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Iridescent Slips
of Celanese Rayon Taffeta ,
Fashioned, by ‘Fruit-of-the^Loom' of a
Fabric Never Before Sold for
Less Than $1.95
When you don your man-tailored suits you will
love the feminine feel of this swishing slip.
Four-gore, alternating bias-cut tailored style
or more dressy type with new pleated bottom.
Carefully tail ored
with traditional
durability. Sizes 32
to 44 in truly irides
cent shades of wine,
green, tearose, gar
\net red and others.
Hue, Tan, Black
and Brown
$/£.85 ant*
U #7.85
. .1 >
Tmdeasys glorify your feet
witi 'clever styling, lovely
materials and fine construc
tion They put spring in
yotr step and lilt in your
stride with their patented g
feitures ... built-in arches
ard easy lasts. Beautifully
weven gabardines . . . soft
stpple calfskins and glove
fluting kids are fashioned
in Spring’s newest step-in
models... novels straps ...
tailored ties and smart ox
fords. Sizes ZVz to 10;
widths AAAA to D.
Foolfear . . . Second Floor

A. Colleen ... a high-front
ftrap of blue kid. $6.85.
B. Ivalon . . . Two-eyelet
He of black kid. $6.85.
C. Bonnie . . . black kid
ttep-in with patent ac
cents. $6.85.
D. Avon . .. Moulded front
step-in of black or blue
| gabardine. $7.85.
' ------ V"
Nature’s Children
-—-- %"!. • j
Date Shells
(Genus lithodomus).
ATE shells or rock eaters
may be found on the whole
reef near Cape Florida. There
are numerous J patches of
them and they cover wile areas, for
they are found at present In all seas.
Some species have very wide distribu
tion. Fossil remains show that at one
time vast numbers of them were to be
found getting a foothold in the rocks.
Some members of the family Mytil
idae, to which this date shell belongs,
often reach a very large size. This
is true of the species that is found
along the shores of California, 9 inches
in length.
The stone borers or rock eaters have
a thin shell which is cylindrical and
inflated in front, wedge-shaped behind.
The shell is very finely ribbed, often
furrowed and wrinkled.
The minute beak is in-curved. The
epidermis is thick and dark, but the
lining of the shell is an exquisite
pearl color.
When the date shell is young and
starting out in life to carve its niche
in the rocks, it must hang fast to its
foundation by means of the byssus.
This is a group of long, tough fila
! ments which are secreted from a gland
1 in a groove of the foot and issue from
between the valves. At first the
threads are viscous, but they become
: hardened when they come in contact
with the water. These “guy ropes"
thus anchor the rock eater to its fu
ture home. With no danger of being
washed away from the home, the
borer begins using its foot to make a
groove in which it will eventually be
well established and can then spend
the time catching food. Its stationary
position prevents it from turning
around, but it can move slightly for
ward. All boring activities are accom
plished by the one and only foot.
One thing that is very interesting
in connection with the date shells and
Tke kumm rice v%.ne*
in marvelous Wly•
We &re clever end
foolisk end deep
In only one thm^ we’re
■fcli ke t would seem j
We never k'b.ve k-vd I
enoudk sleep.
IW c*"*"
i i ___ I
their boring ability is that the col
umns of the temple of Serapis at
Puteoli are perforated by a species of
these mollusks at a point that is far
above the present sea level. This re
veals that these ruins must have at
some time been submerged and that
the coast has changed its level within
historic times. There are other in
stances that show the ancestors of
these date shells were large and power
ful, and that they could use the great
foot for leaping, crawling and boring
as well.
Sometime^ you may find a deserted
stone or rock, with only the open
shells of the mollusk Imbedded in it.
These strange but often handsome
homes may be cleansed of all matter
and completely deodorized, to be later
used In a large aquarium, or a pair of
them makes an unusual book rack.
The smaller ones have been used as
paper weights.'
— •-——
Gorman to Speak Tonight.
Francis J. Gorman, president of
the Textile Workers’ Organizing Com
mittee, will speak at a meeting of
the Library of Congress local. United
Federal Workers of America, at the
latter’s headquarters, 532 Seventeenth
street N.W., tonight at 8:15 o’clock.
His topic will be "What Organized
Federal Workers Can Do to Preserve
World Peace.”
You’ve Itched and scratched
and suffered, but you haven’t
used Poslam. Use it tonight and
get your first real relief from the
itching and burning of eczema.
Poslam works faster because it
penetrates the outer layers of
the skin. It soothes first, and
with the irritation stopped, the
skin soon begins to improve.
Why wait any longer for skin
comfort? Get Poslam today at
any drug store, 50c.
Optical Specials '
Choice of the Three
larly 15.45. White gold-filled
spring. Equipped with new
grip that does not pinch or
slip _ _ $2.89 I
Matching Chains, regularly
$1.50, 79c.
larly $5. Properly styled, well
constructed. Pitted with self
adjusted nose pads. White
or pink gold-filled_$2.89
Regularly $5. Nose pads fit
any shape lens. White or
pink gold-filled _$2.89
Optical Shop . . . Balcony.
for maids
and attendants
Here are the sturdy fabrics
and the crisp, efficient
styles which you expect
from uniforms. combining . , <
Fruit-of-the-Loom fine \ I
quality and expert styling. \
Blue, green, wine and I /
white. Size* 14 to 46. J I J
Uniform> • . . Third Floor / Jt
t i 1
Colonial >
Breakfast Set ■
White with Black Trim \
Good-looking chairs in ladderback
style . . . and note how well braced
the bases are. The drop-leaf table
opens to 42x30 inches and is 24x30 f
inches when closed. The high gloss
white enamel finish is accented by
touches of black.
Housewares . . . Fifth Floor.
Dover Underground
Garbage Receiver
Heavy black iron can that is rust
proof, with sheet-steel cover; 13
gallon capacity. Hot-dipped, gal
vanized insert....$2 98
Giant Rollaway Chest
At last ... a rollaway chest
that is large enough to hold
bulky things like blankets.
Size 48" long, 20" wide, 7V2"
deep. Solid wood frame with
casters ...«1 fiQ
Smaller *ize, SI ' *
Straight Ladder
Each step is morticed and
steel rodded for lasting,
sturdy construction. You
will need such a depend
able ladder for spring
cleaning -$1.79
Step-on Can
An extra-large step-on
can with 10-quart gal
vanized inset. A touch of
your foot raises the lid.
Finished In white, ivory
or green. ... -SI
All hardwood, UNFIN
ISHED, ready to paint.
Size 27" wide and 27" deep
. . . correct height to fit
under most windows.
Towel Rack
Hang this towel rack over
your present bar, for ad
ditional hanging space.
Cadium plated, so it will
i not rust.. . -$1
Detecto Bath Scales
Weigh up to 300 pounds.
Has chrome-plated dial
guard, rubber .covered
enamel platform. With
5-year guarantee.-$2.99
8-Foot Trellis
Fan-shaped trellis of
good quality white cedar.
Has 2 coats of white paint
that is weather-resisting,
89c ,
Cut Crystal
£ dozen
$1 dozen
Cut dot and band pat
tern in goblets, sher
bets, stemmed bever
age glasses, 7-ounce
tumblers and 13-ounce
footed tumblers.
Tinted Tissues
Absorbent, hygienic, soft
tissue in colorings to
match your bathroom.
Each roll has 1,000 sheets,
10 ro,,s 59c
Silent Valet
A handy place to hang
your clothes, all ready for
the next morning. Holds
suit, underwear, shirt,
socks, shoes. . -SI
O’Cedar Mop Special
Large mop, tested and
approved by Good House
keeping Institute. Has
easy-shake spring socket.
Regularly $1.50, special,
Slide-Master Closet
Size 20" deep, 19" wide,
59" high. Of heavy, cor
rugated fibre board. Slid
ing door has wood frame
and opens automatically
when you press a but
ton —.— $1.99
Housewares ... Fifth Floor.
* .
Whistling Tea
A 2-quart'size kettle of
spun aluminum. Has
green handle and whis
tler. Now at the low price
o* .79c
Bathroom Waste
Sleek, modern - styled
metal waste baskets, 13"
high, 71/2" in diameter.
Have bright HAND
PAINTED designs--$1,25
SI to SI.50
Cooky jars, covered
muffin dishes, refriger
ator sets, 3-piece bowl
sets, cake plates and
servers, cozy sets, tea
pots and tiles. In
Chiu* . . . Fifth Flo»r.
for 6
A limited number of
sets at this price, while
quantity lasts. Bright
floral spray pattern on
ivory body, with em
bossed edge. 32 pieces
to each set.

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