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Corps News
Of Week
Count Potocki
To Entertain
_(Continued From First Page.)
lunching with them at the Legation
The Austrian Minister, M. Edgar
Prochnik, will be joined early next
week by Mme. Prochnik, who is spend
ing a fortnight with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. James, In
Boston, where she went 10 days ago.
The Portuguese Minister and Senhora
de Bianchi will go to New York the
first of this week to remain several
The Hungarian Minister and Mme.
Pelenyi left early last week for Cuba,
where the Minister also is accredited
as Minister. The date of their return
has not been set. but they will De
absent several weeks.
The Minister of the Union of South
Africa and Mrs. Close will entertain
at dinner Wednesday evening in honor
of Mrs. Swanson, wife of the Secretary
of the Navy.
The Greek Minister, Mr. Demetrios
Sicilianos, was host at the second of
his large afternoon receptions yester
day, entertaining several hundred
The Lithuanian Minister and Mme.
Zadeikis will spend a part of next
week in New York.
The Latvian Minister and Mme.
Bilmanis were hosts at luncheon yes
terday, entertaining In honor of the
newly appointed Secretary of the
United States Legation at Riga, Lat
via, and Mrs. Bernard Gufler. Mr.
Gufler has been on duty at the State
t Department for some time and, with
Mrs. Gufler, will leave shortly to take
up his new duties in Riga.
The Minister of the Dominican
Republic, Senor Don Andres Pastoriza,
Is expected to return the end of the
week from the Dominican Republic,
where he has been for a brief stay.
6enora de Pastoriza remained in
The middle of the week the Minister
was decorated by the President of
the Dominican Republic, who pre
■ented him with the medal of the
Order of Merit, a national order of
that country. The President also
•warded a similar medal to Senora de
Rastoriza, who will not receive her
medal until the return of the Minister.
The Bulgarian Minister and Mme.
Naoumoff are expected to return to
morrow from New York, where they
are spending the week end.
The Bolivian Minister, Senor Dr.
Don Luis Fernando Guachalla. will
•ntertain at luncheon Wednesday,
when the rartking guest will be the
Chief of the Division of American Re
publics of the State Department, Mr.
Laurence Duggan.
The Panama Minister and Senora
de Boyd are planning a series of din
ner parties, the first of which will be
given Tuesday evening and the second
Tuesday evening, March 22.
Senora de Boyd will be hostess at
luncheon Tuesday, March 29.
The Secretary of the Netherlands
Legation and Mme. van Troostenburg
de Bruyn will leave today by motor
for Florida and will be absent several
The Secretary of the Yugoslav lega
tion, Mr. Rastko Petrovic, has re
turned from a two months’ stay in his
home in Yugoslavia.
*Hie Attache of the French Embassy
•nd Countess de Gramont will return
today from a brief visit in New York.
The Attache of the Legation of the
Dominican Republic, Senor Don Se
bastian E. Valverde, is in New York
for a brief stay and will return
Wants Real Name Restored.
Discovering that he had lived 28
years under the wrong name and had
been married under it, a man in Ma
ritzburg, South Africa, has applied to
the court to have his real name re
i i
Whose marriage took place January 28. Mrs. Melton teas for
merly Miss Rose Henderson. —Hicks Photo.
Busy Week
Is Enjoyed
By Society
Gayety Prevails
With Many
(Continued From First Page.)
where Miss Poe w'ill be oh hand during
the afternoon. Somehow, it seems
that no matter who they may be, how
much they may know about art, visi
tors at exhibitions do like to find the
artists there in person to discuss the
pictures and ask questions.
Thoughts Turn Toward
Charity, Events Planned.
With the coming of spring and the
slight lapse in intensive gayety which
must take place during Lent, resi
dents of any community turn their
thoughts to charity. The Junior
League horse show dates have been
announced today and for the first
time the event will be carried on for
four dayp. League members are busy
as little bees in preparation of one of
the outstanding events of the early
spring season.
Thursday and Friday of this week
fashion shows for the benefit'of the
Goodwill Guild will keep a number
of energetic, charity-minded persons
on the jump. The Goodwill Indus
tries plant at 1218 New Hampshire
avenue has come into the limelight,
due to the amazing work it has put
out. There, disabled and aged men
and women, who cannot procure
work elsewhere are given a chance of
occupation, and the work turned out
at the plant is nothing short of
In picturesque and amusing finery
of bygone days a group of debutantes
and young society matrons will model
for the fashion show.
All of the costumes to be worn have
been donated to this philanthropic
organization from time to time. The
collection of ball room gowns, after
noon frocks, picture hats and other
choice bits from the wardrobes of
Washingtonians presents a fashion
history hard to excel.
Mrs. Samuel Herrick, president of
the guild, is directly in charge of the
two-day celebration. Mrs. John W.
Guider, a member of Goodwill’s Coun
cil, will act as mistress of ceremonies
for the fashion parade to be held at
3 o’clock both days.' Models were
assembled by Mrs. J. Brent Clarke
Mrs. T. W. Marshall is responsible for
hostesses for the fete, not to mention
the refreshments, and Mrs. Richard
Stimson has selected a group of
charming “guides” to conduct guests
over Goodwill’s plant.
Mrs. Louis Caldwell is chairman of
patronesses and a group of prominent
women will assist her, among them
Mrs. Henry A. Wallace, Mrs. Daniel
C. Roper, Mme. Jarnefelt, Mrs.
William E. Borah, Mrs. Warren R.
Austin. Mrs. Charles L. McNary. Mrs.
Frederick Van Nuys, Mrs. Morris
Spring Furs
You’ll find a large selection
of beautiful furs at Wm.
Rosendor f’s. Sables,
Baum Marten, Silver
Fox and Kolinskys.
All at very moderate
*er skin
\ “Washington's Leading Exclusive \
(9 Furrier.” Q
(/ 1215 G Street (/
Sheppard, Mrs. Bertrand H. Snell,
Mrs. Ralph O. Brewster, Mrs. Fritz
G. Lanham, Mrs. Bruce Barton, Mrs.
Thad Brown, Mrs. George E.‘ Allen,
Mrs. Bancroft Davis, Mrs. Frank Ho
gan, Mrs. Abner Drury, Mrs. J. Clin
ton Tribby, Mrs. Edward Everett Gann,
Mrs. William B. Dolph, Mts. Clay
Folger, Mrs. Edwin P. Parker, jr.: the
Misses Howry and the following trus
tees of the Goodwill Industries: Mrs.
Karl Fenning, Mrs. Elizabeth W. Mur
ray and Mrs. Stanley C. Sears. Mrs.
William O. Tufts, wife of the president
of the Board of Trustees: Mrs. James
C. Dulin, jr., wife of the treasurer,
and Mrs. Ernest H. Daniel, wife of
the assistant treasurer, will also assist.
Miss Grace Tabbutt
Luncheon Guest
At Sligo Park.
M*8- IRVIN L. CLARK with her
cousin, Mrs. Victor Thornton, en
tertained jointly at the former’s home
Monday at a luncheon and kitchen
shower for Miss Grace Tabbutt,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M.
Tabbutt of Takoma Park, Md., whose
marriage to Mr. Prank C. Babers of
Beltsville, Md., will take place May 28.
There were 20 guests.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Russell
have moved from their apartment In
Washington to the home of Mrs. Rus
sell’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Rinaldi. Mrs. Russell is the former
Miss Virginia Rinaldi.
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Barwick en
tertained at a musicale Monday night.
Miss Marjorie Wellington of Buffalo,
N. Y„ will arrive Thursday at the
home of Dr. and Mrs. Alva H. Benton
to be their house guest until the wed
ding of their daughter, Miss Betty
Benton, to Mr. Leon Jacobson of Chi
cago, 111., March 19.
Mrs. Robert Pilgrim entertained at
a bridge party Wednesday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey
Go to Buffalo.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Harvey have
given up their apartment on Nicholson
street N.W. and are in Coming, N. Y„
en route to Buffalo, where they will
live. Mr. Harvey has taken over his
new duties with the Farm Credit Ad
Mrs. Harvey formerly was Miss Mil
dred Battle, daughter of Dr. and Mrs.
lewis J. Battle of Washington. Her
marriage to Mr. Harvey took place in
the Sixth Presbyterian Church in
Austria’s imports increased 16.5 per
cent last year and its exports gained
27.7 per cent.
And Official
News Notes
Many Out of Town
On Various
(Continued From First Page.)
H. Higgs of St. Louis is with him at
the present time.
The Commissioner of the Securities
and Exchange Commisssion, Mr.
Jerome N. Prank, and Mrs. Prank, are
now in their apartment at the Ward
man Park Hotel, where they moved
last week. Miss Barbara Frank, their
young daughter, is with them for the
Mr. John D. Biggers, director of the
unemployment census, and Mrs. Big
gers, are spending the week end in
Washington at the Carlton Hotel.
Mrs. W. Jule DaY of Wardman Park
Hotel will have as her guest Thurs
day and Friday, Mrs. Samuel Castle
man, of Louisville, Ky., and New York.
She will give a luncheon in honor of
her visitor Friday at the Army and
Navy Club.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Hathaway
will leave today for a month’s stay
in Florida. Their daughter, Miss Ann
Hathaway, will go to Florida with
her parents.
Miss Martha McClure, National Re
publican Committeewoman from Iowa,
is expected to arrive Tuesday to visit
her sister, Mrs. William Fitch Kelley,
at the Wardman Park Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Politzer of
The Pin-striped/ Weol Coat is
lined . .. for Wear separately
or over the smartly simple
cowl-necked dress. Coat and
dress.... 69.95
Charge Accounts Invitejt
Charge Accounts
“Put on this new
straw bonnet with
the blue ribbons
on it . . $15.
[ Picturesque Originals 1
[ " //laJhuon JaHOfl, ]
I -Have You Seen- PRICES RANGE FROM $15 UP I
Li w II / ,n,A Marion Valle, like the many other famoui millinery 1
K Marion Valle s new 1938 designers, has drawn her inspiration from the 18th and 1
^B: "American Girl" Hat 19th Centuries of ultra femininity. Reminiscent of *
those years when women Were women are these
at $ IQ quaintly charming hats, abounding with sashes, flow
^P °1 ers, ribbons and all the other fancy trimmings that
■ make you look and stay as sweet as you are.
' oTfierUei/Jk
F Street Cor. 13thN. V.
Chevy Chase entertained at a party In
honor of the engagement of their
daughter, Miss Arllne D. Politaer. and
Mr. Myer E. Smith at the New Colonial
Hotel Tuesday.
Miss Chloe c. Baldridge of Lincoln,
Nebr., was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Daniel S. Coombs of 5741 Colorado
avenue for several days last week,
having come on from Nebraska to at
tend the recent convention of the
American Association of School Ad
ministrators in Atlantic City. Miss
Baldridge Is the director of Rule
and Elementary Education of Ne
braska and maintains offices in the
State capital at Lincoln. In Who’s
Who she Is listed as the first woman
in the United States to hold such a
Mrs. Clara Isabelle Boone will be at
home informally this evening after 6
o’clock at her studio apartment at
3435 Brown street N.W. Assisting her
will be Miss Virginia Baughman and
Mrs. Catherine Farburton. Brenan
alumnae in the city are cordially in
vited. No cards have been issued
Mr. and Mrs. Fbhl C. Brinley have
left for Shippenberg, Pa., where they
will be guests for a few days at the
home of Mr. -Brinley's brother and
sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John
Brinley. They will also visit relatives
in Chambersburg before returning to
Mr. and Mrs. C. Harmon Pardoe
and their two sons, Samuel Pardoe
and Charles Pardoe, have motored to
Miami, Fla. While there they will be
the guests of Mrs. Pardoe's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Prescott.
They will be joined by Mrs. Pardoe’s
sister, Miss Grace Pardoe, who will
remain in Florida until April when
she and Charles Pardoe and Samuel
Pardoe will return to Washington. Mr.
and Mrs. Pardoe will return to their
home in Wesley Heights next week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Galt of Honolulu
are at the Mayflower while in the
city during the meeting of tlie Com
munity Chests and Councils. Last
evening, Mr. Omit presented a flower
lei direct from Hawaii to Mr. Charles
P. Taft, chairman of the Community
Mobilization for Human Needs, at the
conference dinner at the Mayflower.
Six dozen carnations were used In
making the lei.
Miss Elizabeth C. Penny of Seattle,
Wash., Is spending a brief time at the
Guild to Give
Silver Tea.
A silver tea wlli be held by Bt.
Matthew’s Guild of Pinkney Memorial
Protestant Episcopal Church- today
from 4 to 7 p.m. at the home of Mrs.
Maury H. Brown. Hyattsvllle, Md.
Mrs. Alfred R. Kelr is in charge of
arrangements, assisted by Mrs. G.
Hodges Carr, Mrs. Maury H. Brown,
Mrs. William E. Howard, Mrs. Franklin
G. Tingley, Mrs. Relmenschneider,
Mrs. Puddy, Mrs. Charles G. Lan
hardt and Mrs. Stanleigh E. Jenkins.
Mrs. Barbara Brown Miltenberger will
give piano selections. Proceeds will
go to the guild.
Mrs. Henry Thomas and Mrs. Arthur
Le Baron Ribble, wife of the rector of
Pinkney Memorial Church, will pour
tea. Miss Jane Boswell, Miss Peggy
Hurley and Miss Marvette Ann Bos
well will serve as junior hostesses.
• 1
More business and vacation visitors
visited Britain in 1937 than in any
previous year.
of Every
in the original style ... or
into any style desired—
any size or style.
Large Selection in Hat
Trimmings, Veilings by
the yard.
508 11th St. N.W.
National 8322
27 Years at Same Address
Visitors Entertained
At Fort Meade
During Week.
COLSON of Fort Meade had u
their guest last week end Miss Vir
ginia Hershey of York Spring, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Srodes,
who have been the guests of Lt. and
Mrs. Wilhelm P. Johnson, will return
to their home In Ligoner, Pa., the first
of the week.
L^ and Mrs. Paul A. Chalmers of
Fort Meade had as their guests last
week Dr. and Mrs. Merrtman Lynch of
Scranton, Pa.
Col. Aliie W. Williams (retired) and
Mrs. Williams of Columbus, Qa., are
visiting their son-in-law and daugh
ter, Lt. and Mrs. Sydney O. Brown.
Conwecfriewt AverH-je * Assoeiartie*
EXWB4TSCP9N 1 ,TO >4 P. M.
PftOMCNADESAT 2:30 & 8:0aP„«L
AOM45SION... 50c
Spmeiml Section* in Tomorrow** -Morning Pnptrm.
by Harper's, brought to you in shoes that are
I* subtly designed to enhance every graceful
curve of the foot ... to put you in line with
fashion from the tip of your toes. Shoes as
smooth and clinging as the slim Spring sil
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and $7.50
1207 F • 7th and K • 3212 14th

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