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Drawing by Major Felton
On the Scent of Beauty
he history of elegance and
beauty is fragrant with per
fume. Men have always been
responsive to perfume and crit
ical of how a woman tises it. As
Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte was
very severe with any ladies of the court
whom he found "badly perfumed.”
Many modern women, in their use
of perfume, sin against charm and
good taste. Don’t use too much. Per
fume is meant to attract, not to over
power. Don’t douse it on because you
yourself cease to notice the scent.
That is the natural result when the
nerves of smell are stimulated all the
It is equally important to choose
perfumes that suit you. With this in
mind a fastidious woman builds up a
perfume wardrobe, just as carefully as
she supplies herself with clothes. Nor
need she sfiend a fortune There are
many excellent brands on the market
at reasonable prices. Thus, you can
by Martha Leavitt
emulate the charm of the famous
Madame Pompadour, who used to
spend “more than 500,000 livres” for
her perfumes in the course of a year.
Skin, personality, and the occasions
when you will use the perfumes are
guides in buying them. Some perfumes
smell different in contact with differ
ent skins. So test out your perfumes.
For personalities or moods of fresh
ness and vivacity, or for wear with
Perfumes That Please
Min Leavitt has a leaflet that sug
gests perfumes for morning, after
noon and evening. She also gives sug
gestions for using perfume correctly.
To get the leaflet, send a three-cent
stamp (to cover the cost of mailing),
with a letter to This Week Magazine,
in care of this newspaper.
sports clothes, you will want a slightly
pungent fragrance. For example, the
spiciness of a scent like rose geranium
will be good then. For a metropolitan
minded mood, especially in the after
noon, you will change to a more com
plicated, sophisticated scent. And for
gala evenings when you want to be
dramatic, you will prefer an Oriental
The elements also make a difference.
On rainy, sultry days, perfume smells
heavier than at other times. There
fore, use the light scent. In bright,
clear weather, a richer scent is appro
There is an art in applying perfume,
too. The best way is to dab or spray
it right on the skin. In this way, the
basic qualities of your own natural
scent combine with your favorite per
fume and make it more entirely yours.
And it is best to use it on parts of the
body covered by clothing, for then the
fragrance seems to come from within.
When dining at a coffee house, Shelley
used to amuse himself by rolling up
little pellets of bread and slyly shoot
ing them at the customers. He was
happiest when he could pop his vic
tims on the nose.
* * •
George IV liked to mimic the solemn,
long-faced politicians of his day.
* » •
Mendelssohn was passionately fond
of letter-writing and spent most of his
spare time in this way.
• * •
Oscar Wii.de affected oddities in
dress to advertise his plays. For ex
ample, when Playwright Wilde was
seen wearing knee breeches in public,
they were probably like those worn
by a character in his current play.
• * *
Sarah Bernhardt used to amuse
herself by the hour playing with a big
teddy bear.
* * *
Eleonora Duse liked to do her read
ing on the floor, lying flat on her
tummy with a book before her.
* * *
Byron took a morbid delight in mak
ing his reputation an unsavory one.
He loved to tell outrageous stories
about himself, hoping that his listen
ers would believe them and repeat
them to others — which they invari
ably did.
* * *
Schubert’s favorite amusement was
to sing the “Erlkonig” through a fine
toothed comb.
* * *
Henry Ward Beecher’s favorite
form of relaxation was to spread a
handful of unset precious stones on a
sheet of white paper and admire their
color and fire. So engaged, he would
sit for hours, arranging and rearrang
ing the gems on the paper and never
saying a word.
— Kathleen Masterson
Kx-Iai now has I
a smoother and I
more delicious p
chocolate taste I 3
You and the fl
youngsters will I
like it seen bet- I
ter than before. P
Ex-Lax is now
even more effec
tive ! Empties
the bowels more
thoroughly and
more smoothly —
in less time than^
it took before.
Ex-Lax is today
bo remarkably
gentle in action
that, except for
the relief you
get. you scarcely
realise you have
akpn a laxative.
(Paste this on a penny pottcari)
Ex-Lax. Inc.. P.O. Box 170 TW-48
Tlmes-Plaxa Station, Brooklyn, X. Y.
I want to try Ex-Lax. Please send free
If row Hee in Canids, write Ex-Lax, Ltd.. Montreal
Help your smile to hoop its sparkle—hoed that
tinge of “pink” on your tooth brush. Give your
gums, as well as your tooth, the special care
they need.
Are YOU showing your world-your family,
t your friends, the man in your life—a spar
kling, winning, attractive smile? If not, why
not do something about it? Remember—in these
days of soft and creamy foods your gums as
well as your teeth need special care.
If your tooth brush has flashed that warn
ing tinge of “pink”—see your dentist. You may
not be in for serious trouble, but let him de
cide! Play safe! Usually, however, his verdict
will be simply, “Gums denied work by soft,
creamy foods”-“gums that need exercise”—
and, as so many dentists do, he’ll probably sug
gest “the healthful stimulation of Ipana Tooth
Paste and massage.”
Tty Ipana-today. Each time you brush your
teeth, massage a little extra Ipana into your
gums. Make this part of your daily dental
health routine. Change to Ipana because with
massage it is especially designed to help keep
your smile the way you want it to be, brilliant,
sparkling—and safer.
Let Ipana with massage help you
to have a brilliant, sparkling smile!
I pan a

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