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Little Peace Hope Held.
Session May Be Last for
a Long Time.
The “peace committees” of the
American Federation of Labor and the
Committee for Industrial Organization
will meet again tomorrow, but there
was little hope they would be able to
compose the differences that have
divided organized labor into two war
ring camps.
So far apart, in fact, are theurffwo
groups, that there was talk last night
that tomorrow’s meeting may be the
last for a long time.
As the labor negotiators were con
tidering their next moves, the Ameri
can Association for Economic Free
dom, with the stated objective of
“establishment of human rights and
democratic safeguards in industry and
economic life,” opened offices here.
Some 300 churchmen, educators and
others prominent in liberal movements
were listed as sponsors. William Allen
White. Emporia, Kans., editor, was
listed as chairman of the National
Policy Board and W. Jett Lauck,
Washington economist, as vice chair
Statement of Principles.
A statement of principles and ob
jectives asserted “the effort now being
made by organized labor to unionize
the workers in all industries is * * *
in reality a crusade for the political
and economic emancipation of a great
multitude of our fellow citizens who
are employed in Industries which deny
them the elementary rights of free
speech, free assembly and free asso
Organized labor's peace conference
has been virtually deadlocked since it
first convened nearly two months ago.
Both William Green, A. F. of L. presi
dent, and John L. Lewis, C. I. O.
chairman, have indicated in recent
speeches that neither intended to make
any major concessions.
Mr. Green told a labor meeting in
Buffalo, N. Y., that the “house of the
American Federation of Labor must be
maintained at. any cost.”
“Patience is a virtue and we have
been patient,” he added, “but there
comes a time when even patience must
end. Unless settlement is reached
soon, the A. F. of L. will arm its forces
and turn them loose against this raid
ing organization."
Mr. Lewis told a steel workers’ con
vention in Pittsburgh that the A. F.
of L. would have to take all or none
of the C. I. O., as he proposed when
the peace conference started.
Offer Was Refused.
“The A. F. of L. has refused that
offer and says it does not want 4,000,
000 new members,” he added.
“It would like to have about 1.000,000
new members to see how it could digest
them first and think about the other
“Recently Mr. Green said he was
arming representatives of the A. P. of
L. for a war on the C. I. O. I think
what he had in mind was pop guns.”
When the peace conference started
the C. I. O. proposed that the A. P.
of L. take in the entire C. I. O. as a
semi-independent division, with con
trol of all mass production industriaf
The A. P. of L. rejected that flatly
and countered with a proposal that
the 12 C. I. O. unions that once be
longed to the A. F. of L. return. The
remaining 20 C. 1. O. unions, the fed
eration said, should be disposed of by
P. D. Gold of Veterans’ Adminis
tration Speaks to George
town Group Today.
P. D. Gold of the United States
Veterans’ Administration was to speak
on “Americanism” at a luncheon
meeting of the Lions Club of George
town, D. C., at 12:15 o’clock today at
the Congress Street Church, 1238
Thirty-first street N.W.
About 35 boys of the Georgetown
Children's Settlement House, ranging
in age from 9 to 15 years, will be given
an ice cream and cake party at their
clubhouse. 3224 N street N.W., by the
LiQns Club at 3 p.m. tomorrow. A
set of boxing gloves will be given the
boys at the same time. Gymnasium
uniforms and towels will be presented
the Georgetown Boys Club later In
the week, Alan J. Bachrach, club
member, announced.
Katharine Cornell was born of Amer
lcan parents in Berlin, Germany.
8 3
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