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'Same Old Purge,
Sham and Stiletto,'
Replies Johnson
Representative Shafer
Says Relief Money Will
Be Used in Strategic Areas
B? the Auociatfd Press.
Senator Johnson. California Re
publican, said yesterday that Pres
ident Roosevelt's recent comments
about him were “just the same old
purge, the same old sham expres
sions of regard and affection, the
same old stiletto.”
The 73-year-old Senator, who bolt
ed the Republican party in 1932 to
support the President, referred to
Mr. Roosevelt’s press conference re
mark that no one considerrd Sena
tor Johnson a progressive or liberal
Democrat in the year of 1940 and
that while he still was very fond of
Mr. Johnson the Californian had
changed a lot in the last four or five
Senator Johnson' was away from
his office when the comment was i
made Friday, but he issued a for
mal statement yesterday in which
he said that “Mr. Roosevelt's care
fully planned and affectionate (?)
attack is no surprise.”
All Five on Both Tickets.
The President's remark resulted
from a reporter s comment that Sen
ator Johnson was running for renom
ination to the Senate on the Re
publican, Democrat’and Progressive
tickets. Senator Johnson said that
the President, “In fairness,” should
have explained that all five candi
dates for the California senatorial
nomination were running on both
Democratic and Republican tickets.
Senator Johnson recalled his sup
port of the President in the 1932
campaign and added that “had I
followed him in his attempted pack
ing of the Supreme Court and his
veiled and un-American deeds lead
ing us down the road to war and
dictatorship I would have been a
perfect liberal and progressive, and
what glory would be mine.”
Another development W’as a state
ment from Representative Shafer,
Republican, of Michigan, in which
he said he had learned that the ad- j
ministration had printed 10.000.000
blank relief checks and a large num
ber of food stamps for use in “po
litically strategic centers.”
Remarkable Coincidence.
"Keeping in mind this sudden and
significant, not to say startling, in
crease in the orders for ’blank
checks.” Shafer said, "it becomes a
remarkable coincidence that the
number of persons on the Federal
relief rolls have in the past in
creased greatly from June through
October in each election year.
"Ten million blank relief checks
will, whether or not it is so intended,
reach and perhaps influence a lot
of voters.”
"My information is,” said Repre
sentative Shafer, "that orders for
10.000.000 blank relief checks were
received by the Bureau of Engrav
ing and Printing in the past week
—more blank checks than have been
printed in the last nine months.
Three million of these checks are
printed for use in Minnesota, whose
Governor is Harold E. Stassen.
Other’blank checks are for use in
Illinois, New York. Michigan and
other political key States.
"I have also ascertained that more
food stamps were shipped in three
days during the past week by the
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
than have been shipped out in the
entire history of the food stamp
plan. The present supply is going
to Brooklyn. Minneapolis. Cleveland
and other politically strategic cen
Policeman's 'Twister'
Saves Life as Tourniquet
HAVERHILL. Mass.. Aug’. 3 t/P).—
A policeman s "twister” was clamped
on Eugene Sheehan's wrist todav
and probably saved his life.
Ordinarily used to subdue prison
ers by tightening an iron loop about1
the wrist, the gadget was put into
emergency use as a tourniquet by
Patrolman Timothy J. Mahoney.
Sheehan, 49, severed an artery at j
the right wrist while opening a !
bottle of pickles. He was near col- j
lapse when Mahoney reached the
home and slipped the "nippers”
above the gash. A twist or two and
the blood flow' thinned to a trickle. I
At Benson Hospital, doctors said
Sheehan was “not in a serious con
dition” and gave Mahoney the
Secretary Hull
Gets Unusual[
G. 0. P. Praise
By the Ajjociated Press.
Secretary of State Hull received
unexpected personal tribute from a
Republican House member, Repre
sentative Fish of New York, at a
luncheon given by the Secretary
yesterday in honor of Tomas A.
Salomoni. foreign minister of Para
Mr. Salomoni came to Washing
ton with Secretary Hull after the
meeting of American foreign minis
ters at Havana.
Representative Fish, one of the
few congressional guests, proposed a
toast to Secretary Hull as the man
who had done most in recent years
to increase unity and understand
ing among the American Rations
and as a great American Secretary
of State.
Political Parties Doom
Democracy, Says Quezon
By the Associated Press.
MANILA. Aug. 3—Democracies
are doomed to failure unless they
abolish political parties, Common
wealth President Manuel Quezon
asserted today.
"I favor doing away with all po
litical parties—including my own"—
the head of the Nacionalista party,
to which all members of the Na
tional Assembly belong, told news
men at his first press conference in
more than six months.
"Political parties are good only
for evil things." he said.
President Quezon said he would
not abolish political parties in the
Philippines by law, but that he
would try to bring this about by
creating public sentiment against
them. He admitted it probably
would take considerable time to ac
President Quezon, the dominant
political figure in the Philippines for
years, said he had been miscon
strued in his speech of three weeks
ago in which he was quoted as ad
vocating a one-party system. He
defined an ideal democracy as one
with no political factions.
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Extortion Bomb Plot,
With Tiny Sub for
Escape, Foiled
Three Held After Blast
In Milwaukee Store,
$100,000 Demand
By the Associated Press.
MILWAUKEE, Aug. 3—Three
men told a stranger-than-flction
tale today, which police said cleared
up the bombing of a Sears, Roebuck
& Co. store and the attempted ex
tortion of 8100,000 from its manager.
The men, Walter Paul Minx, 23, an
ornamental iron worker: his brother,
Kurt, 27, and his brother-in-law,
Daniel Carter, 28, were held on open
charges, Detective Lt. Arthur J.
Burns said, pending further ques
Lt. Burns declared State warrants
charging extortion and malicious
destruction of property by explosives,
or Federal warrants charging the
sending of extortion notes through
the mails, would be sought.
Metal Filings Traced.
Lt. Burns said Walter Minx was
the ringleader and author of the
plot and unfolded this story follow
ing his arrest last night by police
men who had tfaced metal wire used
in the bomb to his home:
After building a midget submarine
in which he hoped to escape after
the extortion money was dropped
from an airplane in Lake Michigan,
Minx sent' a note to Rowland H.
Davie, the store manager.
The note read:
‘‘A bomb will go off at Sears' North
Side store that is to let you know
that we demand $100,000 or a bomb
200 times larger will go off. * * *
Besides, your own life will be in
danger if you fail."
Bomb Does Little Damage.
The bomb exploded on schedule,
but did little damage.
In the meantime, Minx tried out
his submarine, but it didn't work.
He changed his plans and directed
that a motorcycle courier leave the
money at a designated spot.
Police went through a quarter ton
of iron scraps In Minx’ shop yester
day and found a matching piece.
Minx immediately confessed, Lt.
Burns said, and Implicated his com
"I guess we got the golden
dreams,” Kurt Minx told police.
The tools used in the building of
the submarine were purchased on
credit from his store, Mr. Davie said.
W.P.A. Workers Here Win
Praise for Progress
Gratification with the progress of
300 W. P. A. employes in the Dis
trict's vocational defense training
program was expressed yesterday
by Paul Edwards, District W. P.
A. administrator, on the basis of
reports from teachers.
The reports, Mr. Edwards said,
prove the W. P. A. rolls to be a
"rich source of personnel for pri
vate industry.” Classes are being
conducted in five public schools.
The trainees have been busy dur
ing the first two weeks repairing
cars, building drawing tables for
the schools, making lawn furniture
for District institutions, rewinding
electric motors and making other
repairs on broken devices.
High praise for the caliber of
the W. P. A. enrollees was voiced
by five school officials and teachers.
“The men are very honest,” said
William D. Wallace, in charge of
the program. “I have observed them
personally and have received daily
reports from their teachers. I have
yet to receive an unfavorable re
Texas game wardens have found
eagles’ nests that measured 6 feet
in diameter.
Sharp Rise in Deaths
Attributed to Heat
By th« Associated Pres*.
A sharp rise in deaths over tha J
country week before last was re
ported yesterday by the Census Bu
reau. which attributed the increase
to the heat.
The number of deaths in 88 lead
ing cities was 8.885, compared with
7,505 the preceding week.
Des Moines. Washington, Cincin
nati. Grand Rapids, Mich., and St.
Raul reported particularly large in
Census officials said their figures
did not disclose exactly how many
persons died directly of the heat
but pointed out that excessive tem
peratures usually cause many indi
rect deaths.
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