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For Daytime Charm
You Will Look Pretty on Hottest
| Days in One of These Models
OneswWt' of smartneSr’TfTKt
charm in tlie summertime is to
have plenty of simple cottons to
wear around the house—cottons
easy to get into and to launder. Here
are designs for just such cottons—
apron frocks, comfortably unham
pering to work in. yet pretty enough
so that you can wear them all day
long, with no need to make excuses
for a rumpled appearance. In fact,
you can feel very well pleased with
the wav you look, if you have either
of them on when somebody arrives
unexpectedly. Of course, they're easy
to make, since they're the type
you'll repeat many times, and no
body wants to spend long hours at
the sewing machine these days.
You can run them up in a few hours.
Send for the patterns today and
enjoy the frocks as soon as possible.
Youthful and crisp, with the naive
chaim of a little girls' pinafore, de
sign No. 1983-B is a most fetchingly
becoming style, with full, wing
sleeves; high-cut and slenderizing
waistline, and cool, heart-shaped
neckline. Although it looks so slim
fit the waist, this frock is completely
unhampering to work in; side belts,
tied in a sash bow at the back, keep
it smooth and neat. Make this
pretty thing of tissue gingham, dim
ity. seersucker or batiste. Slips on
over your head and buttons on the
A perfect combination of coolness,
charm and practicality is yours in
design No. 1988-B. a new and pretty
version of the popular button-front,
which is just a joy to put on. and
no trouble to iron. You can tell,
just at a glance, how comfortable
that neckline is. drawn over to the
Inclose 25 cents in coins for
each pattern.
Paatern No. 1983-B. Size _.
Pattern No. 1988-B. Size..
Pattern No. 1990-B. Size_
Name __
(Wrap coins securely in paper.)
sides and dipped in the front. The
•w»» waistiine is .-.Uwvme#-inp-*>v a
half belt, and touches nf braid
brighten the belt, very short sleeves
and shoulder tabs. In gingham, per
cale. calico or voile, this will be
one of your daytime favorites.
m repealing design ino. I990-H
several times, you can just about
completely outfit your small girl in
cool daytime clothes. It includes a
square-necked sun suit for the sea
side and her own back yard, and a '
demure little pinafore to wear in the
afternoon —a very simple, kimono
sleeved affair in which she's sure
to be cool and comfortable because
ii doesn't really touch her anywhere.
The pattern also includes a brimmed
bonnet to keep the sun out of her
eyes, which can be worn with both
the sun suit and pinafore. Make
this of gingham, seersucker, per
cale or chambray.
Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1983-B
is designed for sizes 12. 14. 16, 18.
20 and 40. Corresponding bust
measurements 30, 32, 34. 36. 38 and
40. Size 14 1321 requires 3*i yards)
of 35-inch material. 3'* yards of
Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1988-B )
is designed foi sizes 14. 16. 18, 20. 40
and 42. Corres|)onding bust meas- {
urements ^2. 34, 36. 38. 40 and j
42. Size 16 < 34» requires 4‘ •'yards I
of 35-inch material without nap.
4T, yards of braid.
Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1990-B is
designed for sizes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
years. Size 3 ensemble requires 27a
yards of 35-inch material without
nap. 31-, yards of braid or bias bind
Send 15 cents for our new fall and
Beautifully sheer, clear hose. Pure silk
from top to toe. hairline seams, slim
French heels
They assure you of beauty, quality an*l
service at an economical price! 3 pairs,
613-19 King St. Alexondria, Vo.
— I
An Advance Showing
1940-41 FURS
with their Correct Accessories
e St. ot llth Dl. 4400
The home of her parents. Commissioner of the United
States Court of Claims and Mrs. C. William Ramseyer, was the
scene of her wedding yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Cameron is
'the former Miss Jane Phillips Ramseyer. —Ilessler Photo.
and winter pattern book. Make
yourself attractive, pracitcal and be
coming clothes, selecting designs
from tlie Barbara Bell well-planned,
easy-to-make patterns. Interesting
and exclusive fashions for little
children and the difficult Junior
age; slenderizing, well-cut patterns
for tlie mature figure; afternoon
dresses for the most particular
young women and matrons, and
other patterns for special occasions
are all to be found in tlie Barbara
Bell Fashion Pattern Book. Send 15
cents today for your copy.
All-American Highway
Urged as Defense Plan
B.v the Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO.—America's de
fense program lias revived plans for
an Alaska-to-Argentina highway.
The road long has been advocated
by Western motoring organizations.
It again has been brought to the
attention of Congress by Thomas P,
Henry of Detroit, president of the
American Automobile Association,
who points out it would be valuable
for moving troops anti munitions.
Existing highways form part of
the route. Some of the longest
stretches yet to be developed are in
Canada and Central America.
American Starts New
London Chain Letter
Once more the chain letter nul
sance has invaded Britain, it is
reported In London. The latest
appeal to supcrstltution states that
it was started in Flanders by an
American officer, that it is going
around the world four times and
that the one who breaks it wid have
bad luck.
The recipient is told that if he
copies the letter and sends it on its
way within 24 hours he will have
good luck. The letter says that
two persons received large sums of
: money when they obeyed insii uc
i tions and that a person who broke
I the chain lost everything he had. j
I __
I — -
■r| 97.SO Value!
Open flvaulnn - Kipert Oprrntor* j
I IneiiMkw ‘4 llirtinpaaa A flD|Maa*a
Social Notes of Bethesda
And Nearby Maryland
Long vacation trips have for this summer, at least, has been aban
doned by residents of the Bethesda neighborhood and the vacation trend
now is toward protracted week end visits to nearby resorts or toward
leisurely afternoons at one of the many swimming pools within easy
reach of Bethesda.
been frequently at the Kenwood Country Club pool Is Mrs. Alvin L.
Aubinoe of Greenwich Forest in company with Mrs. J. J. Campbell, also
of the Forest. Mrs. George B. Clendenin is often with Mrs. Aubinoe and
Mrs. Campbell when she is in town. At present she is in Wilmington,
N. C„ and will not be back in Greenwich Forest for another 10 days.
The E. M. Willis family of Battery Park are spending many week
ends on the sea-going yacht they purchased last winter, some times alone,
but more often with a boat full of friends of their daughter. Miss Mary
K. Willis, and their two sons, Mr. Jack Willis and Mr. Richard Willis.
Mr. ana mis. Emory «. Hogiey 01
Friendship heights opened their
cottage at Herring Bay early in the
season and are having weekly
parties on the r houseboat, the
Juanita. Mrs. ^ogley's cousins, Mr
and Mrs. Pari.sette of New York
City, are with them for 10 days.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown
On Trip to Norfolk.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Brown ol
Alta Vista went down the river yes
terday for a short trip to Norfolk
and will bring Mr. Brown's father,
Mr Moses Brown, back to Alta Vista
with them to stay until fall.
Mrs. Francis Cabell Brown and
her young son, Francis Cabell Brown,
jr„ will go to Southampton, Long
Island, next week to spend a month
with Mr. Brown's cousins. Miss
Agnes Keys, and her sister, Mrs. Jo
seph Du Vivier. Miss Keys and Mrs.
Du Vivier will be remembered by
the older residents of lower Mont
gomery County as the nieces of the
late Mrs. Margaret Loughborough,
who lived lor many years at the his
toric Loughborough home on River
road. Mrs. Du Vivier lias lived in
Paris lor 25 years and she and Mr.
As usual . . . the
unusual atGertler's!
| Your demand
I for „ "something
S different" has
f it > answer at
Gertler Your
co?i is fitted by
b lur Mylist—
At G e r t ler's
your every wish
i> meticulously
caressed into
perfect skins.
The result. . •
YOUR coat.
I Other Persian
Lamb Coat*
to $350
p S Gertler s
will remodel
pour lust pear s
lur coat into
tu'hion s latent
i/tubbp ■ ■ ■ tr>r
us little as
f IT *:».
July-August SALE Prices
still in effect on all turs
A//gust Vacationers!
$3.95 DRESSES in a
SALE at *295 ■
Misses’, 12 to 20; Women’s, 40 to 44
Dotted Swisses
Spun Rayons
Rayon Sharkskin
A few of this style, more of that
one, each and every one cool and
fashion-right! Patterns galore!..,
flowered, candy-striped, dotted,
solid colors, white.
’ *
Coat styles, shirtwaist styles,
blouse-top and dressy styles!
Blue, rose, navy, green, pink, lug
gage. Vacationers, your oppor
Jelleff's, Cotton Shop, Fifth Floor
$5.95 BATHING SUITS in a
Flower and Calico Print Cottons
Choose between the ballerina and the drindl skirt models . . .
both protectingly lined in rayon jersey, prints in red or blue.
Sizes 10 to 18.
$8.95 Bathing Suits at $5.95
Dressmaker beauties in rayon crepe, one and two-piece styles
in white, aqua, gold. Sizes 12 to 16.
Play Dresses and Sports Frocks, $5.95
Choose a hooded jacket in white pique teamed with a print
sunback dress or a one-piece dirndl frock, front-buttoning, in
a bold, splashy leaf print done in black, white and yellow.
Sizes 12 to 16. Another sport is a “life saver” print with many
pockets, a ten-gored swing skirt. Rose, green, blue, beige. Sizes
* 12 to 20.
Jelleff's Beach and Sports Shop, Third Floor.
Du Vivier returned to this country
only a few months ago. They are
now living in New York City.
Mr. Page Hufty left Thursday on
a months tour down the South
American coast by plane and ship.
He will be away about a month and
during his absence Mrs. Hufty will
remain at their home, on River road,
to superintend the construction of
the home she and Mr. Hufty are
building on the former Walker
estate, beyond the Kenwood Coun
try Club.
! Miss Woodstock of Seattle
Visits Col. and Mrs. Bush.
Miss Shirley Woodstock of Seattle
| has come East, to spend the summer
with her cousins, Lt, Col. and Mrs.
George F. Bush, in Alta Vista.
Mrs. Mordecai Ezekiel and her
sons, Jonathan and Donald, will
leave during the week for Rockland,
Me., to spend several weeks with
Mrs. Michael Straus at the Straus
Miss Rosalyn Buchanan, who has
been with her father and mother,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Buchanan,
at Virginia Beach. Va„ is at her
home on Bradley Boulevard for a
short stay before leaving August 1
for New York City, where she will
study designing.
Mrs. William C. Caldwell, who has
been the guest of her father and
mother, Mr. and Mrs. L. Martin
Simpson, in Westmoreland Hills for
the past month, will leave August
8 to join Capt. Caldwell at their
home in Schofield Barracks, Hono
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Dulin. jr„
will be hosts at an outdoor supper
party August 4 entertaining in honor
of Mrs. Dulin's cousin, Mr. Albert
Heagy, and his fiancee. Miss Eliza
beth Gover, whose marriage will
take place next month.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Flagg of Chevy
Chase Gardens will spend the next
three weeks motoring through the
Great Smokies and the States of the
Middle South. Mrs. Flagg's father
, Mr. and Mrs. E. C.
have been with them
for a fortnight, are with Mr. and
Mrs. Flagg on the trip en route to
their home in Springfield. Mo.
Eat on Dolly's Dafansa Day—Saturday.
August 1 * tn. Complata Da l.uxa DINNERS
iVmi .V°hm J\AI*L PM »* <>"1’
JL'J*rh-Enjoy Mrs. Sowars homamada
Hot Parkarhousa Rolls and Plas Tha
rrowd s haadad for Dolly's Dinatta. Gal.
'„h7,.bur/' Pr®BU t« x" to tha War
Rallaf fund. .tQ-mln. Drire from tha
District. •
Dine Today
ct O'Donnell's Forms
Plantation Style Chicken.
Steak and Sea Food Dinner*
Fine Wines. Beverages, etc.
Marlboro Pike, :i Mi. from
D. C Line
Dancing Saturdav Night*
O'Donnell s Management
l --
Cool as ‘7f ^7/rr Cate"—our air-conditioned store
Our Summer Sale offers a magnificent collection of
Fur Jackets
the “must have” of your Fall wardrobe!
Fur jackets are unusually interesting this year—first because of
their new longer lengths which are not only more practical for
cold weather but becoming to almost every one. Jackets, too,
reflect the inspiration of the new season in their “soft" dress
maker handling. For the two-fold use of day and evening choose
fox—Silver, Black or natural red. For town and country choose
lynx cat. or raccoon newly let out and blended like Fisher, or
muskrat blended to resemble baum marten, or skunk in its own
beautiful natural shade. And. for something quite ultra, choose
a fur jacket with its own matching hat and muff, like the one
sketched, of golden mink blended muskrat, all three pieces
only $188!
Fur Jackets at $88, $148 and $188
Priced after this sale at $100 to $215
Learn how conveniently
you may purchase a fur
coat in our Summer Sale by
paying for it a little at I time.
We will store it free in our cold
air vaults on the premises till
October 15th,
Fur Salon, Third Floor
Your new winter Suit
wears a
Fur "Overcoat”
of Mouton Lamb
If the object of your search is a
fur coat and a suit here’s a value
that will serve you handsomely.
The coat alone will give “worlds”
of wear with other things as well
as over its new torso moulding suit
of soft woolen in brown-blending
autumn shades . . . Forest green,
Como blue, Sparkling wine, Coffee
bean brown. Sizes 10 to 20.
Summer Sale priced at $88
(After Sale, $98.75)
Two and three-piece winter Suits
with Raccoon, Wolf, Beaver, Silver
Fox collars. At $39 and $59.
(After Sale, $45 and $65)
Jclleff'i Suit Shop, Third Floor

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