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BOA 1 Ith at F. Rms. 001, 002
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Italy, on Defensive,
Delays Order for
Sub Campaign
Attack on Egypt Difficult
Until British Fleet's
Strength Is Reduced
Chicago Daily News Foreign Correspondent.
ROME, June 29 (By Radio).—The
Italian troops along the French
frontier, who wwe inspected yester
day by II Duce, stayed on the de
fensive except for a brief four days
of fighting. Afterwards it was ex
plained that this, like the delayed
entry of Italy, was done purposely
because in that way the interests of
the axis were best served.
For three weeks of war Italy has
remained on the defensive in the
Mediterranean, and North Africa.
Is Italy deliberately declining to
seek out the British fleet or to
launch an attack into Egypt from
Libya because Hitler wants no more
than this from his ally? Or is Italy
merely bidding its time?
Observers are surprised that Italy
has not used its superiority of sub
marines to overcome British pre
ponderance in capital ships. At the
commencement of hostilities Italy
boasted 120 submarines and even if
the British have sunk six, as
claimed. Italy should be able to send
them out in wave after wave to seek
out and destroy dreadnaughts and
battle cruisers. Many submarines
would be sunk, but only in this way
could the British fleet be reduced
to the lower gunpower of Italy’s
fast but light cruisers. For Italy
has only four capital ships and,
since its navy is a postwar creation,
its ratings have neither the tradi
tion nor the training that comes
from fighting alone.
Invasion of Egypt Difficult.
Since the Italian Fleet must go
into any pitched battle as an un
known quantity no cost in subma
rines would seem too high if it
has eliminated British superiority
in tonnage and gunpower.
Similarly, observers h.ive looked
for some bold naval act'on by the
Fascists because the invasion of
Egypt depends in laige part upon
Italy's having crippled British sea
power. The Libyan desert, which
lies between the Italians and Alex
andria and Cairo, is not only tor
mented by hot winds and sand
storms, but is also a waterless tract.
To cross it any army needs naval
support, ships to carry water for
the land troops and to lend them
the potver of their guns and the
ubiquity of their carrier-bom air
In addition to this formidable
natural barrier supported by the
British Fleet, Italy encounters in
attacking Egypt a highly mechan
ized British Army. Italian war cor
respondents report from Libya the
heroism and ingenuity of the Italian
outposts in trying to meet British
tanks and armored cars, which ap
pear to be supported by aircraft and
infantry and pop up along the whole
of the front.
While observers wonder whether
the Italians will attempt daring at
tacks of submarines, supported by
mosquito or topedo-bearing motor
ooats and destroyers, they also see
the likelihood of Italy's remaining
entirely on the defensive, especially
since it must conserve munitions,
equipment and raw materials if. as
now appears, this war against Brit
ain begins to drag from weeks into
Bombs May Decide Issue.
The decision lies in Germany's
ability to efface the major cities
of Britain with bombs. The press
propaganda has already started to
regard all British civilians as sharp
shooters. which means indiscrim
inate bombing by the axis in an
endeavor quickly to knock England
out. Thus, Italy’s job might merely
be to keep as much of the British
fleet, aircraft and troops in the
Near East as possible and then to
launch what appears to be major
offensives in England's moment of
crisis when London may call for
ships and planes.
The Italians are much encouraged
by the announcement that Syria
will obey Premier Marshal Henri
Philippe Petain’s orders. It is re
ported that Gen. Eugene Mittel
hauser, in command of France’s
Near East forces, decided to support
Marshal Petain’s decision after his
officers expressed the wish to con
tinue the fight, but the enlisted
men declined. This reflects the mil
itary rule which has operated since
Sherman’s march through the South.
When the Confederate soldiers heard
that the enemy were in their own
land they deserted by the hundreds
and thousands, returning to their
Spread By Nazi Agents.
The knowledge of this kind of
fatality has been made a science by
Nazi agents and it would not be
surprising to learn that this move
ment among French troops was
spread by well-disguised German
agents who described the dangers
which lie ahead for France and
French women in a period of Ger
man occupation—dangers all the
worse if French resistance continued,
they probably argued.
When this correspondent was in
Paris four months ago, the censors
refused to pass a story which he
confirmed in scores of quarters.
German agents in the period before
the Lowland offensive were flooding
the French lines with anonymous
letters to soldiers, saying that their
wives were untrue to them. This
form of defeatist propaganda was
done so well that the agents, who
had the co-operation of Communist
cells, would name a man known to
the soldier as not mobilized as the
man always seen with his wife.
(Copyright, 1040, Chicago Daily News, Inc.)
Indian Scare Again
FOND DU LAC, Wis., June 29 UP).
This city had its worst Indian scare
in 40 years yesterday.
It came near losing its only wood
en Indian.
A police officer interrupted a car
load of tourists struggling to heave
the 150-pound cigar store decora
tion into their automobile. They
were released after restoring the
“chief” to his dais.
And He Was 'Stuck'
DALLAS, Tex., June 29 UP).—An
irate merchant brought a "hot”
check to the district attorney’s of
fice and demanded justice.
In addition to the fact that the
check was worthless, he said he
could not read the signature.
Mrs. Alex Cason, who handles such
matters for the prosecutor, calmly
figured out the signature. It was:
“U. R. Stuck.”
Indians In Canada Turn Down
Money, Ask It Be Used in War
Many Plan to Enlist to Help
In Fight Against Hitler
(Canada at war, eighth of a series.)
Star Staff Correspondent.
OTTAWA, June 29.—War whoops
of Mohawk, Dog Rib. Chippewa and
Yellowknife soon will be sounding
over European battlefields as Can
ada's Indians enlist once more in
the service of the King.
They are running short of
“scalps.” Long since, of course, the
actual practice of scalping a fallen
enemy has been abandoned, and it
would not be permitted by Canadian
officers. But an iron cross or even
a button from a German uniform
can serve as a substitute scalp and
serve the purpose for which scales
were taken.
Most Indian tribes held the be
lief, almost world wide among
primitive peoples, of the efficacy of
contagious magic. Possession of
any part of a person one had slain
gave the slayer control over the
spirit of that person in the other
world. He could be compelled to
serve the spirits of one’s friends or
relatives there.
War Trophies Collected.
Indian soldier were most assidu
ous collectors of war trophies, not
as souvenirs but as instruments of
this contagious magic. Ever since
the last war they have been used
at funerals to obtain guides for the
souls of the newly dead on the
dangerous journey to the land of
Few if any Indians who actually
scalped anybody are still alive. But
the idea is widespread that any sort
of personal trophy of an enemy
slain in battle serves the same pur
pose and gives shamanistic powers
to its owner. He himself, however,
must have been the slayer.
In the last war more than 4.000
Indians served with the Canadian
colors. This time news of the great
struggle in Europe has spread
slowly into the more remotes res
ervations scattered from the Great
Lakes to the Arctic, and still, says
Dr. H. W. McGill, head of the Do
minion Indian Bureau, there is only
a vague understanding of it. But
many Indians are refusing their
"treaty money” for the first time
in history and asking that it be
used to fight Hitler.
Refused Payments.
In treaties by which lands were
purchased from various Indian
tribes provision was made that the
red men be given annual payments.
Each year, with the melting of the
snows in the northern forests,
agents are sent out to make these
payments. Their reports of refusals
to accept the payments, which may
constitute about all the cash an
Indians gets during a year, are fil
tering back to Ottawa. In other
cases Indians have asked that the
interest on tribal funds be retained
for war purposes.
The more remote Indian tribes,
Dr. McGill says, have a mystic loy
alty to "the King.” All they know
about the war is that in some way
"the King” is in danger and needs
their help.
On the reservations close to the
large cities, like the great Caugh
nawaga reserve out side Montreal
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The Washington Loan
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Federal Reserve System
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
or the Grand River reservation of
the Six Nations in Southern On
tario, however, there Is a clear un
derstanding of what the war is
about. There the element of mys
ticism is largely lacking, but the
Six Nations proudly regard them
selves as Great Britain’s oldest and
staunchest ally.
The alliance Has erazed from the
French and Indian war days of
the 17th century and continued
through the American Revolution,
the outcome of which brought the
end of the Six Nations as an inde
pendent people. Many of them still
regard themselves as allies rather
than subjects—although it amounts
to the same thing in the end.
All Indian participation in the
war, Dr. McGill explained, must be
voluntary. The red men are bound
to be excepted from any conscrip
tion. The same was true in the
last war, however, and it is expected
that the Indian contingent this
time will be at least as large.
Indian soldiers are not grouped
in units but scattered generally
througt the regiments. Rumors of
their presence, it was found in the
last war, had a bad psychological
effect on the Germans,' who had
been impressed as boys by reading
"wild West" stories and actually
txpecthed to be scalped.
War Closes Italian
Weekly in Louisiana
By the Associated Press. •
Messaggero, the only English-Ital
lan newspaper In Louisiana, sus
pended publication yesterday be
cause of the European war. It was
printed weekly.
Col. Paul Montelepre, editor
owner, who has published Italian
newspapers here for 54 years, said in
announcing the suspension:
"The shadow of the bloody battle
fields of Europe projects itself
throughout the world and requires 1
that clear positions be taken by na
tions and individuals in their rela
tion to life.
"It is also our profound belief that
the only interest and only emotions
which should move all American
citizens are the interest and the love
of this country. We believe we are
going through extraordinary times
which require unity of efforts, unity
of sentiments and unequivocal at
tachment to this land of our birth or
of our adoption.”
Contestants in a race in Forbes.
Australia, had to run a certain dis
tance, catch three grasshoppers and
return to the starting point.
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