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Thousands to Receive Toys
Through Washington’s
Dolls dressed for the evening, plush
dogs with china blue eyes, crimson
fire trucks, rag-tag dolls, cowboy suits
and Indian headdresses, didy-dolls,
express wagons and boats, watercolors
and mama-dolls, crayons and teddy
These marvels which make a child’s
Christmas complete are piled high
today on tables and platforms and on
a long mahogany bar in the vacant
building, once a restaurant, at 4.21
Eleventh street N.W.
There for three days scores of
woman members of the Parent-Teach
er Association have been wrapping
these toys, sorting them and taking
them off for distribution in the thou
sands of homes in the Capital which
W'ould have no toys unless they came
from this auxiliary toy-igloo of Santa
• Reminded of Scrawled Pleas.
As the women wrap the toys they
think about the scrawled note sent
last week to Santa Claus and delivered
to the P.-T. A , reminding the man
from the North Pole to be sure to
stop at "the red house boat near the
foot of K street.” And they think of
the letter from the woman who wrote:
"My husband’s bin out of work six
months. I got five children and I
would like for them to have Christmas,
even though my daughter Ava says,
'Mom, I don't want to ask Santa
Claus for nothing. Just as long as
we have a good dinner for you and
daddy and us Christmas Day, I think
that's fine.’ ’’
To the house boat and to Ava’s
family, into alley dwellings and single
room living quarters for the unlucky
host of fathers, mothers and children
who can’t afford to finance their own
celebration of Christmas will go these
toys from 421 Eleventh street N.W.
Toys Prove Slogan.
The Teddy bears and fire trucks
you find at the P.-T. A. headquarters
prove the truth of the slogan of the
Christmas campaign of The Star,
Warner Bros, and the National Broad
casting Co.—"You Are Santa Claus.”
For all the toys were given by
Washingtonians who understood that
the one real Santa Claus couldn’t do
the job himself, that too many trust
ing children w-ould be left without
toys unless they came to the rescue.
Washington joined whole-heartedly
In the campaign—dropping toys in
Peoples Drub Store boxes, bringing
toys to the Shoreham Hotel toy ball,
carrying toys to the Warner Bros.
Theater matinees—all for the sake of
ft pleasant December 25 for Ava and
the houseboat family and hundreds
In the same fix.
More than 300 children were made
happy last night by a party at which
each received a Christmas campaign
toy, as well as ice cream and cake
provided by the George E. Killeen
Post, American Legion, and the Sev
enth precinct of the Metropolitan
Police Department.
Principal Fills Sack.
Early yesterday morning Mrs. Ruth
Webb, principal of the Addison-Cur
tis-Hyde School in Georgetown ar
rived at the Eleventh street Christmas
headquarters and filled a Santa Claus
sack for the party, which was held
In the parish house of St. John’s
Church, 3240 O street N.W.
During the day Parent-Teacher
workers took away as well 18 toys for
the destitute children of Janney
School, 65 for those of Blair-Hayes
School, 94 for those of Bowen-Green
leaf School, 32 for Edmonds-Maury
(Continued From First Page.)
taxes and penalties. And the Christ
mas trees have cash boxes under them,
says Mr. J. Leighton Cornwell, chair
man of tax division activities for the
Thursday afternoon a Christmas
party is being given by the purchas
ing and procurement section of old
age insurance. Social Security Board,
according to Mrs. Alice M. Saunders,
all guests bearing gifts.
A unit of the Treasury Department
In the Liberty Loan Building has al
ready collected 40 bundles of contri
butions and $30 in cash under the
leadership of John T. Skinner.
Congressmen Solicit Funds.
In the midst of a busy congressional
aession members of Congress were
taking time to solicit funds for the
campaign around the Capitol, under
the leadership of a committee made
up of Representative Allen, Democrat,
of Pennsylvania, chairman; Repre
sentative O'Day, Democrat, of New
York; Representative Honeyman, Dem
ocrat, of Oregon; Representative Voor
his, Democrat, of California and Rep
resentative Boykin, Democrat, of Ala
All sorts of unique ways of assisting
the less fortunate have been devised
by ocher kind-hearted citizens.
One hundred turkeys were presented
to the police, today by Mr. Joseph
Chemer of the Chemer Motor Co.,
1781 Florida avenue N.W., it was an
nounced by Capt. Joseph C. Morgan,
In charge of the 17th annual Christ
mas party of the Metropolitan police.
Members of the Swedish Sunbeam
Club have prepared five Christmas
baskets with fresh hams for needy
families, two of them to go to Mr.
and Mrs. J-S-and their eight
children, whose pictures were pub
lished In The Star last week. Women
Federal Employes Contribute to Needy %
Above is a sample Federal collection center at the Department of Justice like many others in
Government buildings, donations to go to The Star-Warner Bros.-N. B. C. Christmas Campaign.
At the left are Anna B. Hamilton and Joe R. Brewer of the Lands Division. At the right are Helen
E. Jamieson (in background) of the Taxes and Penalties Division and beloio (left) T. R. Pickett of
the Supply Division and J. Leighton Cornwell of the Tax Division. Mr. Cornwell is chairman of
the committee, while the others are campaign representatives of the different divisions.
_ _ —Star Staff Photo.
—sa - -
Employes of the Home Owners Loan Corp. examining the contributions at their campaign
collection center._ _ —Star Staff Photo.
School, 27 for Fillmore School, 4 for
Gage School.
Today and tomorrow toys will be
taken for Benning, Buchanan, Bryan,
Brent-Dent, Blow-Webb, Brookland
Noves, Burroughs, Cooke, Crach-Tyler,
Emery-Eckington, Fairbrother-Russell,
Grant-Weightman, Henry, Hubbard,
Jackson, Keene, Key, Kingsman
Pierce, Park View and Peabody-Hilton
With toys provided by the same
of this social organization have al
ready called on this family and sup
plied them with badly needed clothing
and bedding.
Year-’Round Effort.
An outstanding contribution, dis
playing thoughtfulness all year long,
is being made by pumphouse employes
of the meter repair shop, District Wa
ter Department, under supervision of
Mr. Joseph Straughan and Mr. Brooke
B. Perkins. Every pay day for several
years now this group has donated 10
cents each to a Christmas fund, which
totals $2.60 to a man in a year. Names
of eight families in difficult circum
stances were supplied by the Metro
politan police and they will receive
overflowing baskets from pumphouse
In inquiring for needy families, Mr.
Perkins put no limitations on their
size and said that additional contri
butions were made if the $2.60 proved
Mr. Samuel Height of the Elite Tea
Room, 1344 U street N.W., announced
today that 150 members of the Elite
Social Club are having a dance there
tomorrow night and that guests are
invited to bring donations for the
Cards entitling the holder to a
dinner being given on Christmas Day
by Taranto and Wasman, Inc., 1321
L street N.W., were turned over today
to the Gospel Mission for dlstributidn.
This firm is supplying 75 dinners
free at their place of business to
needy persons and announces a six
Now Serving Bine Ribbon Prize
Beef from International Live Stock
Exposition, Chicago.
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group of P.-T. A. women, the Ameri
can Legion will give a party tonight at
Roosevelt High School for 200, the
Ladies of Charity of St. Gabriel's will
aid the destitute of their parish, the
Central Union Mission will be able to
provide a Christmas memento for the
men who seek its aid.
The Lincoln Civic Center, a colored
organization, plans a party for the
colored children who live in Foggy
course menu featuring turkey and
Asks Job for Christmas.
Out of the many requests for
assistance received at campaign head
quarters today an unusual one arrived.
A man asks nothing but a job for
“I am a steamfltter and an expert
heating engineer,” he writes. “And
why I can't get work is more than
I know . . . Why I am asking this of
you is that the rent is past due and
we will be forced to move . . . We are
losing our furniture and everything
else ... If you can do anything for me
I am sure that you will never regret
it . . . Please do not mention my name
as I have never been in such a posi
tion before.”
Any one interested in this man may
have his name and address by calling
The Star, National 5000, Ext. 103.
An appeal was made today by Capt.
Morgan of the Fifth precinct for cash
and food donations to make it pos
sible to fill an ever-lengthening list
of deserving persons in need of Christ
mas baskets. For several weeks now
policemen all over town have been
Investigating each case presented to
them and it is feared that many
Bottom. The Gray Ladies of Walter
Reed Hospital plan to send a toy to
the children of 15 bed-ridden, penni
less fathers at the hospital. The
P.-T. A. itself will give a party for a
group of children under probation
from the Juvenile Court.
So out of the one-time restaurant
at 421 Eleventh street N.W. for the
thousands of Avas, toyless, hungry but
unselfish, will spring Christmas.
found worthy may have to be
scratched off the lists unless you
remember that you are Santa Claus.
Contributions may be made at the
National Guard Armory at Sixth street
and Pennsylvania avenue, N.W., or
checks mailed to Capt. Morgan, made
out to the "Metropolitan Police
Christmas Party.”
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Lincoln Tunnel Will Be
Ready for Traffic Tomor
row Morning.
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Dec. 21.—Famed m
a city of skyscrapers, New York today
marked another step In its planned
progress as the 20th oentury’s greatest
“underground metropolis.”
With streets choked by giant budd
ings, man has been forced to seek
passage below.
Eventually, as envisioned In the
gigantic half-billion dollar scheme,
Manhattan's millions will drive, walk
and ride through an antlike “nether
world”—a maze of gleaming tile
walled galleries, far' below the city’s
Tube Beady for Opening.
Today’s new link was the No. 1
tube of the $85,000,000 Lincoln tunnel,
under the Hudson River from mid
town Manhattan to Weehawken, N.J.
—built at a cost of 15 lives over a
period of three and one-half years.
Gov. Herbert H. Lehman of New
York, Gov. Harold G. Hoffman of
New Jersey, Mayor Fiorello H. La
Guardia and many other notables
were to attend the formal dedication
ceremonies today. Tunnel traffic will
start to flow at 4 a.m. tomorrow.
Other units in the subterranean
labyrinth are to come.
For the city O. Henry described as
“Baghdad on the Subway”—already
interlaced with a vast network of
rapid-transit train tunnels—is turning
earthward on six similar projects at
an estimated total cost of $429,635,000.
Other Plans Considered.
While the city’s subway trains
handle the bulk of the enormous daily
ebb and flow of workers to their offices
—transporting more than 500.000,000
passengers annually—the need for
underground motor arteries has be
come more and more acute. Plans
also are under consideration for ’’ex
press” parkways into the city.
The new Lincoln tube signals the
third conquest of the Hudson within
the past decade, joining the *50,000,000
Holland tunnel and the *60,000,000
George Washington Bridge to speed
motor communication between the
Manhattan and Jersey shores.
Sunk 75 feet below the river sur
face, the tube extends 8,215 feet from
portal to portal. The shore-to-shore
trip takes Just four minutes.
Funeral Services for Riverdale
Resident Will Be Held Tomor
row—Burial in Arlington.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
RIVERDALE, Md,, Dec. 21—Mrs.
Catherine P. Higdon, 89, wife of the
late John W. Higdon of the Wash
ington Terminal Co., died at the home
of her son, M. Eugene Jardine, 212
Madison avenue, yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Higdon was the mother of 10
children, but is survived by only two
sons by a former marriage. Besides
Eugene Jardine, who is a past patron
of the Ruth Chapter, Order of the
Eastern Star of Hyattsville, she is also
survived by John Norman Jardine of
Funeral services will be held at
the home on Madison avenue at 1
o'clock tomorrow afternoon with in
terment in Arlington National Ceme
Free Marriage Services.
Last New Year Justice L. M. Tartaglia
offered to perform a marriage cere
mony free. There were no takers.
Today, as an added incentive, he
offered to provide a license free for
the first couple asking his services in
Wants to Be a “First”
""" - «■ ■ -iwi-ii-n
The new Lincoln tube under the Hudson River into New York
doesn’t open until tomorrow, but Omero Catan, shown eating
his lunch in his auto, began his wait at the Jersey entrance yes
terday, hoping to be the first paying customer. Catan has many
“firsts" to his credit, and at the New York end is another
“nrster,” George Horn, who is trying to beat Catan at his own
game. They have been rivals previously.
_—Copyright, A. P. Photo.
District Attorney's Office Makes
Claim in California After
22 Are Convicted.
By the Associated Press.
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 21.—The dis
trict attorney’s office today claimed
sit-down strikes assumed an illegal
status in California with the con
viction of 22 men of conspiracy to
detain property forcibly.
The defendants were among 350
men arrested in the strike-bound
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827 14th St. N.W. Rapublic 0827
Douglas aircraft factory at Santa
Monica last February.
The 22, including William Busick
and Andrew Schmoulder, C. I. O.
organizers, were found guilty in
Superior Court yesterday by six men
and six women jurors who recom
mended “utmost leniency."
Sentence is to be imposed tomor
row. The maximum penalty is two
years’ imprisonment, $5,000 fine, or
The defendants denied any violence
or destruction of property.
Defense attorneys, who contended
the charge was only a misdemeanor,
announced they would appeal.
^ rx-u
Eastport, Me., Ha* $170,000 Debt,
Council Head Say*—Popula
tion Down to 4,000.
By the Associated Press.
EASTPORT, Me, Dec. 21.—East
port, home of the now Idle *36,000,000
Passamaquoddy Bay tlde-harnessing
project, threw In a financial sponge
It asked the State Emergency Muni
cipal Finance Board to take over the
city’s finances.
’Quoddy’s suspension, said City
Council President Roscoe C. Emery,
was the chief reason for the Council's
decision last night.
"Had ’Quoddy gone through,” he
said, “we could have pulled through.”
Mr. Emery said the city had a debt
of *170,000, uncollected taxes of *104,
000, a population that had dropped
from nearly 7,000 to 4,000 In two
years and a valuation of *1,300,000,
compared to a peak estimated at *2,
The ’Quoddy project, started in 1935,
was halted a year afterward for lack
of funds. The Government spent
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