trueblood, from Good
will Council, won the beauty contest
and Past State Councilor Mrs. Ethel
E. Burroughs, Anacostla Council, won
the contest for most popular woman.
Pride of Washington Council was
presided over by Mrs. Jessie Spielman,
councilor First nomination of officers
was made. The charter was draped in
memory of Past State Councilor Mrs.
Anzonette Flynn.
John L. Burnett Council held a
class initiation, conducted by a new
drill team under the captaincy of Mrs.
Mary Hansen. Councilor Mrs. Cora
Daniels gave the obligations. The
candidates were Miss Thelma V. Dan
iels, Agnes Zackman, Margaret V. Ja
cobs, Frances M. Davis, Maurita Scott
and Margaret Agnes Zackman. each
of whom were given a membership
pin in behalf of the council by Mrs.
Cora Daniels.
* . A
Admiral Peary Ship, V.F.W.,
Holds Services at Annap
olis in Honor of Dead.
Meetings This Week.
Monday: 8 p.m.. Council of
Administration, D. C. Department
No. 1, board room, District Build
Tuesday: 8 p.m.. Military Order
of Cootie. 935 G place.
Wednesday: 8 p.m.. Federal
Post No. 824. Thomas Circle Club,
1326 Massachusetts avenue. Over
seas Military Band, Drum and
Bugle Corps, National Guard
Thursday: 8 p.m., Equality
Waiter Reed Post No. 284,
Pythian Temple.
Admiral Robert E. Peary Ship,
District of Columbia Department,
Veterans of Foreign Wars, held memo
rial exercisps yesterday on- board a
subchaser, departing from the United
States Naval Academy, Annapolis,
Md„ at 10 a m. The ceremonies were
significant, as a "Buddy” poppy anchor
was cast into the bay In memory and
honor of departed shipmates.
A dinner w'as given last Friday
in honor of Peary Ship's birthday an
niversary and to honor the charter
members at the Lotus. 727 Fourteenth
street, A floor show was featured,
followed by dancing.
A moonlight river excursion will be
sponsored Wednesday. July 1.
The regular monthly meeting of
Peary Ship will be held at the Hamil
ton Hotel June 9. when delegates and
alternates to the national encampment
at Denver, Colo., In September will be
Col. Rnbort Loghrv Post of San
Francisco. Calif., has bestowed upon
Representative Thomas L. Blanton of
Texas honorary membership in that
Representative Blanton has been
notified by Dept. Comdr. Edward K.
Inman to present himself for decora
tion tomorrow evening at an executive
meeting of;he Council of Administra
tion. District of Columbia Department,
No. 1. in the board room of the Dis
trict Building. The ceremonial presen
tation of the badge will be made by
Maj. E. T. Hitch of Loghry Post.
Services were held yesterday in
Arlington National Cemetery at the
grave of Mrs. Virginia Balderson. de
ceased member of Potomac Auxiliary.
Mrs. Florence V. Morris, president,
conducted the services, assisted By
Mrs1. Ida Mae Emert. Mrs. Edythe N.
Dewey and Mrs. M. Hazel Phelps.
A large poppy wreath, presented by
the V. F. W. national office, was placed
on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
in Arlington National Cemetery yes
terday by Mrs. Roberta A. Fawcett,
department treasurer, and Mrs. Ida
Mae Emmert. department senior vice
president, who were assisted by Mrs.
Florence V. Morris, department con
A meeting of the District of Colum
bia Department Auxiliary will be held
Friday evening, at the United States
Marines Reserve Armory, 462 Indiana
. —
Advance Post met at Capitol Park
Hotel Thursday evening with Comdr.
Orville F. Sandefur presiding. Depart
ment Comdr. Edward K. Inman and
his staff paid an official visit.
The all-day excursion to Marshall
Hall, which was scheduled for June
18. has been called off because of the
conflict it would occasion to the postal
service's excursion during the same
Alfred Hanneman is chairman of the
post's boys’ drum and bugle corps.
Alpha Province, Chi Sigma Sorority,
met at the Mayflower Hotel, when
Mary Lou Colliflower was elected dele
gate to the national convention at
Philadelphia, July 16. 17. 18 and 19.
A closing party on June 27 at the
; National Women’s Country Club was
| discussed and final arrangements will
be made at the Social Committee
meeting tomorrow.
Omicron Chapter of Kappa Beta Pi
International Legal Sorority held its
annual initiation banquet last Sunday
at Congressional Country Club. Miss
Marie K. Saunders, president of the
Woman's Patent Law Association,
was the guest speaker. Guests of honor
j were Judge Ellen K. Raedy of the
j Municipal Court, Miss Beatrice A.
I Clephane, president of the Woman's
Bar Association; Mrs. Burnita Shelton
Matthews, past president of the Na
tional Association of Women Lawyers;
Miss Elizabeth F. Reed, chairman of
the board of directors of Kappa Beta
Pi Legal Sorority; Mrs. Edwina V. A.
Avery, Mrs. Elizabeth Newton Dew.
Miss Sara T. Mero, dean of the
chapter, was toastmistress.
Following the banquet 11 girls from
National University Law School were
initiated by Elizabeth F. Reed, chair
man of the board of directors. They
were Madeleine M. J. Alber, Marion
Carr, Lorrena McClosky, Frances W.
Green, Margaret Henderson. Bernice
Jay, Louise Loveless. Jane H. Rouse,
Oma B. Scott, Leefa D. Trease, MarMft
R. WyvelL
Epsilon Chapter, Phi Sigma Epsilon
Sorority, held its installation dinner
at the Kenesaw. The following offi
cers were installed: Evelyn Werner,
president; Alice Houmiller, vice presi
dent; Altha Rhodes, secretary; Peggy
Deeds, treasurer, and Marion White,
sergeant at arms. -
Members of the four local chapters
of Delta Alpha Sorority, headed by
the national president, Miss Elizabeth
Beach of Delta Chapter, were repre
sented at the President’s Cup regatta
"gold cup” cruise last Tuesday eve
ning. Among the National Council
members present were Mrs. Jesfcie
Hummer, vice president, and Miss
Kathryn Cunningham, president of
Beta Chapter.
Beta and Gamma Chapters of Delta
Alpha Sorority presented their prize
winning stunts of the annual Stunt
night competition at a benefit show
for the Eckington Presbyterian Church
last Friday night. Beta's first-place,
one-act play was “Consolation," a com
edy, and Gamma’sr presentation was
“Jack and the Beanstalk."
Misfe Helen Walker was pledged to
Alpha Zeta Beta Sorority, Beta IJsl
Chapter, at its meeting Monday at
the home of the president, Mildred
Robeson, 81 IS Forty-fourth street.
Final plana were made for a dance,
sponsored by the chapter, at the
National Women’s Country Club next
Saturday. ^
New Members Mustered In
at Meeting of Col. John
J. Astor Unit.
Meetings This Meek.
Monday: Henry W. Lawton
Camp. 8 p.m., Pythian Temple.
Col. John Jacob Astor Camp,
7 p.m.. Stanley Hall, U. S. Sol
diers' Home.
Thursday: Richard J. Harden
Camp. Pythian Temple, 8 p.m.
Monday—Adm. George Dewey
Naval Auxiliary, 8 p.m., North
east Temple.
Tuesday: Col. John Jacob
Astor Auxiliary. 8 p.m., 921
Pennsylvania avenue southeast.
Friday: Henry W. Lawton Aux
iliary, 8 p.m., Pythian Temple.
Thursday: *Capitol City Port,
Daughters of '98. 8 p.m., 921
Pennsylvania avenue southeast.
Comdr. George A. Williams presided
at the meeting of Richard J. Harden
Camp, Spanish War Veterans. Ed
ward H. Hopson. 2d United States
Artillery, was mustered in and past
junior vice commander in chief of
Ashland Camp of the Department of
Kentucky was transferred into mem
Senior Department Vice Comdr.
James B. Freeland announced 255
disabled veterans were taken on the
excursion down the river.
Comdr. Thomas F. Donovan pre
sided at the meeting of Col. John
Jacob As tor Camp. Harry Smith,
U. S. A. Corps: Joseph J. Conkling,
Company M. 2d New York Volunteer
Infantry, and William C. McAlpine,
Company L, 1st Mississippi Volunteer
Infantry, were mustered Into mem
The following delegates and alter
nates were elected for the convention
June 13: Delegates — E. F. K.
Schroeder, Wallace S. Simms, Nathan
Waring and Daniel O'Connor; alter
nates—William A. Bramble, John Hill,
William Kyle and William Parkinson.
President Emma Neal presided at
the meeting of Gen. Nelson A. Miles
Auxiliary. They voted to hold a
luncheon June 25 at Chestnut Farms
President Louise Freeland presided
at the meeting of Gen. M. Emmet
Urell Auxiliary. Delegates for the
convention were elected as follows;
Catherine Baughn. Catherine Shugh
rue. Virginia Cure ton Llpphard: alter
nates—Isabelle Small, Eva Lacey and
Sidney Wilson.
Col. James A. Pettit Auxiliary will
hold a dinner at the Fairfax June 4
at S p.m.
There will be a Memorial day serv
ice next Sunday for Confederate Vet
erans at Arlington National Cemetery.
Comrades will assemble at the south
gate at 2 p.m. under directions of
Department Marshal James E. Wil
The dramatic Club of Bethel No. 1
entertained at the Eastern Star home
Thursday night. The Dramatic Club
Is planning a picnic at the cottage of
Aurelia Birmingham, Plum Point, Md.,
June 13. AU Dramatic Club members
who are interested communicate with
Ruth Ivers. At its meeting Monday
night, the Dramatic Club elected the
following officers: Betty White, presi
dent; Julie Lawrenson, vice president;
Marie Whitbeck, secretary, and Mar
garet tWrathall, treasurer.
Honored Queen Dorothy Linz enter
tained her officers yesterday at her
cottage at Plum Point.
At the Bethel meeting June 6 there
will be election of officers and initia
tion. The supreme guardian, Mrs.
Henriette L. Frey, will be entertained
at a banquet at a local hotel before
the meeting. Call Mrs. Schmidt lor
A moonlight excursion will be given
by the Drill Team June 8 at 8:30 p.m.
Marjorie Stein and KatheriAe Blank
enship have tickets.
The choir will meet June 12 at the
home of Florence Stokes, 1418 O
•OTCt nOTUMlfa.
UNIT new
District Reserve Assign
ments Given Lieut. Col.
Frink and Cap. Lamb.
Two Regular Army officers on duty
in the office of the quartermaster
general have been detailed, in addition
to these duties, as unit instructors of
District Reserve units. They include
Lieut. Cn). James L. Frink, who will
become unit instructor of the 465th
Motor Repair Section, and Capt.
George E. Lamb, who has been de
tailed as assistant unit Instructor of
the 515th Port Battalion. 454th Wagon
Company and the 782d Supply Com
Several other residents of the Dis
trict, all recent graduates of Reserve
Officers’ Training Corps units, have
been commissioned second lieutenants
in the Officers' Reserve Corps. They
have been assigned to organisations
as follows: Second Lieuts. Fred L.
Carothers, John R. Graham and
Thomas A. Terry, jr„ all to the 622d
Coast Artillery iharbor defense). Sec
ond Lieuts. Clarence Dodge, jr., and
Philip L. Pillsbury. both recently com
missioned in the Field Artillery Re
serve. have been ordered to actii"
duty for a period of 14 days at F/To
Hoyle. Md.. beginning June 17.
The following District officers have
been assigned to units as follows:
Lieut. Col. Orval J. Johnson, to the
1.300th Service Unit; First Lieut.
James E. Davis, to the 364th Medical
Regiment; First Lieut. William P. El
kin, to the 73d General Hospital; Sec
ond Lieut Rowland F. Kirks, to the
62d Cavalry Division; Second Lieuts.
William E. Andrews and John Y.
Lonon, to the 80th Division, and Sec
ond Lieut. Martin R. Sutler, to the
428th Infantry.
First Lieut. Ralph B. Hanahan has
been continued on active duty with
the Civilian Conservation Corps for
another six months. The following
District officers have been ordered to
active duty training for a period of
14 days, beginning June 17: Second
Lieut. John G. Stapler, to Fort Bel
voir. Va„ and Second Lieut. John R.
Graham, to Fort Monroe, Va.
Members of the 428th and 429th
Infantry Regiments will hold their
conference tomorrow evening at Re
serve headquarters. Capt. R. E. Contee
will discuss athletics and calesthenics,
Capt. A. G. Ferguson will discuss In
terior guard duty, Capt. J. H. Cooper
will speak on the school of the sol
dier and Capt. E. R. Welch will dis
cuss battalion parade.
Members of the 320th Infantry will
meet at Reserve headquarters Tues
day evening. Col. William H. England
will conduct a regimental review,
while Lieut. Col. William E. Brougher,
Infantry, will take up battalion parade
and the manual of the saber.
District Field Artillery officers will
meet Wednesday evening at head
quarters under Maj. S. LeRoy Irwin.
They will study Are direction, regis
tration, preparation of firing chart
and the duties of members of detail
at O. P. terrain board.
New Leaders Will Take Office
Wednesday Night.
Officers of the Department of the
District of Columbia Reserve Officers’
Association of the United States will
be installed at a meeting Wednesday
night at 815 Fifteenth street.
They are: President, Maj. Roy E.
Hughes. Quartermaster Reserve; first
vice president, Maj. Waiter R. Metz.
Quartermaster Reserve; second vice
president, Lieut. Raymond M. Peak,
Infantry Reserve; third vice president,
Lieut. David E. McRae, Quartermaster
Reserve; historian. Maj. Milton J.
Landvoigt. Field Artillery Reserve, and
chaplain, Maj. Howard E. Snyder,
Chaplain Reserve.
Maj. Hughes will appoint the secre
tary-treasurer, subjective to confirma
tion by the Executive Council.
Plans are being made for a large
delegation to attend the national
convention at Springfield, Mass, June
22, 23 and 24.
The Maccabees
National Tent will hold the annual
memorial service Tuesday evening in
Pythian Temple. District Comdr.
Ray F. Plfer is chairman of the Com
mittee on Arrangements. All are
Invited. ,
Citizenship Awards to Be
Presented to High School
The units of the District of Colum
bia Department, American Legion
Auxiliary, will present citlaenahip
medals to the outstanding girls in
some of the high schools at the
graduation exercises next month.
Europe, No. 5, will have Armstrong
High School; Nash, No. 8,. Eastern
and Hines Junior High; Jasper, No.
13, Central High and Garnet-Patter -
son; Costello, No. 15, Western and
Dumbarton High; Treasury, No. 35,
Randall Junior and Taft; Agriculture,
No. 36, Jefferson and Shaw; Lincoln,
No. 17, Powell Junior, and McGroarty,
No. 27, Gordon Junior and Francis.
Mrs. Whit Y. McHugh of Afton, N.
Y., national vice president, made an
official visit to the local department
on May 21. She attended the White
House garden party as national rep
resentative and later was entertained
at dinner at the Grace Dodge Hotel
by members of the District Depart
Support for the maintenance of
Reserve Officers’ Training Corps units
in the local schools and colleges is also
being given by the auxiliary, accord
ing to Miss Faustine Dennis, national
defense chairman of the local depart
Trie Executive Committee of Stephen I
P. McGroarty Unit, No. 27, met at the j
home of the acting president, Mrs. |
Adeline Holleran, 2931 Twenty-eighth
The unit will meet at the home of ;
Mrs. Holleran tomorrow evening. A
supper will be served.
The juniors will meet Saturday at :
2 o'clock at the Raleigh Hotel.
Poppies and American flags were
placed by junior members at the elm
planted by the Legion in the Presby
terian Church yard in Falls Church
in memory of Stephen P. McGroarty
and at the tree planted by the Ameri
can War Mothers in the grounds of
the Madison School in memory of
Stephen P. MeOroarty and Ralph
Stambaugh on Friday afternoon.
Victory Unit, No. 4, assisted by Lin
coln and Police Units, gave an enter
tainment at Mount Alto Hospital May
23. A musical program was furnished
by Davison’s Glee Club, under the di
rection of John Monroe, with Miss
Gladys Hartz as guest soloist. Mrs.
A. N. Sehroeder. rehabilitation chair
man, was In charge of arrangements.
Kenneth H. Nash Unit, with its
post, held memorial services at the
grave of Kenneth H. Nash, in whose j
honor the post and unit are named, 1
in Glenwood Cemetery. Franklin P.
Nash and Miss Mildred Nash, father 1
and daughter of the deceased, placed
•the poppy wreath furnished by the
unit. Similar services were held at
the graves of 10 other members of the ;
post in Arlington Oemetery. The!
poppy wreath furnished by the unit
for Cecil Bacon's grave was placed by
Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Bacon, father
and mother of the deceased. Other
wreaths were placed by members of
the post and unit. Joseph J. Gold
berg. commander of the post, con
ducted the sen-ices, assisted by Chap
lain George Grommett.
Tne unit rurmshed a wreath to the
department which was placed on the
tomb of the Civil War dead in Ar
lington Cemetery yesterday.
A meeting of the newly-formed
Past President's Parley was held at
the home of Mrs. Ethel Wilt. The
following officers were elected: Mrs.
Ethel Wilt, chairman, and Mrs. How
ard S. Fisk, secretary-treasurer.
Tile unit won a $5 prize, awarded
by the national organization through
the local department, for the greatest
percentage of membership gain.
The unit will hold a benefit dinner
and card party at Fuhrman Inn. Fair
fax Apartments, Tuesday at 6 p m. A
rummage sale will be held June 9.
Municipal Council last Monday had
as guest speaker Grand Regent James
C. Dulin.
The Boosters' Club met Monday in
Royal Arcanum Hall, under the leader
ship of President Dewey L. Shaw. Offi
cers were elected as follows; President,
Frank V. Marsh of Oriental Council;
vice president, Howard Mills of Dis
trict Council; secretary, R. E. Hess of
Kismet Council, and sergeant at arms,
T. W. Carroll of Municipal Council.
They were Installed by the grand re
Grand Regent Dulin, accompanied
by members of the Grand Council, at
tended the meeting of Kismet Council
Tuesday evening, District; Wednesday,
and Capitol, Thursday, making an
nouncement at all meetings that the
annual memorial service of the Grand
Council of the District of Columbia
would be held at Royal Arcanum Hall
next Tuesday at 8 o'clock under the
chairmanship of Past Grand Regent
J. Ed. Swaine.
The annual meeting of the Grand
Council for the election of officers will
be held June 8 at Raleigh Hotel, pre
ceding which a banquet will be held in
honor of Deputy Supreme Regent and
Installing Officer Robert T. Fox of
Harrisburg, Pa.
Meetings this week—Oriental, Tues
day: memorial service, Tuesday; Loyal
Ladies, Wednesday; all at Royal Ar
canum Hall.
The Leonard Wood Unit met at the
home of Mrs. Mary B. Corwin, with
the president. Mrs. Bertha M. Gess
ford, presiding.
The unit conducted memorial serv
ices at the grave of Gen. Leonard
Wood in Arlington Cemetery on May
24. The president was assisted in con
ducting this service by Egbert E. Cor
win, Legionnaire, and Mrs. Bertha A.
Y. Werthner, unit chaplain.
The unit held a bingo party at
Mount Alto Hospital on May 25, when
cigarettes and prizes were furnished.
Catholic War Veterans
There will be a meeting of the
Father Francis J. Hurney Post, Catho
lic War Veterans, Wednesday evening
in the Knights of Columbus Club
at 8:15 o’clock. Comdr.'Thomas Cul
len will preside.
An invitation has been extended
Catholic men who have seen service
in the World War to associate with
the new post. Comdr. Cullen was
awarded the commander’s medal last
Sunday evening at the conclave in
Hew Tort City.
-—-------— ...
Legion Wins Seventh Place •
In Big Convention Parade
Membership Record of District of Columbia
Department Brings Announcement
From National Offices.
UE to its membership record
this year, the District of
Columbia Department, Amer
ican Legion, will have seventh
place in the parade at the national
convention next Fall at Cleveland
Announcement was received of this
by Department Comdr. Joseph J. Mal
loy last week front national headquar
ters at Indianapolis. The local de
partment far surpassed its quota.
Of the 58 departments in the Le
gion. there are 49 in the Continental
limits of the United States and nine in
foreign countries. The departments
with a higher percentage of their
basic quota than the District of Co
lumbia were: Arizona, which will
lead the parade, with a percentage of
164.46; Florida. 136.63: Nevada. 136.61;
California, 130.77; North Dakota, fifth,
and South Dakota, sixth, with the
District of Columbia in seventh
place with 117.69 per cent of its
basic quota, which is based on the
veteran population in Washington, D.
C., according to the 1930 census.
Fort Stevens Post will meet in Fort
Stevens Hall Thursday at 8 p.m.
Comdr. John D. Kiley will preside.
The post's annual Summer dance
will be held Saturday at Indian
Spring Country Club. Department
Comdr. Joseph J. Malloy,- his staff
and post commanders of the several
posts of the department will be
Past Comdr. W. H. Hargrave has
called a meeting of the Post Building
Committee tomorrow at 8 p.m. at 428
Peabody street.
The Squadron Sons met in the club '
rooms last Friday, Capt. Tom How
ard presiding.
Comdr. Malloy has accepted the in
vitation of Maj. W. F Van Swearin
gen to participate in the Confederate
Memorial day exercises to be held In
the Confederate section of Arlington
National Cemetery next Sunday at
2:30 p.m. The guard of honor has
also been invited to participate in the
Americanism Officer Horace W.
Lineburg and the vie* chairman of
the Americanism Committee. Owen
Holleran, and Joseph Walker have
completed arrangements for the pres
entation of the school American Le
gion medal awards to the outstand
ing boy and girl student of each of
the senior and junior high school
June graduating classes.
While this is the first year in which
the awards have been granted to
Washington schools, they have been
given in thousands of schools j
throughout the country by the Amer- |
ican Legion during the last 10 years.
The presentation of these awards will
be an annual activity In Washington
in the future.
Lincoln Post will meet tomorrow at
the Arcade Building at 8 p m. Dele
gates to the coming department con
vention will be elected.
Comdr. Rolland W. Phillips enter
tained the Squadron, Sons of the j
American Legion, at his home Friday
Americanism awards for the winning
boy and girl in the graduating class at
Powell Junior High School will be
made by the post and Its auxiliary at
exercises to be held the latter part of
Regular meetings of the post will not
be held in July or August, but will be
resumed in September.
The Advisory Council meeting of U. j
S. S. Jacob Jones Post will be held next
Saturday at the cottage of Mrs. Wil-1
liam M. Hayes at Kenwood Beach. Md.. |
with Jane Cox and Alice Derrow j
The final meeting of the squadron j
will be held Friday at the Thomson
School at 7:30 p.m. Discussion on the
five-point award will be taken up. and
the award of one point Is expected to
be made at this time.
The squadron's picnic will be June
7. Notices will be sent to each member
of the squadron, designating time and
Welfare Officers Jane Breen and
Elizabeth Gladmon distributed cloth
ing to children of needy veterans.
Vincent B. Costello Post will meet
Tuesday at the Broadmoor Hotel Grill
at 8:15 p.m. Nominations will be held
for delegates and alternates to the
department convention of the District
Legion. Election will be held at the
July session.
The president of the Costello Drum
and Bugle Corps requests members to
be present at rehearsals during the
next several weeks on Mondays at
the National guard armory owing the
closeness of both the local and na
tional conventions.
At the meeting of Sergeant Jasper
Post tomorrow, at Pythian Temple,
delegates will be nominated for the
department convention.
The post's moonlight excursion will
be held Wednesday.
Jane A. Delano Po6t will hold their
Memorial day sunset services at the
World War nurses’ section in Arling
ton, intersection of Porter and Mc
Pherson avenues, today at 5:30 p.m.
United States Treasury Post and
auxiliary joined in their annual
memorial service at the Mayflower
Hotel last Tuesday.
Among the speakers were William
F. Dorsey, representing the G. A. R.;
James B. Freeland, department vice
commander of United Spanish War
Veterans; Rev. H. E. Snyder, repre
senting the Veterans of Foreign Wars:
Mrs. P. E. Stone, representing the
American War Mothers. Representing
the commandant of United States
Coast Guard, Rear Admiral Harry G.
Hamlet, Lieut. Pollio; Paul Griffith,
past department commander of Penn
sylvania, represented the national
headquarters of American Legion;
past department commander of the
District of Columbia, Harlan Wood,
represented G. A. R. Memorial Day
Solos were rendered by Mrs. Ger
trude Russel and Charles Eldridge.
A tableaux was presented In which
appeared Comdr. J. I. Bellow of
Treasury Post; Miss Minnie M. Hardy,
president of Auxiliary Unit Treasury
Post; Mrs. Thacker V. Walker and the
children of the junior auxiliary.
The auxiliary and Junior auxlllao
presented the post with two wreaths
and popies to be placed on the graves
of the two deceased comrades, Amy
S. Ormsby and OtU C. Hamrick.
Henry C. Spengler Post met Wed
nesday night In Thomas Circle Club.
Comdr. Thomas E. Fawsett announced
he would make the presentation of
the American Legion school award
medals to the outstanding acholar at
one of the junior high schools and
an elementary school, these medals
Meetings This Week.
Monday: Sergt. Jasper Post,
Pythian Temple. 8 p.m.
Vincent B. Costello Drum
Corps, National Guard Armory,
8 p.m.
Columbia Drum Corps, Four
teenth and B streets southwest.
Lincoln Post, Arcade Budding,
8 pm
Tuesday: Vincent B. Costello
Poet, Pythian Temple, 8 p.m.
George Washington Post. Ad
miral Inn. Seventeenth street and
Rhode Island avenue.
Department Convention Com
mittee, department headquarters,
8 p.m.
Fort Stevens Drum Corps, Old
Brightwood School, 8 p.m,
Columbia Post, 1015 L street,
8 p.m. „
Wednesday: Sergt. Jasper cruise
on steamer Potomac, 8:30 p.m..
Seventh street wharf..
Thursday: Fort Stevens, 305
Kennedy street, 8 pm.
Jane A. Delano, 1746 K street,
8 p m.
Friday. Guard of Honor, Na
tional Guard Armory, 8 p.m.
Saturday: Fort Stevens dance.
Indian Spring Country Club, 9
having been voted at a previous meet
A letter from Col. John W. Oeh
man. building inspector of the Dis
trict was read, thanking the post for
it* indorsement of him for the office
of commanding general of the Dis
trict of Columbia militia. Department
Comdr. Malloy made a brief address.
Chapter C met May 22 at the home
of Mrs. Fred M. Hopkins on Gramercy '
A reception was held to celebrate
the thirtieth anniversary of the chap
ter. In the receiving line, beside the
hostess, was the president. Mrs. Wil
liam L. Mattocks, and the following
past presidents, Mrs. Helen L. Bent
ley, Mrs. Florence R. Cole and Mrs.
F. C. Briniey.
Chapter A met May 20 with Mrs.
Grosvenor M. Jones, Alban Towers,
with Miss Edith A. Lathrop as assist
ant hostess. The president. Miss
Elizabeth B. Johnson, presided.
The final meeting was Friday, when
Dr. Ella R. Fales. 1210 Grace Church
road, Silver Spring. Md, was the
hostess at a birthday supper party.
Daughters of the members were
guest*. Dr. Fales was assisted by Mrs.
Bruce Fales and Miss J. Grace John
Chapter D met at the home of Mrs.
E. L. Newby with Miss Myrtle Seid
ler, president, presiding.
Miss Lelia Blain read a paper on
"Gardens in All Ages and Countries.’*
Mrs Nancy Linton sang.
The chapter also met May 23 at the
home of Mrs. Newby for a benefit
luncheon and on May 25 at the Mount
Pleasant Congregational Church for a
short business session followed by an
entertainment. Mrs. John W. Ed
wards, accompanied by Miss Seidler,
sang; Dorsey Doniphan of the Na
tional Parks Service, showed motion
pictures of the national parks; Emil
Treager, chief naturalist of the service
gave a lecture.
At the Mount Pleasant Congrega
tional Church next Tuesday, a benefit
concert will be given by the Leef
brothers, Mrs. Nancy Linton and other
Chapter K met at Pheasant Farm.
Mrs. W. O. Reed, president, conducted
the business meeting. Year books for
1936-7 were given to the members by
the chairman of Program Committee,
Mrs. Claude R. Porter. Mrs. John
Endicott of Chapter O. Pomona, Calif.,
was a guest,
The chapter accepted the invitation
of Mrs. Robb McMillen to picnic at
her Summer home on the bay June 6.
Chapter E met at Tilden Gardens
last Monday. In honor of the chapter's
seventeenth birthday anniversary, the
B. I. L.'s were entertained at dinner,
after which a social was held.
Mrs. Otis J. Rogers entertained
members and guests of Chapter B at a
buffet luncheon at her home, 6412
Thirty-first street, Tuesday. Assist
ing hostesses were Mrs. Dean C. Tur
ley, Mrs John W. Thompson, Mrs.
Worthy P. Sterns. Mrs. M. L. Corey.
Miss Fannie Nayler, Mrs. J. Edson
Briggs and Mrs. H. J. Hand*. The
president. Mrs. Eugene H. Pitcher,
presided over the business meeting.
The program was in charge of Mrs.
G. L. Peckham, and consisted of an
"educational quiz.” Prizes for the
four highest scores were awarded to
Mrs. Dean C. Turley, Mrs E. W. Mar
cellus, Mrs. Robert H. Young, and Miss
Cornelia H. Hill. Vocal selections were
given by Mrs. Dean C. Turley, con
tralto, accompanied by Mrs. Lorena
Albert. Mrs. Max Hostetler gave an
account of a recent trip to Woodlawn,
the former home of Nellie Custis. now
occupied by Assistant Secretary of
War and Mrs. Harry Woodring.
Guests were Mrs J. A. Jenner, Chap
ter BQ. Gallatin. Mo.; Mrs. I. J.
Stiles and Mrs. Lewis H. Roddis, Chap*
ter K, St. Paul. Miss.: Mrs. Lorena Al*
bert, Chapter F. Moulton, Iowa; Mrs
W. W. March, Chapter Z, Waterloo,
Iowa: Mrs. L. H. Hadley. Chapter AB.
Bellingham. Wash.; Mrs. Max Hostet
ler, Chapter BI. Shelton, Nebr.; Mrs,
Harriett Chatfleld and Mrs. Elsie L«
Compt, Carthage, Mo; Mrs. Jean
Maxwell, president. Chapter j., Wash
ington, D. C.: Mrs. W. W. Badgley,
Chapter J, Miss Cornelia Hill, and
Miss Mary Stafford, Washington.
Grand Voiture, No. 174, La Soclet*
des 40 Hommes et S Chevmux, held a
“wreck" Monday at the Coast Artillery
Armory, Water and O street* south
west. The parade was lead by the
Costello Post Drum Corps.
One of the largest classes on record
was admitted to membershin-. Thomas
Balsden. A. M. Berg, Philip BlaK;
Rudolph Blick, James J. Brady. Rus
sell Clarkson, Earl Dimmick, Edward
E. Donoldson. O. A. Gaudette, Robert
Kennedy, Herman King, Edward
Lloyd, Bernard Madigan, J. Raymond
Miller, Joseph Oliver, Russell Raf
ferty, William T. Slattery, Ed S.
Stanton, George Beiders, P. A. Sugrua,
E. A. Totten. Albert Tucker and T.
Wharton Wright.
University Women Officers
— ..... . . —*
The Washington Branch of the American Association of
University Women last Monday installed the new officers as
1, Mrs. Richard Hogue, president. 2. Mrs. Noble Boaz, re
cording secretary. 3. Mrs. Clyde Hadley, treasurer. 4. Mrs,
William Lee Corbin, director. 5. Mrs. J. Austin Stone, director.
—Harris-Eiving and Bachrach Photos.

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