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Michigan Park Association
Fears Opening Wedge for
Liquor Stores.
Fearing the issuance of a liquor
license to a restaurant dealer in the
community would bring about wide
spread sale of alcoholic drinks, the
Michigan Park Cltisens’ Association
reiterated last night a previous stand
opposing any potential liquor dealers
In the district.
John Hillyard, in charge of the pe
titioning campaign, which was started?
by the group several months ago, de
clared “it is not only this specific
dealer that we should score, but the
principle of paving the way for
others who will surely infest a com
munity at least 80 per cent in dis
Rehearing Senght.
A clause In the vote calls for a re
hearing of the liquor license in ques
tion and the secretary will so notify
the Alcohol Beverage Control Board.
John J. Hurley was elected last
night to serve his third consecutive
term as president of the Park group.
Joseph E. Coe was chosen first vice
president and Dorothy Parkhill, sec
ond vice president. Floyd Bush will
serve a streasurer; John S. Parkhill,
Franklin Adams and Col. Harry Coope,
on the Executive Committee. Capt.
Edward Kane and Mr. Hurley are
delegates to the Federation of Citi
cens’ Associations. The secretary will
be appointed by Mr. Hurley at the
next meeting.
Viaduct to Be Studied.
The proposed viaduct over the
Pennsylvania Railroad at Taylor
street, to replace the grade crossing
at Bates road N.E., while meeting with
general approval last night, was re
ferred to the Executive Committee for
A committee of five, headed by Mr.
Kane, was appointed to study possi
bilities for a boys’ club in the North
east section in collaboration with other
civic groups of the area.
Plans for a membership drive in
the near future were reported by Mr.
Hillyard, who proposed three new
members last night: C. D. Juderman,
Charles C. Freer and Victor A. Ge
Elmo Rum and Henry Harrison to
Present Joint Program at
D. C. Arts Club.
Elmo Russ, composer, and Henry
Harrison, poet, will give a joint re
cital at 8:30 p.m. tomorrow in the
Arts Club of Washington, 2017 I
street NW.
Mr. Russ, who will sing his own
songs, is considered an outstanding
exponent of music set-to poems by
contemporary Americans. For his ap
pearance Wednesday he has selected
songs of his, with lyrics by Edwin
Arlington Robinson, Edna St. Vincent
Millay, Archibald MacLeish. Kathe
rine Garrison Chapin, Elizabeth Coats
worth and others.
Mr. Harrison is a New York publish
er who has specialized in poetry. He
will read selections including “The
Old Man,” "Warrior Without a
Shield” and “Miss Waring Goes to
Among the books published by Mr.
Harrison's Arm are “District of Co
lumbia Poets,” “The Heart Unbowed,"
by Floy Bower of Washington, and
“Contemporary American Men Poets”
and "American Women Poets of 1937,”
both of which include a number of
Washington writers.
Inez Sheldon Taylor, editor of the
Blue Moon, a quarterly of verse pub
lished here, will introduce Mr. Russ
and Mr. Harrison.
Charles Edward Russell to Speak
on Capital Punishment.
"Why Capital Punishment Is
Wrong" will be the topic of Charles
Edward Russell, writer and sociologist,
who will speak under the auspices of
the Humane Education Society tonight
at g o’clock at 1414 Sixteenth street
Questions and discussion will be
allowed at the meeting, which is open
to the public.
J^nd so do thousands of others!
For New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania
has more to make a visit enjoyable.
Radio, full length mirrors, beds with
inner spring hair mattresses, certi
fied lighting and other conveniences
in your comfortable bedroom. Deli
cious food at prices for every budget
in four restaurants. Club-like Bar
and luxurious Cocktail Lounge.
And it’s so convenient—within easy
distance of shopping, theatre and
business districts!
• SERVIDOR in every guest room.
• FLOOR CLERKS to give you Per
sonalized service.
• NO TIPPING at restaurant check
Fames* dance bands
feat*red in the vat
MADhattan Room.
Join the Crowds at the Thrift Store Tomorrow—Great Savings
^ * 7 1 * _' .
1.19 Heavy Mattress Salisbury
' W 81X99 and 72x108 sec- AA . ^
Full and twin-bed flU* onda of Pepperell. No XXC
siaea. Tape bound. XX6 .holes _ .... ||ll
Rubber buttons. W Matehln, Fill** Case,. 4 f.r Rita i
Main Flear Main Floor wdkr
1.29 Damask Cloths 1.19 Comfort Cavan He Cotton Blankets, 2 far 10c Handkerchiefs, l2for
64x72. mercerised, white AA_ Also blanket cover a. AA/i Plalda. alncla or double AAa For jnen and women. In QOp
and white with colored SESfC nrinted cover, with rub- SCXCC bed ilses. Seconds. Rose. Sfofeomblnatloni d WW WP'"' A
borders. Hemstitched ... her buttons. Boxed- blue. cold, orchid, treen 29C Pl&yillg C&fdS 4 fOT
I9c Tea Towels, 12 for 1.39 Rayon Spreads 19c Towels, 8 for 6 subjects So select from. WW WP A
Run of the mill cannon AA 04x105 Jacquards. In AA_ Cannon Turkish run ef Oood quality linen finish. WPWP
buck. Seconds. White. UUfl wanted colors. Slltht cannon Turkish, run ot A _ _. .. .
also with colored bor- gOggy irreculsrs. scalloped ggBgv the mill seconds. Colored XX|; 1159 U It1 10113 S ,_.j_
. —— _ Oil silk. 1« rib. pay Ptt- #P<Pa M
59c Luncheon Sots, 2 for 15c Unbl. Cotton, 10 Yds. 1.00 Roller Skates handies*'1 w5WW
ra..rs »ftc zr.rsx-as ftftc S’SkSS ftftc •■#0p,B€hH"•**
6 napkins to match .. for sheets, cases, etc. Leather atrop. iiuede^in* all*8 wanted
15c Tea Toweling, II Yds, 29c Unbl. Shooting, 4 Yds. Bolero ft Sash Sots ^ 1.47 Blouses ^
™ ^f: OOa fn,e‘nd55bleWldbed0rsh”Jts*. OOa Recul.rly l.OO. In many AA- Crown tested rayon and OOa n,MJ , , a, —
Snlah quamy . . _ O®1^ Mad. of tilth count dual- ®®^ f4]r,“2*nd eo10"' 8‘"* OO® SlSJaS “*4noT— ' ®®® Park HeT* 10C FlfSt 2 HoUfS
Fresh and Spring-Like Men's Perfect Quality
2for88c 2 f°r 88°
Full Width Sixes 14 to 17
Appliqued and embroidered Worth a great deal more,
open-mesh curtains made White, stripes, figures with
! with wide hems, headed, no-wilt collars. Fast colors
I ready for hanging. in many designs.
Goldenberf’a—Third Floor GoMenberf’s—Third Floor
1.00 Ruffled Curtains, Pr. 29c Curtaining, 6 Yds. 1.00 Chenille Rugs
SSPftn^Slm SGt OOa tone!“d nove?tyW,dflgured OQC S ffSftS 8ft®
only. Organdy in white XXV marquisette. Wanted ■■■■ ”?**• ln mo,t popul,r IPli
only. colors - - colors.
Slip ComFabrics, 3 Yds. 39c Window Shades, 3 for "j|P
Reg. -19c. 50 Inches wide AAa Washable, fibre, llxrt ft. tfftl il|#S "I.?—11 ” ^EL-ir NS!* AmAmC*
novelty and floral pat- White, ivory, buff, cocoa. jCSCff* iflftf* an“ eheck de" ftJPW
terns. Drapes too. tfVV ereen.. Complete. *i,ns*
1.29 Day Bad Covers 69c Window Shades, 2 for * *29 Ini. Linoloum^Sq^Yd.
» 7 Perfect, attractive tile
Cretonne and jaspe. at- _ Oil opaque. 3xH ft. designs. Some part rolls. VWrf*
tractive patterns pleat- V VA Green, ecru and green. WFWFA Please bring measure- BAB
ed fronts. Tape-bound white duplex. Slight mis- ■ ■■a—-' ments.
seams. weaves. NA. U..I. II ..
I9e Spanish Net, 12 Yds. 1.19 Window Shades
:m In. wide, color com- A Aa Sunproof and cleanable. Afe WW snubh«*bedultlFull*eut’ WWWW^
blnations of green. 3xS ft. Ecru. buff, me- aCSCf* snuoper oacxs. run cut. IfV
orange, brown, rust. red. «WW.W^ g»» «reen' DO1 gO* Min’« Work Shirts.
29c Cretonnes, 8 Yds. |,oo Cotton Orientals *££ a a
S&&3H3E 88® Sfr&Sr ** 88® sr---™’”*:10 88®
1.29 Boudoir Chair Covers 35c Felt Base, 3 Yds. 22c Men’s Ties, 5 for
S?LC0l0Glazed0r‘ehintz' OOa ”*}!}■ runners, heavy OOa «$**•" Am^SSSi; ftftC
s«maCOl° t,P* ^Und OO® carpe/'or blocV designs! OO® Ch"™ puin eol8M —
1.00 Storage C s I >50 Congoleum Rugs Mtn’# FaacY g"°rise’
SS?- 88® — 88® srtsri.ss 88®
59c Hand-Made S ight factory irregulars. "Modem Boy” 0^ 0^ 0^ |
Dresses, Creeoers lucky boy* *nd other famous brands Pmncy */ f ab* K Ma
' ^ pattern broadcloth. Sizes 1114 to 14 >4 neck. IVI V
2fAr QQa 1.19 to 1.95 Knickers
IVI UUw . fiirlc’ Carins Perfect and irregulars.
wV nine opring AU-wool, mixtures, cor
Philippine embroidery of fine white _ _ duroys. Sizes S to 18
batiste. With or without ribbon HI DUSES Raws' 1 IQ
trims. Set-in sleeves. Baby blue DIoUUALO ®°y* 1. IF Sweaters
creeners __ Wool and cotton mixed.
SWEATERS Pullovers with zippers. 30
Toddlers Suit Sets 36.
Brother and sister sets of broad- SKIRTS HATS 59c Wash Suits, 2 for I
cloth and pique. Sizes 1 AS QlSIla I Wj nH IW Brand new, short sleeves.
to 3... HUC Colors, khaki and covert.
_ ... ^ hand** embroil 5 to 10.-.
Toddlers Silk Dresses 59c Ploy Suits, 2 for
Hand-embroidered, smocked. In SP^S&s “m* One-piece, short sleeves,
pink, blue and white. AA tweed.. 8 to 14. mnkle ]enkth. Drop seat.
Szes 1 to 3-- OOC Sizes 3 to ..... ._
Second Floor Main Floor
Men’s Broadcloth *
Plain and novelty pat- A
terns. Notch. middy. VVA
coat. Fast colors. Sizes A
to D
22c Shirts, Shorts, 5 for
Men’s shorts, broadcloth A A AA —
stripes, plaids, checks, .'to VVA
to 44. White ribbed shirts. A AA A^
64 to 46
Boys’ & Girls’ Oxfords
1.69 values. Long wear- AAA_
ing soles. Black, brown. V VA
leather uppers. Many
styles. 8izes to 2 _
1.39 Women’s Slippers
Flexible leather soles. AA AA
& mlo^*,.An 88<*
1.49 Nouse Slippers
fjr. »Tom*n *n<J men. AAAA
»,"*ab5 88c
1.69 Big Boys’ Oxfords
jgttf 88c
1.00 Zipper Gloves
Sharkskin material. AAes
Black, navy. indo. clay. XScP
rose berry. Sizes 6 to 7>>.
1.95 & 2.95 Corsettes
Also corsets, in many AAAA
rules. C. B. Vanitv. IPWa
Reuse. All sizes in the AA^
assortment wJ."
59c Brassieres, 2 For
Satins, laces, and batiste. AA AA __
numerous styles to choose SCSCfl*
from. 64 to 44 ^ Ml*
1.00 New Bed Lamps
Several novelty styles. AA AA
shapes, rayon silk. Com- XX|(
Plate with electric fitting liliv
I9c Percales, 6 Yds.
86 in. high count per- AA AA
cales. SO square, in many XXI*
styles and colors ... llliv
15c Printed Dimity, 7 Yds.
96 In. guaranteed tub- A A —
fast, lovely assortment of 3CXI*
styles and colors _ Wi
I5c Wash Fabrics, 8 Yds.
'Mill lengths, fast colors, dbAA
Prints, all new styles XX^
and colors__ WlPW#
58c to 79c Crepes, 2 Yds.
Printed ruff, nebble. and
French crepes. 69 In.
wide. Many colors
69c & 1.00 Silks, 21/2 Yds.
Also acetates and rayons.
214 | 414 yard lengths.
AU wanted colors -----
TOILETRIES Sale! Notions
Rinse Flakes 25e Williams Tale. 300 Face Tissue* 15c Orfmndy Frill---Be * 25c Table Scarfs -- 8c
Lex Flakes S5e Williams Teetk WeFIteh Talcum u San. NapktnS — Se 25c Rubber Aprons.8c
Mam Deod. She New Mix T. d e. 25c Robber Crib 25c Sanitary Belts,-.8c
lean. T. Parte IwId^Cau Rout. *** pV/fum. Sheets. .8e 35c Shave Brush - 8c
Wildreet Shampee AOe n#rin» Rouse 50e Athletes Lie. 15c Dish Cloths S tor 8c 25c Sanitary Aprons. 8c
Drene* Shamneo* P^Seln”'1" as* iSbblnr Aleehel l#e Hair Nets.S tor 8c 25c Shampoo Aprons.
Drene Shampee Cream* 35e Zip Pencil Dte. •{{« Rubber Aprons 8c 8e
Golden berg's—Main Floor Goldenberg’s—Main Floor
88c 88c • 88c 88c 88c 88c
1—8-in. dish. 2—4'4-in. BOWLS. 814. 10V4. llVj- WARE. White with red WARE. 2-door bread or Nicely padded, stronsly BORS. Wood frames, varl
dishes. All with slau cov- inch bowls, nests colors. trim,4-qt. tea kettles. 114- waste*basket step-on cans! m»de. lastly folded when ous finishes, pood quality
ers. Fiesta colors. Red. blue, and Ivory. at. double boilers, etc. etc. not In use. slass. 64-in. Ions.
1 B9
88c 88c 88c 88c ,88c 88c
Stainless steel blades. Cat- NATION COOKER. Kss 3 separate cuttins knives. 18 in. Ions of heavy wood SET. 1 butcher knife, l
alln handles. In red. ivory. EASTi o o"8Vr “SSSJSi 1 botato masher. 1 steak FuU “»** wlth *UIrant«*<1 nauh. Oreen 1 eds“5 “fmlt
and sreen. saucepan, etc. pounder. heaUnt elsrtenta, heel rut. er white and black. knife. *
10c Each Additional Hour. """ "•»
A Sensational Sale Value!
Ringless Full-Fashioned
59c Chiffon HOSE
Slight irregulars of 3 and 4 * ^•ys*$P**'jyT
thread chiffons in the smart- # |||| '%/
est spring colors. Sizes 8 Vi Jy| fflflf, *
t° to vi. Hi W W ^&pr7)a
29c SIR Hose, 4 prs. 25e Anklets, 5 prs. ^
Perfect, knit 4% Spring styles, A 11
to fit. New 1# W _ famous make. W W . Ag^^Q^^F: fa
Spring colors. flflR Stripes, lastex I) ilR —&>&»
8% to 10V2. W W tops. 6 to ioy2. W W
Famous-Moke New Spring Coif and Patent
Ben (.line, AO * * AU Q, Q Q ft lIRHMDllllO
Kw“» 2for OOC Sr «for OOC ss smass: QO.
or*. 6to8. • W W w , 14. blue. treen, ,n(J ,«i. OOC
Main Flaer Main Flaar Main Flaar.
Regularly 1.19 to 1.95 Hill,
Rayon French Crepe Gowns VvR
Rayon Gowns and Pajamas
Batiste Gowns and Pajamas I II I
Satin, Rayon-Back Slips IIII
Dainty Satin Dancettes
Some slightly imperfect. Not all sites in each style.
159c and 69c UNDIES A {._ 00c
Rayon bloomers, panties, step-ins. Cotton M |I1| 2K JKV
slips, built-up shoulders. Batiste gowns, floral B ^ HI HI
prints.—Goldenberg’s—Main Floor. flH WW wH
Women’s s2 to $3 SHOES
Brand New Spring and Summer Styles
Kid Leather
Blonde Over 35 styles.
flroxl AAA to C in lot. Hi«Jl
orey Sizes 4 to 9 in lot. c"b„
Rlflclc Goldenberf’o— Httlf.
Main Floor __
Your Choice of Smart Wearables! Zipper and Button Front .
Gym Suits Included
White and pastel blouses,
34 to 40. Slip-on sweat- Dresses guaranteed tub
ers, 34 to 40. Dark skirts, fast. New spring prints
26 to 32. Gym suits, 12 and colors. • Sizes 14 to
20. 24, 38 to 44 and 46 to 82.
GilSrabm'a—Secant Fleer Goldenhert'■—beni Fleer
Specially Priced for Tomorrow Only!
$1 and 1.39 SPRING HATS t
In the Smartest New Colors I
Bretons Felts i
Off-Face Straw Cloth "
Sailors Toyo
Watteaus Straws
Pill Boxes Pedaline
Turbans Black |
Bonnets Brown |
Brims Navy |
Headsises 22 and 23
Goldenberr's—Main Floor |

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