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Feverish? Grippy?
Doctors warn that colds can lead to serious
illness. So treat the symptoms of a coming
cold without delay! If yem fit! feverish »r
grip fry, tee year detier mi tmce!
For the most effective “first aid." gargle
with Zonite. Zonite does 3 jobs for you: 1)
Cleanses mucous membranes. 2) Increases
*0000*1 flow of curative, health-restoring
body fluids. 3) Kills cold germs present
in the throat as soon as it comes in actual
contact with them!
In a test to find out the germ-killing pow
ers of the nit..- most popular, non-poisoo
ous antiseptics on the market. Zonite
proved to be actually 9-3 limes mere attire
(by standard laboratory tests) than the
next hen antiseptic compared! This means
economy because you use Zonite diluted!
Zonite goes farther—saves you money.
Get Zonite at your druggist now. Be pre
pared. At the first sign of a cold, start
gargling at once. Use 1 teaspoon of
Zonite to one-half glass of water. Soon
your throat feels better. But if feverish,
consult your doctor at once!
South Sea Savor — ^ grace turner
// k iv mother makes Tahi
^k ^k tian dishes.” says Jon
M \ m ■ Hall, whose familiarity
m ▼ • with that famous is
land had equipped him for stardom
overnight, when it was decided to
make a motion picture of "Hurricane,”
the exciting modem novel of adven
ture written by Charles Nordoff and
James Norman Hall. Jon was ap
parently bom to play the role of
Terangi. He is the nephew of the
author and was reared on the Island
where his ancestors settled two gen
erations ago.
Jon knows everything, therefore,
about this fabulous, fascinating spot.
He knows the customs and understands
the character of the natives. He can ride
an outrigger canoe, spear fish, swim
and dive expertly. "And I know a lot
of chaps pretty much like Terangi. I’ve
lived their life and love it,” he says.
That is why he also likes the food
that he had there as a boy and very
young man. Some of the dishes are, of
course, not practical for our American
tables. But others are highly delec
table and easily adapted for our own
use. We cannot, for instance, serve the
breadfruit which, Jon says, "we eat
there like bread.”
But coconut cake is another matter,
though it differs from ours in having
shredded coconut cooked in the batter
— not merely used in frosting. The
cake, in fact, is excellent without
frosting — but with it becomes one of
the most delicious confections we have
ever tasted. Here is the recipe:
Coconut Cake
cup shortening
1} 3 cups sugar
2 cups sifted cake flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
Dash of salt
2/3 cup milk
s4 teaspoon vanilla
Vfc cup shredded coconut
4 egg whites
Cream shortening and sugar to
gether until well blended. Mix and
sift dry ingredients and add to first
No strenuous exercise, no
starvation diet when you
reduce the Ry-Krisp wav
Here's proof fhai K> Krisp
helps take off fat, helps bring
back youthful charm
1. Marion Talley before re
ducing the Ky-krisp way.
1. M iss Talley, today, weighs
106. looks years younger.
1. Rt FOR I
Just eat sensibly, exercise moderately
and serve Ry-Krisp as your exclusive
bread. That’s how many movie stars
stay slim and fit. That’s how hundreds
of men and women take tiff unwanted
fat. Serve this Scandinavian style bread
on your bread tray at every meal. Your
family will like its teasing flavor and
crunchy goodness, and it will help you
take off pounds and inches. Only 20
calories in each wafer. Ralston Purina
Company, St. Louis, Missouri.
Sunday afternoon 5:00 PM, EST,
NBC Red Network and other stations.
Jon Hall, motion picture star from romantic Tahiti, catches
our imagination with dishes from his native island
mixture alternately with milk. Add
vanilla, then coconut. Fold in egg
whites, beaten until stiff, but not dry.
Bake in 2 greased (9-inch) layer pans
in moderate oven (350° F.) about
25 minutes. Cover top and sides with a
coconut frosting.
Coconut also finds its way into
Tahitian bread. Sometimes just the
coconut milk is used for this purpose,
but in other recipes the shredded
coconut is mixed in with the batter.
The result is a bread having an elusive
sweetness. ‘‘It is also moist and very
tender,” Jon says.
"And do people up here know about
The Boss I'd Like
by Robinson Peale
I am one of those employes who has
always been in daily contact with
the man I work for. I’ve given,
therefore, a good deal of thought
to the sort of man I want to work for:
Ao.E: My boss shouldn't be too old
for his job. If he’s that old, he’s out of
step with life, whether he knows it or
not. Above all — when it comes to the
daily, run-of-the-mill work — he must
be able to take it and like it.
If he’s too young, on the other hand,
he hasn’t had time to learn his busi
ness. The job will probably run him,
instead of his running the job. He will
tend to mistrust his own judgments —
even, perhaps, when he thinks I’m
pretty good.
Physique: My boss shouldn't be
too fat. Excessive avoirdupois may
mean there is something wrong with
one or more of the glands, which regu
late personality as well as weight. His
character, along with his corpus, may
bulge in the wrong places. There’s as
much to the tradition of certain regi
ments of the British Army that the
colonel must be thin and no officer
fatter than his colonel, as there is to
the popular belief that fat men are
good-natured and broad-minded.
He shouldn’t be too thin, either —
or too tall, or too short. If he is, you
can be pretty sure that he has often
envied better-proportioned men. And,
envy, at the root of a man’s character,
is as dangerous as dynamite.
Home Life: My boss snouia oe
happily married. If he isn’t, he’s apt to
have 'complexes, and show the effect
of frustrations — throw his weight
about the office, either because he
can’t shift his position freely at home
or because he’s formed the habit of
“asserting himself” in the domestic
circle and forgets to lower his voice
when he conies to business.
Bachelors, divorced men and widow
ers are sometimes as difficult to work
for as unhappily-married men. They
seldom have the proper sense of pro
portion aljout their jobs. They blow
hot and cold. Without warning, they
make the office their home — with all
that this means to those who have to
stick around as long as they do. Again,
they try to do their business on the
golf course.
And I want the man I work for to
have children. All fathers are brothers
under the skin. Same things to worry
about and to stick out their chests
over! Children, furthermore, have a
habit of emphasizing “home truths”
until they sink in; and the better the
man I work for knows himself, the
better I’m pleased.
Health: My boss should be in good
health. ^Organizations require em
ployes to take physical examinations.
1 suggest that employes be given the
right to look at the doctors' certifi
cates of their employers.) I don’t re
quire my boss to be Olympic-team
material, or even an “ex-athlete.” I
ask that he be reasonably fit, as the
life insurance companies measure fit
ness. The more power a man has, the
more far-reaching are the effects of his
illnesses. I have seen good businesses
wrecked by dyspepsia.
Firmness: My boss should hold me
responsible for what I hare to do; but he
should not interfere in its doing. If he’s
indifferent, where are: the mutual
stimulus that should be pan of our
relationship, the incentive of merited
praise, the spur of deserved blame’
And if my boss makes me do in his
way what I ought to be allowed to do
In my own way — what will become
of my self-reliance?
Fairness: A man’s religion is his
own affair; and I realize I’m starting
something when I talk about that side
of the lifeof the man I work for. Never
theless, I will go on record as stating
that I like my livelihood to be in the
hands of a man who has some religious
affiliation. Perhaps this world is all
there is to our existence; but I think
our life here is only part of the story.
At any rate, if my boss can hate a better
guide than the Golden Rule, it hasn’t
been called to my attention.
This means that I want my boss to
be fair — to know capacity when he
sees it — to recognize loyalty when he
meets it. If he’s that sort of person,
he won’t play favorites — even in my
case. So, I may not get ahead as fast
as the next fellow. But what sort of
worker would I be if I were unwilling
to take my chances on that?
There arc exceptions to all rules.
Neither a traffic cop nor a psycho
analyst can be sure of what a man is
going to do. But, if my boss is sub
stantially the man I’ve described —
then, on balance, he’s all right by me.
I’ll work for him and feel, in working
for him, that I’m getting somewhere,
and helping him to get somewhere in
his business.
And it’s all to the good, if my boss
also has:
The sense of humor, which lightens
the day’s labor — for sometimes it’s
The ability to give brief and clear
instructions — for the factor of error
is always with us.
The hearty handshake and robust
spirits which communicate courage —
for, now and then, I need a lift just as
he does.
coconut cream?" he asks "It is not
the same thing at all as the fluid you
pour out of the center when you crack
open the coconut. To make coconut
cream you grate the coconut meat,
heat it, and then press or squeeze it
through a cloth. It isrich and creamy."
Cooked oranges, again, are some
thing to try—and are extraordinarily
satisfactory. Somewhat like kumquats
in their exciting flavor of mingled
sweetness and tartness, they are in
teresting either as a dessert or as an
accompaniment for fowl.
Shrimps, crabs, clams and oysters
come like reflex suggestions when you
ask Jon Hall what he likes best to eat.
They are second nature to this son of
the South Seas.
But he has specialties that he likes
best according to the place where he
happens to be. “In New York,” he
says, “I always order steak. In San
Francisco you can be sure of satis
faction if you stick to roast beef. In
Hollywood chicken or turkey is best.
"There are other things that I
recommend also,” he says. “For in
stance, consomme is about the finest
soup there is and one the palate does
not tire of. There are two excellent
salads to my mind: one is a fruit salad
combined with pecans and walnuts,
while the other is what any man likes
— a green salad with a roquefort
cheese dressing."
Delectable Coconut Desserts
It isn't necessary to use fresh coco
nut for the unusual and attractive
recipes offered here, together with
recipes for other dishes named on the
page. To get them, send a three-cent
stamp (to cover the cost of mailing)
with your request to TbttS WEEK
Magazine, in care of this newspaper.
Excite men’s admiration
the Admiracion way
• You can t blame men for preferring girls
with clean, soft, youthful hair— such qual
ities enchant a man! So guard your loveliness
with Admiracion— the new Oil shampoo
that is different from all others. Its rich,
creamy lather whisks away dirt, dandruff
and dulling him rinses away completely
in water — leaving your hair clean, soft,
manageable, alluringly beautiful. And re
member, Admiracion does noidry not age
your hair—leaves it fresher and younger!
At drug, department, 10 f stores.
Shomld yom prtfrr an oil shampoo that
maktf no latbrr. ask for Admiration
Oil ft Oil Shampoo in thr RED fiackirjT
MORE GENTLE than ever! J
DURING the past 32 years, Ex-Lax
has won the favor of millions of
women because of its gentle action and
dependability. Now this famous choc
olated laxative is better than ecer. For
. . . ACTS BETTER . . . and is MORE
GENTLE than ever! Next time you
want relief from constipation, try the
new Improved Ex-Lax. 100 and 250
at all druggists.

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