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n>« asms Fa ani
Pennsylvania Anthra
r elta that wa have han
dled for many years,
i priced lew fnr cash and car
; rlrd FREE directly Inte your
blna wttheot dumvlnr eh curb.
White Ash Stove, $12.89
* Err S12.80 Nut 812.80
Pea... 811.00 Bckwt. SO.23
■ Virginia Anthracite—
Hard Stove. »10.2.1 Not. 810
Pea. S8.50: Snec. S.AP.. S0.2S
The Sneat soft coal mined lev
home use. Err sire. 810.00
* -v Eteve *10.35 Nat *0.80
Md. Smokeless Egg, $9.50
'Fairmont Egg... $8.59
Clean Coal. Clean Delivery
< 1937 5th N.E. NOrth 8813
« a. ■ T - - --
Hold goldI
will bring qou
t •—
j kOLDSl
HI Relieve tho dlatrcastnoU
III symptom* by applying \\\
HI MenlholAtum in nostril* \\\
III And rubbing on chart. \\\
To Win You Must
Have Energy
ThU gentle bile-producer might help*
Weakness and mental dullness can be
caused by constipation. Just as it also
> can produce headaches, sleeplessness,
‘ loss of appetite, mental depression.
You can see how vital is proper elim
ination. So, if more than one day goes
by without it, assist Nature. Use Dr.
Edwards’ Olive Tablets. They are mild,
* gentle, and thoroughly effective be
cause they also stimulate the liver’s
secretion of bile without the discom
fort of drastic or irritating drugs.
Millions take Dr. Edwards” Olive
Tablets for this rare combination of
gentleness and effectiveness. Use them ;
* in safeguarding your own welfare. 15£
» 80^ and 60^ at all druggists.
•Your liver secretes from 20 to 30 ounces of
* bile every day to aid in the digestion of fats and
stimulate muscular action of the intestinal
r system. Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets, besides
( helping to keep you regular, contain a special I
Ingredient which definitely assists the bile flow, i
l That is one reason why Oliva Tablets have I
< Unsurpassed effectiveness. I
Adalbert 0. Volck Charges It Was
Product of Fraud and Un
due Influence.
By the Associated Pres*.
NEW YORK, Dec. 2.—The succes
sion of tragedies that haunted the
family of the late Elisabeth Bates da
Gama, European society beauty, was
recalled yesterday, when her only
surviving son began proceedings to
break her will excluding him from her
Charging the will was a product of
fraud, undue Influence and mental
unbalance, the son, Adalbert G. Volck
of Santa Monica, Calif., applied in
surrogates court for an early trial of
his suit. The court indicated it would
open the case in January.
Mrs. da Gama, thrice-married
widow of a Brazilian Ambassador to
the United States, died in London
last April. (The diplomat resided here
from 1911 to 1918.)
She left an estate formally valued at
‘more than 820.000” to two children of
another son, the late Morris R. Volck,
principal victim of the series of mis
Volck, a Yale graduate and once
prosperous broker, died in a hospital
alcoholic ward in 1934, after being
found in a gutter near one of the
Bowery 25-cent hotels, where he had
lived for many weeks, Adalbert Volck's
suit said. ,
His death culminated a decline that
included the suicides of two of his
four wives. In 1926, after a month's
courtship; he had married Florida
Lalanne, Ziegfeld star, his third wife.
Four years later the Jumped from a
hotel window.
House Member Has Served Sixth
Maryland District for
Seven Tears.
By the Associated Press.
Representative Lewis, Democrat, of
Maryland, today announced his can
didacy for re-election in 1938.
Mr. Lewis has served seven years
as Representative from the sixth con
gressional district of Maryland, which
includes all of the Western section of
the State.
His decision to seek re-election came
after several weeks of discussion by
Maryland political observers of pos
sibilities he would be a candidate for
the United States Senate.
Formal Negotiations on Pact
Start Next Week.
The State Department will begin
formal negotiations next week with
representatives of the Czechoslovak
ian government for a trade agree
ment. with shoes an Important topic
for discussion.
Four government representatives
from Praha will arrive in this coun
try December 4.
Louisville Ken Clipped by Auto
mobile as He Was Crossing
Street After Hard Hay’s Work.
Br the Associated Press.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Dec. 2.—Santa
Claus was laid up with a broken leg
today—Just as his busy season was be
ginning-end all because the automo
bile is no respecter of persons.
With his jollity a trifle frayed,
% ■'
Santa, who also answers to the name
of Carl Nicholas (the middle name
really is Nicholas) Brelt. 63. wished
he had been a sleigh rider Instead of a
The car clipped him as he started
across the street from the store where
he had put in a hard day’s wort. He
had, however, shed his whiskers and
pillow paunch. The store Is warming
up another Santa. ,
Manila’s Campaign.
Manila, P. I., is campaigning to
become the distributing center of the
Far East.
Treasury Buies Those Earning
More Can’t Spread Payments
Over 13-Month Period.
Br the Aisoclsted Press.
If you earn more than <3,000 a year
you can't spread your /octal security
taxes over the 12 months of the year,
the Treasury ruled yesterday.
The taxes apply to the first <3,000
earned In each year and the taxes
must be paid monthly during the pe
riod In which the (3,000 is earned.
During the remainder of the year no
taxes are paid.
The law requires that an employe
must pay 1 per cent of his first (3.000
and his employer must pay an equal
amount. Thus a sum equal 'to 3 per
cent of each month’s salary check is
paid Into the Government coffers—
until levies have been paid on (3,000.
Then the payments for the year cease.
If an employe earned (3,000 or less
the taxes would continue throughout
the year. But if he earned (1,500 a
month, say, the taxes would be all
paid up in January and February.
People’s Lobby Secretary and So
cialist Will Speak.
“International Democracy and the
Foreign Policy of Great Britain" will
be discussed before the Capital City
Forum tomorrow at B:15 p.m. at 1502
Fourteenth street N.W.
The speakers will be Benjamin C.
Marsh, executive secretary of the
People’s Libby, and Herbert Zam, edi
tor of the-Socialist Review and foreign
editor of the Call, Socialist newspaper
published in New York City.
Bronchial Coughs
Get Rid of Them
This Quick Easy Woy
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TURE (triple actingi at any good drug
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p cold. When Old Man Winter starts dishing
l out chilly sauce for your gooseQesh, get
* into Hanes Underwearl
Slide your foot through the legs of a
; Heavyweight Champion ...
* draw its sleeves onto your arms
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* fortable warmth in its soft, lux
urious snugness. When you get
into this underwear, you're
weather-proofed for Winter!
Hanes gives you another
kind of comfort, too —freedom
■f from pinching and pulling.
* These union-suits are made to
the exact measure of your chest
, and trunk. You can stretch
* your arm3... sit and cross your
Idgs... nothing cute or bindsl
» Buttons, buttonholes, cuffs, and
seams are sewed for keeps —
not to keep your wife sewing 1
See your Hanes Dealer today.
; e • #
Hanes Union-Suits, illustrated by
largo figure, SI and up... Skirts and
Drawer* bogin at 75e... Boys' Union
Suits. 7S«... Morriekild Sloopors. 7le.
* P. H. Hants Knitting Co.. Winston
Salem, North Carolina.
S. BenBamenBseeaMttMHMi
I^BJU.^MAAiMMM.Mil *W ^ v III tM *m * M V*i. ^■H
T# . ■ ■ ■
Visit Our Large
Metal Wagon Hardwood Rocker
Sturdily built . with hard Generous size rocker thot
rubber tires Nicely enam- H is exceptionally well made
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Kiddie Kar Steering Sled
Ideal fcr the little tots. Sreiong model with dur
Easy to operate Built for nb'e hordwood slot frame.
Jnord wear. Streamline ces'gn.
3-Pc. Modern Bedroom Suite
Styled in a modern manner with an eye to the future. Sub
| stantially constructed of genuine walnut veneers and other
cabinet woods. Includes bed, chest and choice of dresser or
vanity. A fine suite at such an unusually low price!
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2-Pc*. Modern Living Room
Modern in design and luxurious in construction to give you a d& I^R^
living room of unusual style and charm at a new low cost, U—^R^^R
Includes large sofa and chair to match. Guaranteed spring A ^R A RR
construction and handsomely tailored in serviceable tapestry.
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• ■ r«i.w..-..i. ■ -i .„ . .
Troytop Coffee Table in
lovely mohogany on solid 8S.95 i
hardwoods. Attractively mW
Lounge Choir with re
versible spring f. .ed
cushion, welted bo:<,
rus1, or green topestry.
Colonial Desk, finished
in mahogany on select
hordwoocs. Generous
Less $30
■ For Your
Old Radio_
Here's your opportunity
to buy a brand-new
1936 Grunow in a
smart modern cabinet,
6 tubes ond 3 wave ’
bands. Long ond short
i wove foreign reception.
No Money
9-Pe. Modern Dining Room
Beautifully styled in the modem manner and substantially built
for years of excellent service and lasting charm. Includes ^^^B ^^^B
buffet, china cabinet, extension table and six upholstered seat
chairs to match. Solidly constructed of genuine walnut veneers
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9x12 or 8.3x10.6
American Orientals
Gorgeous Persion and Chinese fi (k »
patterns. All finished with heavy "C
fringe. Rug Cushion Included.
Gold Seal Con
9*12 or 8.3*10.6 Higfc goleum Rugs in
Pile Axminster Regs in 9x12 size. Dropped
mony attractive patterns. patterns. All guar
Rug Cushion Included! anteed perfect.
*29*5 *0.85
.' ' “I
Pullup Chair wib walnut |
finish frcme, scooo seat
and back. Durably up- !
General Electric Clock
Beautifully Styied, finished 99.95 I
in Black Enamel Operates
on A. C. current only.
Oil Circulator. A dondy
heater that operates
very economically.
Available on Easy ,
Credit Terms!
> v
ly* cash f We w* glad- j
Sa v lt- JftTi
i Lett' " .
K /■•■ • -f •

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