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Notes From the Social Calendar of Washington and Its Environs
~ ' —--—---^- ----- .
Annual Garner Dinner
Held for President
And Mrs. Roosevelt
Cabinet Members, Congress Leaders
And Wives Are Prominent
In List of Guests.
HE Vice President and Mrs. John Nance Garner last night gave
their annual dinner in honor of the President and Mrs.
Roosevelt. The party was given at the Washington Hotel,
where the Vice President and Mrs. Garner maintain an apartment.
The dinner is the only large formal function given each year by
Mr. and Mrs. Garner. Last year the dinner was omitted from their
program by special agreement betweep the President and the Vice
President. .
The guests at the dinner included the Secretary of State and
Mrs. Cordell Hull, the Secretary of the Treasury and Mrs. Henry
Morgenthau, jr.; the Attorney General and Mrs. Homer S. Cum
mings, the Postmaster General. Mr. James A. Farley; Mrs. Claude
A. Swanson, wife of the Secretary of the Navy; the Secretary of
the Interior, Mr. Harold L. Ickes; the Secretary of Agriculture and
Mrs. Henry A. Wallace, the Secretary of Commerce and Mrs. Daniel
C. Roper, Mrs. William B. Bankhead, wife of the Speaker of the
House; Mrs. Alben W. Barkley, wife of Senator Barkley; Senator and
Mrs. Charles L. McNary. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, Representative and
Mrs. Bertrand H. Snell. Representative Sam Rayburn, the Governor
of Texas and Mrs. James V. Allred, the Governor of Michigan, Mr.
Frank Murphy, and his sister, Mrs. Teahan; the chairman of the
Reconstruction Finance Corp. and Mrs. Jesse Jones, Col. Oliver S.
Wood, Mr. and Mrs. James Roosevelt, son and daughter-in-law of
the President and Mrs. Roosevelt; the military aide to the President
and Mrs. Edwin M. Watson, the naval aide to the President and
Mrs. Walter Woodson, Dr. George W. Calver, Capitol physician, and
Mrs. Calver; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chandler Christy, Mr. Silliman
Evans, publisher of the Nashville Tennessean, and Mrs. Evans; Mr.
and Mrs. Murrell L. Buckner of Dallas, Tex.; Mr. and Mrs. Gene
Buck. Mr. Gene Buck, jr., and Mr. George Buck of New YoYk; the
president of the Gridiron Club and Mrs. George R. Holmes, the
president of the National Press Club and Mrs. Harold Brayman and
the president of the White House correspondents and Mrs. Walter
The Secretary of War and Mrs. Harry H. Woodring, Secretary
Swanson and the Secretary of Labor, Miss Perkins, were the only
absentees from the cabinet circle last evening. The Secretary and
Mrs. Woodring are in deep mourning owing to the death Wednes
day of the former's sister. Miss Lida Woodring, who was his hostess
before his marriage. The Secretary of Labor has gone to New
Orleans to attend regional labor conferences and Secretary
Swanson rarely attends evening functions. Also conspicuous by
their absence were representatives of the large corps of woman
correspondents in the National Capital.
Low silver bowls and baskets filled with American Beauty
roses, white lilacs and blue irises were used on the long table in
the rose room of the hotel. Following the dinner there was a
varied and amusing program of entertainment arranged by Gene
Buck, famous in the theatrical world and an old friend of Mr. and
Mrs. Garner. Joseph Dunniger gave an exhibition of magic and
mind reading, and Corina Mura sang Spanish and American songs
to her own accompaniment on the guitar. There were violin
selections by Jules Lande, piano selections by Leo La Fleur, and
John Upman, young baritone, delighted the guests with several
old favorites. A high light of the program was the appearance
of Jack Major, well known for his whistling and pleasing Southern
stories. The accompaniments for the singers were played by
Harry Sharp.
Mrs. Roosevelt entertained at luncheon yesterday, having as
guests Mme. Troyanovsky, Senora de los Rios, Mrs. Cordell Hull,
Mme. Prochnik, Mrs. MacWhite, Mme. Munthe de Morgenstierne,
Senora de Lopez, Senora de Pastoriza, Senora de Castro Beeche,
Lady Marler, Senora de De Bayle. Mrs. Daniel C. Roper, Mrs. Morris
Sheppard, Mrs. J. Hamilton Lewis, Mrs. Frederick Van Nuys. Mrs.
Harry S. Truman. Mrs. James H. Hughes, Mrs. Abe Murdock, Mrs.
Frank J. G. Dorsey, Mrs. John M. Houston. Mrs. Henry C. Luckey,
Mrs. Lyle H. Boren, Mrs. Robert Woods Bliss. Dr. Jane Clark, Mrs.
Henry A. Dodderidge. Miss Grace Guest, Mrs. Ned Brunson Harris,
Dr. Marguerite Hertz. Mrs. Katherine M. Hickson, Mrs. John Ihlder,
Mrs. Bernard B. Jones, Lady Lister Kaye, Miss Mary McCandlish,
Mrs. Lucille F. McMillin, Mrs. Charles B. McVay, Miss Jennie Moore,
Mrs. W. B. Murphy. Mrs. Carleton Palmer, Miss Thelma Parkinson,
Mrs. I. T. Quinn, Mrs. Nellie Tayloe Ross, Mrs. Richard Southgate,
Dean Adele H. Stamp, Mrs. Margaret M. Sullivan, Mrs. John V. j
Summerlin. Mrs. Frederick H. Warren, Mrs. Charles Whitman, Mrs.1
David L. Wing. Miss Mary Winslow, Mrs, Malvina T. Scheider and
Mrs. James M. Helm.
The Secretary of the Treasury and Mrs. Henry Morgenthau, jr., >
will have as their guests overnight the former’s brother-in-law and !
sister, Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer J. Fox of Peeksville, N. Y„ who will
come to Washington Monday to attend the dinner the Secretary
and Mrs. Morgenthau will give Monday.
Mrs. William G. McAdoo. wife of Senator McAdoo, entertained i
at luncheon in fTer apartment at the Shoreham today in honor
of Mrs. Homer Cummings, wife of the Attorney General.
Other guests were Mrs. Robert J. Bulkley, Mrs. Homer T. Bone,
Mrs. Turner W. Battle, Miss Ida Guffey, Mrs. John F. Dockweiler,
Mrs. Harry L. Englebright, Mrs. Warren Lee Pierson, Mrs. Marshall
Diggs, Mrs. James Helm, Mrs. Emanuel Lombard, Mrs. Littleton
Hambley. Mrs. Preston Delano, Mrs. Brice Clagett, Mrs. Benjamin
King, Mrs. Thomas A. Wadden, Mrs. Charles Hoyt March, Mrs.
Robert Thach, Miss Jennie Moore and Miss Phyllis Thompson.
The Military Attache of the Cuban Embassy and Senora de
Munilla entertained at dinner last evening at 2400 Sixteenth street,
their guests being a small group from the diplomatic corps.
Wednesday evening Maj. and Senora de Munilla were hosts at
dinner, entertaining in honor of the Ecuadorean Ambassador, Senor
Capitan Colon Eloy Alfaro. Other guests were the Counselor of the
Cuban Embassy and Senora de Valdes Rodriguez. Senor Oscar
Albertini, representative of the Cuban Sugar Institute, and Col. and
Mrs. Consuelo Seoane.
•» —i —
Army-Navy News
Of Interest.
Comdr. and Mrs. Charles Snow
Alden have as their guest for a short
time Mrs. Horsburgh-Porter of Ire
Col. F. M. Cox of Chattanooga,
Tenn., is staying at the Hotel Raleigh
during a visit to Washington.
Lt. Comdr. and Mrs. William E.
Sullivan of 3711 North Pershing drive,
Arlington, have as guests Lt. Comdr.
I and Mrs. John Dingwell of Drexel
_ Hill. Philadelphia, and Mr. and Mrs.
«J. V. Schraig of New York City, who
“will remain over the week end.
” This evening Lt. Comdr. and Mrs.
" Sullivan will take their guests to
Annapolis for the boxing bout and
* other sports at the Naval Academy,
- and Sunday morning Lt. Comdr. and
Mrs. R. K. Davis of North Oakland
; street will entertain at a small break
fast party for the visitors.
Residents in South.
- Mrs. Brady G. Ruttencutter, wife
’ of Col. Ruttencutter was one of the
honor guests at the luncheon which
Mrs. Eugene Darrach gave at Miami
; Beach February 5 preceding the
meeting of the Founders and Patriots
’ of America. Col. and Mrs. Rutten
j cutter will attend the lace ball Fri
f day at the Miami Biltmore Hotel.
Society Banquet.
The Washington State and Alaska
Society annual banquet commemorat
ing the birthday anniversary of
George Washington will be held at
the Mayflower Hotel Tuesday eve
ning, February 22, at 7 o’clock.
Reservations for the banquet are
now being received by the secretary.
Miss Ruby L. Bakken of Cathedral
Mansions North. All former resi
dents of the Pacific Northwest are
cordially invited.
Mr. Earl R. Jones, chairman of
the Social Committee, is in charge
of arrangements, assisted by Miss
Delia Bogue, in charge of program;
Miss Mabel Dickson, patrons and
patronesses; Mrs. Lloyd A. Nelson,
membership, and Mr. William P.
Taylor, door.
Perry Chapter
Planning Tea.
A George Washington birthday tea
will be held at the home of
Mildred Getty on the afternoon of
February 22 under the auspices of
Erasmus Perry Chapter, D. A. R.
Hostesses and other members as
sisting will be dressed in Colonial
costumes of their ancestors. A paper
on the life of Washington compiled
from his letters to Lafayette will he
read by Miss Getty. %
The engagement of Miss Cremen and Mr. John Earl Ever
hart. son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Everhart, was announced at a
luncheon at the Mayflower today.
_ —Underwood <fr Underwood Photo.
Egyptian Legation Scene
Of Gay Celebration
M. Hussein Mahmoud Radi *
Receives—Others Were
At Home Yesterday.
IN CELEBRATION of the birthday
anniversary and recent marriage
of young King Farouk I of Egypt,
the doors of the Egyptian Lega
tion on Massachusetts avenue were
thrown wide yesterday afternoon.
Strains of music, gay and tantaliz
ing, could be heard as the car drew
up at the door and, peering to the
right upon entering, it was discovered
that dancing was going on in the ball
room on the ground floor. There Sid
ney's violin was In full swing in a
room decorated with all manner of
brass ornaments from the land of the
Pharoahs. The lighting, to Americans,
was unique. Great brass lamps con
taining vari-colored lights were
placed in the corners of the room.
After climbing the wide stairway to
the second floor the guests were
greeted by small, but none the less
gracious and hospitable, M. Hussein
Mahmoud Radi, newly arrived Charge
d'Affaires. who has replaced M.
Waguih Rostum, in whose name the
invitations were issued prior to his
The Embassy, crowded with guests
from all the social circles of Wash
ington, presented a gay and festive
sight. There Is no female contingent
in the Legation staff, thus exploding
all theories that every party and
house needs a woman's touch, for
the reception was carried out in per
fect fashion and nothing was missing
to make it successful in every respect.
The dining room boasted a table
laden with delicacies. In another
room champagne was served and
flowed freely as the guests raised
their glasses and toasted the "man
of the day,” King Farouk.
To mention but a very few of the
guests, Mrs. Owen J. Roberts, wife
of the Supreme Court Justice, accom
panied by her daughter, Miss Eliza
beth Roberts, was present; also, the
Postmaster General, Mr. James A.
Farley; Mrs. Daniel C. Roper, wife
of the Secretary of CX>mmerre; the
wife of the Spanish Ambassador,
Senora de los Rios; the Minister of
the Union of South Africa and Mrs.
Close, whose dark costume was en
livened with a beautiful silver fox
cape; the Minister of Czechoslovakia
and Mme. Hurban, the Minister of the
Dominican Republic and Senora de
Pastoriza, Mme. de Bianchi, wife of
the Minister of Portugal, and her
daughter. Mile. Sibilla Skidclsky;
Baroness von Below, Mrs. Russell
Bennett and Miss Helene Kravatz.
The German Embassy was repre
sented by the Counselor and Frau
Thomsen, while from the Italian staff
came the Naval Attache, the Marquis
of Sant’Orsola; from the Argentine
Embassy, the Naval Attache and
Senora de Sueyro—but to enumerate
all the guests would be very much
like adding the greater part of the
names listed in the diplomatic blue
Two Other Diplomatic Receptions
Given Yesterday Afternoon.
gUT the gathering at the Egyptian
Legation was not the only func
tion of the day. Showing the stamina
of the residents of this great city,
rain or shine, through snow and
sleet, there were any number of
persons who managed to take in three
important late afternoon parties in
one day. When one realizes that
there also were a number of dinner
parties on the calendar last night, it
Just goes to show that Washington
is a gay city in which to live and,
assuredly, it has the monopoly on late
afternoon entertaining.
The Chinese Ambassador, Dr. Chen
ting T. Wang, and his daughter, Mile.
Yoeh E. Wang, were hosts at the Em
bassy in honor of Bishop Paul Yu
Pin of Nanking, and Mme. Bilmanis,
wife of the Minister of Latvia, received
in the new Legation on Twenty-sec
ond street.
Receiving with the Chinese Ambas
sador was his daughter. Mile. Yoeh,
who wore a Chinese dress of dark blue
embroidered chenille; Dr. Yu-Pin,
Miss Hilda Yen, famous aviatrix, and
Dr. P. c. Chang, former head of Nan
kal University. Miss Yen wore a dark
blue brocaded crepe native costume.
Alternating at the tea tea table were
Mme. Troyancrvsky, Senora de los
Rios, Mrs. Close, Mrs. Sol Bloom, Mrs.
Mark Bristol and Mrs. Daniel B. De
vore. The table had a centerpiece of
white snapdragons and red carnations.
At the punch bowl were Miss Lois
Ing, daughter of the Counselor of the
Embassy and Mme. Ing; Mme. Shieh,
wife of the Attache of the Embassy,
and Mme. Hsiao, wife of the Assist
ant Military Attache. Also assisting
were Mme. Ing and Miss An-#u Wang,
i another daughter of the Ambassador, I
who wore a dark red velvet costume, i
At the Latvian Legation Mme. Bil- j
manis received in the first of the two
drawing rooms, wearing a black and
gold brocade blouse and a black velvet
I skirt.
In the dining room the tea table,
a delight with delicious refreshments,
had a centerpiece of pink carnations.
Pouring tea were Mme. Smits, wife
of the Secretary of the Legation, and
Mrs. John Reyburn. 2d.
Punch was served from an old sil
ver bowl in the second drawing room, ■
i where the guests lingered to converse
in the pleasant surroundings.
Engagement Is
I Announced.
announce the engagement of
their daughter. Elizabeth Allyn, to
Mr. John Earl Everhart, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Earl E. Everhart. The an
nouncement was made at a luncheon
at the Hotel Mayflower today.
The guests at luncheon were Mrs.
John Alexander Stewart, Miss Kath
erine Friant, Miss Bette Hartz. Miss
Regina McKeever. Miss Elizabeth
| Fieser. Miss Eleene Register of Sa
vannah, Ga.. who is spending the
season in Washington; also Mrs.
Earl E. Everhart and her sister, Mrs.
Mellville Gillette, of New York; Mrs. |
Edward J. Slattery. Mrs. James A.
Purcell. jr„ Mrs. James Mortimer 1
Carr, Miss Anna May Moul. Miss
Agnes Drew, Miss Margaret Cremen,
I Mrs. Lawrence Welsh of Scarsdale, I
N. Y„ and Miss Veronique Banner
and Miss Rita Celeste Banner of j
Luncheon was served in the presi
dential dining room of the May
flower. White roses and white snap
dragon with tall white tapers formed
the table decoration, with a center
piece of a miniature bridal bouquet
of white roses and lilies of the valley
and individual miniature bridesmaids'
bouquets of old-fashioned flowers ar
ranged in the shape of a heart and |
attached to each of the place cards
with white ribbon streamers.
Lincoln Day Ball
This Evening.
More than 800 Republicans are ex
pected to attend the Lincoln Day
birthday ball to be held this evening
in the Hall of Nations at the Wash
ington Hotel under the auspices of
the Republicans of the District of
Columbia and suburban Maryland and
The receiving line, which will form
at 10 o’clock, will include Mrs. Charles
L. McNary, Mrs. Arthur H. Vanden
berg, Mrs. Warren Austin. Represen
tative and Mrs. Clarence E. Hancock,
Representative and Mrs. Karl Stefen,
Mrs. Ralph O. Brewster, Mr. and
Mrs. Edward F. Colladay, Mrs. Ralph
A. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. James C.
Wilkes, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lati
mer, Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Coghlan,
Mr. Walter Dawson. Mr. and Mrs.
George B. Merrick, Mr. and Mrs. Ray
mond B. Cottrell, Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert L. McKeever and Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Small, jr.
Polish Ambassador
Departs for South.
The Polish Ambassador, Count
Jerzy Potocki, left yesterday for
Florida, where he will spend several
days. From there he will go to Cuba
and does not plan to return to Wash
ington until the end of the month.
at the
North Capitol land E St*.
$1.00 to $1.75
Music 6 to 8 P.M.
By the Way—
L-. Beth Blaine __
'J'HE social calendar yesterday was more than usually crowded
with festivities of various kinds, and the younger set very
definitely shared in the limelight.
It all started around 5 o’clock, when Mimi Scott gave a
delightful cocktail party in honor of Piers Edgcumbe, a hand
some British visitor in Washington.
About 30 people were asked to meet the guest of honor. Mimi,
in a smart red gown, looked perfectly lovely. The daughter of
Mrs. Russell Sard, the former Rebekah Wilmer, most beautiful
debutante of her year and still one of the loveliest women in Wash
ington, Mimi is capable of carrying on the family reputation for
charm and good looks.
Later Frances Andrews entertained a group of 24 young
people at dinner before the Friday Supper Club in honor of
her house guest, Jane Watson, and the piece de resistance
was a first course of "barbecued oysters,” served hot, with
large wooden bowls placed on the table into which the guests
fired their oyster shells with unerring aim.
Last night there was dancing at the Sulgrave Club, with the
Friday Supper Club in progress, and the Chilean Embassy, on
Massachusetts avenue, was gay as His Excellency the Ambassador
entertained a group of 150 young people at a dance in honor of
his daughter Graciela and her fiance, Fernando Illanes. Every
one went first to the Supper Club and then on to the Embassy,
where the enticing strains of swing and still more swing lasted
until the wee small hours, with the Cassini brothers leading the
numbers, assisted by the Ambassador’s young son, “Truckin’’
Trucco. Rafael Fuentes of the Mexican Embassy astonished all
by being able to keep pace .in the Cassinis’ famous Russian jig,
while Hector Leguizamon, “Bula-Bula” Zuberbuhler and Ricardo
Siri shook wicked fingers with finesse!
Susanna Wilson, daughter of Miss Frances Perkins, Sec
retary of Labor, a great favorite here last year, was down
from New York, accompanied by a striking friend. Emily
Clayborn. uhose Grecian gown of white jersey, caught with
stars, heavily braided, dark locks and solid silver tiara re
minded one of the Goddess Juno. "Boots” McDonnell’s
piquant dark beauty was offset by a gown of chartreuse tulle
Nancy Brereton wore white and the omnipresent three
orchids; Anne Child, likewise "bunched.” was glimpsed sit
ting on the stairs with Jock Merriam; Stellita Stapleton
carrying sables, icas in gold lace, as was Mrs. William Powell
the latter’s new headdress, showing her ears, icith curls
brushed upicard, icas very startling.
o wdo *s forsaking her job as secretary to Mrs.
Robert Woods Bliss for California (and the uniforms of Coronado
Beach! for the next three months, was accompanied by Harry
Davis or Philadelphia, an amusing and ingenuous person who gave
the diplomatic corps the “once-over/’
Arthur Vandenberg, jr.; Benj Plunket, Prince Del Draao,
Marchese Capomazza. Ditlef Knudsen. Carl WastfelL Dr
Frank Govern. Bob Fitzgerald and his side-kick. Buzz Ham
mond, of course, were just a few of the attractive eligibles
seen in the stag line.
of German Embassy, in red satin,
TmmprfiaTpiv h<eiTv>andi Fl^au Blankenhorn and was joined almost
o?™eHu'wa?L Us'iS"’ bndRe'playlnK B*™i Keppy Schell
• * next. week, Graciela. wore white satin; her
sister Marta turquoise chiffon, and petite Rebeca chose
white lace with giant gardenias.
NoraLa<ie'wfthle Jh^ilei'ti0nSw- Lt’ £ichard Hunt dancing with
„ Wlt,h' ’whose long diamond earrings will undoubtedly
start a new fashion: Ruth Parker Dove, the acme of distinction
fiffhttv aith Bnb WicJcs\^lice Tuckerman in white chiffon, stepping
wlth Df£10de Moura; Laura Tuckerman in shimmering
b ack sequins; the Bacon sisters. Virginia and Martha, in brilliant
pis™n£|r«eiVv,Wlth Larry Bungardeanu and Will Ryan; Bill Briggs
CnSrhinCpd the usual sofa- and a comfortable one at that; Dolly
Corbin as vivacious as ever; Mrs. Isabel Gest in platinum nanne
mat,c<.hin^ fox These and many more formed
the colorful background for a delightful soiree
* * * *
(^OCKTAILS at Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cumming's yesterday offered
a very pleasant surprise. Harry Villard. just returned from
P°st at the American Legation in Caracas. Venezuela, was
there. Harry is now- assigned to the State Department here and
has rented a house on Thirty-fourth street in Georgetown which
we hope means that he will be in Washington for some time Not
but^te onetof<thpeh2!fn«f man 3 gr?at addition at dinner parties.
n,ul Vj Is one °* the best dancers we ve ever known so his^ return
should be especially nice for all the feminine members of society.
.. Cummings O street house, in Georgetown is most
gnda<a sSeJh^f- Witht EPglish and American ' antiques
roSm has toll rrS0" JaPanesf Prints. The drawing
room nas tall French windotvs, curtained in chintz which
spring07110 *** spactous Parden which we hear is lovely Ui
Several friends dropped in. including Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Hinton and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pell with their hnu^p mipctc
RnodbenrSPen°sh^Pe11- d0Wn ,from Long "slanSor Sew l^yf’The
ar?i glvlJ!g a luncheon tomorrow- in honor of Harold
ary 23 ’ h S Wlth Ambassador Kennedy for England Febru
’ -———-—
Mrs. Roosevelt to Be
Present at Ball
At Sulgrave Club.
At 11 o'clock this evening, no doubt
on the dot, Mrs. Roosevelt will arrive !
at the Sulgrave Club to attend the i
Thrift Shop benefit ball which will be
one of the outstanding events of this
Numerous dinners are taking place
prior to the party, which under the
leadership of Mrs. John R. Williams. I
chairman of the Thrift Shop, will
afford every known kind of entertain
ment—floor shows, side shows, good
music, refreshments and all that goes
to make a successful dance.
Exhibition Drill
Preceded by Lunch.
Mrs. Christenberry, wife of Maj.
Charles W. Christenberry. of 1501 Co
lonial terrace. Arlington, Va.. en- '
tertained at luncheon yesterday at
the Army-Navy County Club, later i
taking her guests to Fort Myer for j
the Friday exhibition drill.
In the group were Mrs. Dawson Olm
stead. wife of Col. Olmstead: Mrs. Eve
lyn Tyner Minnick. Mrs. Hugh Lynch,
Miss Mary Betty Maxwell. Miss Lillian
Willett, Mrs. Frank Smith and Mrs.
James Jordan, this city; Mrs. Robert
Freer of Westmoreland Hills. Mrs.
Stanley Robinson, wife of Capt. Rob
inson of Bolling Field, and Mrs. Stan
ley A. McCaskey, jr., of Aurora Hills,
Maj. and Mas. Christenberry had as
a guest the past week Miss Katherine
Shellhorn of Honolulu, who is now
visiting in New York City. Mrs. Chris
tenberry and Miss Shellhorn became
friends several years ago when Maj.
Christenberry was stationed in Hono
"Say It With Shaffer's Flowers”
Floral Valentines
Attractively Boxed at Very
Reasonable Prices
Open Evenings nnd Sundays
900 14th St. (Cor. Eye)
Phone National 0106
Flower* Telegraphed Anywhtr*
I Throgmortons Hosts
Last Night.
Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Throgmorton of
North Highland street, Arlington, en
| tertained at a Valentine dance last
night in honor of their subdebutant
daughter, Mbs Nancy Lee Throgmor
ton. who celebrated her 16th birth
day anniversary.
The event took place at the Ashton
Heights club house and the hostess was
assisted at the punch bowl and re
freshment table by her sbter, Mrs. F.
J. Gillies of Arlington and Mrs. H. L.
McLeod of Washington.
Guests included the Misses Kath
arine Crbt. Dorothy Fox, Marie
Pendleton. Constance Kelly, Marv Sue
McNeely, Virginia Welsh. Mildred
Ryland. Dorothy Ann Gould, Thelma
Metz. Virginia Kringle, Beverly Mc
Leod, Lorraine Skinner, Sarah Cul
pepper, Mary Jane Francis and Prb
eilla Taylor and the Messrs. Dwight
Anderson. Barry Harrison. James Col
lier. Talbott Cradlin, Arthur Halsted
Eugene Harrell, Dan Neviaser, George
Beebe, John Lam, Paul Kringel. Jack
Pendleton, Donald Payson, Robert Ed
wards. Walter Gould. Robert Clement
son. Deem Gilmore, Paige McLeod and
Robert Sims.
Parties Canceled.
The Yugoslav Minbter and Mme.
Fotitch have canceled the musicale
scheduled for February 19 and the
luncheon party in honor of Mme
Mabel Grouitch owing to the death
of Prince Nicholas of Greece, father
of Princess Olga of Yugoslavia. The
period of mourning will last until
February 28.
Full Ceuri*
• Baked Virginia Ham
• Fried Half of Chicken
• Roast Turkey
11:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
14th St. and Col. Avo.
Madison Terrace
Mr. and Mrs. Ira D. Baker announce their daughter’s en
gagement to Dr. Charles Werner Shuffle, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Edwin Shuffle of Chevy Chase. The wedding will take place
March 19. —Harris-Ewing Photo.
Plans Completed
For Celebration.
Plans have been completed to cele- j
■ brate the fortieth anniversary of the 1
founding of Carroll Council, Knights
of Columbus, District of Columbia, ]
with a dinner dance to be held in
the mirror room of the Hotel La- j
fayette on the evening of Thursday,1
1 February 24, 1938. The dinner dance
this year will be in honor of the
charter members of the council, who,
together with their wives, will be the
guests of honor. Mr. Michael J.
Doyle, a prominent member of Car- ;
roll Council and a past district depu- |
ty of the K. of C„ will be toast- ;
master. The Rev. Louis O'Leary, O.
i P.. of the Dominican House of Studies,
Brookland, D. C. will deliver the
principal address.
Many Knights of Columbus promi
l nent in the professional and business
life of Washington, together with
their wives, are listed among the
patrons and patronesses.
Among the patrons are the State
deputy of the K. of C. and Mrs. Wal
i ter I. Plant, District Deputy Francis
A. McCann, Past State Deputy and
Mrs. George E. Herring. Past Grand
Knight and Mrs. John P. Dunn, the
grand knight of Carroll Council and
Mrs. Joseph A. O'Connell, Deputy ]
; Grand Knight of Carroll Council and
! Mrs. Thomas J. Meyers, Mr. and Mrs.
I Manning J. Wilcoxson. Mr. and Mrs.
! William Wilcoxson, the treasurer of
! Carroll Council and Mrs. Clarence
R. Gorman. Mr. Lawrence V. Den
ney, Mr. Thomas J. Dunn. Mr. Mau
rice J. Colbert, the trustee of Car
roll Council and Mrs. John Nesline,
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Delaney, Mr.
and Mrs. A1 Philip Kane, Rev. Joseph
Gedra, chaplain of Carroll Council,
and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred NefT.
Mr. Roydon J. Dixon, lecturer of
Carroll Council, is chairman of the
Committee on Arrangements, and
reservations for the dinner dance
may be made through him or at the
K. of C. Club.
-»- . — -
Alabama Society
Midwinter Dance.
A midwinter dance will be given by
the Alabama State Society in the
grand ballroom of the Willard Hotel
Wednesday night.
Representative Frank Boykin of
Alabama will sponsor a showing of
technicolor films of the Bellingrath
Gardens of Mobile, Ala., with their
famous azalea trails and japonica trees
at 9 o'clock, after which there will be
a short program of humorous readings.
Dancing will begin promptly at 10
Mr. Claude Sizemore, secretary of
the Alabama State Society, has taken
an active part in helping to make this
dance the best of the season. Mrs.
S. E. Deal has charge of decorations
and Mrs. Mary Moore has charge of
the music for this occasion.
University Club
Dance Tonight.
The University Club will entertain
at a St. Valentine's danoe this eve
ning. Dinner will be served at 8:30
o'clock and dancing will follow at 9:30.
The affair has been arranged by the
club's Entertainment Committee, Mr.
Dean Hill Stanley, Mr. Edward M.
Becker. Mr. Allen Gartner, Mr. Wil
liam R Vallance and Mr. Cecil J.
Among the members of the club
who are entertaining at dinner parties
before the dance are Gov. Thomas W.
Hardwick. Mr. Stanley Phillips Smith,
Mr- Fred Pearce, Mr. E. T. Arndt, Mr.
Cyril Smith. Mr. Claude M. Houchins,
Mr. James P. McGovern, Mr. Cecil J.
Wilkinson, Mr. David S. Bethune. Mr.
Allen Gartner and Mr. Augustus Mo
rupii o /
Harold Dau*r.P*n«.A(»4
-_ Phene
Importer's Sale
| 267
Oriental Carpets and Rugs
Ranging from extra large carpets
to small scatter size rugs.
To Be Sold at Public Auction
Within Our Galleries
715 13th St.
Tuesday and Wednesday
February 15th and 16th, 1938
at 2 P.M. each day
Special Evening Session
Tuesday at 8 P.M.
Embracing Kermanshahs, Keshans, Bijars, Bokharas, Mahals, Tohorans,
Sarabands, Tabris, Haras, Sarooks, Sarapis, Ispahans, Hantadans,
Faraghans, Shiras, Irons, Lillahans, Beleochistans, ate.
On Exhibition
Monday, February 14th
TERMS CASH C. G. Sloan A Co., Ine., Aneta.
y Established 1891

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