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Interfederation Conference
Unites Get Stadium Ques
tion Again After Debate.
After considerable debate as to
whether a stadium or simply a me
morial was more suitable to the
memory of Thomas Jefferson, the
Interfederation Conference at Its
meeting last night in the United
States Chamber of Commerce Build
ing voted to recommit the matter to
the respective bodies in attendance
for further consideration.
Delegates from the District of
Columbia and Arlington, Montgomery
and Prince Georges Counties were
Instructed to bring the matter before
their organizations for a report at
the January meeting of the con
Back Flood Fund Request.
Approval was voted a motion sub
mitted by Fred W. Gast requesting
sufficient funds be appropriated in
the coming session of Congress for
flood control work in Prince Georges
Thomas E. Lodge, chairman, ap
pointed the following Nominating
Committee, with elections to be held
at the January meeting: T. Brooke
Amiss, jr., chairman; Mr. Gast, Dr.
Victor Meyers and L. A. Carruthers.
Another committee appointed that
would seek legislation in Congress
enabling District policemen to pursue
law violators across the District line
into Maryland and Virginia included
H. S. Yohe, chairman; William C.
Hull, Harry N. Stull and Hugh C.
Lodge Commended.
On a motion submitted by Jesse
C. Suter, the conference voted appre
ciation to Mr. Lodge for his able and
fair manner in discharging his duties
as chairman for the past two years.
J. B. Matre offered a motion, which
was adopted, making dues from each
affiliated body $5 per annum.
Further business was restricted to
reports from delegates summarizing
the last meetings of their respective
-0 .—
Julius W. Meyers of New York City
is exhibiting several trained canaries
at the Sears, Roebuck & Co. store at
911 Bladensburg road N.E. and will
be at the store through Friday.
A native of the Hartz Mountain
district of Germany, where breeding
canaries is a large industry, Mr. Meyers
is with a firm that imports 250,000
of the birds from that section an
Fashion Shop Head Apks Police
Supt. Brown and Captains to
Help Find Needy.
Fred Pelzman, head of the Fashion
Shop at Thirteenth and F streets N.W.,
announced today he plans to dis
tribute 100 new overcoats to needy
boys between the ages of 4 and 7 be
fore Christmas Day.
He has asked Police Supt. Ernest
W. Brown and the precinct captains
to co-operate in locating young boys
who are in need of warmer coats.
Cards will be issued by the precinct
chiefs to the needy boys so they will
be able to get the new coats.
Mr. Pelzman also announced he will
accept used coats in good condition for
distribution to other worthy cases.
Hls shop will handle the mending and
repairing and the Palace laundry will
co-operate by cleaning the coats. He
urged that donors leave the wearing
apparel in time to be cleaned, mended
and distributed before ChrUtmas.
It was in the year 1747 that it was
first found that the sugar-beet root
contained sugar, and the amount of
sugar in the beet of those days was
only about 8 per cent, but by careful
cultivation, and by selecting the
plants with the most sugar to breed
from, the amount of sugar has been
increased, until today it U something
like l(f per cent.
Other Officers Also Are Renamed
by Recently Reorganized
Council of Oroup.
Re-election of Ernest Collins as
president of the District Co-operative
League for the coming year was an
nounced today. Mr. Collins’ election
took place at a recent meeting of the
council of the league following re
organization of the group to Include
representatives of most of the co
operative undertakings in the District,
it was said.
Other officers elected included Leroy
Halbert, vice president; Donald Oood
child, secretary, and Simon Newman,
treasurer. At the same meeting, Jacob
Baker, head of the United Federal
Workers of America and member of
the President's committee for a study
of European co-operatives, was made
a member of the board.
Other board members elected were
Prof. H. N. Fltzhugh of Howard Uni
versity and Walter Krlmont.
It has been estimated that In the
full-fledged housing program over 7,
000,000 new dwelling units may be
built by 1945.
Campsie, a little Scottish village
near Glasgow, Scotland, Is situated at
the entrance of Campsie Glen.
f 728 13th ST. N.W. —
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