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Climate Tempered by Gulf
Stream and Ready Rain
Adds to Greenness.
The following extracts are taken
from a booklet entitled "By the Irish
Roadside,” written by John R. Todd:
Ireland is a fascinating country. In
the three short weeks spent in wander
ing about it we became ardent ad
mirers, and now want to go back again
to see it more completely and more
Ireland is small. I wonder if we
realize how small! Not quite as large
as the State of Indiana—in fact it has
2,000 less square miles, although it
has about four and a quarter million
" people—which is one-third more than
the population of the Hoosler State.
The shore line must be several
thousand miles, but a direct line across
country from Portrush in the north
east to Killarney in the southwest is
under 300 miles—not a hard day’s
Also—Ireland is far to the north—
some 1,360 miles further from the
Equator than Savannah. Ga., and
about 600 miles north of New York
Ireland has a long and lovely grow
ing season, with a high average rain
fall. On the east coast it is 35 to 55
Inches: in the center of the island it
is from 40 to 60 inches, and on the
west coast from 50 to 70 inches.
It is surprisingly mild, with a mean
temperature of 40 degrees for Janu
ary and 62 degrees for July.
Southern Flowers Grow.
Tlie southwestern section is almost
tropical—exotic plants from the mild
est climes grow out of doors. Many
shrubs and flowers will do well there
which cannot be raised, because of the
cold, at our plantation in southern
South Carolina. One of the women
who managed the hotel at Parknasilla
—a lovely spot on the water, some 60
miles south of Killarney—said she had
been there 10 years without seeing any
frost and seeing only one flurry of
snow. The delicate Peruvian fuchas
and the Indian datura-fastuosa were
growing and blooming in the garden
where they are left all Winter.
It is hard for me to believe that the
Gulf Stream, which, by the time it
reaches Ireland, is pretty well spread
cut over the whole North Atlantic, can
> be entirely responsible for such unex
pected mildness.
, Possibly the mild temperature and
the greater precipitation account for
the fact that the grass seems greener
and heavier, and all the flowers very
appreciably deeper and richer in color
than the same things here. I tried to
, explain it by the soils and subsoils,
but as far as I could check into those
conditions the answer was elsewhere.
12 day cruise . . . $76
Sailing every Tuesday. A glo
rious ocean cruise to a land
resplendent with flowers and t
sunshine. Includes a visit to
St. Augustine and allows a
full day in Miami.
12 day cruise with
four days in Miami $96
Sail arary Friday.
10 day Easter cruise
to MIAMI. . . $Qfi
from Balte. anti rtturn. ””
Sailing from Baltimore April
15, and returning via
Also tours to St. Augustine and
other points of interest in Florida.
For interesting folder, apply M&M
Travel Bureau, 1418 H St., N. W.,
Washington (Tel. National 4612)
——or authorized tourist agents.
Some Close-Up
Impressions of
Travel Abroad
Director Institute of Foreign Travel.
Noiseless cities are beginning to
boom, but we know only one really
noiseless city and that is Venice. That
is the place where the author horn
tooteth not and the hoof of horse
maketh no clatter. We have always
commended Venice to those who want
sleep at night and quiet by day. Only
the soft dip of a gondolier’s oar In the
canal at your door will break the
Wt Americans sometimes think Eu
rope is unprogressive, but in Europe
they often think we are. We have
been asked in Brittany whether Ameri
can homes had beds. We have been
asked in England if all Americans had
Indian blood. It was easier to answer
these than to answer the fellow In
Sweden who was surprised to learn
only about 10 per cent of American
farms have electricity, whereas In
Sweden half the farms have this great
In Copenhagen we once tipped a
porter who carried our bags Irom the
train to the taxi. We g&ve him about
the equivalent of 25 cents. Believe it
or not, he handed us back some
change! We told him it was a tip and
to pocket the change, but he refused,
saying that he belonged to a co
operative porters’ society and that it
was against the rules to accept as
much as we offered.
At a cafe in Malines, Belgium, we
were sitting one day. talking with an
old chap who in faltering English
wanted to know if we were acquainted
with a cousin of his who lived in a
place called Chicago. After a while he
said, “Your Mr. Lincoln is a great
man; is he still President?” We as
sured him that Lincoln had more in
fluence over Americans than any
other President. We could not bring
ourselves to tell him the whole truth,
and then we remembered we had a
Lincoln penny, which we gave him as
proof, and he was as pleased as if we
had awarded him a medal.
The best costs little or nothing at all.
We have often wondered why trans
Atlantic liners did not charge extra
for breathing ocean air, which is so
much cleaner than the land atmo
spliere; why England does not charge
See the "Caribbean on parade*
at Eastertide! Choose your Itiner*
| ory ... and embark as o guest of
the Greot White Fleet on a gloom
ing, first doss, turbo-electric liner
especially built for Caribbean
service. You'll be delighted with
the informal. Intimate otmosphere
... the delicious mooli . . . the
I S faultless service.
and the CARIBBEAN...
APRIL 2,9 and 16
♦© colorful Cotta Rico, including two coils
at goy Havana and the Panama Canol
Zone. 15 days $175 up.
APRIL 6 and 13
to Kingiton, Jamaica, B. W. I. (2 caH»)
Puerto Colombia (Barranquilla), Carta*
gona, Colombia, S. A. and the Panama
Canal Zone. 15 days $175 up.
Sailings from New York. Orches
tras, outdoorswimmingpoo Is, sound
movies. All outside staterooms,
mechanical ventilation.
Apply any Authorized Travel Agent or
Pier 3, North River, New
York City.
The cruise unique; visiting two con
tinents at the most glorious time of
year. Extreme low cost, superb ship and
excellent cuisine combine to make this
the ideal cruise you’ve always dreamed
about. Visit colorful Madeira—sun-kissed
Morocco with its oriental bazaars (with
side trips to Marrakech, Rabat and Fei)
—see Lisbon, capital of Portugal —Brit
tany in springtime, Mont St. Michel,
glamorous Paris, motor through the Cha
teaux country of France-the little-known
Channel Islands—London in season
tulip time in Holland-Denmark and en
chanting Sweden.
Then back in New York May 30th.
Inquire for literature and particulars of any travel agent, or
4 Veit 51at Street, New York, N. Y. • Circle 6-1440
a toll before allowing entrance to one
of its quiet, lovely country lanes, for
there are no others like them on
earth; why Italy does not charge for
the Amalfi drive; or Switierland for
every snowy peak seen from the hotel
window; or France for the sense of
majestic peace which fills the mind
beneath the mighty trees in the forest
of Fontainebleau.
An island that we can walk around
in a quarter of an hour, on it an an
cient fishing village remote from the
hustle of today; pointing to the clouds
a medieval minster, and beside it a
nunnery over a thousand years old in
its venerable quiet—where is it but in
Germany? We often think of it, that
lovely isle of Frauenworth, green and
gray beside the romantic waters of the
Some folks think that when Ameri
cans have given Europe the “once
over" they will turn to some other con
tinent. Not on your life. After the
“once over" comes the "twice over,”
over and over again, and then comes
the "once under.” As any archeologist
will tell you, some of the best in Eu
rope is underground. England has just
dug up a potato field and found a
glorious Roman mosaic pavement;
Germany find* 2000-year-old pottery
nearly every week, and Mussolini adds
the glory of the burled Caesars to his
own. The next time you go to Europe,
better take a shovel In your grip.
Coconut and Banana Fibers Are
Combined for Fad.
KINGSTON, March 28.—Many peo
ple on vacation bent may soon be be
decked in coconut and banana shirts
if the plans of American style experts
and Jamaican agriculturists mature.
Stylists have for some time been
studying the possibilities of combin
ing the fibers of the coconut and
banana into something unique for
beach, sports and general wear, and
they believe the new garments are
about ready to burst on the fashion
The banana-coconut shirt, it is said,
washes easily. It is dyed by a process
used for generations by West Indian
"Fruit" shirts have already made
their appearance on many of Ja
maica's smart beaches.
*« DATS ... 23 CALLS ...
A lifetime of travel in 8 weeks!
... on one of the finest Lido
vessels. For the past fwt yean
this cruise has been s sensa
tional sticcess' To Madeira,
Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Tripoli, Beirut,
Haifa, Port Said, Rhodes, Dardanelles
(cruising), Constanta (for Bucharest),
Varna. Istanbul, Phaleron (Athens , Ra- FIRST CLASS.. $650 NR
giisa. Venice, Brioni, Naples, Genoa, TOURIST CLASS $3fS UR
Cannes, Gibraltar. Options! shore escnnesesL
For complete details and reservations applv to vnur LOCAL
AGENT or Italian Line. Ihiil Walnut St . Philadelphia or
rims Cook A Son. Sli nth St. N .W. <Shoreliatn Bldt)
Washington, D. C.. Phone National J571.
k*. A
Boardwalk Strollers Increase.
Tags Now Required for
Bicycle Riders.
Spring has added to the Boardwalk
crowd, strolling or moving along slow
ly in the rolling chairs, traditional
Boardwalk vehicle. Others are finding
comfortable chair on the hotel sun
decks or on the beach provide the
answer for a quiet vacation.
Several weeks ago marked the first
appearance of the new license tage on
the bicycles, as a new city ordinance
went into effect. The Boardwalk,
opened to the cyclist prior to 9 a m.,
has become one of the favorite spots
for devotees of this popular sport, and
visitors who bring their wheels along
are being warned that they must ob
tain one of the little metal plates from
the city mercantile office or they will
be subject to a fine. The license for
one year is only 50 cents. It is not
necessary to bring a bicycle, however,
as there are hundreds available for
renting at several stands along the
The ^spring tournaments will soon
be getting underway at the golf
courses at nearby Seavlew, Northfleld,
Linwood, Somers Point and Brigan
tine. Three of the hotels have Indoor
salt-water pools, where the swimmers
may enjoy themselves, despite the fact
that It is still too cool for ocean
Popular Resort to Welcome
Bummer Quests.
SUN VALLEY, Idaho, March 26 —
Sun Valley will remain open all year
The popularity of the resort has
led to a decision to keep Challenger
Inn, the new hotel erected last winter,
open throughout the year, and spring
skiers will be afforded a chance to ski
on the slopes of the Sawtooth Moun
tains until well Into May.
With Easter coming on April 17, It
will mean plenty of Easter skiing at
Sun Valley on the finest spring snow.
Snows at present reach a depth of 7
feet on the upper slopes of the Saw
on the Pleasure-planned
Make plaua at a moment’s notice!
There’s a sailing to suit you—a glori- I I
ons 40-hour voyage paiicil with fun **
and “pleasure - planned” luxury— on the Mmtarob uf Bermuda
adding greatly to your Itermuda en- ^dlMMI^wST™
joyment. By all means. Itermuda- «'-«“na PRIVATE BA rH).
and hy all means, Furness! | Round Trip Ml spsa lbs RssrMs 1 I
CURRENT SAILINGS: Mxr. ;tOi Apr. *, Alo.lemelI-oseon.oralo.ln
«. W. 13. II. etc. Wading eeeommedaliono ot a
Apply to YOUR OWN TRAVEL AGENT or loading fcrniub hotel.
Furness Bermuda Bine, .1Whitehall St..
New York City.
No In-Law Jokes.
MANILA, March 26.—The native*
of Papau, British New Guinea, have
found an effective way of scotching
mother-in-law Jokes. A stern custom
there prevents the mother-in-law from
even speaking to her sons or daugh
ters In law.
In some tribes the regulation is so
strictly enforced that she may not
even mention them In the course of
everyday conversatlpn with neighbors.
? from New York ^
Easter Cruise
Calling at the enchanted ports of
Port-au-Prince, Haiti—Kingston,
Jamaica — and ever glamorous
Havana, Cuba
44 days under the midnight Thirty-four glorious days. See
sun, visiting Iceland; the North the fjords of Norway; Sweden
Cape and famous fjords of Nor- —Gothenburg and Stockholm,
way—historic Visby, city of home of the Scandinavian arts
roses and mins—Estonia—Rus- *nd architecture; quaint
»ia, where historv is in the Copenhagen; \ isbv, city of
making—Finland — Sweden, memones; the new State of
<i- • „T„i ,1, . .i Estonia; hinland—the white
he jewel in the crow,, of the Clty of Helsingfors; and Ruwia
Baltic and quaint Denmark —Leningrad and Moscow.
(18 ports in all). New thrills for where the old meets the new.
your album of memories. .. ,
on tho on th*
\iZ %S0 / \34 DAYS, from H15J
Inquirt for liitraiurt and particulari of any Irontl agent, or—
4 Weat list Street, New Yeifc, N. Y.' ••••«••«••• Ors* 4-1440
L>OOK at the map below. Clustered on it are some of the fascinating
places you have always longed to see. Do you know how many of them
you can visit in a few vacation weeks—and how little it costs to do so?
Here is a suggested three weeks' tour of five
fascinating countries. Perhaps it is just what
you desire. The cost? Ask your Travel Agent.
If you wish, either he or ourselves will outline
hundreds of other trips that are available.
- — - DAY
Land at Hamburg or Bremen, historic Hanseatic f | . j
ports. Sightseeing.V J
Train to Berlin. Sightseeing in the German
capital. Visits to Potsdam and the Spreewald.
On to Munich. Sightseeing, and motor trip to. , .
the Bavarian Alps.v 7tfl./
By rail through the scenic Hollental to Titisee
Motor through the Black Forest to Heidelberg
Train to Wiesbaden.
Boat Trip on the romantic Rhine to Cologne.
Train to Amsterdam, Holland. Sightseeing.
Continue to Brussels, Belgium. Sightseeing.
To Paris. Sightseeing, excursions to Fontaine
bleau, Versailles, Rheims.
Train to Calais. Channel steamer to Dover.
Proceed to London.
Sightseeing in the capital of the British Empire.
Thames steamer trip to Oxford. Visit to Strat
Special boat train to Southampton. Embark on
Hapag or Lloyd liner for return voyage to
New York.
PUgsbips meeh-tbe NETT YORK greeting the BREMEN
Qjo to any experienced Travel Agent or come to us. You will Why do we advertise Europe? Because we are promoting
learn the exact price of the trip you would like to make trans-Atlantic travel, in which Hapag-Lloyd service, hospitality
(even including incidentals). And you will be agreeably and comfort are world famous. Because Hapag-Lloyd offer
surprised how special reductions in rail fares and favorable you a choice of seven ports in Europe and a choice of three
dollar exchange rates lower the cost. Perhaps the tour you classes on nine excellent ships and we are confident you will
wish already organized —is available at a minimum price, consider Hapag-Lloyd when contemplating a trip to Europe.
HAMBURG ...... Apr. 3 BERLIN. ....... Juns 4 Hapag-Lloyd offers low shipment rates to Ireland,
NEW YORK.Apr. 7 EUROPA.Juns 4 England, France and Germany. Excellent modern
HANSA.Apr. 14 HANSA. Juns 9 S' . M9hwoy* throughout Europe. In Germany, entry permit
EltsnDA A _. ic r/MiiuBiie for your car cottt only $1 for one month (another $1 tor the
In, * ' • • • * * tpr l* COLUMBUS.Juns 11 '7T second month). No deposit, no custom, pos, «..d.d,
HAMBURG.Aar* 28 EUROPA * * * * J|Un#on »*>• bo®k i“»» published by Hapag-lloyd, ou.sn virtually /
nAMDUKV.Apr. 49 EUROPA.Juns22 all your questions about troni-Atlanticand European travel. / f
COLUMBUS. • • • • . Apr. 30 HAMBURO . • ■ • • . Juns23 Filled with information on where to ga, what to do and / *7'T)rr\'*\ /
IUROPA.May 3 NEW YORK.Juns30 how te do it, it will prove invaluable In planning and / ■* *7v->. I
NEW YORK.May 5 COLUMBUS..Juns30 Fowr ^P- nM / Fl f
BREMEN.May 11 BERLIN.July 2 «*■■■« ^
HANSA.May 12 BREMEN.July 3 * / ****.
DEUTSCHLAND. . . . May 19 HANSA.July 7 ^ M
COLUMBUS.May 21 ST. LOUIS ...... July 9 f
HAMBURG.May 26 » DEUTSCHLAND .... July 14 * "’V?? *y,k
«EMEN.M-rM BKEMEN.July 20 * JSlKSJS.iiSEL. *
BOOK EARLY—YOUR TRAVEL AGENT, OR , i«a« twi cowo. to A»*ts mowi •
*. A°™ •
Address_ #
57 Broodway, 669 Fifth Art., ^± City_State_♦
New York, N. Y. VfiQpgiH/ ot 53rd Street W - w m . ♦
__w Hamburg-Amsrican Lins • North Gorman IJoyd

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