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for poor rooms
Says More Talented Should
Have Chance for Higher
By the Associated Press.
ATLANTIC CITY. N. J„ March 2.—
At leas* 25 per cent—and maybe 50
per cent—of the students doing ad
vanced work in American universities
should be supplanted by more talented
youths who can’t afford to go to col
lege. President James Bryant Conant
of Harvard University said today.
He told the American Association of
School Administrators that less than
6 per cent of American families have
Incomes of $5,000 a year or more, and
consequently universities are bidding
against each other for their children,
while brighter youngsters of poorer
families miss opportunities that might
better be theirs.
Dr. Conant, said there was only one
way to provide university education
for the promising youths "now de
barred by economic and geographic
factors" and that is by "generous sub
sidy—lar jthnlarships or opportuni
ties for sprung sizable amounts of
.^served that 63 per cent of the
youngsters between 14 and 17 attend
high school, but only 11 per cent of
those between 18 and 21 attend col
leges or universities.
Homer P. Rainey of Washington, D.
C., director of the American Youth
Commission of the American Council
of Education, urged teachers to be
alert in teaching children to appreciate
’Since democracy is so much on
trial today." he said, "our citizenship
training needs to find a way to pre
serve democracy.’’
Association Manager Reports
$38,000 of $48,625 Cleared Came
to New Institution.
Shareholders of the closed Fidelity
Building & Loan Association are re
investing most of their funds in the
new First Federal Savings <fc Loan
Association. Carl H. Ellingson. execu
tive manager of the First Federal,
said today as the new institution
opened for its second day of business.
A total of $48,625 in claims was
cleared through the First Federal yes
terday, the first day it opened. Of
this about 80 per cent, or more than
$38,000, was reinvested in the First
Federal. The dividend to Fidelity
shareholders amounts to 85 per cent
of their holdings, either in cash, in
Shares of the new First Federal, or a
mixture of the two.
Post cards are being mailed out at
the rate of about 500 a day, notifying
shareholders when to call. About 400
appeared yesterday to clear their ac
Salt Collecting Is Hobby.
A New York State man has the
hobby of collecting salt He has 60
brands of this seasoning from 40
- •
Report Deputies
Are Union Men
Causes Inquiry
Strike Right Question
for Law Officers
Is Raised.
By the Associated Press.
SACRAMENTO, Calif.. March 2 —
Reports that two-thirds of Sheriff Don
Cox's deputies had joined an A. F, of
L. union prompted an investigation
today by Sacramento County officials,
who sought to learn if the officers
could strike.
County Executive Charles W. Deter
ding said he would confer with the
sheriff on reports that 20 of the 30
regular deputies had Joiped the Ameri
can Federation of State, County and
Municipal Employes.
What effect unionization would have
on policing labor disputes was among
questions quickly raised. The deputies
declined to say how many had joined
the union or whether the organization
permitted strike action.
Sheriff Cox said, “Of course peace
officers can’t srtike. They can't strike
and still be deputies in this county.
I don't know, but I understand there
is a provision in the union charter
against their striking."
Robert M. Wilcox, business agent
for the union, declared the local in
Sacramento, California's capital city,
has "between 350 and 400” city and
county employes as members.
——- .0

First Floor of Old Police Court
Building May Be New
Housing of the permit office of the
District Health Department in the
first floor of the old Police Court
building when it is vacated by the
courts has been suggested by Health
Officer George C. Ruhland.
The permit office now is in a pri
vately owned building at Eighth and
I streets N.W.. where it formerly was
given quarters free under a co-op
erative arrangement with the central
admitting bureau for hospitals, but
six months ago a demand was made
for rent. The office of the controller
general has ruled there is no author
ity to spend Health Department ap
propriations for rent for such a pur
It has been planned tentatively by the
Commissioners to move the Hou.-e of
I Detentiorf to the Police Court Build
! ing, using the upper floors, and
! whether this building also will be the
| home of the permit office will depend
i upon the results of studies of space
J conditions, it was indicated by Com
missioner Melvin C. Hazen.
_ ___9 _
Poland is importing vast amounts
of essential raw material for arma
; ments.
Project Will Be Discussed at
Annual Banquet of Legion
* Tonight.
Senator Reynolds, Democrat, of
North Carolina announced today that
he will pursue along two new fronts a
campaign for a mammoth stadium,
possibly combined with a National
Guard armory, for the Nation's Cap
A stadium for the District will be
the main subject of his address be
fore the annual banquet of the Amer
ican Legion at 7 o’clock tonight in
the Bamboo Gardens, 804 Fourteenth
street N.W. Assistant Secretary of
War Johnson also will speak.
Meanwhile, the Senator said he
would take up with the Capital Audi
torium Commission at the first op
portunity the question of Introducing
a bill to appropriate funds for a
stadium, sufficient to accommodate
a crowd of more than 100,000 for
the annual Army-Navy football game,
and estimated to cast from $3,000,
000 to $5,000,000.
The commission to which the Sena
tor will refer the stadium question
was created more than a year ago
when Congress adopted a resolution
of the late Senator Robinson of Ar
kansas. Secretary of Interior Ickes
was named chairman, with Senators
Connally of Texas and Austin of Ver
mont and Representatives Lanham of
Texas and Taylor of Tennessee as
Citizens Also Send Best Wishes to
John B. Dickman, Typographical
John B. Dickman, sr., president of
the Columbia Typographical Union,
who was honored at a testimonial din
ner Saturday, was voted the good
wishes of the North Cleveland Park
Citizens’ Association last night. Mr.
Dickman is a former president of the
The group also ordered that a letter
be written the Commissioners asking
that the parking restrictions on
Thirty-seventh street N.W. in front of
the Phoebe Hearst School be lifted to
ban parking only in the area directly
in front of tjje entrance to the school.
The request was made to allow parents
to park in the block while waiting to
pick up their children at the school.
Marks 91st Birthday.
Col. John T. Ryan, one of the Dis
trict's few remaining Civil War vet
erans. will celebrate his 91st birthday
at a party at his home. 759 Seventh
street S.E.. at 8 o'clock tonight. Guests
will include his children, grandchil
dren. nieces, nephews and great
nieces and greatnephews.
Suspect Arrested in Robbery of
$33 Last Friday.
Three minor hold-ups and several
other thefts, involving total loot of
more than $600, were reported last
night and early today as police an
nounced the arrest of a colored man
in connection with the $33 robbery of
two men last Friday night.
Hold-up victims were Robert W.
Palmer, 32, of 1212 D street N.E., a
taxicab driver, and John Thomas,
5222 Illinois avenue N.W., who were
robbed of $2.25 each, and Mrs. Edwin
Clarke. 1661 Crescent place N.W.,
robbed of her purse containing only
a small amount of change.
Educator to Speak.
Dr. Delos O. Kinsman, professor of
economics in the Graduate School
of American University, will speak
on “National Income" at Central
High School tonight at 8.15 o'clock.
Dr. Kinsman’s talk will be the fifth
in a series of free lectures and dis
cussions on national relationships
sponsored by the public night schools,
the Public Library, colleges and uni
versities and newspapers of this city.
Herds Raised 10,000 Years Ago.
Domestication of cattle and the
raising of herds are said to have be
gun 10000 years ago. Cows were
worshipped in Babylonia in 2000 B. C.
Local Man Charged With Five
Violations of Business
Privilege Levy.
The trial of Fairfax Oyster, local
business man. who is charged with
five violations of the Business Privilege
Tax Act, was started today before a
jury and Judge Edward M. Curran
at Police Court.
Mr. Oyster is charged with failing
to make a return on his business for
1936. He has a business privilege li
cense, and it is his contention that he
filed a return in order to get his license
and the return was lost or misplaced
at the District Building.
The law provides a maximum pen
alty of $1,000 per day for each day
during which a return has not been
filed. While it would have been pos
sible to charge Mr. Oyster with cases
totaling approximately $70,000 in
maximum fines, it was decided to select
five different days at random over
the entire period.
Spruce Grouse Nest Found.
Discovery of a nest of the rare
spruce grouse with seven chicks in
Pigeon River ^tate Forest, Michigan,
has led game officials to believe the
bird is re-establishing itself in the
northern parts of the State.
Board of Examiners of School
System to Establish List
of Bliffibles.
The Board of Examiners of the Dis
trict public schools today announced
a credentials examination to establish
lists of ellgibles for positions as an
nual substitutes for the school year
beginning next September.
Claim sheets must be filed with the
board not later than March 24, and
an optional written, examination will
be held March 26 in the Franklin
Administration Building for white
candidates and In the library of the
Dunbar High School for colored can
didates. The elaminations will begin
at 9 a.m.
At the same time It was announced
that examinations for posts as mili
tary science Instructors in the colored
high schools will be held March 24
at 9 a.m., in the Franklin Building.
The physical examination will be held
March 26 at Dunbar.
Board Meeting Postponed.
Due to the absence of most of the
school officials attending the Confer
ence of School Administrations in At
lantic City, the regular meeting of
the Board of Education, scheduled for
today, was postponed until next
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€> j_
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