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GIRLS* 16.95 COATS I Girls* $2 Cotton Dresses
Tweeds, fleeces, suede cloth,
and lovely basket weave wools,
with fur collars! Coats for
sports or dress wear! All in
terlined with guaranteed lin
ings! Newest, most popular
colors; 12 to 16.
13.95 Winter Coats
Sports coats and dressy, fur
trimmed coats. Tweeds, cut
suede, fleeces, and snow crest
fabrics! Pine samples includ
ed. Sizes 7 to 12 years.
Wool Snow Suits
The kind that sell regularly
for *8.95 to *10.95! Many of
them are Cravenetted—to be
snow-proofi Solid colors with
contrasting plain or plaid
trim; 10 to 16 years,
5.95 Teen-Age Dresses
Lovely rayon crepes, smart woolen and
rayon taffeta! Adorable princess mod- a a A
els I Sizes 12 to 16_ • •
Girls’ Smart Fall Dresses
Princess effects, swing skirts and pleated skirts,
with dainty collars and cuffs. Crepes, 2 22
taffeta, wools. Sizes 7 to 14_
Girls’ 69c Muslin Slips
Pine muslin, with built-up shoulders snd ruffled
bottoms; dainty trimmings of lace or em- ce,
broidery; sizes 8 to 16... JJQ
Lansburgh't—Girls’ De
A famous maker contrib
uted his nicest styles for
this Anniversary event!
Swing skirts, sailor fash
ions, smocked waistlines,
and zipper fastenings.
Fast color fabrics; sizes 7
to 16.
i l ^2 Sweaters
\ l Long sleeve, slipover sweaters
,\\ with high crew neck or we*
collars; a aoft wool
In rich colon; aiaea I •*
, i ■ \ to 18 only_ AtOy
S' ^2 Teen Age Skirts
Flannel* and tweeda, aolid colon and mixture*,
with low kick pleat* or awing akirta. ■» rn
Some sipperst 10 to 18. l»0;x
$3 Rubberized Raincapes
Rubberised cotton fabrics, with double taped
aeams. Pin checks—all with matching o
caps; sises 7 to 18.. jLtJJ
$3 and 3.95 Twin Sweaters
High-grade, all-wool aephyr, in acorea of smart
atyles; hand-emb. Tyrolean acts, eardigans with
ribbon bindings: matching or contrast* o
tag slipovers! 10 to 18_ JLJjzf
Girls’ Rayon Undies
Bloomers or panties, with yoke fronts; all aeama
[ bar tacked for wear. White and tearoee, jj
in sixes 8 to 16. Special.__..JjQ
Winter Undies
Combinations of fine combed cotton with
Wool added! 1-pc. style*, brief legs,
short sleeves or sleeveless, elastic backs;
• to 12... 7/C
1.15 Cotton Blouses
Shantung, broadcloth and neat prints,
in smart style* to wear with skirts; sixes —
io to i6. o4C
yt.—Fourth Floor
3-Pc. 10.95 Coat Sets
For Little Girls
Coat, hat and leggings to
match, carefully tailored of
very fine woolens, some of
them trimmed with fur! Sizes
2 to 6.
For Little Boys
Snug coats and leggings of
heavy woolens that keep out
the cold . . . with peak hel
mets to match; well lined.
Sises 2 to 6.
13.95 to 16.95 Coat Sets
■> 3-Piece Sets for Girls
The four-piece sets consist of coat, hat. leggings
with velvet inlay collars or fur trimmings; all
’ wool .warmly lined. Many are samples! 2 to S'/a.
3 and 4 Piece Sets for Boys
Expertly tailored sets of heavy shadow plaids, or
solid color woolens; some half lined with wool
plaids, with scarfs to match. Sizes 3 to 6.
Lansburgh's—Infants’ Dept.—Fourth Floor
Junior Coach
Specially Priced
A faithful copy of a fine
English coach, with high
grade construction; storm
I curtains, sun visor, exten
| ■_ sion front and adjustable
back rest. Black or grey.
Dandy Beach Cart
Converts into a stroller. Leatherette with chrome
handle; extension front, storm curtains o qq i
and sun visor...■_ 0.00
\ Play Pen, Special
Maple pen with raised wooden floor; sturdily
constructed. Folds compactly when not i qq
in use___
3-Way High Chair
Maple chair that serves also as a play table
or a nursery chair; commode In- xr q a
eluded ....
Maple High Chair
Strongly made with wide spread, non-tipping
legs; decorated panel. Sanitary wood ^ ^
Storkline Crib
Latest style, with double drop aides!. Decorated
maple, ivory, or waxed birch; non-sag -i £L en
spring ... 10.50
Storkline Crib
Large drop-side crib, with nursery designs on
wide panels at head and foot; maple -t
or ivory .... 1
Lantburgh’i—Infante Dept.—Fourth Floor
7.95 Snow Suits
For Little Boys and Girls
Bought at great conces
sions from the maker!
Tailored, double-breasted
models, all-wool fabrics in
plain colors and plaid
Snow Suits
Heavy knitted fabrics that
defy the cold. Zipper fas
teners; ofT - the - face hel
met; sizes 1 to 3.
Rain Coats, Capes 4-Pc. Knitted
Special purchase that Sets
includes many sample*! Rubberised printed and
Sweaters, leggings, mit- plaid fabrics, with berets
tens and bonnet qjv. to match; sises -a qq
or helmet; 1 to 3. a to «, special **Ot>
Lansburph's—Infants’ Dept.—Fourth Floor
[Mj Little Girls’ $2 Wash
\ l39
$2 frocks from one of
1 J the best makers. Much
[ / higher-priced dresses, in
/ dainty broadcloth, nicely
- made; semi-fltted styles
with deep hems; sizes 3 to
Little Boys* Wash Suits
Pine wash fabrics; belted styles with sport or
round collars. Solid colors and combi- •» ia
nations; 3 to 6....
Children’s Wool Suits
Two-piece wool Jersey. Boys, 1 to I; 1 ca
girls, 4 to 6. New Pall shades_ J.*
’’Wright” Sleepers
Well-known make of warm sleepers, with q a
drop seats and button fronts; sises 1 to l_. ^ *C
#1 Infants’ Shirts
Double and single breasted style, with 10% >70.
wool; long or short sleeves; special_ •
Infants’ Shirts
Medium weight shirts, with 10% wool:
long or short sleeve styles; singly or double ro.
fronts __ JOC
Boys’ Knit Suits
Cotton knit striped sweaters, round, vee or collar
necklines, with solid color knit pants; sises 00
3 to 6. OOC ;
$ 1 Union Suits
10% wool or all-cotton suits of a good Winter
weight; button fronts, French legs; sises *7*7 ~
3 to 6... //C
Nfew Wash Dresses
Adorable prints and solid color cotton dresses;
semi-fltted styles with deep hems; sises 00 _
I to SU...... OOC
Reg. 59c & 65c Flannelette Sleepers
With or without feet; warm, nicely made io.
with frog trims; 3 to S___ «OC
infants and Children—Fourth Floor
Our Entire Stock of
15% m *;£r
2.50 to £5 Shoes, Sale Priced
2.13 to 4.25
High-trade children’*, Junior miaae*’ and boy*’ ahoea art offered
at worthwhile saving*! Oxfords, pumps and straps, in com
plete • toe*. All fitted by the X-ray machine.
Latuburph't—Second Floor
"Famous Make” Socks and Anklets
In sturdy lisle; plain colors, plaids, ^ r-*
colored tops and novelty designs; all I D.;P
Fall shades. 5.000 pairs at this ape- -L F
cial priae only for Anniversary. 3 pajjg ggc
Lantburgh’t—Fourth Floor.
Boys’ No-Belt Knickers
Twill-lined wool knjckers with snug waist
line that require* no belt; sties t r-j
1.25 2-Pc. Pajamas
Notch collar slipons, and middy atyle broad
cloth pajamas; atriped and fancies; q»w
sizes 8 to 18___ “/C
1.15 Flannelette P-J’s
Two-piece middy styles in warm pajamas,
in neat stripe*; sizes 8 to 18. Beal o a
values!_ O'+C
.< Boys* 1-Pc. Pajamas
An unusual offering of cne-pieoe t'v.
flannelette pajamas; sizes 4 to 12—
89c Nazareth and E-Z
Nazareth and B-Z waist union suits, with
10% wool for cold weather; sizes 4
to 13 . OzC
Lansburgh's—Boys’ Wear—fourth floor
Boy*’ Raincoat, Jr. Overcoat Sat,
Trench models, leatherette and Mannish wool-lined, extra warm
tweed patterned rain- overcoats—includini Oermama
proof fabrics; sties 8 w Ay chlnelllas! Hats to n At\
to 20 - . J.%/ match: S to 10_ 9.49
Boy,' Nozoreth Undic, . - _ . . , .
Winter weitht shirts and shorts. -r- *-rc. Rugby Suit,
in sizes 8 to 16. specially -g Navy blue cheviots, brown and
priced, each 2oC erey cashmeres; double-bread
, ed style coat, shorta and a
69e Underwear a blouae; 6 to 10- _ 4.29
Nazareth Winter weixht. all
2J2? r,°n4 S'dr°P 44c Youth,' Ovarcoot,
- - All-wool coats In the newest
Boy, Union Suit, styles, sincle and double bresst
For Winter wear! Heavy cotton *d: *rey. brown, blue- - . yy
suits. knee-)en*th and short treys; 12 to 16- 1‘r.//
sleeve: sizes for the lar- -rn
ser boy. “E-Z'’ Brand __ o9c 1.95 Wool Mackinaw,
27c Shirt, or Short, Blue *nd brown Plaids, many
Well tailored broadcloth ahorts. g*°^’ig° ijflfi.jw1 i"0*1
•is** 24 to 32. and cottoii *° 18’ ,Dtel»UT 6.47
athletic ahlrta, 28 to 36 ,1S Bfleod- o.t/
oaeh_ IOC
fL;rtl 10.95 Leother Coots
a Bo,y* 5h'rtl . . Almost unheard-of price for
Whitf. fancies and new dust? cenuine front quarter horsehld?
tonea. resular and button-down coata. wool-lined. Brown
collara: 12>4 to 14ty gm and black. 8 to 20_9.7/
and 8 to 18_ OaC
1.29 Youth,’ Shirt, . 4.99 Wool Sno-Suit,
Fine shirts In fancy pattern! Hasular mackinaw type coat,
that please preps; sises with ski pants—cravenetted to
12W to 14Vi. Values no b* «now-resistant! Sises . gn
Mtlton Jocket, 3 99 Wool Longie,
^n."°?,Uiek*,t*„br?wn or.n,VT' All-wool trousers, sizes 12 to
fully lined, full zipper fronts 16. In checks and plaids, brown
and ample pockets; 8 w yy blue and blue treys; m mm
to 18- j.// pleated fronts __ 2.77
Lansburgh's—Boys’ Wear—fourth floor
Boys’ Tweed-Corduroy Sets
I I 5.58
Double mU and double knees
In the knickers! Fully lined
Jackets with a tipper front!
The amartnees of tweed, but
the stamina ef oorduroy. Sises
a to is.
- Shaker Knit Sweaters
Just the weight and style the
boys demand. Navy Blue,
Crew neck. Sises 30 ]
to 38 .
Knickers or Sweaters
Woolen knickers, corduroy
knickers, and fine sweaters,
with crew, ves or tipper necks.
Knickers are twill
lined. Sises I to 16. *| u
Be eh_t_...
15.95 Longie Suits
Double breasted, sports back coats, fully lined: 3 pairs long
pants; brown, grey and blue-grey woolens; 13 to
Lansburffh’»—Boys' Dept.—Fourth Floor
Boys’ Streamlined
Complete in every respect—
even to the special Anniver
sary Bale price. Choice of
36 or 28 In. wheel. Equipped
with New Departure coaster
brake . . . double-coil spring
saddle ... U. 8. chain-tread
Urea . .. peaked fenders .. .
brilliant red finish. Special
Lantburffh't—Fifth Floor
Men’s 1.95 Aldine Shirts
Aldine styling Is correct.
Collar attached or neck
band styles ... seven but
ton front . . . pleated
sleeves . . . gathered back
and four-hole ocean pearl
buttons are only some of
the details you’ll find in
Aldines. Sizes 14 to 18.
1,200 Men’s Fancy Collar-Attached Shirts
! Fancy all combed woven striped
broadcloth shirts with gathered d
1 backs, pleated aleeves and fused I
collar attached. Sizes 14 to 17.
Men’s Fine Woven Broadcloth Shirts
Btrlped Broadcloths! Soft Collar Ox
fords! End-to-End Madras! White
Broadcloth! . . . Pull cut. fused and Y# / £
■oft collars, pleated sleeves and gath- ^ ®
ered backs. Sizes 14 to 17&.
Regular 1.95 Men’s Shirts
Woven combed yam materials in
broadcloth and madras. Plain -4
white Pima cotton broadcloth in- I
eluded. All atyle collars in sizes *
14 to 17.
Lansburgh’s—Men’s Furnishings—Street Floor
Men’s 29.50 Suits
Fall patterns and tones that
are the last word in smart
ness! Fine materials . . .
smart lines and fine tailoring.
Sizes 35 to 46 in regular, short,
long, and stout models.
$35 and $40 Suits
\ You’ll marvel at the superb .
tailoring, the fine finish and
the smart styles ... not to
mention the original MacKeith
Scott fabrics. All sizes, 35
to 46.
Shnon Ackerman
$40 and $45 Suits
The luxurious fabrics . . .
hand - tailored workmanship
. . . and the smart, easy fit
ting lines belie the low price.
All sizes 35 to 44.
Lansburgh’s—Men's Shops
—Street Floor
! Men’s #35 to #45 Overcoats
• Imported Fabrics!
• Knit Fleeces!
• Bird WeavesI J A B / /
• Llamas! /, ^ - / /
• Boucles! ** ^ w | |
• Sbevard Twists!
Dressy Chesterfields, Snappy Guards’
models, Sporty Raglans, single breast
ed box style and balmaccans. Sizes
for all men, 3* to 46.
New 1937-38 Overcoats
Finer fabrics and the smartest
tones. Fleeces, hair fabrics and
melton coats in single and double
breasted, ulsters. Chesterfields and
loose-fitting raglans. <yt
Sizes 34 to 44. XI./ /
37.50 100% Camels HairCoats
| Soft camels hair coats in natural
shades, oxfords and the new green.
Single and double
breasted polo models *y*y 1
and balmacaans_ X“./ / j
Reg. $25 to $29.50 Topcoats
Included in this group is the Lon- j
don Tower Topper, in balmacaan !
and box styles, gray, tan and I
brown colors. Llama
fabrics, 60 snappy eys
tweeds _ XI./ /
19.85 Reversible Topcoats
When its raining wear the worsted
Gabardine fabric outside and when
it’s just cold wear the
wool fabric on the out- i r ****
side .. 10.77
Lansburgh’-s—Modernized Men's
Shops—Street Floor.
Men's Reg. $25 Men's Regular
Winter Overcoats 7.95 Trench Coats
18-77 5.77
New Winter shades and
-tJi?r-.!3Srrli!2fjOIl*pV dJ«- Men's eabardine trench
?fc^*J1nd *id,s .in coats that are showerproof
i!iV.wl«,t,nd.lots °fhlrd and wearproof. Ideal for
JnTblu?re"oran’ br°Wn winter dwJ. ‘nd ,n°Wy
. 3.95 Suede Men's Regular 3.95
Cloth Raincoats Lansbrook Fall Hats
2-77 2.77
A sroup ef suede raincoats
ruaranteed waterproof. Lansbrook felt hats ln
Especially prleed for the new snap brim, and the
Anniversary Bale! Brown. wide brim styles ln trey,
treys and blues in plaints brown and tan colors. All
and patterns. slses.
Lansbttrgh's—Modernized Street Floor
Manhattan Shirts or Shorts
by Robert Reis
Striped or plain white broadcloth shorts with
tie or elastic sides .. . full size pyramid seat.
Pine combed yarn shirts that are roomy and
yet fit snug. Shim sizes 34 to 46; je
shorts, sizes 30 to 44___ JJC
S for «1
Regular 29c Shirts or Shorts
Panel rib athletic shim of combed cotton , . .
full cut striped broadcloth shorts with elastic
sides. Shim, sizes 34 to 46; short sizes ryj
28 to 44. £jC
4 for 89c
Men’s 10% Wool Ribbed Unionsuits
Long sleeves and ankle length legs. All seams
are reinforced with a lock stitch. 1 20 %
Sizes 38 to 46__ XoJy
Men’s Broadcloth Athletic
Made with a closed crotch and bar tacked at all
points of strain. Made of a fine count qq
broadcloth material. Sizes 36 to 46.. OyC
Men’s Fancy and Plain Colored
Notch collar, surplice and middy styles in this
group. Plain colors with contrasting trims ...
novelty pajamas with plain piping .. . Q>y
all are full cut... Sizes A, B, C, D_ -'ZC 1
Men’s 1.95 Fancy Pajamas
Pine woven striped madras and patterned
broadcloths ... all are fully cut . . . all hava
deep water ocean pearl buttons. Notch collar,
surplice and middy styles . . . sizes -i 20
A, B, c and D_ \.»jy
1.95 Flannelette Pajamas
Just about the nicest pair of pajamas you
could have on a cold Winter night . . . they're
• all cut and neatly tailored. Sizes -i 20
B, C and D. Wlf <
2.50 and $5 Novelty Pajamas
Styled right of an excellent quality broadcloth
and sateen. Men will buy them by the half
dozen. New colors in the popular 1 /re\
styles . 1.07
5.95 ALL-WOOL Flannel ROBES
Plain colored robes with notch collars and
double-breasted front. Navy, royal blue, brown,
green and maroon. Small, medium A on
and large sizes_ 4*07
4.95 Beacon Robes
A comfortable, warm robe in neat pattern* on
grounds of grey, blue or wine. Small, 2 OO
medium and large sizes_ J»Oy
Unlined Brocaded Robes
A smart all ’round robe in neat patterns on
grounds of navy, brown and maroon, a aa
Small, medium and large_ T'1Z7
$1 and 1.50 Fall Neckwear
Ricti Twills—Brocades and satins in atripes,
checks and figured designs. All are
resiliently constructed with fine wool /r+y
linings . O/C
$2 and 2.50 Men’s Ties
Richly blended ties in twills, smart figured
homespuns and brocades. All are -1-1*7
well-known makes _ IjI/
Men’s 35c Fall Socks
Plain colored silk socks, made with seamed
backs, lisle ribbed tops and reinforced toes
and heels. Colors are navy, black, grey and
white. Reinforced linen heel and toe fancy
and plain socks in new Pall and
Winter shades and patterns, sizes 10 oe r
to 12. Pair_ A.JC
4 Prs. 97c
Men’s Fancy Fall Socks
All are from a famous manufacturer! Smart,
clocks or striped hose in new shades for Pall
and Winter, richly toned lisle and }e
rayon mixtures. Sizes 10 to 12. Pair JJC
#5 Lansbrook Shoes
All styles included, our entire stock
is open to your unlimited choice. } ne
All sizes _ J*yj
8.50 Nunn Bush Shoes
This special Anniversary price holds good for
all our 8.50 Nunn Bush shoes. The r oe
ankle fashioned oxford. All sizes...
Men’s Slippers
Turned soles ... kid lined with comfortable
rubber heels. Your choice of black, (if
brown, blue or wine. All sizes.. 1«00
Men’s Regular 7.95 Slacks
Gabardines, worsteds, tweeds, herringbones
and plain blue serge in sport or dressy styles.
Also wool slacks for work or dress sj *7*7
wear, blue and checks at 8.77.. J*//
Men’s 6.95 Sport Slacks
Hard finishes, tweeds and cassimeres in plain
and slack models. Colors of brown, blue and
blue greys. Ideal for sports wear and A *7*7
business _ ^r*//
Lantburgh's—Men's Shops—Street Floor

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