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Ja^:mese Found Taking Pages
Out of History of Barbarians

Genghis Khan’s Methods Embellished
With Modern Refinements,
Says Mme. Chiang.
This is the last of a series of
articles by Mme. Chiang Kai-shek,
American-educated wife of China’s
(Mme. Chiang Kai-shek.)
WUCHANG, China (N.A.N.A-).—
When we are going to get the chance
to resume work on a nation-wide scale
It is hard to tell. Japan is assaulting
us now with all her accumulated
might, exerting herself to the utter
most to try to subjugate us. I see our
country being swept by Are and
swamped in blood. We cannot help it.
Out of the history of the bar
barians Japan has taken pages. She
Js applying them, embellished with re
finements that make savagery and in
famy sublime. It was Genghis Khan
who established and upheld the doc
trine of death to defeated populations
In order to prevent suppressed hatred
bursting out in time to his undoing.
Whole populations went to death un
der the swords, the arrows and the
knives of his hordes. He swept like
a torture through the heart of China.
Hot on his old tracks the Japanese
ire now attempting to follow. With
new-fangled engines of war they have
reduced his primitive methods of mas
sacre and his fiery holocausts to a
science. They have gone further. They
have outshone him in the subjugation
of survivors by introducing a new
finesse. They bestow "rewards.” In
addition to any food or pay that may,
be granted them at the end of the day,
all laborers in Japanese employ are
given bonuses in the shape of narcotic
injections. To salve the agonies of
►the impoverished, or the sufferings of
others who find themselves uncon
solable under the benign control of
the Japanese, opium and its deriva
tives are peddled everywhere, and
facilities are provided for the weak
and demoralized to secure drugs and
so find surcease from their mental and
physical tortures.
Genghis Khan Failed.
History has proved that Genghis
Khan, with all his annihilating crudi
ties, failed to subjugate us. What
prophecy can be made regarding the
results of the sinisterly advanced
methods of the Japanese?
I am moved to wonder if there is
hot in the world some courageous in
ternational body of people who would,
In the interests of humanity, dare
the ire of the Japanese, and insist
upon being present in China during
this undeclared war, freely to inves
tigate, and to observe without tram
mel, the processes adopted by the
Japanese both in warfare and m the
treatment of survivors in occupied re
gions. Or has civilization thrown up
its hands? I can’t believe that. If
the Japanese made one move to pre
vent such a body operating, they
would thus provide sufficient confirms
tion of everything denunciatory said
against them, to warrant every self
respecting Christian nation refusing
to have anything further to do with
them, diplomatically or otherwise.
We can do no more to protect our
country and people than we are do
ing. Wg are fighting as well as we
know how, with inadequate equip
ment. But we will not give up. All
I hope is that we will be able to get
the necessities for our armies until
peace comes. If we cannot get those
necessities, it will be because the
democracies decline to help us get
If democratic governments have not,
as is alleged, forgotten their princi
ples, and have not abandoned their
responsibilities under treaties and in
ternational law, surely a conscien
tious sense of justice will, before it is
too late, inspire them to do the right
thing by China and her people, who
have been in process of immolation
since July 7, 1937. That is all we
ask—that the right thing be done
by us, who are victims of belief in
treaties, and who refused to abandon
the League of Nations and the de
mocracies when we could have done
so had we been inclined to be op
portunist and ready and willing to
For ovar 72 years in 77 countries,
millions of people have regarded
Longinas as the ultimate in
watch ownership.
Longinas has won World's I
Fair Grand Prises, 28 Gold
Medals, more accuracy awards
from leading observatories than
}any other watch.
That is why Longinas is known
as The World * Most Honored
Walch in 77 countries.
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conceal our apostasy under the con
venient cloak of “realism."
Will Continue Sustaining Selves.
Militarily, we have sustained our
selves for over 10 months now and
we will continue sustaining ourselves.
The Invaders, by virtue of their tre
mendous weight In equipment, may
win battles, but they will be compelled
to stick to the ruts of long lines of
penetration, while we, If we have
munitions, can move about our country
as pieces are moved about thw squares
of a chessboard until we win the war.
I have received many letters from
friends In America urging me to go
there to assist In the raising of fupds
for our sufferers. Unhappily. I cannot
be In two places at the one time,
and, since America Is renowned for
Its unbounded generosity and its virile
reaction to suffering and Injustice,
I am inclined to believe it is marc
Important for me to stay and assist
American people will give Just what
they want to give, whether I visit the
country or not If they decide that
the terrible wholesale butchery and
burning and outraging that are being
perpetrated by Japanese soldiers upon
the Chinese people do not warrant
their aid, then they will not give It;
If many of them feel unmoved by
the threat of catastrophe to the world
If Japan defeats us, then nothing I
can say will affect them one way or
the other. If they know that we
are fighting the battle of civilization
against a revival of barbarism, while
defending our heritage, and then still
do not wish to contribute to any
relief fund, nothing I cotfld do would
change their hearts or minds.
Despite the pressing and purposeful
Invitations of my friends, I cannot
believe that the American people wish
me to appear as exhibit “A," or to
act ns a sort of before-dinner cocktail
to sharpen the appetite and add verve
and zest to the “jollying” of dollars
out of their pockets and purses. I am
no conjurer; I am no cocktail. I am
Just a simple-minded human being
who refuses to believe that the Amer
ica I knew and loved has desoended
to that level. My friends must be
Sees Place In China.
I want to go to America, but the
work to be done here to help save our
country and our souls necessitates, as
In a storm at sea, all hands being on
deck through all the watches. Here
Is my place, and here I must stay until
relief comes In the shape of a change
In the status of this war which will
give us superiority over the invading
enemy or bring us defeat. Then I
may go to America to see my friends,
and to make new ones. When I do go,
I wish them not to regard me as (me
coming with ulterior motives, but as
one coming back to old scenes and old
friends because I have wished once
more to enjoy them.
We feel deeply grateful to all In
America who have spontaneously given
of their best to succor our distressed
people. Friends have given liberally,
some lavishly, of their time and their
money to help us. Our everlasting
appreciation goes out to them all, as
It does to the many who have prayed
for us, who have expressed sympathy
for us, who have worked In movements
for us, who have given practical dem
onstrations of their feelings for us,
and their realization of the menacing
threat to the world that this aggression
In China means by boycotting all
things Japanese.
All we can give In return is a prom
ise to try to continue the single-handed
struggle we have been engaged In for
10 months past, difficult and unequal
as it is, for we know that, If we do
lose, then the whole world will lose,
especially those nations which are now
enjoying the freedom of democracy.
In the fulfillment of this determination
to fight on, we give our lives and our
livelihood, and all we hold dear. Death
by the disintegrating influences of
bombs and shells is uncomfortable,
especially when we, too, could so easily
escape by embracing the seductive
safety of the new realism.
(Coprrisht, 1038. br the Worth American
Newspaper Alliance, Inc.)
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