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£ Bedtime Stories
i ——————
A hunch Is just a thought that you
Ara certain In your mind ts true.
—Bobby Coon.
VV HUNCH is a feeling that some
thing is or isn’t so, a feeling that
tfdces possession of you even when
you have no knowledge of the facts In
the case. Little people of the Green
Forest often have hunches, and heed
ing them has saved many lives. Many
times has Reddy Fox had take pos
session of him a feeling that there was
danger Just ahead, although seeing
nothing and hearing nothing to give
him that feeling. As a result he has
abruptly changed his course and so
escaped a cunningly set trap. That
feeling is called a hunch.
It was a wholly different kind of a
hunch that Bobby Coon now had. It
wasn't a feeling that there was un
seen danger near. No, indeed. It was
a feeling that at last the time had
come for a feast to which eagerly he
looks forward every year. It comes
only at the time that com is in the
milk. That is the time when the corn
is big enough yet not ripe, the time
when each kernel is juicy with what
la called milk because it looks like
To Bobby came suddenly and very
strong this feeling that the com in
Farmer Brown's cornfield was at last
in the milk, in just the stage to make
a coon’s mouth water just thinking of
ft. Bobby hadn't been over to that
cornfield this year. It was too far
from the Green Forest and the protec
tion of the trees there to visit unless
there was some certainty of finding a
reward worth the risk. Now there
had swept over him without warning
the feeling that that com was ready
and waiting for him.
Bobby slipped away from Mrs. Bobby
and the children. Sure that none was
following him, he made his way to
the edge of the Green Forest. There
he paused. Moonlight made the Green
Meadows almost as light as by day.
To reach that cornfield he would have
to travel quite a distance right out in
the open, where any one coming that
way could hardly fail to see him. He
didn’t like it. He didn’t like it a bit.
“Perhaps it would be better to wait
for a dark night.” thought he. “No
one would see him then. Moonlight is
all right in the Green Forest, because
there are Black Shadows all about,
and it is easy to keep out of sight, but
out there on the Green Meadows there
Isn't one Black Shadow, not one.”
He lifted his head and tested a wan
dering Little Night Breeze that came
wandering from the direction of the
cornfield. It told him nothing. Sup
posing that com wasn't ready yet.
Supposing it wasn’t in the milk. He
didn't want it until it was. Perhaps
it would be better to wait. Bobby half
turned to go back. Then once more
over him swept that feeling of cer
tainty. It wasn’t to be resisted. He
looked in all directions, to make sure
that no enemy was near. Then he
started out across the Green Meadows,
straight toward the cornfield.
"Once I get there I will be all
right,” he said to himself. “I’ll be
out of sight of any one who may hap
pen along.”
A swiftly moving shadow caused
Bobby to look up. Hooty the Owl
swooped low over him, hovering there
an instant, staring down at Bobby, his
great round eyes glaring hungrily.
Bobby paused, drew back his lips,
Showing all his teeth, and growled.
Hooty snapped his bill in a threat
ening way with a most unpleasant
sound and went on to the Green
Forest. Bobby was too big for him.
He was too big and too strong. Bobby
grinned and went on his way. And
so presently he slipped under the
fence into the cornfield. He stood up
at the first cornstalk he came to and
pulled it over until he could get at an
aar. He tore open the husk. His
hunch had been right—the com was
Just as he liked it best. Bobby pre
pared to feast.
(Copyright. 1037.)
Air Corps Officers to Discuss At
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The Army attack squadron and its
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Reserve officers in roonv*t>67, Muni
tions Building, at 8 p.m. Tuesday,
December 12.
A majority of local Air Reserve
officers holding flight ratings are as
signed to the 409th Attach Squadron.
Bolling Field, for training, but all >
Reserve offloers, whether or not mem
bers of the squadron, are invited.
Capt. F. L. Smith, Air Corps, will act
as instructor.
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Andrew Geller, Peacock
And Stratford Shoes now
$5.90 t
1 7 4
A great stock-reducing event that means ex
ceptional savings for you on current best
selling styles. All heel heights and rnodels
for every daytime occasion. StfSdes in black,
brown and colors. A brilliant collection?'
Size ranges are broken, of course. $10.50 and
$12.75 shoes reduced to $7.90; $8.75 Shoes .
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’ *
S Friday! Drastic
12.95 to 22.75
in Sizes lor
Misses, Women <
Junior Misses
Just 370 of these dramatic values! Dresses for Daytime,
afternoon and business! Under-coat fashions! In fine
Rayon Crepes and Alpacas! Wools!- Smart youthful Vel
veteens for Juniors! Crush resistant Velvets for Misses
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sale Friday only, so be early!
Lantburght—Drutet—Second floor
Rayon Boucle and
Chenille Knits and
Wool Sports
25—$8.95 Dresses, NOW_4.47
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Knit* include rayon Boucle* in 2-piece style* with
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color*. Wool* in outstanding Spectator and active eport*
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the group.
Lantburgh’t—Sports Shop—Second Floor.
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2— $129 Grey Bombay Lamb Coat*-574
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Lansburgh’t—Fur Salon—Second Floor. !
' Individual Shop Sale of
Costume Suits, Wraps
& Dresses, % to V2 Off
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... Sizes for misses and women in coats . *.
misses’ sizes only in suits.
f 16.95 to 19.95 SPORTS COATS
A marvelous collection at- 12.881 Warm,
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Big Savings
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Economy Dresses
125—6.95 to 19.95 WOMEN’S
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wide variety of smart
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day . i
Lansburgh's—Second Floor
Economy Shop Suits
80—12.95 to 19.95 WOMEN’S and
med; tweeds, plaid backs, shags,
fleeces, wool and camel hair mix
tures; wanted colors: boxy swagger,
reefer, Balmaccan and classic swag
ger styles: special for Prl- q qq
10—35.00 MISSES’ SUITS; fur
trimmed: 3-pc. styles; wolf, raccoon,
French beaver (dyed rabbit trim
ming) sizes for misses; jg Qg
5— 17.00 MISSES’ SUITS; un
trimmed: 3-piece styles: green,
brown and rust: sizes (1) 14
(3) 16, (1) 18, (1) 20; ^ QQ
Lansburgh's—Second Floor
350—HANDBAGS; grained, smooth
and calf finishes; wanted Winter
colors; smart styles; special '7Q_
for Friday _ *
Lansburgh's—Street Floor.
Junior Misses’ Coats
badger and wolf trimming; smart
Winter styles: beautiful qual- j
ity; reduced for clear- nn nn
ance; Friday only
4—22.95 JUNIOR SUITS; silk and j
cotton velveteen; braid
trimmed: nicely tailored; a n nn
special for Friday XU.UU
Lansburgh’s—Second Floor
Junior Misses’ Dresses
88—7.95 and 10.95 JR. MISSES’
DRESSES; mostly one and two of
a kind; smart Winter styles in ray
on alpaca and wool plaids; clever
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in the group; Friday * nn
only ...
Lansburgh's—Second Floor
* ' vasaw/U D k/uwo
rayon crepe*, kidskins; broken
styles, colors and sizes, re- PA„
duced for clearance; pair..
50 Prs.—5.00 and 0.50 EVENING
SHOES; white or black rayon crepes,
opera pumps or sandals; mostly one
of-a-kind styles; broken ~i aa
sizes; Friday only; pair_
Lansburgh'e—Second Floor.
Better Dresses
50—10.95 and 12.95 WOMEN’S and
MISSES' DRESSES; rayon crepes
in attractive shades; smart after
noon styles; mostly one of r aa
a kind; special for Friday .
Lansburgh's—Second Floor.
200—25e WOMEN’S SCARFS; ray
on boucle; sports styles; good as
sortment of colors and pat- on
terns: Friday only.
100—59c and 1.00 cotton, pique, lace, j
rayon satin and rayon velvetten;
mostly one and two of a kind;
smart winter styles; special OQ_
for Friday...
brushed cotton; colorful plaids and
plain colors; reduced for aa.
clearance; each ..
ETTES; good quality and smart ■
looking; grey, coral, white and ;
plenty of light blue; Friday ’l’J~
only . i *c
Lantburgh’i—Street Floor.
| 50—2.00 BLOUSES; rayon satin and
rayon crepe; broken sizes and eol
| ors; mostly one of a kind; a aq
special for Friday_
Lansburgh’t—Street Floor.
Rayon Undies \
100 VESTS and PANTIES; 1J% j
wool mixtures; panties in small
sixes only; vests in large sizes
only; each
300 RAYON UNDIES; lace trim
med and tailored styles; all types
of panties; tearose only; oo
sizes 4 to l; each. ooc
Lansburgh'i—Street Floor. j
Silk Lingerie
tailored and lace trimmed stylea;
broken sizes; lovely l 19
quality . 1,10
50—1.09 TEAROSE SUPS; silk
and-rayon satin; tailored Tee tops;
broken sizes and styles; spe
nicely tailored; tearose only; qo _
broken sizes; Friday only..
3—3.95 SILK SATIN GOWNS; love
ly styles; sizes 34 and 38; e\ fjt
reduced for clearance_
97—SILK SATIN SLIPS; tailored
V-top, tea rose, $1.69. l l o
Special . 1,10
knee-length style; nicely
tailored; reduced for clear
inoe ---...._
Lansburgh’t—Third Floor

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