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And Official
News Notes
Cochrans to Spend
The Holidays
In South.
Representative and mrs.
gone to Florida to spend the
holidays and expect to return
to the Shoreham shortly after the
new year.
The United States Consul at Cairo,
Egypt, and Mrs. George V. Allen have
come to Washington for a visit and are
staying with Mrs. Allen’s mother, Mrs.
John D. Martin at Chevy Chase. They
Will be here two months.
Mr. L. Bruce Hord, deputy adminis
trative assistant to the Adjutant Gen
eral. and Mrs. Hord of 3121 Adams Mill
road, left this week for their winter
home in Miami, motoring by way of
Southern Pines and Aiken.
Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Richard C.
Marshall, jr.. are at the Gulf Stream
Hotel, Lake Worth, Fla., for the holi
Cmdr. and Mrs. Robert B. Carney
have taken the house of the Misses
Elizabeth and Mary Howry at 3304 O
street for the Christmas holidays.
They have with them their daughter,
Miss Betty Carney, who is a student at
Gunston Hall, and their son, Mr.
Robert Carney, jr„ who attends the
Columbia Prep School. The Misses
Howry are in Florida for the holidays.
Capt. Jesse Bundren Helm. Medical
Corps. U. S. A., and Mrs. Helm, who
have recently arrived from Newport,
R. I., with their three children, have
taken a house at 6200 Thirty-first
Street N.W. Mrs. Helm is the- former
Miss Ruth Powderly of Washington.
^%*nd Mrs. M. J. O'Connell of
Marion, Ohio, and Warrenton, Va.,
have taken an apartment at the
Broadmoor. They have with them
their daughters. Miss O'Connell and
Miss Blanche O'Connell, and their son,
Mr. M. J. O'Connell, jr. Mr. O'Connell
Is vice presideht o.‘ Utility Manage
ment Corp., with offices in New York
Miss Marionbettv Kadin, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Kadin, of
2762 Woodley place, is expected home
for the holidays. Miss Kadin is at
tending Chicago University.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Kennedy of
819 Philadelphia avenue. Silver Spring,
Md., are spending Christmas in At
lantic City, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Eli Bamford Smith,
the latte* known better in dramatic
circles as Maud Howell Smith, have
gone to West Point. N. Y„ to spend
Christmas week with Mrs. Smith's
nephew and niece. Capt. and Mrs.
Charles E. Hart. Mrs. Smith, who be
fore leaving the city on Friday com
pleted casting for the festival pageant
for the Arts Club Bal Boheme. "In
the Island of Bali." Monday. Jan
uary 10. at the Willard Hotel, will
return to the city by the end of the
week to take up rehearsals.
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Haskins of
Swejet Briar Alumnae
Celebration Tuesday.
The Washington Chapter of the
Sweet Briar College Alumnae Associa
tion will observe its annual Sweet
Briar Day Tuesday. Alumnae chap
ters of the school in 74 cities through
out the country will celebrate this oc
casion on the same date.
The Washington Chapter will hold
a tea from 4 to 6 o'clock at the club
house of the American Association of
University Women, at 1634 I street
Miss Cabel Grimes, chairman of the
[ arrangements, has announced that the
receiving line will include Mrs. A.
Kent Balls, member of the board of
overseers of the -college; Miss Mar
garet Bannister, director of public re
lations, and the officers of the .Wash
ington chapter, Mrs. Gearge Wenzel,
president; Mrs. Thomas D. Lewis, vice
president; Miss Barbara Munter,
treasurer, and Miss Elizabeth Ogilby,
Mrs. William B. Sims. Mrs. Peyton
Evans, Miss Helen Schneider and Miss
Mary Agnes Young will *>our tea. Mrs.
R. P. Davis, Miss Dorothy Green, Miss
Jane Collins, Mrs. Raymond Hust and
Miss Ellen Lee Snodgrass will serve.
All Sweet Briar alumnae in Wash
ington at this time are expected to at
Takoma Park, Md., have as their holi
day guests their son and daughter
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee
Haskins of Detroit.
Miss Mildred Lustick has returned
to the Capital after spending seven
weeks in Atlantic City and New Haven,
Mrs. W. F. Hosford and Miss Doro
thy Hosford of Maplewood, N. J., are
spending a few days at the Dodge.
Bal Boheme
Boxes in
Many Hostesses x
Preparing for
Big Event.
FARSIGHTED hostesses in Wash
ington have engaged boxes for
the annual Bal Boheme, which
this year will be “In the Island
of Bali,” to which artists and archi
tects of the Arts Club will transform
the ballrooms of the Willard Hotel.
The ball, set for Monday evening, Jan
uary 10, will be one of the most beau
tiful which the Arts Club has given
and the preparations are elaborate and
each detail Is authentic for Miss Bertha
Noyes, who is chairman of the ball this
year, brought many souvenirs back
from the Island of Bali where she re
cently went on a trip around the world.
Miss Noyes will entertain in her box
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Lisle of Rhode
Island and General and Mrs. Daniel
Miss Noyes also will have a place
for herself in the official box with Mr.
Lewis Lofton Moneyway, president of
the club: members of the jury on cos
tume awards; Mrs. Frank B. Steele,
wife of the vice president of the club;
Mrs. Maud Howell Smith and Mrs.
Ethel Hoffman Kane, the two vice
chairmen for the ball; Mrs. L. M.
Leisenring. chairman of the Committee
for the Selection of the Jury on Cos
) 8®®25«®
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1210 F St. N. W.
tume awards, and Mr. Lelsenrlng, who
for the second year. Is chairman of
the famous Floor Committee for the
Boxholders for this unique ball al
ready inclqde Miss Mary B. Adams.
Mrs. Benle R. Howard, Mrs Thomas
Henry Clay Reed, Maj. and Mrs.
Richard La Garde, Lt. Col. and Mrs.
Howard C. Davidson, the Rev. Dr.
and Mrs. Howard T. Wilkinson, Mrs.
Charles Bittinger, Mrs. O. B. Camp
bell, Mrs. A. Lenox Uhler, the Misses
Jaskson, Dr. and Mrs. Tomas Cajigas,
Mrs. Samuel A. Kimberly, Mrs. Carlton
van Valkenburg, Mrs. J. Frank Staley,
Mrs. Charles Piggott, Mrs. Bell Howell
Bohn, Miss Clara Saunders and Miss
Marie Saunders.
Miss Lucia Hollerith heads the Com
mittee on Costume Awards and is as
sisted by Miss Agnes Cole and Miss
Eleanor Mullikin, all of them prom
inent artists in Washington. They
will meet shortly after the New Year
to select prizes for the awards. These
will be selected from a wide vftrlety of
articles which will be the handiwork
of members of the club. The artist
members are asked to submit articles
of their own design and craftsmanship
to the committee which will select the
prizes to be given. For the first time
in the 15 years of this annual Bal
Boheme no participant in the pageant
may enter the costume contest for the
mast beautiful, the most appropriate
and the most amusing.
Requests for boxes and acceptances
to become patronesses continue to pour
into the Arts Club and the Bal Boheme
office at the clubhoiise is rapidly be
coming as fascinatingly busy as is the
Hotel Willard, where countless paint
ers, architects, sculptors and headdress
makers are hard at work even during
the Christmas week end in a frenzy of
work necessary to the success of the
Bal Boheme, now only two weeks away.
Miss Richardson
Hostess Today.
Miss Randolph Richardson, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dawson
Richardson of Fairfax, Va„ will en
tertain at a breakfast today In com
pliment to Miss Rice Barrett, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barrett of
Warrenton. Miss Barrett will make
her debut at a New Year eve ball,
given by her grandmother, Mrs. Bald
win Day Spillman, at the North Wales
Guests in addition to Miss Barrett
will include the Misses Betty and
Genevieve Marsh, Miss Nan Fox, Miss
Billie Jruman, Miss Agnes Young, Miss
Betty Burton, Miss Fanchon Aldrich,
Miss Ann Barrett, Mr. Andy Brown,
Mr. Kelsey Saint, Mr. George Mc
Cattee, Mr. William Claggett, Mr.
Stewart Cureton, Mr. West Cureton,
Mr. Reed Lear. Mr. 8tewart Smith,
Mr. Allan Swayze, Mr. Frank Ainsa,
Mr. George Cooper, Mr. Robert Drew,
Ensign Buckner Winfield. Mr. Teddy
Pierce, Mr. James Smith and Mr.
Tanner Kinnier.
Alumni Association
Benefit Dance.
The Alumni Association of Gaithers
burg High School will hold a benefit
dance Wednesday night at the Na
tional Women's Club, Bradley lane,
Bethesda, Md., from 10 to 1 o’clock.
Miss Marrietta A. Crawford is chair
man of the committee, assisted by Mr.
Oliver Smith, jr.; Miss Madeline How
ard, Miss Elizabeth Mullinix, Mr. Wil
liam Beall, Miss Rebecca Miller, Mr.
Linwood Heller, Mr. Arthur Beall,
Miss Margaret Plummer and Mr. Jack
Copyright g5ihi jj
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Ave* 1899.
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5. William McKinley took oath of office in 1897.
SAKS 50th
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