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Treadway Suggests Making
Library of Congress Into
His Memorial.
A three-point program which he
believes will properly “memorialize”
Thomas Jefferson, whose personal
library was the nucleus for the present
Library of Congress, is proposed in a
bill introduced today by Representa
tive Treadway, Republican, of Massa
chusetts, a member of the House
Library Committee, who balked the
plans to have a $3,000,000 Jefferson
Memorial constructed on the Tidal
Basin site.
The measure provides (1) desig
nating the Library of Congress as the
“Thomas Jefferson Memorial Library,”
(2) eliminating the present steps and
Fountain of Neptune and replacing
them with a memorial entrance which
will contain a statue of Jefferson “in
character” at a cost of $25,000, and
(3) placing what is left of the original
Jefferson Library in a specially pre
pared alcove or compartment, where
it can be seen by the public instead of
being hidden away behind locked
Representative Treadway, who last
year led the forces opposed to the
plan of the Jefferson Memorial Com
mission to erect the authorized Jeffer
son Memorial on the Tidal Basin site,
believes his three-point program will
not only establish in the National
Capital an adequate memorial to the
third President, but with a saving
of $2,965,000 to taxpayers—and, he
emphasized, without in any way de
tracting from the honor due to Jeffer
Because of Jefferson's connection
with the establishment of the Library
of Congress, Mr. Treadway feels the
designation of the library as a me
morial to him would be more appropri
ate than the erection of a marble
temple, "which would be In direct
contrast to Jefferson's characteristic
simplicity,” he said.
There remain in the Library of
Congress more than 2,000 of the books
which constituted Jefferson's library—
and to which the public now does not
have access.
James Thompson. 28- 924 St. Paul's court
n.w.. and Mary L. Davis. 18. 2 D st. s.e.;
the Rev. G M. Rankin.
Edgar O. Ktlgus. 39. Newark. N. J and
Joyce M. Belknap. 22. Denver. Colo.;
the Rev. a J. McCartney.
John F. Oertell. 22. 3331 N st. n.w.. and
Helen L. Carter. 18. 2110 H st. n.w.; the
Rev. F B. Tucker.
Arnold Gelman. 25. Philadelphia, and Dor
othy Shapiro. 23. 1821 California st.
n.w.; the Rev. S. H. Metz.
Salvatore V. Catalano. 30. 61 Rhode Island
ave. n w.. and Gladys M. Dunsmoor. 32.
5123 New Hampshire ave. n.w.: the Rev.
F B Harris.
Robert E Ticson. 23. 200ft O st. n.w., and
Virginia L. Lane. 18. Richmond: the
Rev. E. M Thompson v
John A. Howe. 22. 1025 22nd st. n.w..
and Mary i. King 18. 4 Logan circle
n.w.: the Rev. Charles Cnders.
Orval W. Wylie 26. and Lorene Frost. 23.
both of 1616 Kilbourne pi. n.w.; the
Rev. W. R Moody.
William Joseph D'Agaris. 2». and Frances
Katherine Grant. 21. both of Wash
Frank Jackson Harlow. 27. and Nellie Vir
gtnia Pleasant. 25. both of Washington.
Andrew G Chambers. 35. and Leona M.
Swann. 24. both of Washington.
Courts D Rea 37, Chevy Chase. Md.. and
Hazel D White. 2K. Washington,
toper Marlboro.
Frank R Craun. 27. Rtverdale. Md,. and
Amy Margaret Kiser. 2.". Kings. N. C.
Herman Edwin Goiann. 29. Ozone Park.
N. Y and Frances Goldberg. 25. North
Brooklyn. N. Y.
James Riley Proffitt. 21. and Gladys Ware
Gillispie. 19. both of Lovingston. Va
Way*e P Elhs. jr . 22. College Park. Md..
20J. Berwyn. Md.
Jm and Pauline Hender
son. J 6 both of East Riverdale. Md.
rc‘^arduLLew:,lyn Watkins. 21. and Agnes
tonZ*D C ^ar^°e’ both of Washing
_ Alexandria.
JFe£?1 J7' 8nd Mary Id* Hill. 23,
both of Washington.
W4na E)8n,5' 4:J8nd Ruth L. Gilliam.
30 both of Alexandria.
^°naId -p. Miller. 32. of Seymore, Ind..
and ^Dhy Lee Raymon. 32. of Hick
man. Ky.
David C. Wyatt. 27. and Eiuaboth Waah
both of Washington.
John and Persia Hill. boy.
John and Lillian Pate. tlrl.
William and Dorothy Wade. boy.
Harry and EUaabath Shepherd, boy.
Frank and Margaret Briiugllo. boy.
Bernard and Elenor Robertson, boy.
Lawrence and Sally Lewis, boy.
Benjamin and Jann Brodlnsky. girl.
James and Alice McDermott, girl.
John and Omega Falk. tlrl.
Samuel and Rachel Matthews, boy.
William and Margaret Bulks. girl.
Carl and Mary Endress. girl.
Frank and Katheryn Eccles. boy.
Oeorte and Elliabeth Carter boy.
Percy and Edna Rldtell. boy.
Oeorte and Bltabeth Talbert, bor.
Aaron and Sophie Crowell, girl.
William and Idell Thomas, girl.
Thomas and Mildred O’Connor, girl.
Jay and Bodle Otis. girl.
Winfield and Rebecca Proctor, bor.
Henry and Emily Polk. boy.
Phillip and Pearl Davis, boy.
Gilbert and Flossie Thomas, boy.
Oliver and Mary Morgan, girl.
Rufus and Dorothy Ragland, girl.
Ghumward and Ursullne Daris. girl.
James and Mabel Ellis, boy.
Jack and Dora Peyton, boy.
Ellis and Lucille Carroll, boy.
Howard and Frances Kenny, boy.
Jonas and Pearl Speight, girl.
Cornelius and Louise Jackson, girl.
Donald and Florence Smith, girl.
James and Aanes Marshall, girl.
Llizie Rheeon. 88, Providence Hospital,
garth Rieger. 82. 1717 20th at.
Estelle C. Powers. 82. J884 Columbia rd.
Pittman Manning. 81. Providtnce Hospital.
Brldgett O'Neil. 78. Sibley Hospital.
Kate G. Ruth, 77. 2809 Brentwood rd. n.g.
Mary Chapin. 74. Garfield Hospital.
Alfred P. Meade. 84. 2850 Wisconsin gv*.
William H. Anderson. 58. Georgetown Hos
Blanche Goss, 56. Galllnger Hospital.
Augustus Peaper. 52. 2245 Shannon pi. t.t.
Walter Joseph. 52. 718 12th st. n.e.
Grady Mahoney. 48. 4018 Bowen rd. t.t.
William J. Bolac. 42. Casualty Hospital.
LeonardPlroir.olli. 42, 2660 Wisconsin ave.
Infant Ward. 1517 Lamont it.
Nellie Phillips, 76. 45 C st. s.w.
George Mackall. 65, Providence Hospital.
Richard Dickerson. 64. Gallinier Hospital.
Martha Wright. 56. 9116 27th at
Medora Johnson 6.8. 2848 Elvand rd. ».e.
Champ Briggs. 51. 409 Eye si. s.e.
Maiy Collins. 5(1, .822 M. pi. sw
Norman Longus. 48. Gallineer Hospital.
Augustus Barnett. 45. Galllnger Hospital.
Esther Jenkins. 45. Freedmen’s Hospital.
Ernest Cromwell. 42. Galllnger Hospital.
Elijah Alexander. .88. Galllnger Hospital.
Delano Bell. 5. Freedmen's Hospital.
Infant Beamon. Galllnger Hospital.
I ■ ■
Fickle Fish Studied.
Because the fish around the coasts of
the Irish Free State have contracted
the habit of moving away from the
industry at critical times the entire
question Is to be investigated by the
authorities in Dublin. Although there
are enough flah to supply a much
larger population, the Industry Is lag
ging. and large supplies are imported
from England.
TRADE MARK Large and $
1 Attractive
of Every Description
«/ Public Auction
at SLOAN’S j
715 13th St. !
December 6th, 1937
at 10 A.M.
C. G. Sloan A Co., Inc., Auets.
Established 1891. \
Throat Raw
And Sore?
If you hove o tore throat due to
cold and wont a root relief quickly,
don t take chances on old-fashioned
gargles or surfoce ‘ remedies. Take
Thoxine, the famous internal throat
medicine that so many families are
now using. The very first swallow
starts relief, soreness it soothed ell
the woy down, it then acts thru the
system; often in a few minutes you
. can swallow without pain. And for
a cough caused by an irritated throat
there it nothing better, it usually stops
at once. Your doctor will approve the
ingredients, all ore listed an the car
ton. Wonderful for children, toe. luy
Thoxine. 35e, 60c, $1.00. All Drug
- - _i
You’ll never know how she longs for
the luxury of lounging in these soft,
warm bedroom slippers—the kind she
wants, but somehow never seems to
buy for herself. They’re the gayest
touch you can add to her holiday 4
tempo. *
i d
X; j •
LOLL (a) in royal blue, wine or rich, black i
velvet, $3.50. DUCHESS (b) glittering
beauty in black satin, silver kid instep trim,
$5.25. D’ORSAYS (c) smart corduroy in
French blue, peach or black with warm
woolen collars, $3.25.
( '•
\ i |
Three-piece Sterling
Toilet Set,‘35
Sparkling beauty in silver makes an unmatched
gift of lifetime pleasure. These three pieces
have a very simple but attractive design, with
place on each piece for monogram. Set includes
graceful, modern-shaped mirror, comb, and brush.
Fike Jewelry, First Floo
jjt&y •* * v
n*,tfW** •
+ V »
Comforts, s975
These beautiful comforts are very light in
weight, yet the unusually large amount of
fine quality down will keep you warm
through the Winter. Covered in attractive
cotton cambric, with printed floral pattern
center and plain-colored borders.
Blaiotts and Bedding, Second Floor.
80 Attractive
Coffee Tables
$ 11 ^ Regularly fl6

This table will be a welcome gift to any one's
home. Beautiful mahogany finish, glass
top tray, and styled to fit in with nearly oil
types of furniture. This "present" has a i
big future, but the quantity is limited ot this J
special price. 1
Pubnitu**, Sixth Ploob.
. •>
50 Personalized
Christmas Cards
I x
Your name on the cards, your choice of
28 styles, your opportunity to say "Merry
Christmas" inexpensively with a very per
sonal touch.
Stations**, Aisles 2 and 6, Pidst Flooh.
1,000 Beautiful
Living Room
Pillows, $l35 uz
Put a little color in your living room with these gay
pillows made of rayon and cotton damask. Some
are finished with fringes, corduroy edge, or heavily
welted cord. Wide range of colors from which to
choose. Come in today—quantity is limited.
Curtains and Draeeries, Seventh Floor.
Two Day Special
Friday and Saturday
100 Fruit Baskets
$*V45 Regularly
A beoutiful gift for a sick friend Of an excellent way
of saying "Bon Voyage." An attractively woven
basket heaped high with many kinds of fruits, in
attractive design.
The Food Shop, Fifth Floor.
Special—Seamless Wool
Broadloom Carpet Rugs
A limited quantity of texture-type wool rugs made of a
combination of straight and twist pile. Scarcely shows foot $ T ^^.75
prints, extremely durable. Choice of rose, tobacco brown, *7
sage green, and claret. Regularly $49.75
^ High-grade sheen-type washed wool broadloom with beau
Ml tiful highlights in the lustrous surface. Ideal for bed rooms $ O ^V50
(A an<^ French-type rooms. These are sample and trial rugs,
most of them being only one of a kind. Choice of six colors. Regularly $125
Rues, Firm Fuxa.

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