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Protest Against Proposal
Made by Logan-Thomas
Circle Citizens.
Disapproval of proposals to exempt
rfembers of Congress and other select
g'-oups from District income tax levies
, was registered last night in a unani
k mous vote by the Logan-Thomas Circle
l| Citizens’ Association. Congress was
assailed by the group as being "partial
in favorably considering” such a plan,
especially in view of the fact that
members of the legislative body are
similarly exempted in their respective
“Congress as a whole and every
ether group of public officials are pri
marily servants of the people,” J. F.
Ducomb, member of the circle
association, declared, adding that "if
the planned legislation on tax exemp
tion is passed these high position hold
ers will in reality become masters of
i the people.”
H. M. Fulton stated that “every j
citizen has as much right to exemption. j
particularly considering that Con- j
gressmen are given other benefits such
as free transportation and parking
The resolution, drafted by Fred M.
Thompson, will be sent to the House
and District subcommittees.
A move for beautification of school
grounds was accepted with emphasis
on placement of sufficient shrubbery
and on intensive clean-up programs.
Formation of a Nominating Com
mittee was voted in a revision of the
association constitution. The newly
formed group will tender next months
names of candidates for the May
The annual banquet of the group,
attended by 40 citizens, preceded the
business session. Arranged by Mrs.
Fred Hague, the dinner netted $20,
half of which will be presented to the
Boys’ Club.
— " m-—_
John J Ward 20. and Mildred E Kel- i
baugh. 10. both of Baltimore, the Rev
Edward Fuller,
Albert R. Fairchild, jr.. 25. Glenside. Pa..
abd gell V. Trivette. 26. Boone. N. C ;
The Rei. R L. Wood,
wm Sr.Lo,'5'.e.,4R- 3;,° E st. n.e and
Effle E Wallace. 23. Fort Madison. I
Iowa; the Rev. T.M. Mullen.
Nicholas C Alfarano. 22. 1336 Corbin nl
n e . and Elizabeth G. Stewart. 21. 1333 !
K st. n.w ; the Rev. F. J. Kellv.
Vernon Jenkins. 21. 1427 Montello ave
n e.. and Vivian E Raulston. 18B1425
Montello ave. n.e.; the Rev. J. E. Briggs
«°ho A- jljnes. 1,100 1,llh n.w.. and
i!s>« Gross. 22. Arlington. Va.; the
Rev C. C. Rasmussen.
William E. Price. 26, 2523 13th st. n.w..
and Elva L. Smith. 21. 1757 Church'
st. n.w.. the Rev. S. E Rose
Richard F. Moss 24. 215 17th st. se.
and Grace Moore. 11. 1507 Vermont
ave. n.w : the Rev G. E. Galloway.
Eugene Dickerson, ir.. 30. 235 Plorida
ave n.w.. and Anna E. Stanley. 30.
Baltimore; the Rev. T. N, Austin
William C Dorsey. IP. S17 22nd st. n w
and Eloise R. Morton. 10. 2716 O st.
n.w.; tne Rev. M. N. Newsome. i
Thomas Harrison. 21. 1721 li st nw
and Frances B. Williams. 10. Bovce. Va .
the Rev. J F. Whitfield.
Vincent. A. Trimboli. 24. 402 H st sw
and Janet Daw. 21. 1402 IMh cl. se ;
_ the Plev. C. A. Musselman.
Carl H. Harper. *-!5. .MW New Jersey ave.
n.w.. and Mildred M. Morgan. 30. 310
East Capitol st.; the Rev A. F. Poore.
William F. Cronin. 26. Scher.ectadv. N Y
and Ann W. Newman 20. St. Louis: the
Rev. A. J. McCartney.
Charles G Hardin, jr.. 26. 3700 Mass- !
achusetts ave. n.w . and Helen L. Booth, ,
22. 1.28 Irving st. n.w.: the Rev. A. P. i
William H. McKennev. 31. 3315 14th at
n.e.. and Virginia E. Pearson. 24. 2413
.. M st n.w.: the Rev. J. M. Gillum.
Norman F. Post. 20. Trucksville. Pa., and
Mary J. Livings. 24. 5320 8th st. n.w.;
the Rev. A. K. Lindsley.
Milton R. Muller. 20. 3416 O st. n.w . and
Evelyn F. Neill. 20. both of 3416 O
st. n.w.: Judge Nathan Cayton.
Robert W. Walsh. 65. Thomaston. Me.,
and Elizabeth B. Washburn. 52. 4 704
46th st, n.w.: tile Rev. G. G. Johnson.
Dewitt Flowers. 3o. and Dorothy A. Whvtc.
25. both of 645 2nd st. n.e., the Rev.
J. C. Beckett.
Freddie Onley. .38. 3410 Volta nl. n w . and
Fannie M. Maynor. 22. 2311 15th st. I
n.w.: the Rev. C .T. Murray
James A. Hayward. 21. 3randywine. Md..
and Marion I Jackson. 18. Clinton. Md :
the Rev. W. D. Jarvis.
William H Lvtch. 44. 416 O st. n.w. end
Lucille E. James. 33. 1015 6ih st. n.w.; i
the Rev. Bernard Botts.
Frank and Frances Gaither, bov
William and Lucille McKeever. boy.
Charles and Adeline DeVous. boy.
Herbert and Frances Birch, girl.
Robert and Ruth Poetzman. boy.
Gruido and Jennie Giacalone. boy.
Edmund and Faye Myers, boy.
Oscar and Dorothy Eisen. boy.
Charles and Hazel Eaton, boy.
Howard and Etta Selby, boy.
Charles and Dortha Howard, girl.
Ervin and Elva Mayo. girl.
Wilbur and Jeanette Hatton, girl.
Frederick and Margery Murphy, boy.
Thomas and Julia McHale. boy.
John and Alexander Currey. girl.
Edward and Josephine Rappa. boy.
Furniss and Mary Parnell, boy.
Louis and Mary Harris, boy.
John and Mary Lynch, bov.
Walter and Anne Swyers. boy.
John and Hazel Monroe, boy.
Harry and Dorothy Horner, jr.. girl.
James and Edna Emelio. girl.
Earl and Eunice Gallagher, girl.
Archie and Anna Morris, boy.
Irving and Dosher Croom. boy.
Bilford and Rosa Ware. bov.
Robert and Louise Nelson, boy.
Samuel and Ella Kemper, girl.
Pete and Louise Smith, girl.
James and Lucretia Fennell, boy.
Collin and Mary Johnson, boy.
George and Lillian Tayior. boy.
Abraham Lisner. 87. 1723 Mass. ave. n.w.
Ben.iamin Stallings. 86. Garfield Hosoital. !
Florence I. Pywell. 86. 3531 Warder st. n.w.
Ferdinand Mehlinger. SO. 654 Girard «t
Annie C. Childs. 7f). 12.37 C st s.e.
John W. DeVries. 70. 719 D st. s.e.
Christopher E. Beatty. 77. 2537 3rd st. n.e. '
Ann Vaughan. 77. 51 W ft. n.w.
John Taoo. 77. Emergency Hosoital.
Mary Moore. 76. Ehnergencv Hospital.
Abraham Brown, 72. George Washington
__ Hospital.
Daniel N. Klapp. 72. 1400 Fairmont st.
_ n.w.
Louis Wolfman. 61. 2515 Webster st. n.w.
Margaret McMahon. 6l, Emergency Hos
Bussie Yager 56. 1300 Oth st n.w.
Lena Pynp. 49. Sibley Hospital.
Virginia L. Assald. 12. Casualty Hospital.
Marie E. Cooper. 4. Children's Hospital.
Infant Justbuddv. Gallinger Hospital.
Infant Grav. Columbia Hospital.
Caroline Wade. 05. 026 Barry pi. n.w.
Ellen Jett. 68. Stoddard Baptist Home.
Henry Pearson. 63. St. Elizabeth's Hosoital.
Israel Smith. 59. 4219 Eads st. n.e.
Joseph E. Gross. 58. 1822 4th st. n w
Bamuel Wormley. 52. Gallinger Hosoital.
Albert Chambers. 40. Gallinger Hospital
Margaret E. Yarborough. 37. 764 Irving
. st n.w.
Maggie Thornton. 32. Gallinger Hospital.
Ganzella Harris. 14. Freedmen s Hospital.
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