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j Women Mostly Are Victims
of One Manifested by
Skin Color Patches.
8t»ff Correspondent of The Star.
NEW YORK, April 8—Two ob
i srure and often unrecognised ex
plosive diseases which move like a
I flame along a track of powder were
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described before the American Col
lege of Physicians meeting here today.
The most serious of these diseases
is disseminated lupus erythematosus,
which kills SO per cent of its vic
tlme, mostly women between the
ages of 20 and 50, and whose chief
superficial manifestation is the ap
pearance of irregular red or purple
patches on parts of the skin exposed
to light.
The skin splotches, however, are
only one effect of some poison or mi
nute organism in the blood which
attacks the whole vascular system,
causes lesions in the walls of the
blood vessels and usually ends with
fatal pneumonia. A few patients re
cover spontaneously and never have
There is very little to be done for
it, Drs. Edward Rose and Donald M.
Plllsbury of the University of Pennsyl
vania told the College of Physicians.
It is likely to be mistaken, they stressed,
for another and more common form of
“lupus,” which causes similar patches
on the skin. The two can be distin
guished by the fact that the erythe
matosus splotches take on all shapes
and sizes, while the others have a
regular disklike form, and by the in
testinal disorders which accompany
the more serious disease.
Diseae Easily Aggravated.
All the treatments worked out for
treating the more common form, such
as X-rays, a gold preparation, pulling
of infected teeth and other minor op
erations to remove foci of infection,
usually only tend to make this ex
plosive disease worse, they pointed
out. The disease is aggravated by
light. The splotches first appear on
places most exposed to light, such as
the bridge of the nose and over the
cheek bones. Occasionally appendi
citis operations are performed and
make the condition much worse.
Often the disease has been at work
in the body for a long time before it
appears on the face, they said. The
splotches are preceded by several
weeks of general ill health, pains in
the joints, easy fatigue and low fever.
Then an exposure to light or rubbing
of some part of the skin brings out
the real cause. Arthritis is a fairly
common accompaniment. There is
often pleurisy and peritonitis. Blood
seeps out of the blood capillaries into
surrounding tissue. There are often
lung abcesses and gangrene. Heart
murmers often are heard.
It is entirely possible, the two phy
sicians said, that the disease may be
more common than is generally sup
posed since it may not always cause
the tell-tale skins patches.
Ulcers In Lower Intestine*.
Another explosive type of disease,
with some symptoms common to tu
berculosis, is chronic ulcerative colitis,
or formation of ulcers in the lower
intestinal tract, which was described
by Drs. Arnold Bargen. Kay J. Jack
man and Jack C. Kerr of the Mayo
It is a fairly common malady and
is especially serious in children, where
it runs its course and may cause death
in a few weeks. The older the victim
the better the chances. In its ful
minating course it is likely to be at
tended by bloody dysentery and fever.
The cause, the Mayo Clinic phy
sicians pointed out, is unknown ex
cept that some micro-organism is
suspected. Treatment with various
serums and vaccines has done no good.
In a few mild cases good results have
been obtained with sulfanalimide. but
this does no good at all in the fulmi
nating cases such as are found in
They presented statistical data to
show that there is usually a history
of some upper respiratory infection,
such as a bad cold, influensa and
pneumonia, before the onset of the
colitis. It is very rare In the South
eastern States and, while cases break
out every month in the year, they are
much more common in winter.
They presented the evidence as
showing a possible tie-up because the
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organisms causes the throat and nose
Infections and those to blame for the
Treatment for Hemorrhage.
An emergency treatment for a con
dition that causes 1 death in every
14 in the United States—brain hem
orrhage due to high blood pressure—
was described to the College of Phy
sicians by Dr. Aybert S. Hyman of
the Jewish Memorial Hospital, New
A crisis likely to result in the break
ing of a blood vessel in the brain
with resulting paralysis or death, he
said, is usually preceded by a re
markable and unmistakable set of
symptoms. There is a sense of full
ness and heaviness in the whole head,
usually accompanied by a severe and
constant aching in the back of the
head. When the head is moved tnere
is vertigo and dizziness, so that vic
tims will hold their heads and necks
rigid. There may be severe nausea.
Tingling or numbness often is felt
on one side of the face and tongue
and occasionally in the hends and
feet. Sleeplessness is common.
When these symptoms occur, Dr.
Hyman stressed, something must be
done quickly to bring down the blood
pressure. The most common pro
cedure is bleeding, oldest form of
surgery. Sometimes the blood pressure
actually rises after this has been done.
Recently several Argentine doctors
have claimed good results from in
jecting minute amounts of cobra
venom. Another is to draw out from
200 to 300 cubic centimeters of the
patient's blood and then reinject it
into the muscles.
Method Found by Accident.
Dr. Hyman came upon his own
method largely by accident when he
noted considerable falls in blood
pressure after the use of spinal
anaesthesias in general surgery. These
sometimes are so complete in persons
with high blood pressure as to bring
about states of shock and collapse.
The pressure may remain down from
several days to several weeks. There
is also a marked drop in blood pressure
with removal of spinal fluid.
Dr. Hyman and his associates now
have devised a combined spinal fluid
tap and a new way to producing spinal
anaesthesia by injecting a novocain
solution under the dura, or protective
covering, low down in the spine.
This brings about a remarkable and
lasting blood pressure drop in the
dangerous cases which often averts the
emergency. The results have been
satisfactory, he said. In 81 per cent
of the cases treated. The patients
are placed In an oxygen tent Imme
diately after the treatment to offset
effects of possible shock.
Invariably, Dr. Hyman warned, the
blood pressure will rise again, since
nothing has been done to treat the
causes, which are multiple and not
well understood. But when the pa
tient feels the approach of another
crisis the same treatment can be given
The cool stare Is a fact—and also
the relatively cool heart.
Measurements of the heat of va
rious parts of the body—of a calf, but
the same figures are applicable to hu
mans—were reported to the College
of Physicians by Dr. Stafford L. War
ren of the University of Rochester.
The normal heat of the body is the
well-known 98.7, and In health this
does not vary by more than a degree
or so. But, Dr. Warren found, the
cornea, or window, of the eye is 9
degrees cooler—the coldest part of the
body. It Is 3 degrees cooler than the
skin which is exposed to the outside
temperatures. Next coolest is the lin
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ing of the nose, which Is air-cooled
by breathing. The hottest part Is the
liver—a degree or so hotter than the
heart. This seems to have been sus
pected by the ancients, who thought
the liver was the seat of love.
Dr. Warren measured these tem
peratures by thermocouples, sensitive
to thousandths of a degree of tem
perature, which were placed on the
various organs. He was Investigating
the electrical resistance to various
parts.of the body, important in medi
cine because of the increasing use of
heat treatments. The greater the re
sistance to a current of electricity
the greater the heating, effect.
He found that bones are good con
ductors, in about the same class as
large copper wires. The gristle be
tween the bones, however, is a poor
conductor and heats up rapidly.
The Rev. Deni* Kavanagh of Cath
olic University was to be retreat master
at a closed retreat beginning today at,
the Washington Retreat House, 4000
Harewood road N.E.
The ceremonies, which are to last
through Sunday, are under the aus
pices of the Franciscan Sisters of the
Saturday, April 9th
Between Upton and Van Ness Streets
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