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4-Jtfe7 Jts
ft On/jy
\can yoi
.V Arthur Godfrey
«• fe//s you afeouf
ft: EigLt
^ Lovely Styles
jA Compact in size and beautiful
Ju. in appearance, these little
w® console pianos provide 'big
ft: piano' tone and performance.
$n your Ol<) Piano
a Act now, for after this sale,
if these terms will positively be
Hj» withdrawn; you may pay more
jjj* *f y°u wish. To insure prompt
ft® delivery, be sure and select
WL yours as early as possible,
if Listen to the Melody Men
i WJSV, Tuesdays, 2 P. M.
ft: 1231 G STREET N. W.
Tir Fronc'* X- Regan, Mgr. Open Evenings
Nature’s Children
(Phoradendron flavescens).
Oklahoma has chosen this
plant as her floral emblem.
It is a clever outdoor child
with an eye to business, and
though at Christmas she is very popu
lar, she does have ways that are rather
hard on her neighbors. She has a
partnership with the birds for trans
portation, and wherever she goes she
is not hidden from sight at any time
of the year. Removed entirely from
her host tree, the great bump that she
developed there can be seen for some
distance away. It is a wound made
by her feet as she dug them into the
branch of the tree for food.
However, there is a very romantic
legend about her, and she has the
power, when hung overhead, to make
the shy become bold and risk dis
favor by taking what is desired above
all else, when the mistletoe was pres
ent to give the neded courage.
Mistletoe is an old parasite, known
among the Scandinavians for cen
turies. There are about 400 species,
most of them tropical, and practically
all of them are grafters. In the
United States we have many varieties,
and they range from the coast of
New Jersey west and south. Their
favorite tree seems to be the gum,
though they accept with alacrity any
live foundation on which the bird
places them.
The foot of the carrier is the mode
of transference, and the young -white
berry is coated with a sticky substance
that is sufiflcient to make it hold fast
for the ride. Then the bird, annoyed
by the berry, carefully removes it upon
alighting on the tree branch. That is
what the plant needed, and it pays for
the co-operation of the bird with a
few tasty berries. The seeds always
put out their roots toward the branch.
The mistletoe is an interesting
pla-t, in that its leaves possess the
smallest number of pores for their size.
Look at the leaf under a magnifying
glass, and then compare it with an
other leaf. There are practically no
veins, the leaves being thick and
When you see the mistletoe this
Christmas, think of this legend: “Once
upon a time there was a very, very
handsome youth whose name was
Balder. He was so fair that even the
flower of purest white could not corn
par with his complexion. He had a ;
dream one night that seemed to bode j
him ill. So he told his devoted mother j
about it. She became frigthened and
went out to put every living thing un- '
der oath not to harm her son. Some
how she overloked the mistletoe.
“Loki, the one enemy Balder had,
jgHBb _ _ • _ _ _ T
New Gift Shopping Service—Gift Consultants will
aid you whether you have one or a dozen gifts to
buy ... by suggestion, by accompanying you while
you are buying, by making the purchases and re
lieving you entirely.
Adjoining Men s Clothing Section, Second Floor.
_ . I
Juniors feel the
Sweater Urge
| for smart, colorful warmth
And in this case three sweaters (all-wool)
are better than one. You will never wear
them all at once, but you will have long
and short sleeved sweaters to wear under
your cardigan—and all three can match or
contrast, giving you several entirely dif
ferent sports costumes. Look below for
the grand color list.
Junior Misses’ Sportswear, Fourth Floor.
Short - sleeved slip
on -$3
Cardigan __ ---$5
Long-sleeved Slip
Pumpkin, melon,
dream blue, corn
maize, aqua, cherry,
Winter rose.
found out this omission. He go
around Balder’s brother in somi
fashion and arranged with him U
have Balder and the brother play f
game with bow and arrows, the ar
row for the brother to be made o
the mistletoe wood.
‘‘The brother was an expert marks'
man, Balder was killed, and whei
the god of light died he became there'
after the emblem of innocence anc
purity, even to this day.
"The Goddess of Love was given thi
mistletoe from which the bow wa
made and she decreed that ever afte
those who passed under it should to
kissed as a token of love and not o
revenge and jealousy. Thus was tfo
sin of the mistletoe wiped out, end
today you see why the beautiful para
site, with Its waxen berries, is so care
fully-hung over the doorway."
(Copyright, 1937.)
Remedy for “Teeth Clicking” Seen
> as Aid for Autos.
» Clicking of the Jaws, a nuisance
■ that at times has afflicted millions,
; has engaged the earnest attention of
scientists. The clicking is a symptom
of looseness of the Jaws, scientists
assert, which leads to easy disloca
‘ tions, says The Philadelphia Bul
letin. A new oil has been found
i which, contrary to the effects of most
greases, sets up an inflammation that
i tightens the Jaws.
: The idea holds some possible far
1 reaching effects if applied with dilt
: gence to the industrial world. Click
’ ing of the Jaws is not so far away
i from the rattles that afflict automo
biles, and it is not without the realm
of possibility that experiment might
devise an oil that could serve the
double purpose of lubricating a high
speed motor, and at the same time
inflame the body of the car sufficiently
that it would swell and tighten up
the rattles.
Widmer's famous Old Fashioned Apple
Wine-fortified with Apple Brandy-fast be.
coming a leading taste favorite everywhere.
Alcohol 20 to 21% by Volume. IDuie
s •
Master Good-Looking Ini
sO-so «*opt«d1 *"«,,sh
Broadcloth pajamas
of cotton with rayon stripe. £ H. 50
Puts a keen edge on an old The broad stripe will give ‘
blade in a few seconds. You the wearer the ap
can get weeks of perfect shav- pearance of extra
ing from a single blade. height_ TP
Three Direct
Gift Hits
Comfortable Pajamas
, • * _
Smart-Looking Slippers
Money-Saving Sharpener
The Men's Store second floor.
These pajamas
are positively
“knockouts.” Made
of pure-dye silk in a
neat series of varying toned
stripes. So soft, so smart,
* *o fully cut <W#50
for comfort f
Big checks are the style fea
ture of these Russian-type
Slippers, full leather-lined, Several pairs
rubber heels. Choice of of these fine cotton Soisette
tan kid, red, blue, green, pajamas m neat striped
Opera Slippers of comfort- which holds up the pants
able calfskin with banana- without binding at
1 11 ........■»"■

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