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Rev. Ralph W. Loew Arrives
to Assume Duties as
Assistant Pastor.
The annual every-member visitation
and the introduction of the new as
sistant pastor will feature services
of the Lutheran Church of the Refor
mation tomorrow. At 11 art). Dr.
Oscar F. Blackwelder. pastor, will
speak on “The Kingdom” and will
commission nearly 175 congregational
visitors. Dr. John Weidley, pastor
emeritus, will introduce the new as
sistant pastor, the Rev. Ralph W.
Loew, who arrived in Washington this
Week to begin his work.
At 10 a m. in the adult department
of the Sunday school Harry Hodges,
executive secretary of the Board of
Ministerial Pensions and Relief of j
the United Lutheran Church, will ■
The evening service begins at 7:45,
with the musical prelude by Henry
Bruning, guest organist. At 8 o'clock
Dr. Blackwelder's sermon subject in
the pre-Christmas series will be “The
World When Jesus Came and Now”
The Luther Leagues meet at 6:45.
The Adult League will have a guest
speaker from the Bureau of Investiga
tion. The Young People's League
will be led by Miss Cathaleen Scott,
discussing "My Responsibility for
Community W'elfare.” The Senior
League will debate on “Resolved, That
one should delay choosing his life
w'ork until he has completed high
school.” The Intermediate League
will have an “Indian Council Fire :
Demonstration” program and lessons
from it.
The Church Council will meet on
Tuesday evening.
Saturday afternoon, from 4 to 6,
a silver tea will be held at the home
of Mrs. Merle Cain, 1323 Hemlock
street NiW., with Miss Jessie Thomas,
missionary to India, as speaker and
Mr. Loew as special guest.
The Weidley Players, the young
people's dramatic club, will present
Thursday evaning three one-act plays
In the parish nail.
- ■ -> -
Dr. Carl C. Rasmussen to Preach
at Luther Place Memorial
Dr. Carl C. Rasmussen, pastor at
Luther Place Memorial Churrh, will
preach at the 11 o'clock service to
morrow on "If Christ Came to Church
Today.” The choir will feature Ad
vent music by Handel.
The Intermediate Luther League
will consider ‘‘Great Madonnas” un
der the leadership of Miss Eleanor
Schulte at 6 p.m.
The Rev. Edgar D. Ziegler, assistant
pastor, will speak on "Peace Move
ments” at the Senior Luther League
meeting at 7 o'clock.
Capt. Walter J. Peterson, legisla
tive representative of the Ship Owners
of the Pacific, will speak to the Young
People's Fellowship Tuesday evening.
The Rev. Edward O. Clark, pastor
of the Chevy Chase Baptist Church,
will give a brief communion medita
tion on “The Pointing Finger” in the
series of sermons based on ‘‘John's
Portrait of the Master,” at the 11
o'clock service tomorrow. The ordi
nance of the Lord's supper will be
observed and new members received.
Rabbi Abram Simon of Washington
Hebrew Congregation will be the guest
speaker at the 8 o'clock community
service tomorrow.
The Rev. W. Harold Snape of the
Goodwill Industries will speak at
the service Thursday at 7:45 p.m.
In the absence of the pastor, who will
.attend the meetings of the Council
on Finance and Promotion of the
Northern Baptist Convention in Chi
cago next week.
Christian fcndeavor
District Union will meet Monday
night at Eastern Presbyterian Church.
A Seth Parker program will be pre
A missionary contest is being started
by the District Union. The missionary
superintendent, Bernice Coate. 1923
Eighteenth street S.E., is in charge.
Eastern Presbyterian will have as
guest tomorrow evening Miss Helen
Lyon, who will show her motion pic
ture, “Glimpses of Syria, Greece and
the Holy Land.”
Memorial United Brethren on Wed
nesday evening will present in the
parish house for welfare work “Not
as Black as They Painted Him” and
novelty numbers.
Wallace Memorial seniors tomorrow
evening will start a series of three
meetings on "The Personality of
Jesus.” The leaders will be Dorothy
Allen. Josephine Davis and Rita Lentz.
The intermediates will also begin a
series of three meetings on “Gifts of
God.” The first discussion will be
Region No. 2 of the International
Society will convene here January 14,
15 and 16. The local committee will
meet tomorrow afternoon at 2948
Northampton street N.W.
Intermediate Union will meet Fri
day evening at Ninth Street Christian
Church. The Rev. Mr. Basom, assist
ant pastor of Albright Memorial
Evangelical, will speak.
Covenant-First and Sherwood Pres
byterian intermediates will have con
secration meetings tomorrow evening.
The topic at the former is “Why Is
the Bible Worth Knowing?” and Dr.
A. J. McCartney will speak. Dorothy
Werth will lead at Sherwood.
Northminster Presbyterian inter
mediates will discuss “Crime in the
World Today,” with Peggy Lovells
Other intermediate topics and lead
ers are; National City Christian,
"Why Is the Bible Worth Knowing?”
Winona Barger; Takoma Park Pres
byterian. "Choosing Friends,” Betty
Wood; Sixth Presbyterian. "Means of
Living,” Harriet Burton; Potomac
Heights Community, Russell Barns;
Junior high group of Sixth Presby
terian. Marion Hamilton.
Westminster Presbyterian ■eniors
will have a consecration meeting to
morrow evening. Tbpic is "How May
We Win?” Winifred Reeves will
apeak on "Striving With Christ”;
Charles Sake wits on "Striving for
Christ,” and the Rev. Mr. Porter on
“Trusting in Christ.”
! Baptist.
The Sunday School Superintendents
Association of the District of Columbia
Convention will be entertained in thii
church Monday. Special gospel serv
ices will begin tomorrow and be con
ducted each evening, except Monday
throughout the week. The Rev. T. E
Boorde will conduct the services.
West Washington.
The communion message tomorrow
at 11 a m. is "The Need for Christ.’
Solo by George Harold Miller, baritone
At 8 p.m. the Rev. C. B. Austin will
speak on "Why Make a New Effort tc
win the World to Christ?’'
The Senior B. Y. P. U. will conduct
the service Thursday evening.
The church and school are making
preparations for the thirteenth White
Christmas pageant, "The Birthday
Festival,” to be presented Sunday eve
ning, December 19, under the direction
of Supt. Robert L. Haycock.
* Wisconsin Avenue.
The Rev. Homer Stanley Morgan
retired minister of New York City, will
be the guest prpacher tomorrow morn
ing and speak on»"The Potter and the
Clay.” - *.
The Rev. Len F. Stevens, pastor oi
Kendall Baptist Church, will conduct
revival services in the evening and
preach on "Giving God a Chance.”
Takoma Park.
"Life. Lost and Found" will be the
subject of a sermon by the Rev. Wil
liam E. La Rue tomorrow morning
This will be followed by the observ
ance of communion. In the evening
the monthly songfest will be held, an
evening given wholly to music as led
by members of the senior choir and
the young people's chorus.
The annual turkey dinner will be
served by the Ladies’ Aid Society
Thursday, from 5 to 7 p.m.
Jerusalem (Colored.) __
The church will observe men’s day
tomorrow at 11 a m. Dean Benjamin
E. Mays of Howard University will be
the guest speaker; 3:30 p.m.. the young
men’s chorus of the Friendship Bap
tist Church will sing; 8 p.m., Col. West
Hamilton will deliver an address tc
the men and the B. Y. P. U. chorus
will render music.
Mount Bethel (Colored).
Dr. K. W. Roy will preach at 11 a m
on "The Wedding in the Sky."
3 p.m., communion service; 8 p.m.,
preaching; prayer meeting, Tuesday
night: young folks’ meeting, Thurs
day night.
Good Will (Colored).
Dr. James L. Pinn will preach in
the morning on "The Lamp of Our
Feet." In the evening his subject will
be "The Inner Circle.” Communion
will be served at this service.
Zion. Southwest (ColoredI<
The pastor preaches Sunday morn
ing on “The Three R's of Religion'
and at night on "The Man Who
Played God.” the second message ir
the series, "Biblical Biographies."
At the midweek service Thursday
night the Rev. Mr. Edwards will open
a series of discussions on "The Church
Capitol view (Colored).
The Rev. J. Clarke Griffin will
preach at 11 a m. on "The Last Sup
per.” Communion service at 3:30
when new members will be received
Evening service at 7:30. Subject,
Vermont Avenue (Colored).
The Rev. C. T. Murray will continue
the series of sermons tomorrow morn
ing and evening. At 11 a m. will
preach on "The Strategy of the Chris
tian Religion—It Has a Living Com
forter." At 8 p.m. the subject will be
“The Channels Through Which the
Devil Works—Lewd Women.” The
Rev. T. Ewell Hopkins, director of the
junior church, will preach at 11:20
Second (Colored.)
Dr. J. L. S. Holloman will preach at
11 a m. on "Christianity and World
Conditions” and in the evening on
“Zacharias and Elizabeth.”
Third (Colored).
Dr. George O. Bullock's topic at 11
a m. is "The Life of Two Worlds” and
at 8 p.m., "The Trials of a Christian
Metropolitan (Colored).
Dr. W. L. Darby, executive secre
tary of the Washington Federation of
Churches, will speak tomorrow night
on “The Church for Our Time.”
Friendship (Colored.)
"The Lord s Prayer” will be the
subject of the Rev. B. H. Whiting to
morrow at 11 a m. The Rev. J. T.
Magee will speak at 8 p.m.
Third. "
The Rev. George Oliver Taylor, di
rector of religious education, Rich
mond. Va., will be the guest preacher
tomorrow at 11 a m., when the Lord’s
Supper will be observed. The pastor,
the Rev. C. N. Williams, w-ill pre
side. "The Coat of Many Colors,”
a play, w-ill be presented at 8 p.m.,
followed by a social.
Fifteenth Street.
Women’s day will be observed at
both services Sunday. In the morn
ing the Rev. Leslie L. Bowers will
bring a message on “The Church on
the March.” At the evening service
Mrs. Vergie Reckeweg, president of
the Women's Council, will preside and
the entire service will be in charge
of the women of the church. The
guest speaker will be Mrs. F. W.
Norris. The junior choir will sing al
both services.
A meeting of the Official Board^vil]
be held Tuesday at 8 p.m.
People’s (colored).
The second sermon of the advent
series will be presented tomorrow
morning by the Rev. A. F. Elmes or
“A Tribute to John the Baptist.”
Holy communion will be observed.
“Can One Be Honest at All Times?’
will be discussed by the older youth
fellowship at 6:30 p.m. The ’Teen
age Fellowship meets at 5 o’clock.
The church will hold election ol
officers next Thursday night. Th«
choir has charge of arrangements foi
the social.
Plymouth (Colored).
The Rev. Arthur D. Gray will preach
on “How to Face Suffering.” Th<
Helping Circle will meet at 6 p.m
today. The minister’s class in New
Testament interpretation will meel
Thursday at 8 p.m.
Augustan a.
Dr. Arthur O. Hjelm will preach to
morrow at 11 a.m. at 2400 Sixteenth
atreet N.W,
Services tomorrow at 7:30 and 11
am. The Rev. J. J. Queally will
preach. Corporate holy communion
for men and boys of the parish. The
Young People's Society will meet at
7:30 p.m.
St. Luke's (Colored).
There will be a festival celebration
of the holy communion tomorrow at 11 ,
a m. with sermon by the rector, the
Rev. J. E. Elliot. Holy communion is
at 7 a.m. and confirmation class at 10
Wednesday at 8 p.m. the Daughters
of the King will meet following eve
ning prayer service and address by the
Bishop James E. Freeman will visit
the parish on December 26 at 11 a m.
Candidates for confirmation should
meet the rector on Sunday mornings
or Wednesday after'-service.
Methodist Episcopal.
Lincoln Road.
The Rev. Reginald H. Stone will give
a communion meditation on “Our
Need of Christ” at 11 a m., after which
the holy communion will be admin
istered. At 7 p.m. there will be a
moving picture entitled “The Alley
Program” as carried on by the Wom
an's Council of the Washington Fed
eration of Churches. The sermon
topic at 8 p.m. will be “The Light of
His Coming in Prophecy.” Special
Christmas singing will begin with this
hour of worship.__
Calvary M. E. South.
The Rev. W. D. Keene will make a
short communion talk at 11 o’clock on
"The Church as the Lamb’s Bride,”
another in the series of sermons the
pastor has been preaching on the
church. At 7:30 the young people will
meet. At 8 p.m. the subject will be
“Jacob, the Man Whose Name Was
Changed," another in the series of
sermons the pastor is preaching on
“O. T. Characters."
On Tuesday # evening the Board of
Stewards will meet. On Thursday eve
ning the pastor will talk On “The Won
drous Union of Christ and Hls Peo
ple.” The first talk in this series will
be an illustration from the vegetable
kingdom. After the prayer meeting
there will be a meeting of the Board of
Christian Education.
Chevy Chase.
The Rev. Edward G. Latch will give
a communion day message at the 11
o'clock service.
There will be a meeting of the
Mothers’ Club Tuesday night at the
home of Mrs. Rigel O. Belt. 6505
Meadow lane N.W., when a Christmas
program will be given.
I**-^*j vwiiunuiiiuu o.u xi a .in. v^uin- ;
munion meditation by the Rev. S E !
j Rose on “Perfect Deeds.” Young Peo
| pie's League conducts its devotional
| service at 7 p.m. After an informal
song service, in which all will take
part, the Rev, Mr. Rose will speak
briefly on “Mistaken Magnitudes.”
Midweek service at 8 p.m. Thursday
with address by the Rev. Mr. Rose.
Concord-Cabin John.
‘‘The Authority of Jesus” will be
the subject of the Rev. Frank Ed
wards Sutch at Concord. Sunday
school at 2:15 p.m.: church service
at 3 p.m. At Cabin John. Sunday
school at 10:15 a.m.; church service
at 8 p.m.
St. Paul M. E. South.
The sacrament of the Lord's sup
per will be administered tomorrow at
11 a.m. At 8 p.m.. the Rev. William
F. Locke will preach on "The Mas
ter Gardener.” Edward Yerak will I
lead the meeting of the young people's
division at 7:15 p.m.
The Rev. Horace E Cromer an
nounces as his subject Sunday morn
ing. “Tydirfgs of Great Joy” and in
the evening “A Mandate.” The choir
will present a program.
Holy communion tomorrow at 11
a.m., with the Rev. Allen F. Poore
officiating. At 8 p.m. the Rev. O. W.
Brittingham. minister in Alexandria.
Va. will preach; 11 a.m., junior
church: 6:30, intermediate league; 7
pm., Epwor'h League: Tuesday, 5 to
7:30 p.m,. turkey dinner bv the Ladies'
Guild; Wednesday, 7:30 Sunday
School Board: Thursday, 7:30 p.m.,
prayer meeting.
Holy communion will be observed
at 11 a m. tomorrow. At 7 p.m. the
Epworth League will be led by Pearl
Anholt. At 7:45. Miss Emma Louise
Thompson will give an organ recital
and at 8 p.m. Dr. Ennis will give the
second in a series of sermons on "Some
Pertinent Questions. 2. What Is
Thy Name?” Wednesday and Thurs
day the Ladies' Guild will hold its
annual turkey dinner and bazaar.
Israel C. M. E.
At the 11 o'clock service the Rev.
E. F. Howard will speak oq ‘‘Truth In
Tears.” At 6:30 p.m. the senior choir,
under direction of Alston Burleigh, will
give a song recital. Soloists will be
Miss Roberta McLemgre, soprano; ■
Miss Velma McEwen. contralto; J.
O. Holmes, tenor. Spirituals by H.
T. Burleigh and Hall Johnson will be
Ebenezer A. M. E.
At 11 a m. sermon by Dr. Charles H.
Wesley, presiding elder of the Poto
mac District of the Baltimore Con
ference; 6:30 p.m., A. C. E. League;
8 p.m., sermon by the Rev. J. T. Bailey
on "Devout Forgetting.” Holy com
munion will be observed at both serv
ices. Third quarterly conference
Monday, 8 p.m.
Jones Memonal (Colored.)
At 11 a.m., holy communion and
sermon by Dr. Julius S. Carroll. At
7 p.m., the Epworth League and junior
choir will be the guests of the Grace
M. E. Church, Fairmont Heights, Md.
Miles Memorial C. M. E.
Holy communion will be observed at
11 a.m. The Rev. L. Q. Brown will
discuss “Life’s Upper Room,” and at
8 p.m., “Communion With Christ."
Official board meeting Monday night.
Praise service Wednesday night.
Metropolitan A. M. E.
The Rev. J. C. Beckett, will preach
tomorrow morning on “Ecco Homo”
and at 8 p,m. on “T^e Fourth Com
mandment.” Holy communion will be
administered at both services.'
Metropolitan Wesley A. M. E. Z.
The Rev. David Cecil Lynch to
morrow will administer holy com
munion. The Rev. A. A. Crooke,
presiding elder, will preach at the
morning and evening services. At
the 3:30 o’clock service the Rev. A.
Joseph Edwards, minister of Zion Bap
tUt Church, will preach. The choir
from his church will provide the
music. Monday evening will be quar
terly conference.
John Wesley A. M. E. Z.
“The Kinsmen of Jesus” Is the
topic tomorrow morning of the Rev.
S. G. Spottswood. At 8 p.m., the
Cathedral Choir will be assisted by
the Tempo Choral Society. Dr. W.
Scott- Mayo will be installed as min
uter of music. Christian Endeavor
is at 6:30 p.m.
Methodist Protestant.
Congress Street.
The Harrison Bible Class will meet
tomorrow at 9:45 a.m. William H.
HarrUon, president, will preside. Fred
E. Phillippi will have charge of the
lesson. Dr. Hirl A. Kester, pastor,
will be the guest speaker. The les
son theme is “ChrUtian Rest.” All
men are welcome.
Dr. Kester will preach at 11 a.m.
on “The Third Day He Rose Again
From the Dead,” and at 8 p.m., on
“The Enigma.” Mrs. Fred Dondreas
class will sponsor thU service.
Lewis Memorial.
The “life-changing” crusade, under
the leadership of Mrs. Coretta Mason,
evangelist, will continue another week.
Services will be held each evening,
except Saturday, at 8 o'clock. The
morning service tomorrow will be in
honor of the officers and teachers of
the Sunday school, the members of the
Official Board and the officers of the
Christian Endeavor Society and the
Ladies’ Auxiliary.
Garden Memorial.
At the morning worship the Rev.
Philip Goertz will speak on “Ourselves
As We Are.” The sacraments of bap
tism and communion will be observed.
The young people will meet at 6:30
in the hall.
In the evening the pastor is ex
changing pulpits with the Rev. Glenn
F. Faucett of the East Washington
Heights Baptist Church. Mr. Faucett
will lead the devotional music with
the musical saw. His theme is “The
Growth of Christian Personality."
Ministers to Meet.
The Presbyterian Ministers’ Asso
ciation of Washington and vicinity
will meet in the New York Avenue
Presbyterian Church Monday at 11
a m. Mrs. Alfred Lowry will deliver
an address on “International Con
Westminster Memorial.
The Rev. Harry V. Porter will con
duct the morning worship and ad
minister the sacrament of the Lord's
supper. The communion meditation
will be “God's Way Into Our Hearts.”
At the evening worship service he
will continue the short series of talks
on “Heroic Prophets.” with second.
"Jeremiah the Patient Prophet.”
Morning worship at 11 o'clock.
Text: “The People Refuseth the
Waters of Shiloah That Go Softly,”
and at 8 p.m., “Let Me Go Back to
My Own Country.” The Rev. Henry
B. Wooding will speak at both serv
ices. •
On Sunday evening, December 12,
the annual sermon on the "Potter
and the Clay" will be given.
The sacrament of the Lord's supper
will be celebrated tomorrow morning.
New members will be received. The
pastor will give a meditation on
"Christian Simplicity." In the eve
ning the sermon will be “The Balances
of God." The choir will be supple
mented by the men's chorus.
Dr. T. H. MacLeod will speak on
"Jesus, the Carpenter," at the 11
o'clock service. The Men's Bible
Class will present as guest speaker at
the 6 o'clock vesper the Rev. Walter
F. Wolf of Clarendon. Va. John Mc
Duffie. president of the class, will pre
side. For the midweek prayer services
Thursday at 7:30 a series of discus
sions will be had on the subject,
"Faith and Life."
Wallace Memorial United.
Dr. C. E. Hgwthorne will preach at
the 11 a m. service on "A Survev of
the Christian Life." At 8 p.m. there
will be another singing of gospel
hymns from lantern slides, with brief
messages interspersed by the minister.
Services will b^ held at 1316 Ver
mont avenue N.W. at 11 a m. and 8
p.m. In the morning the Rev. Leslie
W. Sloat will speak on "Unto Messiah
the Prince ’ and in the evening will
continue the studies in Galatians.
Midweek service on Thursday eve
ning. This church is affiliated with
the Presbyterian Church of America
Peck Memorial Chapel.
The Rev. Irving W. Ketchum will
preach Sunday morning on "The New
KinS’s First Concern." "The Old Cap
tain ’ is the sermonet for children.
The annual Christmas party of the
jjfuhtr §>ftgttfp
First Divine Science Church
Conn. Ave. at De Sales.
11 am.—“Saints and Sinners.** |
Thurs.. 8 pm.—“The Healing Con
Rev. Grace Lightfoot Patch. Minister.
of India S
The Way of Joy
December 5. 1937. 8 P M.
gjjgflflPpfrg ^
& Key of the Mysteries
'j John W. McGuire
Sunday, Dec. 5, 8 P.M.
Sun., 6:30 P.M.—Christian Mystie Bible
Class; Fri.. 8 P.M.. Axiomatic Class.
1216 H St. N.W.
Ladies' Aid will be given Wednedfey
At the young people’s service, 6:45
p.m., the new officer* will be installed.
Fifteenth Street (colored).
Dr. H. B. Taylor will have for hla
subject Sunday, 11 a m., ’’Sharing the
Joy of Our Lord." At 10:30 the
Bible Class of the Sunday school will
unveil a bronze tablet on the door
of the classroom in memory of the
late Dr. Francis J. Grimke. Music
by the choir.
Other Services.
Divine Science.
‘‘Saints and Sinners’’ is the subject
of the lesson-sermon by the Rev.
Grace Lightfoot Patch tomorrow at
11 am. at the Grafton Hotel. On
Thursday at 8 p.m. her subject will
be ‘‘The Healing Consciousness."
Salvation Army.
Meetings tomorrow are:
Washington No. 1 Corps, 60fi E
street N.W., 11 a m. and 8 p.m., Maj.
and Mrs. Henry S. Wilkins
Washington No. 2 Corps, 1501 Sev
enth street N.W., 11 a m., Adjt. Mau
rice Smith; 8 p.m., Brig. James Rob
Off »
Washington No. 3 Corps, 733 Eighth
street S. E.; 11 a m. and 7:45 p.m.,
Capt. C. William Jaynes.
Washington No 4 Corps, 1075 Jef
ferson street N.W.; 11 am. and 8
p.m., Capt. Jackson Martin.
Washington No. 5 Corps, 715 I
street NE.; 11 am. and 8 p.m., Capt.
Eva Graham.
Men’s Social Service Department,
528 First street N.W.; 11 am., Adjt.
Albert E. Baldwin.
Potomac Heights Community.
“The Heart of the Church” will be
the subject of the sermon by the
Rev. O. J. Randall tomorrow at 11
a m. The Sunday School Board will
meet Tuesday evening at the church
and the Bible Study Class will meet
at the parsonage Wednesday evening.
The preacher at the community
service' Sunday will be Dr. Edgar C.
Beery, presiding elder of the M. E.
Church. South, in this area. Dr. Dod
son of Maryland University will pre
side at the service and will also have
charge of the Sunday school, which
meets at 9:30. Both are held in the
The Mizpah Church of Spiritual
Science will hold its service at Pythian
Temple on Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Ad
dress on •'Mediumship” by Dr. Z. A.
Wright. Messages by Dr. Wright, Dr. I
Mercpr, Dr. McFarland. Dr. Frederick,
the Rev. Evans and Dr. Mansfield.
Open Door Church.
The pastor will continue the study '
i of "The Faith-Life of Abraham” to- '
i morrow and at night there will be 1
i a social lecture. The Rev. Homer ;
j Stanley Morgan of the Christian Mis- I
| sion of Churetaless Communities will
| speak. He will illustrate his lecture
; by the use of slides. This service will i
be at 7:30.
Unity Spiritualist.
Earnest A. Grant will be the guest
speaker at the services Sunday eve- j
ning, speaking on “America's Destiny.”
First Brethren.
The Rev. Homer A. Kent will preach
at 11 o'clock on "The Greatest Name ,
in the World’ and at 7:45 p.m. an
evangelistic theme. The young peor
pie’s groups meet at 6:45 p.m. The
midweek service will be held at 8
p m. Wednesday, with the pastor in i
charge. The pastor’s Bible Class j
w ill meet at 7 p.m. the same evening.
Union Revival.
The Washington-wide union re
vival is being held at 808 I street N.W.
with services tomorrow at 2 pm. and
STrut 3Jrrusalrm
n 45 O 1 oth Above O N.W.
li-M.m8 ... . 1°—Arcana Class
11.00 a.m.—Worship. Sermon • Faith. ’
free Lrndinir Library
_Pastor. Rev. Paul Sfterrr
Cor. IRth and S St*. N.W
Rev. Frederic W. Perkin*. D. D.
10:in Church School and Adult Forum
11:00—Service of Worship.
"The Life-Giving Christ.*
National Capital Choir
Jessie Master*. Oirrrtor
H. Jerome Graham. Organist
7 p.m. The evangelist* and pastor*
who will assist are: The Rev. Tillman
R. Braddy. the Rev. Sandy S. Story,
the Rev. William Massey, the Rev.
George J. Cannon, the Rev. Dan C.
Johnson, the Rev. L. R. Gaines, the
Rev. Charles Neff and a number of
laymen who will continue to assist in
the revival meetings. The revival
is held each Sunday until January 16.
Yogoda Society.
Brahmachari Jotln of Calcutta,
India, will speak on “The Way of
Joy” tomorrow evening at 1758 Co
lumbia road N.W. The class in the
study of the Bhagavad Cita will meet
in the chapel Thursday evening at
8 p.m.
French Services.
"L'Appel” will be the subject of the
sermon by Rev. A. F. Liotard at the
French service at the New York Ave
nue Presbyterian Church tomorrow
at 4 o'clock. The “Foyer Francais,”
for persons whose native language is
French, will meet in the parish hall
Tuesday evening.
Biblical Research Society.
The Washington branch of the
Biblical Research Sociefy will meet
at the Washington City Church of
the Brethren tomorrow at 3:30 pm.
Any one interested in Jewish
evangelization will be welcomed.
Christian Reincarnation.
Dr. H. H. Burr will lecture on
‘Materializations” at the 7:30 serv
ice tomorrow at 717 Eleventh street
N.W. Marguerite Beighton, author
and poet, will give a short inspira- i
tional address on “Tile Psychic Mis- !
sion of Women.”
Church of the Brethren.
At 11 a m. Dr. Warren D. Bowman
will speak on “Overcoming Tempta
tion.” At 8 p.m. he will continue his
series of sermons for young people on
home building. The subject will be
"The Engagement.” At the meeting
of the Young People's Department at
6:40 the subject of "Chasing a Life
Mate” will be discussed.
Christian Science.
"God the Only Cause and Creator"
is the subject of the lesson-sermon
tomorrow. The golden text is from
Psalms, xix.1-3: "The heavens de
clare the glory of God; and the firma
ment sheweth his handywork. There
is no speech nor language, where
their voice is not heard."
Among the citations which com
prise the lesson-sermon Is the follow
ing from the Bible: "The Lord shall
reign for ever, even thy God. O Zion,
unto all generations. Praise ye the
Lord." <Psalms, cxlvi.10.)
Church of Two Worlds.
"What Can Spiritualism Do for Me
as an Individual?" will be the subject
of the Rev. H. Gordon Burroughs to
morrow night at the Hotel Conti
nental. New members who joined
the church during November will be
received. At the Wednesday evening
meeting the minister will give a lec
ture. followed by spiritual healing and
A bazaar and Christmas sale will
be held Saturday at the Soldiers,
Sailors and Marines' Club. Eleventh
and L streets N.W.. from 10 a.m. to
10 p.m.
Healing Services.
The Prayer Circle of the Christian
Healing Mission will meet in the
Southern General Assembly
16th and Irving Sts. N.W.
Rev. James H. Taylor, D. D*, Pastor
9:n0i.m.—Sunday School.
1 I :00 a.m.—Sermon by DR. TAYLOR.
5:00 p.m.—Westminster Leacue.
7 :00 p.m.—Christian Endeavor.
S OO p.m.—Sermon bv DR. TAYLOR._
Church of the Pilgrims
On the Parkway at
*r*nd and P Sts. N.W.
Gift of the Presbyterians of the
South to the Nation’s Capital. |
Rev. Andrew R. Bird. D. D.. Minister j
Divine Worship. 11 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. j
L -fit!:* Sililfo',. • *
- 13th and Fairmont Sts. N.W.
James H. Miers, Minister
11 on s m.«“'S»cramfnlsl Service."
s < Broadcast Over WOL at 11:30)
S:0(> p.m.—“InrreduUty and As
M surance.”
Sixteenth and
^ L* Kennedy St». N.W.
11 A.M.
Holy Communion
(Reception of Members)
7:45 p.m —
“What Men Live By”
Mrs. Edwin M. Brown.
(Founded 1780)
P Street near 31st Street N.W.
9:45 a m.—Church School.
11:00 a.m.—Morning Worship.
5:30 p.m —Junior C. E.
6:45 p.m.—Intermediate and Senior
1906 H St. N.W.
Rev. 3. Harvey Dunham, D. D.,
9:30 a m.—Church School.
11:00 a m.—Communion Service.
7:OOp.m.—The Young People's Hour.
8:00 p m.—The Evening Service Men
Singers. Sermon: "The Bal
ances of God."
Md. Ave. & Sixth St. N.E.
Alfred E. Barrows, D. D„ Pastor
11:00 a m.—"The Inner Detente."
9:30 a.m.—Bible School,
i 7:45 p.m.—“The Wonder of the Book."
I6tb and Newton Sta.
Rev. Bernard Braskamp, D. D., Minister
9:45 a.m.—Church School.
11:00 a.m.—Sermon by Dr. Braskamp.
6:15 p.m.—Young People's Fellowship
Wed.. 8 p m.—Women's Guild.
Thurs.. 8 p.m.—Church Night Service.
13th and H and N. Y. Ave.
9:30a.m.—Church Bible School.
11:00 a.m.—“DOUBTS OR DOG
' MAS?”
6:45 p.m.—Christian Endeavor So
8:00 p.m.—"WHY STUDY THE
New York Avenue Church
New York Ave.. 1.3th and H Sts. N.W.
A. F. Liotard. Pasteur de la Congregation
Dlamanche a 4 h.. “I/Appel.’*
^ Chew Chase Circle
Dr. J. Hillman Hollister. Minister.
9:30 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. and 12 noon—
. Church School
9:45 a.m.—The Clyde Kelly Bible Class.
—Communion Service.
»:QO p.m.—Young People's Supper.
Conn. Ave. at 18th A N Sts. N.W.
Dr. Albert Joseph McCartney,
Morning Worship, 11 a.m.
A series of sermons
"How and Where to Find God”
4—“How Shall I Know When I
Have Found Him?”
Sunday School for All Departments at
9:46 a.m.
Rhode Islond Ave. at22nd St.N.E.
3 Church Services
Each Sunday at
• A.M., 11 A.M. and S P.M. Sunday School at 9:45.
n A
- —-I
P»rl*h hall of the Church of St.
Stephen and the Incarnation Tuesday
at 10:30 a m. "Religion for Mind and
Body,” a book on life adjustment by
John Bunting, will be studied. The
meeting will conclude with prayers
lor the sick.
Christian Witness League.
The Rev. Arthur G. Slaght will be
the speaker pt the 4 p.m. vesper
service and Bible Study Class tom or*
row at 1322 Vermont avenue N.W.
The prayer meeting will be held at
8 p.m. Monday at 1829 Sixteenth
street N.W. The Rev. Mr. Slaght will
_ (Enma v
The White Cro** Church of Christ
1810 Ontario Place N.W.
Divine Services Sunday. Nov. ”8
1 1 a.m. All Welcome
"The Word of God"
Wf.dn.fH „**y. Hyaline and Problem Hour.
iS hour SubiecF:m ' Pr°blem aIld Heal‘
. DEAD.”
l?vinS?a«; ” ,D‘E?“ Healinr by the
la>ihs on of liandv and Special Praters
for Prosperity and Peace.
DR. COATES can be reached Col. r>2'’7. •
Httitrb prrslujtrrtau
New Hampshire Ave.
Cr Randolph St. N.W.
C. E. Hawthorne, D. D., Minister
11a m.—-A Survey of the Christian
8 p.m.—Gospel Singing from Lantern
fUrthflftist iipisrnjial
— --- - -
HUtfrobist Epiarnpal
% Mount Vernon Place J
|| Massachusetts A ve. at Ninth St. N.W. ?|
g DR JOHN W. RUSTIN. Pastor.
% 9:30 a.m.— Sunday School.
fa 11 *-00 a.m.—'“Prepare Ye the Way”
£ 8:00 p.m.—"Pay Day.”
7:30 p.m.—Orsan Recital by Deane
Etmtigrliatlr (Erttlrr
The Full Gospel
North Capitol and K Sta.
\ Revival Services close
Sunday night.
Rev. Megna will preach
at 11 a.m and 7 .in pm.
Sunday School. P::sn a.m.
Tues. 7.43 p.m.—Young
1 People.
Wed., 7:45 p m.—Preach
Fr: . 7:30 p.m. — Bible
i Study.
B. E. MAHAN, Pastor.
1 Spend an hour each Sunday
mt.e in the Tabernacle Your
heart will be fed and cheered. c 2
Bible School. 10 a.m. >2
Youne People. 7 p.m. Ya
Tu*»s. ai d Fri Meetings. v p til
Dr.Clark.Fobcey,Minister $1
Piney B£Pd. At Georgia Ave.N.W Tl
mii ————
iHrthnMrit ftpteriipal
iUrthuhist fcptsrupal (Churrh
Headquarters—Methodist Building, 100 Maryland Avc. N.E.
Resident Bishop Edwin Holt Huirhe*. D. D.. LI.. D
District Superintendent. G. Ellis Williams. D. D. j
Church School in All Churches at 9:45 A.M.
Connecticut Ave. and Jorelvn St.
Rev. J. Luther Neff. Minister.
' 1 00 am—The Holy Communion.
1 1th and Lawrence Streets N F
Rev. J. M. Gillum D. D.. Minister
Worship, 1 l_a m and S_P m.
Columbia Road. Near I.Mh St. N W.
Rev. Frank Steelman. D D.. Minister.
Worship • 11 A M. ?:’.d 8 [
llfh and H St*. VP.
Rev. Clarence H. Corkran. Minister.
_Worship 11 A.M. and 8 P.M.
.’11**51 Dumbarton Ave N.W.
Rev. \V. F. Atkinson. Minister.
Worship ll A M. and 8 P.M. ___
tVi.ronsin Ave and River Rd. S'W.
Rei. Waiter M. Michael, Mtni*ter
_Worship 11 A.M. and_s p.M
IF.th and Allison Sts. N.W.
Rev H. W. Rurtan. D D.. Minister.
_Worship 11 AM._and 8 P.M.
Rev Thomas B. F.hJers. Minister.
_Worship n am. and 8 P.M
8th and Jefferson Sts. N.W.
Rev. S. Carroll Coale. .Minister.
_Worship 11 AM and s p.M._
N. 11. Ave. and Grant Circle N.W.
Rev. Robert L. Wood. Minister.
Worship 11 A.M. and S P.M.
110 Tennessee Avenue N.F.
Services 11 a m. and 7:30 pm.
10th and I> Sts. S.W.
Rev. K. n. Newell.
Worship 11 A.M. and s P.M.
5th and Penna. Ave. S.E. '
Rev. Daniel 1 Ennis. D II.. Minister.
Worship 11 A.M. ar.d S P.M.
Twentieth Street South of Tenns'l
vania Avenue.
JOHN R r.DWAROS. P P Minister.
11 am. "Life's Directions
p m. —Forum. "Peace and War**
Third and A Streets N.F.
Allan F. Poore. Minister.
1 1 on a m ' HoG Communion.”
h no pm.—Rev. O. \\. Brit tin chant.
7.30 llth Ft S.F. !
<Be*ween O and Eye'
Rer. Georce H. Rennet!. Minister.
Worship 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
fit 7 Mass. Ave. N.W.
Rev. Samuel E. Rose. R D,. Minister.
Worship 11 A.M. ar.d h F.M.
SRM Genrcia Avenue
(Silver Sprinc Maryland' )
Rev. R P. ^mit h. Th. P . Minister.
Worship 11 A M. and ,8 P.M.
11 :«>0 a m.—'"Gpttinr On With f olks.”
*00 p.m.—**A Challpneinjc Qurstion.
Metropolitan Memorial
The National Church
Nebraska and New Mexico Avenues N.W.
11:00 am.—"THf: CHRISTMAS LIGHT.”
Spiarnpal tipiantpal
Wisconsin and Massachusetts Avenues
and Woodley Road
Holy Communion 7:30 a.m.
Holy Communion and Sermon ll.Ooa.m.
Preacher. The Dean
People s Evensong end Sermon 4:00 p.m.
Preacher, the Bishop of Washington
1317 G Street N.W.
REV. 7. B. PHILLIPS. D !>.. LL. I>.
8:00 a.m.—Holy Communion.
9:30 a.m.—Church School.
11:00 a m.—Holy Communion and Ser
mon by Dr. Phillips.
8:30 p.m.—Young People's Fellowship.
8:00 p.m.—Evensong and Sermon by the
Rev. Mr. Cartmell
TL. And Resurrection
I ne nativity, Parish: E. Washington
Rer. Enoch M. Thompson. Rector,
Nativity. 7:30. <9:15>. 10. 11.
Resurrection Church School. 9 I a.
Christ's Coming—Our Salvation.
23rd Street near Washington Circle
7:30 a.m.—Holy Communion.
10:0n a.m.—Eucharist and Sermon.
8:00 p.m.—Evensong and Benediction.
Sixteenth and Newton Streets N.W
7:30. 9:30. 11:00 and 8:00 P.M.
•Thursday. 10:00 A.M
! 222 8th St. N.E.—Tel. Atl. 1716
Sunday Masses. 7:30 and 11 C -ch
school at 9:30 a.m Vespers 7:3t m.
Daily Mass 7 a.m.: Holy Hour Thurs..
8 p.m. Confessions Sat. 7-9 p.m
Qf Anfl^Aurt Foot Meridian
A^narews Park N H. & v
8:00 a.m.—Holy Communion.
9:30 a.m.—Children's Service and
11:00 a.m.—Bishop Freeman Will Preach ]
and Confirm.
Conn. Ave. and Bancroft Place.
7:.'50 a m Holy Communion.
0:30 a m—Church School
11.00 a m.—Holy Communion Tho
Rector will preach “A Closed
Bible? If So. a Closed Mind,
a Closed Heart.”
0:00 pm. Yount: People's Fellowship.
Thursday. Holy Communion at 11._
16th and H Sts.
s on a m.—Holy Communion.
0 30 a.m.—Morninc Prayer and Ser
mon. Preacher Dr. Hart !
11:00am -Holy Communion and Ser
mon Preacher Dr Har:
8:00 p m.—Evenine Prayer and Sermon
Preacher. Mr. White_
3«40 O ST. N W.
7 :‘>o a m—Holy Communion.
0:30 a.m —Church School.
11:00 a.m.—Holy Communion ind Serv
8:00 p.m.—Evenine Prayer and Sermon.
Thursday. 10:00 a.m.
All Souls’ Memorial Church
Cathedral and Cnnn. Ayes. N.W.
Rpv. H. H O STKRRETT, Rprtor.
0:45 a m.—Sunday School
11:00 a.m.—Holy Communion and Scr
7:30 p m.—Young People's Club.
8:00 p.m Musical Service._
REV. F. .?. BOHANAN, l>. I>.
The Country Church in the Cltj
Webster St. and RoeK Creek Church Rd.
Services 8:.’i0 and 11:00 a.m.
Sheridan Theater, R717 Georgia Ave.
Ch. School. 0 a.m. Morn. Service. 10 a.m.
St.‘ Thomas’ Church
18th St. Bet. P and Q
Near Dupont Circle
Rev. Howard S. Wilkinson. D. D., Rector
8:00 a m—Holy Communion
0:30 a m. and ll:no—Church School.
11:00 a.m.—Holy Communion and Ser
mon by the rector. Rev. H
S. Wilkinson.
Wednesday. 8:00 a m.: Thursday.
11:00 a.m.. Holy Communion. j
“On Capitol Hill”
Third and A Sti. S.E.
. Rev. William R. Moody, Rector
"Home-Coming Service"
11:00 a m.
All members and former members of St. Mark’s
are invited to ottend this service.
Sermon by the Rector.
Rt. Rev. Philip M. Rhinelander will give the Absolution and the Blessing.
T:.30 a.m.-—Holy Communion.
0:30 a.m.—Church School,
u 30 p.m.—Youny People's Society.
8:00 p.m.—Evening Prayer.
Thursday—Holy Communion. It a.m.

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