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ADAM A. WE8CHLER Ac SON, Auctioneers.
Notice Is hereby given that on MON
will seil by public auction, ai Wescnler's.
915 E st. n.w., to enlorce our liens for
storage and otner charges, carpets and rugs
on hand with us in the following names
M. Atkins, bid C st. s.e.; Jas. E. Aaams,
228 3rd st. n.e.; Guy Aber, 469 Luray
pi.; A. T. Andrews. 3020 11th st.; R. L.
Allen. 306 E st. n.e.. 435 Delafield pi.;
Hannah M. Adams. 1313 Park rd.; E. All
wine, 121 Frazier ave., Virginia Highlands
Va.; D. C. Abel, 1633 N. H. ave.; Mrsl
F. F. Browning. 2127 Calif, st.. 1951 Col.
rd.. Luray. Va.; Carrie M. biggs, lain
Swann st.. 1430 T st. n.w.; Mrs. B. Brax
ton, 400 M st., 909 O st. n.w.. A. Brown,
2907 Olive st. n.w.; Beitenbender. bill N.
Filmore st.. Clarendon. Va.; J. M. Botts,
511 U. st.; C. Bruce, 131? S. C. ave. s.e.;
Burkholter 1317 E st. s.e.; Mrs. Alice
E. Bell. 419 U st. n.w., 1003 U st. n.w.;
K. V. Bean. 1360 Nicholson st.; H. Brown,
1254 Col. rd.. John H. Boes. 514 U st.;
Mrs. Charlotte H. Bobbitt. I30u Fairmont
st.; R. Beane. 86 V st. n.w.; Louis Berk.
3025 15th st.; Bressler, 3960 32nd st. n.e.;
M. Bosna. Branchvtlle, Md.; Mrs. Henri
etta Booker, 303 3rd st. s.w.; J. c. Barnes;
T. F. Brady 18 9th st. n.e.; Balliey. 2003
9th st.; Mrs. Sy Boykin. 2403 Benning rd.
n.e.; Mrs. H. Brooks. 221o Pa. ave. n.w.;
E. Brown, 209 Cockerllle ave., Takoma
Park, Md.; A. Becker. 2618 13m st.; Ger
trude Braxton. 1420 5tn st.; \V. E. Butts,
2603 Mozart pi.; C. W. Blush, 1021 9th
st.; Mary A. Brown. 1101 loth st.; F.
Cohgn. 1906 Biltmore st., 6551 111. ave.;
Mrs. E. Chaney. 626 D st. n.e.; G. Clark,
924 Hamilton st.; Mrs. O. Chace, 3525
Davenport st.; A. Caparaletll 4429 N. H.
ave.; A. S. Clark. 119 4th st. n.e., 5514
Caroline pi.; Mrs. W. J. Clifton. 314 Car
roll ave.; 8. Childs, 1239 U st.: Cassell,
1300 Fla. ave.; Clark, 3020 Sherman ave.;
Robert F. Cornet. 27o6 12th si. n.e.; P. B.
Darling. Silver Spring. Md.. also 7730
Blair rd.. Takoma Park; Mrs. Elizabeth
Day, 1304 Corcoran st.; W. A. Dodd. 222s
Decatur st.; Beni. Delaney, lob loth st.
n.e.; C. Delorest. 14b Todd pi., also 1608
Allison st.; M. Day. 709 5th st. n.w.; De
Venis. 630 Ridge ave.. Silver Spring. Md.;
D. Emmert. 1809 Wyoming ave.; Mrs. H.
Easton. 5980 Sligo Mill rd.. A. O. Elli
cott. 054 Gfrard st.; Dr. W. Marion Falls,
1103 Vt. ave.; E. FTne, 018 Otis pi.. Flynn.
323 R st. s.e.; E. L. Frazier. 2145 L st.;
F. M. Frazier; I. L. Gority. 2920 Ontario
rd.; W. George, 320 Bryani st. n.e.; T. A.
Grant. 900 Highland ave.. Woodside. Md..
also 5302 111. ave.; Mrs. M. Gelston, 8601 a
Eye st. s.w., also 04T'a G st. n.e.; Mrs.
A. Gregsby. 515 Harvard st., Mrs. J. F.
Grumpley, 414 Seward su.. M. Golden,
700 F st. s.w.; Mrs. G. Groot, 1720 La
znont st.. 3404 Garfield st.; E. Gordon.
1231-A S. Cap. st.; A. W. Harris. 120
Thomas st.; N. Halesbeary. 4002 N. H.
•ve.; John G. Haerrer, 1124 bth st. n.e.;
Geo. C. Holroyd, 033 8th st. n.e ; C. P.
Haves. 730 22nd st.. P. O.. Box 215,
Wash.. D. C.; Ruth Holland. 1822 Ver
non st.; Manuel Handler ooo 19th st.;
P. H. Hackett. 1102 23rd st.. 610 L st.
n.e.; Horstor, 1526 Col. st.; A. M. Hays,
6503 bth st.: J. S. Harrison 0933 9th
*t.. 213 W. Main st.. New Albany. Ind.;
John J. Herrity. 1501 Park rd.. 3220
17th st.; R. Hyatt. 2431 3rd st. n.e.; M.
Horley, 1301 Mass, ave : Howell. 3500
14th st., 2633 Adams Mill rd.: Horton.
2119 H gt.; Walter Henderson. 1129 7th
gt. n.e.; M. H. Coiner, E. Clifton Ter
race; Mrs. X. Hall. 654 Girard st.. Hutch
inson. 711 Irving st.; Hundley. 1634 15th
gt. n.w.; Hill. 66-B Senate Office Bldg.;
Arch W. Hudson. 618',a 6th st. s.w.;
Hiagg, 4422 Canal rd.; A. F. Imirie, 1478
Meridian st.; Mrs. Johnson. 116 6th st.
n.e.; T. C. Jeffries, 419 W st. n.e.; Mrs.
M. Keppel, 1102 K st. n.e.; C. L. B. Mor
rison. 1329 11th st.; M. McGhee. 501
12th st. n.e.; J. C. Kearney. 1900 F st.
n.w.; Mrs. Ruth B. L. Lawrence. 711 Mt.
Vernon pi.; D. Lee. 309 R st.; Claire
Lehman. 05 M st.: Lusby, 2018 N. Oakland
st.. Cherrydale, Va.; M. Long. 49 Eye st.;
F. W. Lee. 1124 Col. rd.: Mrs. N. Lilly.
1149 1st st. n.w.: Jas. W. Lee. 1351 F
gt. n.e.; W. C. Miller 203 Daniel st,. Col
Znar Manor; L. W. Manley, 162S tith st.;
Wm. O. Marks 2318 G st.: Robert W.
Mingee. 6 Cedar st.. Hyattsville. Md.:
’ M. Mahon, 2572 University pi.: E. May
berry, 33 Logan pi.; D. J. Mahoney. 213
A st. n.e.; T. Mlssell, 705 18th st.; S.
Marks. 324 M st. s.w.; M. W. Meeks.
1508 D st. s.e.. 1232 Potomac st. n.w.;
Mrs. Eltz. V. Marchesono, 1912 13th st.;
John T. or R Corburn 1253 Oates st.
n.e.; Mrs. K. Kyers 0707 2nd st.; J. J.
McCarron, 1218 Perry st. n.e.; J. C. Mc
Intosh 252 N. Bryan st.. Lyon Park. Va.;
Levy A. McMullen, 21 5th st. s.e.; Geo.
R. McAvoy, 1709 B st. s.e.: McDebltt,
2218 14th st.; Mrs. Chas. A. McCane.
727 Park rd.; Mrs. Goldie Norton. 460
H st. s.w.. Box 224 Deimar. Del.; Mary
E. Neubeck. 4333 Kansas ave.; A. W. Nor
ris, Seat Pleasant. Md.: Neitzey. 708 Irv
ing st. n.e.. 3625 16th st.; Osborne, 2421
3rd st. n.e.; Albert. Offenstein. 1118
Neal st. n.e.; P. O'Connor. 312 Concord
ave.; W. L. Proctor. 213 H st.; S. J. Par
rish. 1500 V st. s.e.. O. Provalas. 66
N. Y. ave.: I. Peters, 9 6th st. n.e.; W.
Powers. 2119 H st.; R. E. Pittilo. 510
Kittennouse st.: Pearson & crane. iatn
and G sts.: Pearson. 623 F st.; Quigley,
305 Investment Bldg.; Morris Rabbitt,
New Roadway. Seat Pleasant. Md.: W. G.
Rucker. Conduit rd. and Wulhonding rd.;
Rowena Rice. 15 17th st. s.e.; J. Riodding,
1320 Hemlock st.: C. Rowland. 1249 Irv
ing st.; Saunders. 2622 11th st. n.w.:
James A. Sullivan 200 Bates st.. 613
Rock Creek Church rd . Lillian B Sparks.
1326 10th st.. new address Mrs. L. Glas
cock. 1434 John st.. Baltimore. Md.:
E. M. Smith. 1357 Girard st.: J. Henry
Bhivel, 1009 11th st.; H. M. Smead. 1414
F st. n.e.; Samuel H. Scott. 5477 111.
ave.; Mrs. L. B. Stewart. 3611 17th st.
n.e ; John Seward. 108 Primrose st.: H.
Stevens. Balston. Va.: O. W. Smelling,
3 338 N. Capitol st.: R. Salek, 1736 Col.
rd ; A. Selby. 4549 44th st.: S. Sims,
231 Fla. ave.; Max Shaffer. 1343 Clifton
st.: Shannon. 1105 Park Lane Apts.;
Simmis, 2012 Arlington Ridge. 1358 Col.
rd.; Mich'l J. Tralnar. 6207 7th st.: Nor
man A. Thomas. 1731 Willard st.; Tucker.
1732 Bay st. s.e.: L. P. Tasker. 1911 Pa.
ave.: Tiffany. 1226 N st.; A. Tills. 457
School st. s.w.; Thornton. 344 12th st.
g.e.: S. Thebadean. 1506 Van Buren st.:
H. Thomas. 1319 Col. rd.. 3559 Holmead
pi.: Geo. W. Toombs. 4822 Plney Branch
rd.: Mrs. R. E. Wilcox. 2310 Ashmead pi.
1508 Col. rd.; Grover C. White. 605 K
st. n.e; Michael G. W’alsh. 1137 3rd
st. n.e.. Fannie Wallace. 1437 W st. n.w.:
Mary E. W’eber. 7611 Ga. ave.. also 2140
N st.; Henry Wood. 1370 Kenyon st.; Mrs.
J. A. Wheeler. 312 M st. n.w.; Werle. 1365
Emerson st. n.e.; Geo. Week, 12 Oak st..
Alex., Va.: D. Wade. Berwyn Heights Md.;
A. C. Williams. 103 Eye st.; H. T. Young.
1530 R. I. ave. n.e . 25 R. I ave. n.w.;
Young. 2124 F st.; Zepp. 3032 N st.;
Giddings, 1003 K st. s.e.; M. E Giddings,
1003 K st. s.e.; E. M. Jones. 405 9th st.
li.e.: Litcus. 405 9th st. n.e.; Anderson.
4128 Ga. ave.: Briggs. 3127 Newton st.
n.e.: Brown. 1101 15th st.; Crocker 3507
R. I. ave. n.e.; Catts. 212 7th st. s.e.:
M. C. Digglns. 319 Pa. ave. s.e., also
200 W’. Clifton Terrace: Dickson. 208
Channing st. n.e.: Entzminger. 1219 3rd
st.: Fitzgerald. 3434 Brown st.; Hartzmen,
713 Irving st. n.e.; Holbrook. 40 K st.;
Hobson. 1114 K st. n.e.: E. Harper,
1940 35th st.. 32-1133 24th St.: H. M.
Kelser. 2017 Newton st. n.e.; M. Mer
riman. 620 M st. s.w.: Mrs. C. Mainball.
3302 10th st.; J. McEddy. 1109 O st.:
McCarthy. 2349 S st. s.e.. OntrtCh. 1349
Kenyon st.; Oxford. 1133 24th st.: Pir
rone. 617 Eye st.; Mrs. D. D. Pitman.
1255 Irving st.; Rhodes, 318 Webster st.:
Rumford. 1641 R st.; Sheel. 2111 18th
st.; Sweeney. 2701 14th st.; Mrs. A. Sprin
kle. 1307 E at. n.e.: Mrs. N. F. Van Sant.
3616 Conn, ave.; Worley. 1819 G st.; H.
Wells. 1210 O st.; S. Cladfltter, 1474 Ool.
rd.: Wm. Belfleld. 1419 CoL rd. All par
ties In interest please take notice.
600 Rhode Island Ave. N.E.
1938. Sealed proposals will be received at
Room 509 District Building until 2 o'clock
?.m. and then publicly opened as follows:
a) ON FEBRUARY 1st. 1938. for the re
surfacing of various streets, roads and
avenues with about 23.000 square yards
of cement concrete base course and about
23,000 square yards of sheet asphalt
pavement, or alternate, and (b) ON FEB
RUARY 2nd. 1938. for improving various
streets, roads and avenues with about 15.
. 000 linear feet of combination cement
concrete curb and gutter and about 4.000
tons of asphaltic material or alternate.
Apply Room 427. District Building, for
proposals and specifications.
Jal 8.6texsu.
_ States for the District of Columbia.—
Holding an Equity Court.—HELEN H.
YORK, next friend of ROBERT LAMAR
YORK, et al.. Infants, Plaintiffs, vs. JOHN
H. YORK, et al.. Defendants.-—Equity No.
consideration of the oral motion made
herein by the trustees, Albert Levin and
Joseph P. Bailey, and it appearing to the
Court that the Statute applicable herein
requires publication for at least one time
over a period of ten days previous to the
ratification and confirmation of said sale,
it is by the Court this 18th day of January,
1938. ORDERED. That the sale of prem
ises located in the City of Washington,
District of Columbia, described as Lot 58
In H. R. Howensteln's subdivision of lots in
square 950. as per plat recorded in Liber
41, folio 97, of the records of the office
of the surveyor of the District of Columbia,
with improvements thereon, known as
702 Ninth Street B.E.. to Ruth York
Graves for the sum of $2,400.00. all cash,
be ratified and confirmed unless cause to
the contrary be shown on or before the 9th
day of February. 1938, provided a copy
of this order be published once in the
Washington Law Reporter and once in The
Evening Star at least ten days before
said day. JENNINGS BAILEY. Justice.
(Seal.) A true copy. Test: CHARLES E.
Asst. Clerk._
Attorney* for Petitioner.
State* for the District of Columbia.—
In re the application of Harry Dragoonsky
for chance of name.—No. 66312 Equity
Doe.—Harry Dragoonsky, having filed a
petition praying for a decree changing
nags* to Harry Dorln and having applied
tt> the Court for an order of publication of
the notice required by law in such cases,
it la. by the Court, this 18th day of Janu
ary. A.D. 1936, ORDERED that all persons
concerned show cause, if any there be. on
or before the ldth day of February. A D
19S8, why the prayers of said petition
should not be granted: provided that a
copy of this order be published once a
week for three consecutive weeks before
said day ln The Evening star newspaper.
JENNINGS BAILEY, Justice. (Beal.) A
true oopy. Test: CHARLES E. STEWART,
Clerk. By J. WE8LEY GARDNER. Jr..
Asstrderk. ial9,26;fe8
Notice Is hereby given by JOSEPH R.
SWAN, residing at 435 East 52nd Street,
New York. New York: HENRY E. BUTLER,
residing at Fairhaven. New Jersey; RAD
CL1FFE CHESTON. JR., residing at Ore
land. Pennsylvania: PHILEMON DICKIN
SON, residing at Chestnut Hill. Philadel
nhia County. Pennsylvania: CHARLES S.
CHESTON. residing at Sklppack Pike.
Whltemarsh. Pennsylvania; J. FORD
JOHNSON. JR., residing at Rumson. New
Jersey: JOHN W. CUTLER, residing at 58
East 80th Street. New York. New York;
EDWIN A. FISH, residing at Locust Valley.
Long Island. New York: BURNETT
WALKER, residing at Scarborough, New
York: CHARLES B. HARDING, residing
at Rumson, New Jersey: EDWARD B.
SMITH. JR., residing at “Sweet Waters."
Providence Road. Edgemont. Pennsylvania:
JOHN W. CASTLES, residing at Convent.
New Jersey; IRVING D. FISH, residing
at Fox Run Lane. Greenwich. Connecticut;
FRED E. KOECHLEIN. residing at 041
Union Avenue. Elizabeth, New Jersey;
REGINALD Q. COOMBE. residing at
Greenwich. Connecticut; "W. EDWIN
WILLIAMS, residing at 000 Charlotte Road.
Plainfield. New Jersey: EDWARD C.
SAYERS, residing at Washington Lane.
Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania. RALPH B.
JOHNSON, residing at 50 East 10th Street.
New York. New York; JUNIUS A. RICH
ARDS. residing at 234 Briarwood Crossing.
Cedarhurst. Long Island. New Y»rk;
at Holmdel. New Jersey: HARCOURT
AMORY, residing at Inswlch. Massachusetts:
OGDEN PHIPPS, residing at Roslyn. Long
Island. New York; J. RITCHIE KIMBALL,
residing at R. F. D. No. 2. Morristown.
New Jersey: G. WILLING PEPPER, resid
ing at Chestnut Hill. Philadelphia County.
Pennsylvania: KARL WEISHEIT. residing
at 221 Boulevard. Mountain Lakes. New
Jersey: PHILLIP W. BROWN, residing at
Haddon Road. Scarsdale. New York;
JAMES N LaND. residing at 220 Prospect
Avenue. Staten Island. New York; JOHN
P. GRIER, residing at 550 Park Avenue.
New York New York: EDWARD H. LEVIS,
residing at 438 Main Street. Mt. Holly.
New Jersey: JAY COOKE, residing at
Chestnut Hill. Philadelphia County. Penn
sylvania: and EDWIN A. FISH, residing
at Locust Valley. Long Island. New York:
they having formed a limited partnership
pursuant to the laws of the State of New
York by the filing of a certificate as re
quired by law. and having filed sub
stantially similar certificates of limited
partnership in other States, and being de
sirous that said limited pannership from
and after the close of business on De
cember 31. 1037. may do business In the
District of Columbia as a limited partner
ship under the laws thereof, have on Janu
ary. 0. 1038. filed a certificate of limited
partnership in the office of the Clerk of the
District Court of the United States for the
District of Columbia, which said certificate
has been duly acknowledged by the parties
thereto: that the name under which the
partnership is to be conducted is SMITH.
BARNEY & CO : that the character of the
business to bo transacted is that of under
writers. distributors, and custodians of. and
brokers and dealers in. stocks, bonds and
other securities and investments of every
kind and character including grain and
other commodities: that the location of
the principal Place of business is 14 Wall
Street. New York. New York, and the
partnership will maintain a place of busi
ness in the District of Columbia: that the
said JoseDh R. Swan. Henry E. Butler.
Radcliffe Cheston. Jr.. Philemon Dickinson,
Charles S. Cheston. J. Ford Johnson. Jr..
John W. Cutler. Edwin A. Fish. Burnett
Walker. Charles B. HardlnR. Edward B.
Smith. Jr.. John W. Castles. Irving D.
Fish. Fred E. Koechlein. Reginald G.
Coomhe. W. Edwin Williams. Edward C.
Sayers. Ralph B. Johnson. Junius A. Rich
ards, William Barclay Harding Harcourt
Amory. Ogden Phipps. J. Ritchie Kimball.
G. Willing Pepper. Karl Weishelt. Phillip
W. Brown and James N. Land are general
partners: that the said John P Grier.
Edward H. Levis. Jay Cooke and Edwin A.
Fish are special partners: that the said
special partners contributed as limited
capital contributions to the capital of said
partnership the following amounts in cash
and on the following dates:
John P Grier on December 31. 1937.
$300,000 00.
Edward H. Levis on December 31. 1937.
Edwin A. Fish on December 31, 1937,
Jay Cooke on December 31. 1937.
In addition Jay Cooke has contributed
as a limited capital contribution to the
capital of said partnership on December
31. 1937. the following securities:
$25.000—City of Bethlehem School Dis
trict 4'as. 1941;
$50.000—City of Chester School District
4'as. 1048:
$100,000—City of Philadephia General
4'is. 1948:
$35.000—City of Pittsburgh School Dis
trict 4'4S. 1045:
$5.000—City of Erie. Penna. Mill Creek
Improvement, Series A, 4'(is.
$35.000—County of Erie Penna. Road.
Series C. PNs. 1941:
$25.000—City of Detroit. Mich., Sewer
4 ’ is. 1944:
$25.000—Jersey City. N. J.. General Im
provement 414S. 1939:
—that none of the other special partners
have contributed or agreed to contribute
any other property except as aforesaid,
that no special partner has agreed to make
anv additional limited capital contri
butions; that an affidavit of one of the
general partners of said limited partner
ship was filed m the office of the clerk of
the District Court of the United States
for the District of Columbia with said
certificate of limited partnership and at
the time of the filing of said certificate
of limited partnership, stating that the
sums of money specified herein to have
been contributed by each of the special
partners to the capital of said partnership,
were actually and in good faith paid in
cash to said partnership on December 31.
19.37, and that the securities stated herein
to have been contributed to the capital of
said partnership were actually and in good
faith delivered and contributed to said
partnership on December 31. 1937; that
the term of said partnership commenced
at the close of business on December 31.
1937. and shall continue for the term of
five years to and including December 31.
1942: provided, however, that the partner
ship may be terminated at any time, not
withstanding the foregoing, at the election
of a majority in interest of the general
partners, such election to be made by the
general "artners so electing by written
notice given by such general partners to
all of the other partners at least ninety
days prior to the date fixed in such notice
as the date upon which such termination
will take effect: and provided, however,
that if a partner shall have withdrawn
during any calendar year by reason of
death or expulsion, certain of the general
partners having a majority in interest who
are constituted the Executive Committee
may terminate the partnership at the end
cf such year by notice delivered to all of
the partners at any time before the end
of such year: that until a termination of
the partnership, no special partner shall
have any right to withdraw any of his
limited capital contribution, except as of
the end of any calendar year, and then
only if he shall have given written notice
prior to October 1st in such year of his
desire to make such withdrawal; and ex
cept that in the event of his death his
contribution shall be repaid with interest
within ninety days thereafter; provided,
however, that any such withdrawals at
other times may be made with the written
consent of the said Executive Committee
of the partnership If as a result thereof
there be then no impairment of the capital
of the partnership: and provided further
that if at any time the total amount of
capital, both general and limited (includ
ing any capital added after the date of
this Certificatei. shall have been reduced
by withdrawals to less than three-Quarters
of the total amount of the original capital
contributions, both general and limited,
then each special partner shall be so
notified in writing by the partnership,
and any special partner shall be entitled
to withdraw all or any part of his limited
capital contribution within ninety days
after the date of such notice to him of
such reduction: that until its termination,
the partnership shall have no right (except
in the case of an expulsion of a general
partner) to return to any partner, without
his consent, any portion of his capital
contribution, limited or general, except at
the end of any calendar year, and then
only if the partnership shall have given him
written notice of Its intention to make
such return on or before the preceding
October 1st: that the share of the Droflts
or other compensation by way of Income
which each special partner shall receive by
reason of his contribution is as follows:
The limited capital contributions In
cash, including the cash contribution of
$100,000.00 ol Jay Cooke, shall bear Inter
est at the rate of fife per annum, payable
quarterly during any continuance of the
partnership, to be charged and paid by
the partnership whether or not earned as
an expense of the business; that in ad
dition. Jay Cooke shall receive payment
at the rate of $4,387.50 per annum plus
such additional sum or less such sum in
any year, as may be necessary, so that
the total amount naid under this para
graph for any year, when added to the
aggregate amount of the coupons and inter
est received by him upon said securities,
shall be equal to 6% per annum upon
$300,000.00; that upon any proceeds of
sale of any of said securities which shall
not have been reinvested by the partner
ship in accordance with the provisions
hereinafter stated, within thirty days after
such sale, the partnership shall pay to Jay
Cooke interest at the rate of 6% per annum
for the periods during which such proceeds
shall remain uninvested, but only after
taking into account the pro rata part,
or all. as the case may be. of the additional
payment at the rate of $4,387.50 per
annum as provided above, so that his total
return upon all of his additional limited
capital contribution shall be 6% per
annum upon $300,000.00; that mil of
the foregoing payments of Interest to Jay
Cooke upon his additional limited capital
contribution, other than coupons and inter
est received by him upon said securities,
shall be charged to and be paid by the
partnership, whether or not earned, as mn
expense of the business: that except as
above stated, the Umlted capital contri
butions shall not otherwise share in profits
or receive any other compensation by way
of income from the partnership, nor shall
they share. In any losses or be decreased
or Impaired by any losses or other charges
unless and until all general capital shall
have been exhausted;
mat no special partner shall have any
right to substitute an assignee as contribu
tor in his place as special partner, but
each special partner shall have the right
to assign all or any portion o( his interest
as a special partner to such person or
persons as he desired without such assignee
becoming a. partner, substituted special,
special or general: that one or more ad
ditional general or special partners may
be admitted from time to time to member
ship in said partnership upon the con
sent in writing of all of the partners, both
special and general; that no right is given
to one or more of the special partners to
priority over the other special partners
as to contributions nor as to compensation
by way of income; that the right of the
remaining general partner or general
partners to continue the business on the
death, retirement, or insanity of a sen
eral partner is as follows:
• j e,F*Ul<ft*w*l of ■ Partner as a result
of death, retirement, or insanity, or other
wise. shall not of itself terminate and dis
join partnershln; if a partner shall
have ®lthdrawn durins any calendar year,
the Executive Committee may terminate
the partnership at the end of auch rear by
notice delivered to all of the pertnen at
any time before the end of such year;
If the partnership Is terminated by the
Executive Committee at the end of any
year, a majority In Interest of the remain
ing or surviving general partners shall
have the right to continue the business
under the firm name:
That no right is given to any special
partner to demand and receive property
other than cash In return for his con
tribution. except that Jay Cooke, as a
special partner, shall be entitled to the
return of the securities contributed by
him as aforesaid, subject, however, to the
If said securities or any of them are
sold, the proceeds thereof, or securities
purchased with said proceeds, shall con
tinue 10 constitute the additional limited
capital contribution of Jay Cooke to the
partnership; the partnership may reinvest
the proceeds of the sale of any of said
securities in bonds of the United States
or of any State or municipality of the
United States approved by Jay Cooke: upon
the termination of the partnership or the
withdrawal from the partnership by Jay
Cooke, there shall be returned to him
in repayment of his additional limited agP
ltal contribution such part or all of the
securities originally contributed by him
as aforesaid, as may then be on hand, and
the proceeds of the sale of any securities
constituting his additional limited capital
contribution not then reinvested and any
new securities then on hand which have
been purchased with the proceeds of such
securities sold Hi accordance with the pro
visions of this paragraph: If the partner
ship reinvests the proceeds, or any part
thereof, of the sale of any securities con
stituting a part of the additional limited
capital contribution of Jay Cooke in secur
ities not authorized by. or not tn accord
ance with, the provisions of this para
graph. he may at his option, upon the
termination of the partnership or his
withdrawal therefrom, either accept the
unauthorized securities or require the
partnership to pay to him an amount eaual
to the amount of the proceeds originally
invested in such unauthorized securities,
and In such latter event, such unauthorised
securities shall become general assets of
the partnership.
Jal 2.1.1,14,19.20,21.2<L2JJ\28,fe2..‘).4_
PAUL D. TAGGART, Attorney,
Wash. Loan * Trust Bldg.
States for the District of Columbia.—
The Westminster Deposit and Trust Com
pany. Trustee of Westminster. Maryland,
and Michael Walsh, Trustee. 815 11th
Street N.W, Washington, D. C, vs. the
Unknown Heirs. Alienees and Devisees of
Buckner Bayliss. John H. Soule and Helen
M. Soule.—Equtty No. tiliOPK.—ORDER OF
PUBLICATION.—The object of this suit
is to obtain a decree establishing of recond
by adverse possession the plaintiff's title
in fee simple to all of original lots num
bered One (1) and Two (2), In square
One thousand and one 0.001). in the City
of Washington, District of Columbia. On
motion of plaintiff, it is this 11th day
of January, 19.‘i8. ordered that the de
fendants. the unknown heirs, devisees
and alienees of Buckner Bayliss, John
H. Soule and Helrti M. Soule, deceased, or
if any of them be deceased then their un
known heirs, devisees and alienees, cause
their appearance to be entered herein on
or before the thirtieth day. exclusive of
Sundays and legal holidays occurring
after the day of the first publication of
this order, otherwise the cause will be
proceeded with as in case of default, pro
vided a copy of this order shall be pub
lished once a week for three successive
weeks before the said appearance day in
the Washington Law Reporter and The
Evening Star, the Court having for good
cause shown excused other and longer
publication. By the Court: JENNINGS
BAILEY. Justice. <Seal.) A true copy.
C. E. STEWART. Jr„ Asst. Clerk.
Jal 2.1i).2ti.
Columbia, January 6th. 1938.—Notice Is
hereby given that In accordance with
the provisions of an Item authorizing
changes in the permanent system of high
ways for the District of Columbia contained
in D. C. Appropriation Act for the fiscal
year ended June 30. 1914 (Public Act No.
4.in. tj2nd Congress), approved March 4.
1913, as amended by an act approved
April 30. 1920 (Public Act No. 168. doth
Congress), the Commissioners of the Dis
trict of Columbia will give a public hear
ing in the Board Room of said Commission
ers in the District Building on JANUARY
34th. 1938, at 10 o'clock a.m . to all
persons interested or owning land within
the territory affected by proposed changes
in the plan of the permanent system of
highways described as follows, viz: 1.
Proposed change in said plan affecting
property in the Southeast section located
within the territory lying Immediately
north of Pennsylvania Avenue between
Alabama Avenue and the Maryland-D. C.
Boundary Line affecting proposed streets
in Parcel 202/10. 2. Proposed change in
said plan affecting property in the North
west section located within the territory
bounded on the northeast by the Mary
land-D. C Boundary Line, on the south
east by Piney Branch Road, and on the
west by Blair Road, providing for the
elimination from said plan of part of
Eastern Avenue (proposed), part of Ger
anium Street (proposed), and the elemi
nation of an additional proposed street
lying within said territory. 3. Proposed
change in said plan affecting property in
the Northwest section located within the
territory lying Immediately north of
Locust Road between 13th and 16th
Streets, affecting the location of a pro
posed street to be known as Leegate Road.
Plans showing proposed changes within the
territory described above, numbered as
Maps 2078. 2079 and 2080. are on dis
play in the office of the Surveyor of the
District of Columbia. Room 405. District
Building, and may be examined by inter
ested parties during business hours prior
to the hearing. Such plans will also be
displayed at the hearing, and the Com
missioners will consider any suggestions
or protests concerning the proposed changes
as shown on above mentioned plans.
DAN I. SULTAN. Commissioners. D. C.
iaS.14t exsu._
. A public hearing having been held by
the Commissioners of the District of Co
lumbia in the matter of closing certain
streets in the City of Washington. District
of Columbia, and the said Commissioners
being satisfied as to the equity. Justice and
advisability of said closings, and that the
same are in the public Interests and not
detrimental to the interests of abutting
property owners. NOTICE IS HEREBY
GIVEN that the said Commissioners have
prepared the following order: “ORDERED.
That pursuant to the provisions of Public
Act No. .307 approved December 15. 1932.
the street area as shown in green on plat
filed in the office of the Surveyor of the
District of Columbia and numbered as Map
19.i9. is hereby ordered CLOSED, same to
take effect on and after February 15. 1938.
the title to the land comprised in said
area so closed to revert to the abutting
property owners, as shown on said map:
the streets hereby ordered closed being
described as follows: Closing part of CANAL
STREET 8.W.. from South Capitol and G
streets to O Street; closing HALF STREET.
8.W.. between H and I (Eye) Streets: closing
SECOND STREET. S.W.. south of N Street:
closing I (EYE) STREET and part of H
STREET between South Capital and Half
Streets. 8 W/' Any and all parties inter
ested must file objections to said closings
in writing before the effective date of
above order: otherwise said order shall
become effective on February 15. 1938, as
aforesaid, and said street area shall on
and after said date become closed in ac
cocdance with the provisions of said Act.
DAN I. SULTAN. Commissioners. D. C.
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111 ,0«» p£rf3' J° piclt up back notes and
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NatlonalT9850 ” 1114 Vermont ave'
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per, Evans-Palmer. Inc. ,14th and L sts,
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sacrifice. $o29. terms. Mr. Roper. Evans
Palmer. Inc.. 14th and L sts._
FORD 1935 Tudor sedan; fine condition.
u*w tiro* and battery; aacrlfice. $195.
Cleveland 6823 (dealer).
FORD 193.3 Tudor, black finish, very clean
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transportation; now only $195. Arcade
Pontiac Co. 141!) Irving st. n.w. Adams
Oo <5. or large used-car lot at N. Y. ave.
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2iRSeS„R2 this Poetically new car; now
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ving st. n.w Adams 0575. or large used
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FORD 1936 de luxe Tudor trunk sedan.
This car is modern and attractive In ap
pearance and has the long life and spar
kling performance for which Ford products
, v? always been noted. Finished in black,
without a blemish, excellent tires and a
spotless Interior, this Is an unusually clean
f*r- To see it is to want it. Priced for
‘>lls S425- ,Trew Motor
F2” 14ih^t- n v- 14th and Pa. ave.
Atlantic^”? ChaPm SU- Decatur 1910‘
FORD 1937 black Tudor! trunk. "85";
m,lea*e- but Wlendid condl
9o9i, i*uao s)SA(id ‘tftvb ;uoii
S. 8th at. Clarendon 688-J. 20«
KoR^j1?38 Tudor sedan; little used, care
tullv drlven; slip covers; sacrifice. *295.
Call Columbia 2075; dealer.
?HRPi„i930*c°uoe- Sli"5; good running
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Conn, ave. n.w. Emerson 7767,_
FORD 1936 Tudor sedan. This car has
2*7 tow mileage and is clean throughout;
will take small car in trade and give terms
on unpaid balance. Sam Oolle, Randolph
0816 evenings. L. P. Steuart, Inc. 1440
P_st.n.w. Decatur_4800.
FORD 1933 de luxe Tudor. Here la a lot
*139, Logan Motor Co.,
18th and M sta. n.w.
FORD 1936 de luxe Tudor. Beautiful blue
finish; equipped with radio and heater;
S2R2-o2ck,t,liSr*nlteJ-0n‘x 8398 at Logan
Motor Co„ 18th and M sts. n.w.
FORD 1936 Fordor de luxe trunk aedan.
Equipped with radio and heater. Black
finish; money-back guarantee; only *392.
PJR, onl2 w® bou*ht at Logan Motor Co.,
18th and M its, n.w._
FORD 1934 de luxe coupe. This price la
rl«ht at only *187. LOO AN MOTOR CO.,
18th and M sts. n.w.
FORD, late 1937, itandard black Fordor,
trunk Job. *680, Including finance, insur
ance; excellent condition, carefully driven;
mileage, 3,500; *125 down, take over pay
ments. Lincoln 10490. Apt. 312 So., eve
FORD 1932 Tudor; quiet, powerful V-8
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genuine bargain at our low. Honest Price of
*125; terms. Owens Motor Co., 6328
Oeorgla ave.
FORD 1986 Fordor deluxe sedan, with
bnJlt-ln radio *876; 1938 de luxe coupe,
*295; 1935 de fuse Fordor sedan, *295;
term*. Barnes Motor. 1729 14th at. B.v.
fORDS—iB29 coup*. $38: 1020 Pordor,
$49: 1031 Victoria, $79; 10"others. Make
u; an oiler. Logan Motor Co.. 18th and
M its, n.w. _
HUDSON 1938 "85” conv. coupe; beautiful
ebony finish, elec, shift, radio, heater:
sacrifice, $695. Mr. Morgan, 1341 14th
n.w. Dealer.
LAFAYETl'1*; 1937 da luxe business coupe;
factory bullt-ln radio, heater, defrosters,
overdrive; sarefully driven; like new; must
be sold to settle business; any reasonable
Oder: terms. Dec. 4503.21*
LA SALLE 1937 convertible rumble-seat
coupe, low mileage, white sidewall tires. 2
extra headlights, genuine leather uphol
stery, hot-water heater, Golden Voice
Motorola radio, elec, clock and cigar lighter.
This car will be sold at #650 discount.
Barnes Motors. 1729 14th st._
LINCOLN-ZEPHYR 1937 new blue sedan:
never titled: attorney must sell: will
finance. 3028 Newark at. n.w. Clev. 5013.
LINCOLN-ZEPHYR sedan, an outstanding
car In every detail, economical operation
In a high-grade car. motor, tires, paint
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critical buyer, equipped with radio and
heater; your opportunity to own a high
grade car at low cost; $695; full trade
allowance for your car. See It today.
Hill A Tlbbltts. 1114 Vermont ave. n.w.
National 9860._
OLD8MOBILE 1938 convertible coupe;
rumble seat, many extras (Silver Flash
tested). Best condition, only $529; terms.
Mr. Roper, Evans-Palmer. Inc., 14th and
L Sts.
OLD8MOBILE 1936 coupe, rumble seat.
Fisher body, hydraulic brakes, steel tgp
and many other exclusive General Motors
features, new-car appearance and condi
tion; priced under market at $595: full
trade allowance for your car. ready for
safe winter driving. Hill A Tlbbltts. 1114
Vermont ave. n.w. National 9950._
PIERCE-ARROW 1929 sedan; a real beau
ty. Honestly Priced at $126. Terms.
Owens Motor Co.. 6323 Georgla_ave._
PLYMOUTH 1934 2-door sedan: beautiful
black finish: driven only 17.000 miles;
orlg. tires; finish like new: heater; price,
$299; also 1934 Plymouth sedan, $249.
Schlegel A Golden. Dodge-Plymouth Deal
ers. .333 Carroll st. n.w._Geo. 9569,
PLYMOUTH 1935 staiion wagon. 4 new
tires, natural wood body, seats 8 people,
leather upholstery, best of condition; $395.
Addison Chevrolet, 1437 Irving st. n.w.
Adams 6411,___
PLYMOUTH 1936 de luxe 4-door trunk
sedan. This Is the "one car in a thou
sand.” Seldom will you And a 1936 car
so near to new. both mechanicallygand in
appearance Our 36-day guarantee nat
urally applies on this car. but. honestly,
you'll never need It. For this week only.
$520. The Tiew Motor Co.. 1526 14th st
n.w.. 14th and Pa. ave. i.e. 14th and
Chapin sts. _Decatur_l910, Atlantic 4340.
PLYMOUTH 1936 de luxe coach (trunk);
perfect condition: bargain. $375. Mr.
Schafer Cleveland 0557_
o d e l s
90-DAY War- I I 30-DAY Gnar. I
ranty 30.-37. I I Car.OverCI70 I
1620 M ST. N.W.
Bet. 16th A 17th. DI. 8300
New Plain Auto Door Glati
installed not over
Safety Door Glass installed in any
Make of car not over
Authorized Dealere
2nd fir Florida Ave. N.E.
Drlye-in Service ppen Sunday to t P.M. .
Backed by Horner’s
Famous Guarantee
1936 Packard "120" 8-eyl. 2-Door
Trunk Sedan. Radio, 0EAR
white sidewall tires_0OOO
1937 Buick "41" 4-Door AD7R
Trunk Sedan (Radio)_ 00151
1936 Buick "41" 4-Door AAj|E
Trunk Sedan. 0040
1936 Dodge $465
1936 Ford 04 OR
Phaeton . 0440
1936 Oldsmobile "8" MAR
2-Door Trunk Sedan_ 0400
1936 Oldsmobile "6" ARAR
4-Door Trunk Sedan_ 0040
1936 La Salle 4-Door 0C7K
Touring Sedan_ 00 IO
1935 Dodge 2-Door 07OR
Trunk Sedan_ 0000
1934 Buick "57" MAR
4-Door Sedan_ 0440
1933 Buick "67" (AAR
4-Door Sedan___ 0400
1932 Lincoln (AAR
7-Pass. Sedan_ 0400
1931 Pierce-Arrow A AAR
7-Poss. Sedan_ 0400
50 Other* Priced at Low
1529 14th Natl. 9473
1111 14th Natl. 7651
ESKBSFlLA"fln£i5%.tagffif: •&?,
mechanical feature In perfect shape; truly
a fine car at a low price; only $480.
9°- *419 Irving st. n.w.
.ALBI?5A°£,'5i or >T«* S*ed-car lot at N. Y.
aye, and Bladensburg rd. n.e. Lincoln 8S2‘2.
PLYMOUTH 1937 de luxe coupe; latest
Sffig;. . ®*»utl,ul «un metal Jlnlsh. Only
Tn?8’iifhm.AA J*r. Roper. Yvans-Palmer,
Inc,, 14th and L sts.
uutan^Sja!. 'fmo ty** 2-door trunk
“Jj?"1 VJiVo di lu/e 2-door trunk
*^*0' 1938 de lux* rumble-seat
built-in heater. $450; 1935 de luxe
2-door trunk sedan with built-in radio
and heater. $385: 1937 de luxe 4-door
Sedan, low mileage, $645: 1933 rumble
seat coupe. $200; all fully guaranteed,
Barnes Motors, if29 14th st. n.w
“San- original gun metal
finish, excellent condition by original own
lr„:, “cr‘fioe, S«25. . Mr. Roper, Evans
Palmer. 14th and L st. n.w.
PONTIAC 1930 coach, beautiful black
5,nCAii iAAe? new- In excel, mechanical
ooo^iyon ,ln every detail. A real honest.
cal;, only $495. Arcade
?25ilBB.cp.; 1419 Irving st. n.w. Adams
0575. or large used-car lot at N. Y. ave.
and Bladensburg rd. n.e. Lincoln 8522.
PONTIAC 1937 8-cylinder 4-door trunk
sedan. Driven by our office manager a few
thousand miles. Big reduction. Save at
Adi.Bme'o22tlBC C°- 1419 Irving st. n.w.,
Adams 0575 or large used car lot at N. Y.
ave. ana flladensburg rd, n.e. Line. 8522.
at Sacrifice Prices
Thirteen to Choose From—All Body
Types—Large Built-in Trunk- -
Knee Action Wheels—Solid f el
Turret Top Bodies—Some \ .ih
All thoroughly reconditioned, har
ms ntw-car appear- . .
ance and performance "s *-ow
with the famous L. P. Map
1325 14th St. N.W. DEcotur 4800
(/u&UiH/eec/ X)K
1934 Chev. Master Coupe..$249
1934 Chev. Master Coach.. 269
1934 Chev. Master Sedan.. 279
1935 Chev. D. L. Sedan_379
1935 Ford Tudor_269
1935 Plymouth D.L. Cabr'let 389
1935 Ford Sport Coupe_279
1935 Chev. Std. Cdach_309
1935 Chev. D. L. Town Sdn. 389
1936 Ford Sport Coupe_399
1936 Oldsmobtle Coupe_499
1936 Chev. Std. Town Sdn. 399
1936 Chev. D. L. Town Sdn. 469
1936 Chev. D. L. Sport Sdn. 479
Many Other Bargains
1130 Connecticut Are.
District 4200
Drive in 18th St. Entrance
Checked 7
For Winter
• Brake*
• Ratterv Win
terized for
easy starting
• Winter
grease and
• Radiator
serviced for
• Windshield \
wiped that
• Safe tires
• Free from
usual winter
1936 Dodge Tudor Sedan. Here is
one of those rare bargains that
make an accurate description sound
exaggerated. Honestly, the perfect
original black finish, and absolutely
perfect upholstery, the chrome trim
is like brand new. in short, every
thing about this car Is as perfect
as any brand new Dodge in our
stock, and we're not exaggerating
1935 Dodge 4-door De Lnxe Sedan.
For dependability, safety, comfort,
economy, and beauty, no car ex
ceeds the 193ft Dodge. Golden beige
finish, beautiful interior appoint
ments. floating power, all-steel body
and hydraulic brakes all combine
to make this car our
No.^ Yalue. Tod.r $4Q5.00
193ft Ford Tador Tronk Sedan.
You'll wonder how we can sell so
perfect a car In a 1936 model at
such a low price. The answer is
that we can't accept as a "price
leader" So "first CJ.3C Aft
come, flrit served’
No "Trew Value" Car is a Recondi
tioned Taxi or Rental CarI
1526 14«h St. N.W.
DEcatur 1910
14th & Pa. Ave. S.E.
ATIantf' 4340
14th Er Chapin Sts.
Dmj Dett&fl BuirJ{S $
BUICK 1937 Model 80 De Luz* DODGE 1936 2 -Door Touring
BVMV.IV 173 1 Sedan Demon- Sedan; built-in
atrator; built-in trunk; 8 wheels: 2 trunk; black safety steel body; hy
fender wells; custom radio; has had draulics; fine floating-power C3QC
little use; delivered new for <1 795 engine; good rubber_
nearly $2,600; now_ __ __ _ _,_ „„_.... „_
FORD 1935 Convertible Coupe;
Dlllflf 1 Oik Victoria: 6-nass. rumble seat; excellent
BUICK 1936 model 48: green fln- top and tires: splendid V-8 $275
lsh; knee action; hydraulics; spot- motor; very clean; 6 good tires “
2 ,cte‘n *nd_eomPleUlT $595 OLDSMOBILE 1934
BUICK 1935 “od*1 ,,4” CST; JSSSS^nSSi
. 7" \ bUclc Fisher body; (black): very clean; good <29<
finish and Interior very clean; ,1lhh»r
tip top mechanically; knee <305 ruDDer ---
action- PONTIAC 1936 *-Door Touring
rv/ru ■ i«v i 730 sedan; built-in
BUICK 1934 Model 41 Touring trunk; black; custom radio; sound me
■.wiv.iv 1 sedan; built-In chanically and appears new;
trunk; new-car appearance and ex- knee action; hydraulics; ex- <495
cellent running order; excep- <385 cellent tires- f '
tlonally clean and sound- TERRAPLANE 1933 8 e d a n;
BUICK 1932 Model 88 Victoria; « w,ek; one
wwiv.iv ■ 73a 6 wheels; gray body; of the smoothest, fastest ears on the
clean upholstery; smooth, efll- <225 street; clean; sound; good rub- <195
clent motor; all excellent rubber ber; any demonstration- “
17th aid M Sis. N.W.
District 8100
Tow Oft s Better Vied Car from a Buiek Dealer“
PQNT7AC 1034 sedan; well fenders, heater
??4int4twh »•*.JBtmJSsJS: 1
l*th st. n.w. Worth looim Dealer.
PONTIAC 1937 de luxe sedan. If you are
5f,a buy, here you have one. This
car delivered for $1,013 and has been
driven 1.700 miles and cannStbe Void from
new. Will sacrifice for $749 and carries
8XJ»f tuarantee and terms. Jack WIN
i^51ur*‘4g'00.tCU*rt‘ toC- 1440 P «• ° >•
dictator sedan, trui'y
ci? JXi every ..detail, thoroughly
«2!ir pam shop by our trained
mSShIS!SJntn<lil.ow ,n excellent condition
2.5SSS?ii55iUL and appearance. Splendid.
fhSSSSin!1 fAmlly car that will give many
thousands of miles of carefree trans
portatlon for on’y Hill & Tlbbltu.
l1i.4-Ver|no°t ave. n.w, National 0X50.
STUDEBAKER Dictator. 13.34: food con
dition; reasonable. Call Potomac 4736-W
between <-9 p.m.
-- ^
^t.tiuEbAKltK 1932 Commander 4-donr
ove?n«*An perfect condition: just spent
?ne,r,*®<} on motor: lost my Job. wonlduke
totransfer my equity to reliable party- no
down payment; merely take over SSThAtes
Mr. Mann. District 8687. t§*
m_UDEBAKBR 1935 de ltne 4-door trank
wdan. Built for Ions, economical aarrtc#
min_unu*u*liy. attractive Studebaker has
to*«i».m<T,e Jf1<J“*»nds of carefree miles
-horsepower enxlna provides
fmJwer any one could ask. Its au
tomatic choke, vacuum spark control, full
JubT*Kltlon' aluminum alloy pla
in™ ,,V’d other quality features assure
1°^®, /e' performance and economy Fln
tor Co., 1528 14th at. n.w., 14th and Pa
I l>To.* A.ientlch 4*340,Chaam *u

• 1—Bod* and chassis washed
and cleaned. V
• 2—Motor cleaned. Grease and
oil removed from power plant.
o 3—Inspection hr Service Su
pervisor for necessary re
pairs. V
• 4—Reeenditlenlnr of asetor;
necessary replacements made.
• S—1Transmission tested, neces
sary repairs made. V
• fl—Rear axle construction In
spected. necessary replace
ments made. V
• 7—Front construction inspect
ed; worn parts replaced and
thorourhly tirhtened up. V
• fl—S t e e r I n r construction
checked: adjustments or re
placements made. V
• ii—Wirinc Inspected for bad
connections, etc. V
o JO—Wheels removed: neces
sary replacements of bearinrs.
washers, ete. V
• II—Brakes inspretedi Ilnlnra
replaced If necessary. V
• 18—Inspection for necessary
body and fender repairs. V
• 13—Paint examined, rellnished
where necessary. V
• 14—Roof or ton examined,
leaks repaired or new ma
terial installed. \/
o 1.4—Roof or top re-dressed. V
• lfl—-Glass examined and re
placed where chipped or
cracked. V
• 17—T'pholstery cleaned, re
paired where necessary or ma
terials replaced. V
• 18—Chassis and all back run
ninx sear painted. V
• 19—Bulbs, reflectors or lens
replaced where necessary. V
• 20—Windshield wipers In
spected. necessary repairs or
replacements made. V
• 21—Bumpers Insperted. bent
or broken units replaced. V
• 22—Tires Inspected: replace
ments made whero necessary.
o 23—-Car thorourhly lubricated 1
and sorincs sprayed. V
• 24—Crank ease drained,
flushed and relllled with fresh
oil. V
• 23—Radiator Inspected,
cleaned cut or repaired as
necessary. \/
• 28—Body bolts cheeked and
tirhtened. V
• 27—Battery tested; connec
tions checked or replaced;
new battery Installed If neces
sary. v'
28— Body and fenders cleaned
and Slmonized expertly. V
29— Road-tested to cheek per
formance. V
30— Last, but not least, our
unconditional ruarantee roes
with every Chernerised car. V
* _3- ... .
Modernize Your Trans
portation 2 to 4 Yeartl
r ' ::
Your Carls the
Full Down
^ On Any 1035 or 193ft
§ “ - : :::: •:
“ ‘ .V
(32) 1936 FORDS
At low at_
Choose from Coupes. Tudors.
Fordors. Cabriolets. Taurine -s
Tudors. Tourlnc Sedans—every
color. All carry Cnrle Joe’s un
conditional cuarantec.
1936 Ford V-8 Tudor..$349 |
1 (23) 1935 FORDS I (20) 1937 FORDS |
low os • low as | :
*269 *489
Tudors, Fordors. Cabriolets. Trunk erou^lTnd “el'ch*1! tg?°7I
Mticlli Cow pen ill colon. All NEW-CAR GUARANTEE nfe Sii
*uarant#2Cle Joe’a nncondit*on*1 CAR TERMS. NEW-CAR 8ERV
1955 Ford V-8 Tudor..$269 1957 Ford V-8 Tudor $489
Coupe, reduced to,. 0*10J Sedan _$389
1937 Ford V-8 Do apjq ’36 Chev. Town Sedan, $419 ||
!!j Luxe Fordor Sedan *38 Ford V-8 Cahr’let.$439 I
1937 Ford V-8 De *36 Ford D. L. Fordor 1
Luxe Tudor Touring iJJtJ Touring_$489 f
1937 De Soto De CCOQ ’36 Ford Cone. Sedan, $489
|| Luxe Coupe- flJOaf ’36 Do Soto Coupe... $819 |
1937 Ford V-8 De opaa ’35 Ford V-8 Do Luxe I
Lnxe Fordor Touring $OOV Tndor _$989
1937 Plymouth ’35 Ford D. L. Coupe, $289 |
4-Door Touring «£10 *35 Ford V-8 D. L.
Coach ..- vPld Fordor Sedan_$$19 |
1937 Ford V-8 Club oaia ’$5 Chevrolet Coach_$289 p
Convertible Coupe,. $Ule7 ’34 Plymouth Sedan. $289 Jp
--. . ......-.... ’

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