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Variety of Entertainment
Offered at Webster School
A variety of indoor and outdoor
entertainment was offered the 500
members and guests of the Women’s
City Club who attended the June
Jubilee held yesterday at the Marjorie
Webster School on Kalmia road. There
was swimming, tennis, archery and
ping pong for those who preferred
active sports, as well as bridge, music
and fortune telling.
Miss Marjorie Webster, president of
the club, received the guests, assisted
by her mother, Mrs. Jessie Webster.
Today. Miss Webster, her mother and
a party of friends will leave for a
seven weeks’ motor trip through Mex
ico and the Far West.
Buffet Supper Served.
Following the entertainment yester
day afternoon, a buffet supper was
served in the foyer of the school
building and during the supper hour
a musical program was given by Miss
Charlotte Lafohd, soloist, accompanied
by Mrs. Jewell Downs, and Miss Kath
erine Lattimer, pianist. This was fol
lowed by a program of dramatic read
ings by Mrs. Phyllis Wilson Huff..
Members of the newly formed
Junior Guild and new members of
the club were special guests. Miss
Bertha Butts and Dr. Ada Wahlen
presided at the punch bowl, and for
tunes were told by Miss Clara Saun
ders, Mrs. Marie Werner and Mrs.
Francis Williams.
Miss McNamara Heads Committee.
Arrangements for the party were
in charge of the Ways and Means
Committee, of. which Miss Elva Mc
Namara is chairman. Assisting her
were Miss Mary Clifford, Miss Jessie
Elting, Miss Minnie May Hardy, Mrs.
Sydney R. Jacobs, Miss Lottie Ander
son, Mrs. Auriebell Allen, Mrs. Thomas
A. Sherman, chairman of the Mem
bership Committee, and a large group
of volunteers.
Among the guests were Mrs. Ernest
W. Brown, Mrs. Harvey W. Wiley,
past president of the club; Judge and
Mrs. Gus A. Schuldt,- Mias Flora
Schuldt, Miss Lida Earhart, Mrs.
Frank Golden, Miss Isabelle Allen,
Mrs. Edmund S. Kochersperger, Miss
Etta Mai Russell, Miss Marguerite
Griffin, Miss Carol Parks, Mrs. Esther j
Dodge, Miss Nell Price, Mrs. Laura!
Bradley, Mrs. D. K. Butler. Mrs. E.
Danziger, Mrs. William Lee Corbin,
Miss Jeasie Olin, Mrs. Elsie T. Otten
ger. Miss Laura Graves. Miss Helen
Reid, Miss Ruby Frazier, Mrs. Julia
Hopkins, Mrs. Perry Huff, Miss Marie
Siebold, Mrs. Eva Ruff. Mrs. V. J.
O'Kelliher and Mrs. Edwin Fitch.
- |
Regional Offices Have Received
Requests, With Construction
Costs Set at $350,000,000.
B» the Associated Press.
The Public Works Administration
announced yesterday that regional
offices have received applications for
*77 new projects with a total con
struction cost of $350,000,000.
These, officials said, were far more
than they had expected. The Presi
dent has not yet signed the relief bill
under which the projects would be
carried out.
The list of new applications for
allotments is advancing at the rate of
about 350 a day.
Partly responsible for the rush of j
applications, officials said, was the
fact the law requires applications be
received before September 30, only
104 days away.
The. New York regional office re
ported the largest number of new ap
plications. 239. Chicago reported 146,
Atlanta, 67; Omaha. 105; Fort Worth,
02; San Francisco, 84, and Portland,
Oreg.. 40. Four applications were
from the territories.
---■ |
New Assistant U. S. Attorney
Styles to Be Guest of Honor.
Newly appointed Assistant United
States Attorney Grace Styles and
officers of Kappa Beta Pi, interna
tional legal sorority, will be honored
at a tea next Sunday at 5 p.m. at
the home of Beatrice Clephane, 6000
Connecticut avenue N.W.
Officers are Evelyn Boyer, dean;
Anne Kondrup, associate dean; Evelyn
Lincoln, chancellor; Dorothy Eck,
registrar; Irene Kennedy, marshall,
and Estelle Moore, quarterly corres
Germany shipped merchandise val
ued at $40,100,200 to Soviet Russia
last year.
"■■■" — ■ 1 . ■»
Jn# J ansburms \
'-'^4^.. X ^(feL ,X UVlMTtiUeHTJJj^t-StlSnr (3 OMrirt7J7S _ B^y
^*9mR r ®^41 fti
“ iM 9 ^“.ar-J5*^£j
i'JLflfk \ j I s* V /C\ pnce*'0 accu»'0rt'ed Wl\d' ^ JoctMQo ***°*
rimwhk If if (©) .ou*•ac werwso^;>f^vcts'.
liMmfk \. , / ! i\7 . v «*« AVvb^'1o&^'
(jfr^ && S /X <>'rtr ***^ .
?® %' 4? [/\ <;,rr«^'
Mummy! ¥2 Price for r'° “
these Sheer Necessities
*2 Dresses
f,E'“ 1.00
Dimities H
"Everfasts" JL
We include sun-suits with housecoats to
match . . . more fun! Linen bolero play Sto>: _4-'_/\’
suits for action! Dresses with deep hems, ' 1] ^
beautifully tailored, styles that are out of Ox
the ordinary, frivolous or simple. 1 to 6V2. y
Crt\®‘ Boys' 3-Piece $2 1.15 Sun Suits 59c and 79c Boys' 1.15 to 1.65 69c Three-Piece
^,«le’5 Jacket Suits and Overalls SUN SUITS Wash Suits Pajamas
rre<*tStt V *0® 67® 47® 88® 48®
1*1^ , ^ , „ , _ ... , . - 2 pairs of pants for
_ g* •*^69 _ ^ Blue linen with white Uncommonly fine! Tat- Sand and sun worthy Sensibly sleeveless tor quick changing! Cot
V”» ^9 W g%^v9 blouse, or white linen lored for boys, gay sash cotton crepes, blue summer! Solids, 2 col- ton crjnk|e crepe that*
• * 4 wglfl” with colored blouse. editions for girls. Many denims, waffle weaves, ors, few sheer tops spares ironing. 1 to 4
fm r9*- Sport styles, 3 to 6. oppliqued, 2 to 8. broadcloths, 2 to 6. Sturdy cottons, 3 to 6.
Extraordinary values! Gar- L.
ments exquisitely made as ^
any you've seen. White * C.^m
and delicate pastels.
• Bobby Suits • Gertrudes ^1
• Sun Suits • 9r«**“ fer r-1.75 to 3.00
• sheet sets infant**' 5.99 to 10.99 Sample Baby Shoes
Silk Comforts 94c
Infants' 1.15 3.88 s.m.u. “i*< **,
Summer Weor . aii hond-work? w«>i«. Cannon Specials Rubber Goods XT oxford.,1
down filled. 36x50 in. or Mr mediates 2 to 7.
f* 45x60 in. Warm but light! Cannon Wash Cloths, pkg. of 2, 8c Stockinette Sheets
-™- Cannon Towels, plain, , _ __ . _ . ,, ___
Bobby Suits! Toddlers' ^16x22-in._17e 18x18-in.__23e 18x27-m.__33e
Dresses! Sun Suits! Free, $2 to 5.99 Sample * Cannon Towels, plain, 27x36-in.„_63e 36x54-in.__1.43 59c to 79c
frolicsome sheers, 1 to 3. It. n..:u. 20x30-in. --*-33c 69c yd. Gum Rubber Sheeting, Pnlft Chirfe
Lomtorts, Quilts Cannon Towels, Turkish, yd., 54c ro,° 5nirTS
0 1-37 '%XnigD'CPer B09!'9»« 39c
U ' %%?SSiSSTSS Wash Cloths, beautifully op- , .00 pTtol Diopvr BogrV" 3 ... 1.60
.-'r ^ handmade. Limited quantity. pliqued-7oC 6 COmDartmentS_-_78c ^or plen^y we°r- Cotton
~ m ^M 1.50 Mattress Covers, light weights, 2 to 8.
. B rubberized -1.09
td. 1 79c Knit Gowns WflM 39c Baby Pants, French leg;
_ % St X* « J small, medium, large sizes__23c
UHt® I and Kimonos „ , n , 59c to79c Overalls .
tfnt9* iv’ \ 47c Quilted Pads I and Coveralls I
jf*'- * M Gowns, soft knits, drawstring Keystone Single Stitch I I.
M ) ^ 'rt/VV V m h4m.s. Kimonos, pink and 1Q 17vlRin ‘12a 4oC
m blue downy knits ... pink, ;^c !IX-.?‘!n‘-If*
V / 0^e ^ blUC °r'Wbit* trim‘ 39c— 18x34-111.-24c Chombroys, blue
V Lb^___mhbJ 59c—27x40-in.-34c denims Long legs, bib tops,
I^HBBHBMnBBS 79c—34x52-in.-64c & pockets. Color trim, 2 to 8.
Shirts, Binders Utico Seamless Pads Accessories •
f Splendid Nursery Savings! 1.00 “"7,.“°"% 59c—lutin' I“5fc 3.50 Wool Blonkets, 40x60—2.S8 79c Hand Finished
f 14.99 STORKLINE CRIBS, large, non-sag springs, double-breasted, long or 89c—27x40-in _79e 3.00 Blankets, 25% wool, C- c °
v decoroted -10.88 short sleeves 78e ° 39—34x52-in 1.15 40x60 -_1.79 Sun Suits
11.99 LEATHERETTE BEACH CARTS, convert into I 65c Shirts, all cotton or I ,3‘* 3 3 ’ * ~~~ ~~~ , I A A I
strollers ___8 88 10% wool, single and dou- 1.69 Large Crib Blankets, block 44C
4.99 PLAY PENS, exceptionally well mode, wooden l^Vest^nwi sMa ~7T-1,27 Dainty os con be! Bib tops
floor, compact-^..3.99 29c Vestsy non-slip riioul- . WEil 79c Crib Blankets, solids, __ with adorable embroidery,
10.99 STORKLINE CRIBS, complete with spring, . »•* Tl^ZA 36x50 _49e gay color contrast, 1 to 3.
maple, ivory 8.88 tie fastener'_17i» 1.25 Beacon Blankets, 36x50—99c • ^^MBaBUMBBUB
:‘ir^T,s:T"'.mbT.H*4.,7i i=^=~ Infants’Notions BMc°n Btata,r..-r»< .
■ nrn n.
4.95 BASKENETTES, fibre basket, folding legs, I 59clnfantS ■ 1.50 Glass Jar Sets, 59c Sheets, deep hems, 45x72, 39c ?“PS 1
Mriu.«UI^«V$7»7irb;*.N".*'S? I We"SPeCials £fe\ 19c).CrS. Baby~Tolc\jm Powder, f 5« 39c Bossln.tr. Shvets, 36x54.-29e /jHjx L«v'" I
riages, pink, blue. 89c ■ 4* , v; 1.00 Mennen's Oil, large size__84c Pillowcases, plain hems-1®e Q/Po ered, ' 6. B
18.50 STORKLINE ARISTO CARTS, folding leath- I 09** J. J 50c Mennen's Medicated Oil __42c 2.00 Rubberized Play Pen Pads, 1.57 Pf°*^ 59c Cotton Crepe Pojamos, I
erette carriage, large. . _ -16.99 I • Batiste Dresses 25c "Cotton Pickers" Absorbent 100 Rubberized High Chair f\' drop seot, 2 to 6 44c I
22.50 JUNIOR COACHES, copies of fine English B O Hand-made Gertrudes \J\'y kf\ Cotton-18c Pads _ _ 77g PSr-/^ Royon Panties, B
coaches, black or grey-15.99 I • Hand-made Sun Suits A J. & J. Pure Castile Soap, _Q .. j P^yO sizes 2 to 6....lQn B
INNER-SPRING MATTRESSES, fit any stan^S ■ . r...- r_r_ AffinW 7 20a 79c Nursery Chair Pads J\ _ „ .. ,. . B
Sv’ST.ya.V,I ISStTi "Boby^AB*' "KiureTng Bottles, with bocks —...-37. /JVA -—life I
4.99 LAYER FELT MATTRESSES, stondord size, ■ « Flannelette Gowns M 7 screw-tOD _ 3 for 21C 35c Nursery Chair Pads, M I 59c Union Suits, ■
“(!bu.t*^ma .-.3.99 ■ • Fbmelette kTmmm* i'I* \ "Baby-All" Rubber Caps, open front-27e g ■ y mesh, 2 to 6-44c I
kiddie koop, folds compactly for_ travel. M fpona . I. !■ | Nipples__3 for 21 e 59c Carriage Net Canopies_27«
ing. .*-15.00 ‘ ^-fBFBWVsetf Dmrtmmi-r*** fleer
I *7 didn’t bring back a £
A single hotel towel. They had a
ft them alt padlocked” |
v 5
■ It would be an excellent
a idea, if you would PADLOCK I
& a certain portion of your sov- J
X ingi for the future—for edu- £
» cations—for a rainy day.
Save here with INSURED £
* SAFETY and with PROFIT. £
Dividends have been continuous ft
*for 35 yeors. "
Ask for Full Detaile £
I Northwestern £
| Federal I
| Savings & Loan Ass’n !
A RESOURCES. 52.355,000 ft
£ Insured A
* Room 1, Colorado Bldg., ft
| 14th and G Sts. N.W. *
|| Breneh Office. Tekume^Kk^SM^ll

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