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Bedtime Stories.
Who won’t give up though come what may
la almost sure to win that way.
—Old Mother Nature.
JOHNNY CHUCK was in a tight
place. It was a tight place in more
ways than one. He was squeezed in
between two big stones of a pile in
the Old Pasture. He just filled that
space. Had he been even a little fat
he couldn't have squeezed in there.
So you see that that was a tight
place. Out in front, glaring at him,
sat Reddy Fox, and if Reddy should
continue to stay there Johnny would
either starve to deeth or have to
come out and fight for his life with
the chances in favor of Reddy FV>x.
Yes, Johnny Chuck was in a tight
place. There was no mistake about
that. He knew it. Reddy Fox knew it.
At first Reddy, who had been sure
that he was going to catch Johnny,
was rather upset. He couldn't get
hold of Johnny to pull him out. All
that was outside those stones was a
mouthful of sharp teeth that Reddy
had no desire to feel. That is why he
suddenly found himself not so Hun
gry for a Chuck dinner as he had
thought he was. He snarled at
Johnny, who was snarling at him.
Reddy had been so sure of catching
Johnny this time that the disap
pointment was doubly hard to bear.
! So instead of giving up and leaving
i ne remained right there to threaten
Johnny and tell him tvhat he
1 thougnt of him.
Then it came to Reddy that if he
couldn't get Johnny out, neither could
Johnny get out without exposing
himself to attack. It was then that
Reddy recovered his good nature.
“He’ll have to come out or starve, so
all I need to do is to say right here
and wait. I’m not so very hungry,
but I have an idea that he is. I
guess I can stand it as long ns he
can. I will go off where he can’t see
me, but where I can keep watch of
him. When he gets hungry enough
he’ll take a chance and that will be
my chance."
So Reddy left, pretending that he
had given up hope of catching
Johnny Chuck. As soon as he was
sure that he was out of sight he
quickly circled and cautiously crept
back to where he could peep through
the bushes and watch Johnny, yet re
main himself unseen. There he
stretched out comfortably and pre
pared tor a long wait.
Now Johnny.Chuck was well aware
of what a tight place he was in. He
knew what his situation was as well
as Reddy did. "If that red robber
stays it will be starve or go out and
fight,” thought. Johnny. "But I’m
safe now and I’m not going to give
up hope. Something may happen.
That fellow thinks he has fooled me."
Johnny said this to himself rather
scornfully. “He hasn’t. I can’t see
him, but I know he is hiding near
by, waiting for me to leave here.
He’ll wait a long time.”
So Johnny Chuck remained in
retreat and Reddy Pox remained in
his hiding place, and time slipped
away and slipped away and slipped
away. Johnny showed no signs of
leaving and Reddy didn't disclose his
presence. Johnny Chuck did begin
to wonder if after all he might not
be mistaken, but something inside
him told him that he wasn’t. He
grew hungrier and hungrier, but since
he had wakened from his long win
ter sleep food had been very scarce
indeed and he had learned to go
hungry. So Johnny was patient. It
might be that Reddy had left and
that he was being held a prisoner
there by fear alone. Even so this
was better than making the mistake
of running right into Reddy's jawr,.
Reddy also was hungry. He wasn't
in quite such need of food as
Johnny Chuck, but he was hungry,
and as time slipped away he didn’t
grow less so. But he, too, had pa
tience. It was afternoon. Reddy’s :
keen ears heard a faint rustle of
leaves. It wag very faint, but Reddy
knew it for what it was, the sound
made by tiny feet. There was a
Mouse running about in the leaves a
little way off to one side. He glanced
over at Johnny Chuck. Johnny ap
peared to be half asleep. Slowly,
carefully Reddy got to his feet. He
had made no sound. His black ears
were set sharply forward as he looked
toward the place where he had beard
that rustling. There it was again!
It was a little fainter. That Mouse
was moving away.
Reddy’s mouth watered. Swiftly,
to relieve
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on silent feet, he stole toward that
sound. It ceased. Reddy waited,
watching, listening, Intent. There It
was farther on! He moved forward
quickly but cautiously. Out from his
retreat crept Johnny Chuck, stole
around the pile of stones and with
these between him and Reddy took
to hi* heels, running straight for his
temporary home and safety.
Did Reddy catch that Mouse? I
oon t know.
(Copyright, 1938.)
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