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Trade Group Sees Indication
Congress May Show More
By the Associated Press.
The Chamber of Commerce of the
United States said yesterday it saw
indications that the new Congress
might break away from "the previous
disposition of the lawmakers to await
the 'green light’ from the White
Saying there was "an apparent
wide divergence of opinion” between
the President and congressional lead
ers over the need for a constitutional
amendment broadening the Govern
ment's power to regulate business, the
chamber added:
"What this portends does not yet
The business organization asserted
that “ 'must' and 'emergency' will
very likely be less frequently heard
as descriptive of legislative proposals
and projects."
.> umocr cm proposals .\otea.
Noting that the number of pro
posals bobbing up in Congress "bids
fair to break all records,” the cham
ber continued:
“This fecundity might be inter
preted as a symptom of a resurgent
' legislative initiative rather than a
continuation of the* previous disposi
tion • * * to await the 'green light'
from the White House and then going
full speed ahead.
"Then again it may not. Events
alone can tell. • * * in the opening
of the new Congress it seems clearly
indicated that if the views of the
majority leadership • • • are of in
fluence t * * we will be hearing 'de
liberation' and 'debate' much more
frequently than 'rush' and 'jam.' ”
Business Outlook Discussed.
Discussing the business outlook In
relation to economic regulation, the
chamber said that "at present there
seems a disagreement among the
doctors as to just what the patient
needs, although they most all voci
ferously assert he needs something to
hold in check too rapid a con
"Here and there is a lone voice in
the wilderness suggesting that what
he needs is to be let alone, and let
his own recuperative powers assert
These views all were expressed In
the chamber's fortnightly Washington
The chamber also issued a com
mittee report on the Robinson-Pat
man anti-price discriminating law. It
suggested suspension of the law's
provision authorizing suits for three
times the damages claimed as a re
mit of price discriminations.
Measure Introduced in Both
Houses Provides Federal
Grants to States.
By the Associated Press.
A bill to provide Federal grants to j
States for public schools, with no
strings attached, Is on its way
through the legislative processes of
both houses of Congress.
Introduced Friday in the Senate j
by Chairman Harrison of the Senate
Finance Committee and Chairman
Black of the Senate Education and
Labor Committee, the measure would
provide $100,000,000 for distribution
the first year the plan was effective,
increasing the amount $50,000,000
annually until a maximum of $300,- !
000.000 a year was reached.
The money would be apportioned ;
among the various States on the basis
of school population—those between
the ages of 5 and 20.
A companion measure was offered 1
In the House * by Representative
Fletcher, Democrat, of Ohio, a mem
ber of the House Education Commit
A similar bill Introduced by Harri
son near the close of the last session
was lost in the session-end legislative
0. C. Court of Appeals Agrees to
Hear Arguments Next Month
in Two Suits.
By the Associated Press
The Government moved definitely
closer yesterday to an early decision
by the Supreme Court on the broad
question of Federal loans to munici
palities trying to set up their own
power systems in competition with
private utilities.
The Dstrict of Columbia Court of
Appeals decided to hear arguments
February 9 in the suits of the Ala
bama Power Co. and the Iowa city
power and light companies.
Special Assistant Attorney General
John W. Scott and Jerome Frank of
the Public Works Administration le
gal staff succeeded In obtaining agree
ment for the early arguments on the
ground that "great public interest”
was involved.
The utilities are trying to block
municipal plants built with Federal
money on the ground that States’
rights are violated, and that such con
gtructlon Is unfair competition.
fames G. K. McClure Named Head
of Association.
James G. K. McClure, jr., of Ashe
ville, N. C., has been elected presi
dent of the American Forestry Asso
He succeeds Henry S. Graves, dean
of the Yale Forestry School and for
mer chief of the Forest Service.
Estimate* on Moving, Storage
or Packing Gladly Furnithtd.
1313 Yon St. N.W. North 3343
Courting Cat-Astrophe
- - • - . —
What happens when cat meets snake is shown in this
series of four photographs during a garden meeting in Paris.
It may be that Tabby thought ‘‘the thing” icas some kind of
ribbon and lifts an inquisitive paw (1) only to freeze stiff when
“it” suddenly lifts its head and hisses a learning. Its curiosity
aroused, kitty (2) feints with her left, while the not-so-playful
playmate prepares to attack. Uncoiling itself the reptile (3)
lunges as surprised kitty rears to safety before the darting fangs.
The terror of the mice world finally (4) launches a two-pawed
attack at its cunning contender who recoils to cover. The
outcome of the encounter is not known, but it is our guess that
it ended in a draw. —Wide World Photos.
Other Changes in Act Advocated
at People’s Lobby Legisla
tive Conference.
By the Associated Press.
Abraham Epstein, secretary of the
American Association for Social Se
curity, told the People's Labor Legis
lation Conference yesterday the social
security act needs overhauling.
Some of the changes he urged in
cluded: Lower wage taxes and larger
Federal contributions, higher pensions
for the aged and Federal subsidies to
State unemployment insurance plans.
Irving Brant, author, said the
framers of the Constitution believed
the commerce clause gave the Federal
Government exclusive control of trade,
even to the extent of creating
Flexibility in farm legislation to
enable individual aid for marginal
farmers was asked by Webster Powell,
director of Farm Research, Inc.
—-w———— •
New York Women’i Group Names
Mrs. Hutchinson.
NEW YORK, January 9 UP).—Elec
tion of Mrs. Donald Hutchinson, for
merly of Minneapolis, as city chair
man of the New York City League of
Women Voters was announced tonight.
She led the league’s recent fight for
the revision of the city charter, and
in her new office said she planned an
offensive for Improved civil service and
for ratification of the child labor
Naval Reserve Aviation Cadets
to Report to Aircraft Squadron.
Eighteen aviation cadets of the
Naval Reserve will le^ve Pensacola,
Fla., about January 15 to report for
active duty with the aircraft squad*
rons of the fleet, the Navy Depart*
ment yesterday announced.
They come from various parts ol
the Nation and are being assigned tc
squadrons aboard the aircraft carriers,
cruisers and battleships.
I t T A > L I $ H I D ISIS
The New
SMALL *595
GRAND try. Servica I
Though at the lowest
price in its history it is
traditionally Chickering
in fineness of workman
ship, finish and 'quality.
Piano Company
1239 GSt. Cor. 13th
Third International Exhibit
In conjunction with the Third International Leica Exhibit at
the Mayflower Hotel, January 11th to January 17th, there will
be a special local Leica contest and three prises will be awards^.
To you Leica owners who
submit prints through our
store we will match the
awards with prizes in Leica
merchandise os follbws:
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A Complete Line of Leica Cameras and
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Would Restrict Rate In
crease Plea to Basic
By the Associated Press.
In a surprise move, the Nation's
railroads asked the Interstate Com
merce Commission yesterday to restrict
current hearings on proposed freight
rate surcharges to tariffs affecting
basic commodities.
At the same time they requested
a decision “as early as possible."
The request was construed in some
quarters as seeking a “test case" on
the commodities which would bear the
bulk of the proposed Increases.
If the hearings are limited, and the
decision adverse to the carriers, these
quarters suggested the roads might
abandon their entire fight for an up
ward readjustment of the freight rate
The roads are seeking higher rates
on a specified list of freight as a means
to recapture a substantial portion of
the revenue they say they have lost
through Government termination of
emergency freight surcharges last De
cember 31. Spokesmen have estimated
this loss at $10,000,000 monthly.
Yesterday’s request, made by R. V.
Fletcher, general counsel of the Asso
ciation of American Railroads, was
that the hearings be limited to rates
on coal, Iron, steel, ore, coke, cement,
lime, plaster and petroleum. He ex
pressed the opinion they could be
covered by January 16.
“In submitting this proposal,”
Fletcher said, “the carriers express
themselves as anxious to expedite the
hearing In every way.”
Commissioner Clyde B. Aitchlson, In
charge of the hearings, said he would
present the request to the commission
In a conference late yesterday,
railroad and utility commissioners
from New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin,
Iowa, Minnesota. Kansas, Kentucky
and North Dakota agreed to protest
against limiting the hearing to basic
Will Entertain Boys’ Band for
Fourth Year.
The Washington Lodge of Elks. No.
15, will entertain the Elks Boys’ Band
for the fourth year at a banquet at 8
o'clock tonight at the Elks Club.
Arrangements were made by the
board of governors of the band, Harvey
Belt, John S. M. Zimmerman and
Dr. John C. Ready. John T. Fitzgerald
and Dr. J. Forrest Rlelly will speak.
Band officers are James L. Kidwell,
director; Harry J. Leer, George
Wathen and Ben Garbleman.
Show for Hard of Hearing.
The Wasington League for the Hard
of Hearing will be entertained with
"The Pink Persimmon Tree." a puppet
show in Chinese costume, following a
lip-reading practice class at 8 p m.
tomorrow at 1116 Vermont avenue.
Daughter of Power Company Offi
cial Harried at St. Alban’a
Miss Mary C. Neal, daughter of
Alfred G. Neal, vice president of the
Potomac Electric Power Co., was mar
ried fast night in St. Alban's Episco
pal Church to John Charles Daly,
Jr., of this city. Rev. Charles D.
Warner, rector of the church, offi
The wedding was followed by a
reception at the bride’s home, 3726
Military road.
Miss Rosalie Sutton was maid of
honor, and Mrs. Bruce T. Huntley,
Beverly Hills, Calif., matron of honor.
Grant Daly, Clearwater, Fla., brother
of the bridegroom, acted as best man.
and Mrs. Kermit E. Brown. Ashe
ville, N. C., was the bridesmaid. Roy
R. Charles, Norfolk, Va., and Charles
E. Tilton. 3d, and James A. Treanor,
tin »
tomorMW only
Odd Lot Curtain*
Jr., both of this city, acted as ushers.
Other guests Included Mrs. Grant
Daly, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Daly, Cohas
sett. Mass.; Mrs. Alban T. Bacon,
Hackensack, N. J.; Mr. and Mrs.
George Pausch, Baltimore; Mr. and
Mrs. Roy R. Charles, Norfolk, Va.;
Dr. and Mrs. Horace L. Goodman,
Ronceverte, W. Va.. and Miss Flora
Willcox and Mr. Robert Berkeley,
both of Petersburg, Va.
Sisterhood to Install.
Officer* of the Ada* Israel 8ister«
hood will be Installed at 8 p.m. Tues*
day at the Sixth Street Synagogue. A
reception will follow. Members and
friends are Invited to attend by Mrs.
Joseph Kaminsky, outgoing president.
; The program is being arranged by
! Mrs. Louis Novick, chairman in
j charge.
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