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Rufus Meed
Joseph Starr turned from the fireplace and stared at his wife with
hostile eyes. He was a tall man, his well-shaped head set on square,
military-cut shoulders. His figure, silhouetted by the firelight, showed
the controlled strength of an athlete. Blond hair, slightly flecked with
gray, waved back from his forehead giving him a youthful appearance
which his eyes immediately contra
dicted. They were tired eyes that
resented life, hated its disillusion
ments; a young man with an old
man’s eyes.
Tiny flakes of tobacco filtered
through his fingers as he filled his
pipe. His voice was hard, im
"So that is your final decision?”
“Yes, Joe. I am going to get a
divorce. I can't stand it any longer.
I’m through.”
“Anything especially wrong?”
“Everything is wrong. Nothing I
do or plan for you is ever right.”
Her voice trailed off a little un
certainly as she realized that the
moment she had dreaded for so
many weary months had come at
last with a swiftness that made the
irrevocable words catch in her
throat. She forced herself to go on.
“You are a famous doctor, and
we have been married 10 years.”
A quiet authority in her voice fixed
his attention. Something inside of
him. a mounting dread of all this
clear-eyed girl before him had seen
and understood, made him hesi
tate. He was listening intently now.
■ "During all these years you have
definitely avoided people who were
not connected in any way with your
professional interests. When you
are not in your laboratory or in the
hospital or consulting other doctors,
you are alone—you want to be—
always alone ...”
The man on the other side of
the fireplace wheeled sharply with
a smothered exclamation. There
was a strange apprehension in his
eyes as he stared down at her.
"That’s because of my work. Too
many people want what I've cre
ated,” he insisted harshly.
The cold, dissecting keenness of
his eyes braced her for the answer
she knew was inevitable.
Devoted to Science.
“My whole life has been given to
working out my formula—the Starr
formula.” His voice lingered over
the last three words. For him they
held a special meaning all their own.
“In that formula, as I have told you
before, there is a great fortune,
if I care to commercialize it, but
that is not the most important
thing.” His voice grew harder. "It
represents at least a beginning of
what may prove to be a winning
fight against cancer. It will ad
vance medicine at least 100 years.
Nothing else counts.”
"Not even your wife.”
Something twisted and hurt, deep
Inside of him. Without warning, he
gaw Sandra Starr, his wife, with a
sudden fierce possessive pride in
her beauty. Never had he been
more aware' of it than at that very
moment. Her black hair had a
smooth, glistening sheen where the
firelight touched its soft waves with
flickering brightness. Against the
background of the low-ceilinged
room, with its fine, old oak panels
and its shelves of well-used books,
the slender figure by the tea table
had all the quiet dignity and charm
of an Ingres portrait.
"Of course you count, Sandra.
But I have always reserved for
myself the right to live as I please
—and no questions asked. Why
can't you do the same thing? I
don't care what you do—and I can
not change-”
The girl winced at his thrust but
gave no sign. Her voice was low
and she sounded very tired as she
answered him. “Unfortunately life
is not as simple as that—not for
a man as famous as you are. And
there are other values that must be
considered as long as marriage re
mains a partnership, not just a
social convenience. I want what
every woman wants—the compan
ionship and love of the man she
Sandra Is Angered.
The heavy silence that settled
between them was broken at last
by Joe's cool, deliberate voice.
"Are you in love with some one
else? Is it Mark Cotton?”
“You know I am not in love with
any one.” Her quiet answer carried
conviction. “ ‘Love’ is a word that
has had very little meaning for me
these last few years. You are the
only man I ever cared for.”
"Then it's the other way around
and he’s in love with you.” Joe per
sisted. "He's certainly always un
derfoot. Here practically all the
How can you say a thing like
♦hat. Joe? He is your oldest friend,
went to Harvard with you. His
friendship means a great deal to ■
both of us. After all. I must have :
» little fun. go out sometimes. He
takes me places. You never do.”
"Then it must be Walker.” Anger
flared in his voice—anger that he
must say stupid things like this just
to ease a little the intolerable hurt
♦hat seemed to be taking the breath
of life out of him. Blame some
other man—any man but himself
for losing Sandra!
The girl looked up at him m
smazement. “Whatever is the mat
ter with you. Joe?” Her voice was
vibrant now with flaming indigna
tion. “That doesn’t make any sense,
and you know it, Oliver Walker is
your laboratory assistant. I have
probably spoken to him on the tele
phone exactly twice in the last six
weeks, in both instances he left
s message from you saying you
would be late for dinner. I have
never seen him outside of your
office or laboratory. You must be
losing your mind!”
Concerned for Him.
Her words echoed in an odd still
ness that suddenly gripped both of
♦hem. Sandra had a curious feel
ing that Joe was afraid of some
thing—something she did not un
derstand. A long-forgotten idea
stirred far down in her memory.
It went back through the years.
There had been a hint, not very
clearly outlined, that day they had
motored up the Hudson, soon after
they were engaged, her last year in
college. He had been talking about
his family and at the evident cost
of tremendous effort had spoken
briefly of an inherited tendency to
ward mental disorders which ex
tended through three successive
generations. It would all come back
in a minute. . . . Her husband's
caustic voice cut sharply through
her abstraction.
‘Took here, Sandra.” There was
a flinty edge to his words that
riveted her attention. “If your mind
is made up, if you are determined
to go through with this, there will
be just two people in the world
who will really understand why you
divorce me. You are one and I am
the other. I hate the thought of
people prying into my private life.
Keep them out. This concerns wily
r — - ——
you and me. No matter what I do
in the future you must protect my
name. You owe me that in all de
"You are a strange person,” she
said at last. “I do not see, beyond
a certain point, how I can protect
your name. Lawyers handle these
matters very skillfully and there will
be as little publicity as possible for
both our sakes. My chief concern
is what happens to you, what you
will do after I leave you. That wor
ries me most of all.”
Her heart ached for this man. He
looked older. His eyes were haunted.
A light in them had died out.
Suddenly he crossed the short
i distance between them and stood
directly in front of her. There was
a desperate finality in his words.
"No one must ever know about my
family. Sandra—or talk about me.
You must protect us. I count on
your loyalty all the way through.”
His voice faltered an instant, then
he added quickly:
“The time will come when it will
all be in your hands, when only you
can save my good name. Don’t fail j
me, Sandra. Don’t let me down
when I shall be powerless to help
myself.” Her amazement grew as
she sensed the sinister import back
of his halting, pleading words.
"No one must ever know about'
my family," he repeated, his voice
low and tense, "and I beg of you—
do not get your divorce on the
grounds of ’mental cruelty’—that I
could not stand.”
Something clicked inside of her.
As Joe turned to leave the room
she sprang to her feet, her whole
world shaken by his whispered
"Forgive me, Sandra. I never
dreamed this could happen to me.
Once again you must go out alone
this evening. I can’t go to Charles
White’s dinner with you. I—I—love
you. I know now I have never
stopped loving you. You have been
fine and straight through all of this
and I’ve got to learn to take it on
the chin. This has been a—a—ter
rible shock. Good night, my dear.”
The low, tense voice died away.
Her last glimpse of his white,
stricken face made her realize the
truth of his broken statement. The
shadows of the great hall came
closer, smothering her as the night •
rushed in: and suddenly, distinctly,!
Service Orders
Frank. Brig. Gen. Walter H.. from New
Orleans to Tampa. Fla
Harmon. Brig Gen. Millard F from
Hamilton Field. Calif, to Riverside,
Wash. Brig. Gen. Carlyle H . from Spokane.
Wash., to Fort, George Wright. Wash.
Landis Col John F. from Bloomington,
Ind to Camp Croft. S. C.
Weaver Lt. Col. William G . from Madi
son. Wis., to Camp Roberts, Calif
Ballard Lt. Col. James L.. from Los Angeles
to Fort Lewis. Wash.
Giddens Capt. Jerome D from MacDill
Field Fla., to Charlotte- N. C
Bledsoe First Lt Hugh H., from MacDill
Field to Charlotte.
Muse. First Lt. John D from MacDill
Field to Charlotte
Pickwick Capt. George B. from Boston
to Puerto Rican Department.
Martin First Lt. Jo;-eph H , from Boston
to Puerto Rican Department
Keene>. First Lt. Erple M.. from Boston
to Puerto Rican Department
Black. Second Lt. Shirley N.. from Boston
to Puerto Rican Department.
Murphy First Lt. Leo J.. from Westover
Field Mass., to Bangor. Me.
Atwell. First Lt. Willard B . jr.. from Fort
Benning. Ga to Montgomery. Ala.
The following officers are ordered from Fort
Benning to Camp Wheeler, Ga. Capt.
Frawford M. Adams. Capt. Ronald C.
Harmon, Capt. Vernon H. Somers. Capt.
Arthur J. Swett. First Lt. Adrian L.
Bregnanrd, First Lt Matthew A Capone,
First Lt Joseph Chernosky. First Lt.
Thomas H. Cronshaw. First Lt. Paul J
Demers. First Lt. Harold F. Drury. First
Lt. John P. Farnsworth. First Lt. Aiadar
A. Von Sabe, First Lt. Lee P. Washburn.
Capt. Charles S Allen. Capt. Russell B.
Archer. Capt. John W Buswell. Capt.
William W. Kleinman, Capt Charles E.
Kuenlen. Capt. Irving E. Roberts. Capt.
Augustus T. Wilson. First Lt. William A.
Anderson. First Lt. Lloyd E. Barron.
First Lt. Benjamin G. Berry. First Lt.
Raymond E. Bittner. First Lt. Boniface
•L Brazaitis. First Lt. Talman C. Budd,
First Lt. Victor E. Engstrom. First Lt.
John W. Hollowell. First Lt. Ralph W.
pang, rirst Li. Francis A. Then. First
Lt Ralph B. Tilt. Second Lt. Sidney C.
Baker, jr.: Second Lt. Frank R Brower,
Jr.; Second Lt. Clifford R Buckbee, Sec
ond Lt. Waldo O. Eddy. Second Lt. Wil
liams E. Gibbons. Second Lt Maurice W.
Halpm, jr.; Second Lt Charles L. Jones,
Second Lt. William T. Molloy. Second
Lt. Gerald Rubin. Second Lt. John S.
Shiber. Capt. Frederick C. Feil Capt.
K McKenna jr.: Capt Robert E.
Oberholtzer First Lt. George T. Adair,
First Lt. John R. Bhssman, First Lt.
Albert N Bodine. First Lt. Harold H.
Chandler, First Lt. Harry A. Dosch. jr.;
First Lt Raymond L. Eddy. First Lt
George F Spiegel, Second Lt. John T.
Kendall, jr.: Second Lt. Frank B Mc
Kaig. jr.: Second Lt. Samuel B. Nickels,
jr Second Lt Waiter R. Rogers.
Second if1 Herbert D. Shoemaker Sec
ond Lt. Donn P. Strausbaugh. Second Lt.
Joseph Welker, capt. Alexander H.
Boag. Capt. William P Bogie. Capt.
^IeAsler, c®Dt- George C. Schiele,
c*pt Curtis J. Swarens, First Lt Far
Pi'-Ri. DXlsbac.h Flrst Lt. Stephen D.
Gri®th First Lt. Charles A. Paynter.
Lt'Pugh,R- Stewart. First Lt. De
Witt White. First Lt. James C. Wood
s'*™ it.. Second Lt. Robert C. Archer,
Second Lt. Fred F. Flowers. Second Lt.
Dennie Gooch, jr.: Second Lt. Albert B
Hoskins, jr. Second Lt. Jesse E John
ston. Second Lt. Harold H. McIntosh,
Second Lt. Philip E. Snyder, Second Lt.
James R. Walker, jr.. First Lt. Richard
W. Whitney, Capt. John J. Gates. Cant.
Marion W. Schewe, Capt Donald W
Dye. Capt. Earl L Mullinix Capt.
Charles D Norton. Capt. Kenneth E.
Young. First Lt. Rudolph H, Bode. First
Lt William S. Bodner. First Lt. Richard
J. Flanagan. First Lt. Lawrence A.
Green First Lt. Roy A. Murray. First
Lt Charles A Van Dine Second Lt
John O Bach Second Lt. Albert F
Dawson. Second Lt. Robert S Dickson
III Second Lt John R Dossenback. Sec
ond Lt. El wood J. Goodrich. Second Lt.
Donald M. McAfee. Second Lt. Arthur D
Merryman. Second Lt. Bernard O. Sam
uel. Second Lt. Frank L. Willis
Shearer. Lt. Col Alfred M., from Brooklyn
to Panama Canal Department.
Reichelderfer. Lt. Col. Harry, from Wright
Field Ohio, to Washington.
Seeman. Mai Lyle E . from Fort Custer,
Mich, to Fort Belvoir. Va
Cottony. First Lt. Herman V., from Fort
Belvoir to Washington.
Winkler. First Lt. Albert L.. from Fort
Bragg N. C . to Langley Field. Va.
Neal. Capt Wilson H. from Ladd Field.
Alaska, to Elmendorf Field. Alaska.
Jdein Capt Walter J from Mitchel Field.
N Y. to Laneley Field
Murphree. Second Lt Clyde E from Ham
ilton Field, Calif., to March Field.
Miichel, Capt Samuel C. from Mitchel
Field to Westover Field
Brewer. First Li Paul M . jr . from Savan
nah. Ga., to Tallahassee. Fla.
Vail. Lt. Col Benners B.. from Montgomery.
Ma , to Camp Claiborne. La
Wright. Capt. George F. from MaeDill
Field to Charlotte. N. C
Bennett Second Lt George D. from Mac
Dill Field to Charlotte.
Phelan. First Lt. Fmton J. jr. from
Mitchel Field to Bangor. Me
medic al c orps
Holder. CaDt. Hall G . from San Francisco
to Camp Callan. Calif.
Kingsbury. Cap;. Howard T, jr . from Boss
ion to Puerto Rican Department
Lavoi*. First L*. Leon F . from Boston *o
Puerto Rican Department.
Richards. Second Lt. Norman J. from Bos
1 ton to Puerto Rican Department.
Murphy. First Lt James M.. from Fort
Bliss. Tex., to Washington.
Betz, First Lt. Joseph C.. lrom Cincinnati
i to Dayton. Ohio.
i Zelnis, First Lt Edward P., from Water
town, Mass . to Chicago
Snvder. Second Lt Roger E . from Phila
delphia to Aberdeen Proving Ground. Md.
Denebrink. Comdr Francir C., from CSS
Brooklyn to Annapolis. Md
Forrestel, Comdr. Emmet P., from Destroyer
Flotilla l to Naval Academy.
Goggins. Comdr William B from Naval
Academy to Asiatic Fleet
Holloway, comdr William s. from Ports
mouth. Va , to Asiatic Fleet
Korns. Comdr. Virgil E from 0 fl 8 Sar
atoga to Navy Department
Moen. Comdr Arthur T. from 0 S 8
Raleigh to Destroyer Flotilla 1
Pigman. Comdr. Nathaniel M.. from De
stroyer Division II to 0. 8. S. Whitney.
Smith. Comdr Robert M.. Jr., from Navy
Department to U. S S Philadelphia
8teele. Comdr James M„ from Newport.
R I., to Destroyer Division 18.
Talbot Comdr Paul H.. from Naval
Academy to Asiatic Fleet
Taylor, Comdr. Walter Lucian, from New
, Port, R. I., to U. S. 8. Brooklyn.
Akers. Lt. Comdr. Frank, from 0 8 3
George E. Badger to 0. S. 8. Hornet.
Fletcher, Lt. Comdr. William B , Jr., from
Base Force, to 0. 8. S. Neches.
ingersoll. Lt. Comdr. Stuart H . from Lon
don. England, to Navv Department.
Lademan. Lt. Comdr Joseph 0.. 1r.. from
0. S. 8. Colorado to 0. 8. S. Gold Star.
Lee. Lt. Comdr. Clarence V.. from 0. 8. 8
Aylwin to Navy Department.
Dillinder, Lt. John W., from 0. 8. 8.
Wright to Great Lakes, 111.
Doyle, Lt. William T.. jr., from 0 8. 8.
R-14 to Submarine Souadron 2.
Finnegan, Lt. Joseph, from 0. 8. 8. Ten
nessee to 14th Naval District.
Foley. Lt. Robert J.. from 0. S. S. Arizona
to Navy Department.
8m!th. Lt. Richard W„ from 0. 8. 8.
Selfridge to Charleston. S. C.
Boone. Comdr. Horace R . from Puget
8ound. Wash., to Corpus Christi, Tex.
Prehn, Lt. Douglas T., from New London,
Conn., to Brooklyn, N. Y,
Lawler, Lt. (J. g.) Arthur L.. from Puget
_ Sound. Wash., to Keyport. Wash.
Paulosky. Lt. (1. g.) Alvin J., from U. S. 8.
Nevada to Pensacola. Fla.
Renaud. Lt. (j. g.l Oliver V., from Ports
mouth. N H.. to U. S. S. Texas.
Wilson. Lt. (j. g.l Richard P., from U. 8. 8.
Texas to Pensacola, Fla.
Walsh Comdr. John A., from 0. 8. 8.
S. Mississippi to Great Lakes. 111.
Trojakowski. Lt. Comdr. Wadsworth C,
from Puget Sound. Wash., to 0. S. 8.
Enterprise •
Hubbard. Lt. Comdr. Harry R.. from 0. 8.
S Astoria to Mare Island, Cali!
Better, Lt. Frederick L„ from Norfolk,
Va., to 0. S. S. Pocomoke.
Japan Short on Rice
Because of the rice shortage in
Japan the Salvation Army there is
distributing dried bonito and noodles
instead of rice to thousand* of poor
before Joe was born, came toward
“Dr. Starr has changed his plans.
Parker.” she said hastily. “He will
want his dinner here this evening.
I am dining out.”
“Very good, madam. I shall see
that he has everything he needs.”
As the man discreetly withdrew
an unreasoning fear swept over the
girl. Had she started forces that
could not be checked? All she had
thought about had been her own
desperate unhappiness, but now
vague ghosts of even greater dis
aster seemed to be rising around
her. She drew herself up sharply.
Her nerves were getting jittery. It
was that strange look in Joe's eyes
that frightened her. Her heart beat
faster as she remembered his eyes
as he listened to her in the library.
Was it only an hour ago—or a life
time away?
She had been speaking of the way
he avoided people, of the way he
planned to be alone: of his long,
unbroken silences when they were
together: of his sudden inexplicable
flares of anger and his brooding
hatred of life.
Her heart contracted with a pene
trating fear she could not control.
Her indictment of her husband, the
very charges she had made against
him, were symptoms of his inherited
Walking through the dimly light
ed hall, she groped for the banis
ter and started slowly up the stairs.
(Copyright. 1941. by Chicago Daily News!
(Continued tomorrow.!
Tragedy strikes the Starr house
she remembered. . . . Two words
Joe had used that long forgotten
day by the Hudson, “depressive
phychosis,” and he had used these
words in connection with mysterious
deaths in his family.
Fear Haunts Sandra.
His grandfather had tripped and
fallen down that graceful, winding
stairway, but she knew there had
been other tales of a short thick
rope found dangling in a coat closet
under these same stairs. There were
other haunted tales of an uncle, his
father and his own sister. A tragic
list. Each death had been silently
accepted by the police as an “acci
dent.” They had helped to seal the
secret annals of the Starr family.
Power and influence had worked
with them, and the public soon for
There was a movement under the
stairs and Parker, the Starr butler,
I who was with the family two years
20 Auxiliaries Bought
By Navy During March
The Navy Department yesterday
revealed that 20 vessels were bought
during March for coastal patrol
work and auxiliary duty, at a cost
of $801,936. The cost of one new
ship, now under construction by the
Maritime Commission, was not dis
closed. Latest figures .snow the
Navy has bought 189 craft from pri
vate sources and from the commis
sion since the buying program was
started two years ago.
Latest Navy acquisitions include
two auxiliaries, a cargo ship, one
coastal yacht, seven district craft,
one ferry boat, four motor tankers,
four open fighters and one sea
going wooden barge. The entire
purchasing program during the last
two years has cost more than $95,
000,000, the Navy paying prices from
as little as $1 to as much as $3,500,
000. In addition, a number of the
ships were received free from pri
vate sources.
The tabulation shows that the
Navy bought 13 large transports, 12
oilers, 2 ammunition carriers, 5
cargo vessels, 1 hospital ship and
2 store ships.
Other major units include three
submarine and three seaplane ten
ders. It also acquired 54 craft for
use as mine sweepers and eight
others as submarine chasers.
Marriage License
Under D. C law, couples must
apply for a marriage license on
one day, wait three full days and
receive their license on the fifth
day. Sundays and holidays are
counted the same as other days.
Randc Iph L. Gregory, 3d. 3H34 Albemarle
st. n w . and Hilda J Hess, 28. 2115 Pa.
ave. n.w ; the Rev. S. VV. Melton.
Lawrence J Genova, 27 Alexandria, Va .
and Naomi Grant. 26. Lexington. Va.;
the Rev. Freeley Rohrer.
James A Lewis 31, 1027 Fla ave n.e,
and Georgianna V Westbrooks. 19 614
N st n.w ; the Rev. Raymond 6. G.
James E Howe. 36. Fort Belvoir. Va.. and
Eleanor Tallon. 19. College Park.. Md.;
Judge Robert E Mattingiy
Lawrence A Miller. 25, and Bertha B.
Kahesby. 27. both of 1446 Newton st.
n w the Rev. Lawrence J. Wempe.
william J Brown. 27. 1842 Lamont st.
n.w. and Alice B Temple. 25. 3125
Mount Pleasant st. n.w . Judge Robert
E Mattingly
Tommie Simmons, 25 137 D st. n e and
oallie M. Morgan. 22. 2406 F st. n w :
the Rev. J T. Harvey
I Theodore R Hines. 28. 1829 Corcoran st
n.w and Mattie King. 28. Chevy Chase,
_.D ,&■’ the Rev Robert Anderson.
Charles J. Armmger, 19 and Daisy M.
Muir 21. both of Baltimore the Rev
Georgr L Gingras.
Robert A Mason. 39. 7og 12th st. ne.
and Mildred L. Poe. 29. 928 T at n w ;
the Rev Louis G Troch
Grant Fitzhugh. 36. 1210 Kenyon at.
n w and Madeline Carter, 25. Charles
County Md : the Rev M J. O’Neil.
Daniel Shaw 28. and Corrine Offutt. 24,
both of 805*a R st. n.w the Rev
Francis Carney.
Joseph w. Blakley. 27, 1211 4th st. nw,
an<J KAtheIlne Slye -7 1744 8th et.
F*v J c Beckett
™?neman- 49 *ew Orleans, and
Sarah Williamson. 41. 1401 Franklin
. *£• n ^ev W H Jernigan.
Anthony Washington. 21 2470 Ala. ave.
se. and Lillie M. Wills. 18 2569 Ala
ave. s.e .the Rev. Clagett Ward
Theodore M. Pugh, jr 22. and Lois E
SaJey £~L 1,0111 of lf*54 2nd st. n.w
?g<„ Robprt E. Mattingly
Leo J Peterson, 22. 1809 Lamont st n w ,
and Geraldine O Wiley 24 1820 Ingle
s^tter the Rev R p. Repetn. “gI
Pabnih1CVe2 17®’ and ^elma Eisenberg. 19.
?! Baltimore Rabbi Z. Green
Wal'Pr Fritz. 43. 1430 Oak st. n.w .
and Madaflne E Suddith. .39 2913
tvrl,'[hin 'nn'# ,he Rev 11 M. Hennlg.
Frgn'5 'v Rooney, 24. 4345 Wisconsin ave
n w , and Helen M O Grady. 25. 53.98
Smyth St ° * ' the Rev- Thomas G.
,E■ Marguez. 36. and Emma S
fve n a.' 'Va' br?!l1 °.f 2422 Pennsylvania
_ aieTnw ■ tb<" Rev. Andrew R. Bird
1 J1 - Lemon. 27. Washington, and Sarah
M£c°lman. 26. 1451 Harvard st. n w •
the Rev. J Luther Net! ’
George W Woltz, 25. 581.3 14th st n w
and Barbara C. Kibbey. 21. 1407 Emer
&e Rev «enr» W. Snyder.
Bu.i* Atv^LUs -~?t, and Lillian G Wright,
-3. both of Clarksburg, w. Va, the
Rev. Robert L. Whittenburg.
Mason Hill. 46 Columbia. S. C, and
Ethelme Bright, 41. 620 3rd st. snat1
the Rev William Weaver
Frank T. Yannucci 24. 1010 Independence
ayp s w, and Gertrude F Lawrence. 23.
,-L* R *t s-w : the Rev John C. Ball.
John G Loeffier. 23. 647 Maine ave. sw.
and Vera L. ColUflower. 23. 22.31 Hall
Pi n w.: the Rev Joseph M Gieb.
Ernest J Seabolt. 22. 1423 U st s.e , and
Claudia O Stryker, 18. 12.32 I st. ne;
the Rev. William S. Abernethy.
Jamev M. Franklin, 21. and Olivia A
Ppjn’T. 22. both ol Fairmont Heights,
Md . the Rev C. T. Murray
Henry J, Coy. 27. 3516 A st s.e.. and
Anna J Dunlap. 26. 440.3 14th st. n.w,
Bishoc Edgar B Brossard
James r. Clements. 29 1212 Shepherd
st. n.w, and Julia A Herfurth. 29. 53
Quincy st. n e ; the Rev. Louis F. Milten
Walter Gray, 28 and Elizabeth D Plnger.
21, both ot 1718 16th st. s.e.; the Rev.
J. Jennings Clark.
John B^Arment rout. 26. Bethesda, Md.
and Frances S. Dahl. 23. 612 Sheridan
st. n.w the Rev. Henry Manken, lr.
Edward J Clarke. 27. 3427 Wisconsin ave
n.w and Catherine M. Martin. 25. 4025
Connecticut ave. n.w, the Rev. William
J Walsh.
Llovd ASP Catey. 27. Chevy Chase. Md .
and Jeanette Fuchs. 25. 809 Dahlia st.
n.w.: the Rev. W J. Sweeney
,P,P F Weaver. 25. and Anna M Ryan.
19 both of Bladensburg. Md.; the Rev
J. V Buckley
Theodore c. Caylor. 23, Arlington, Va, and
Dora F. Shiffie;. 21 1426 K st. n.w.: the
Rev. Charles B. Austin.
George P Wooddell. 26. Tampa Fla . and
Madeleine M. Duncan 26. 624 Maryland
ave n.f : the Rev J c Ball
David A Salmon. 62. 322.3 Klingle rd n w .
and Irene L. Perkins. 30. 2700 Connecti
cut ave. n.w.: the Rev. Frederick B
Elmer B Muterspaugh. 27, 418 Massa
chusetts ave. n.w, and Frances E. Mor
l?,0-.18 818 Sth ®t. n w.; the Rev. John
w. Rustin
George E Mohler. 28, Buffalo. N. Y, and
Mildred H Preston. 23, 3505 Runny
mede pi : the Rev. M P German
John V. Sample. 25. 4726 5th st n.w , and
Mary E. Birch. 23. 3722 Veazey st. n.w
the Rev. Russell A Phelan
John M_Connel] jr, 22, 4717 15th st. n.w,
and Eleanor F Boyland. 26. 4832 Alton
PI. n.w.: the Rev. Cornelius J Dacev
Edgar C Van Dyke. Jr, 30, 29.35 McKinlev
aL n.w, and Maria H Duis. 24 1920
tbp R<v o E Leniki.
John W coffin. 25, 4435 P st. n w, and
Miriam A Hilton. 23. 1819 G st. n w •
the Rev. Albert J. McCartney.
Max Rosenfeld. 23, 640 15th st ne, and
Maxine R Sachs. 24, 3811 Georgia ave.
Rev. Solomon H Metz
Albert Newman. 22, and Harriet D. Leven
erub. 316 both of 1101 6th st. s.w ; Judge
Robert. E. Mattingly
Wllham Davis, 61. 62« T st. ne. and
Charlotte M Cutter. 41, 634 F st. n e :
the Rev. John C. Ball.
Deaths Reported
Marv Wofford 89, 6000 New Hampshire
Richard A. Buechier. 87, Bt. Elizabeth's
Mary A. Reeves, 87. 6 Adams st. n w.
Mary M. Lusby, 82, 723 East Capitol at.
A. Ward Evans, 80. 3217 Macomb st. n.w.
Willis T. Wolfe, 80, 141 Bates st. n.w.
Franceska Betz, 80. 1005 Bryant st. n.e.
Maria M. Creel. 89. 515 7th st. n.e
Joseph Zoffin, 79. Ill Quackenbos st.
Elizabeth Bond. 78. Emergency Hospital.
Ida B. Dunnlngton. 76, 842 Madison at.
Evia Williams, 74, Casualty Hospital.
Sadie R. Meek. 72, 1736 Columbia rd. n m.
Chaoman A. Siye. 72. St Elizabeth's Hos
John H. Brlnley. 71, C, S. Soldiers’ Home
Bridget M. Cushing. 70. 1422 V st. i t
Alma Carr, 65. Georgetown University
Minnie Daniels. 84. Georgetown University
Robert Carr, 64. Casualty Hospital. '
Arthur Vaughn, 64. Gallinger Hospital.
William Dutton. 32. Providence Hospital.
Infant Wilbur J. Hill, 7. Sibley Memorial
Infant Benton M. Kreimer, Sibley Memorial
Infant Sebastian. Sibley Memorial Hospital.
Infant Howerton. 1339 H st. n.w.
Infant Young. Columbia Hospital.
Infant Leaberry. Columbia Hospital.
Infant Turner, Gallinger Hospital.
Julia H. Hayes, 80. Freedmen’s Hospital.
Isiah Wilson, 69. Home for Aged and In
Arthur Watson. 69, Casualty Hospital.
Helen Lyles. 57, Home for Aged and Infirm.
Erma Stewart. 43, Gallinger Hospital.
John W. Curtis, 17. 1490 Morris rd. se.
Infant Lorraine Ford. Gallinger Hospital.
Infant Simmons, Gallinger Hospital.
Infant Wellington. Columbia Hospital.
Infant Jones, Children's Hospital.
Births Reported
Theodore and Helen Anderson, girl.
Bernard and Dorothea Cooke, boy.
Paul and Hazel Eschinger. girl.
Donald dand Helen Murray, boy.
Clarence and Florence Parker, girl.
Jacob and Sally Sperling, girl.
Patrick and Betty Bromley, boy
William and Bernice Crandall, girl.
Frank and Irene Frere, girl.
Elbert and Della Nellis, girl.
Robert and Helen Smithley. boy.
Rufus and Beulah Davis, boy
Richard and Eugene Coley, boy.
Coster and Estelle Bennett, girl.
Chapter to Accept Aid
For Yugoslavia, Greece
The District Chapter of the Amer
ican Red Cross will accept contribu
tions for war relief work in Yugo
slavia and Greece, it was announced
today by the local chairman, Gen.
F. R. Keefer.
Contributions will be forwarded
to natioonal headquarters of the Red
Cross, which has already arranged
for $3,000,000 worth of relief for the
two countries.
Local Advertisers
Three Lines (Minimum)
1 time_23c per line
3 times _20c “ "
7 times or longer, consecu
tively _ 19c ** "
Situations Wanted
Reduced Rates
3 lines, 1 time, 20c line_$ .60
3 lines, 2 times, 18c line_1.08
3 lines, 3 times, 15c line_ 1.35
Claims for errors must be made in
time for correction before the second
sertion of 10 lines or less; 15c per
line for additional lines.
Business advertisements under Situ
ations Wanted will be charged the
i regular classified rate.
Business cards under Special No
tices and all advertisements under
Personal 3c per line additional.
The Star is the great "Want Ad”
medium of Washington, and the rates
charged are far lower than thos£ of
I newspapers in other large cities. Noth
ing is so cheap considering the results
! obtained.
debts contracted by any one other than my
self. WALTER H KERR. 4!0 10th St.
j n.e. _ __8*
; dumping. Need dirt, concrete for a good
fill. AT 4718 after 5_p.m._12*
! debts contracted bv any one other than
myself._C. H. KING. Allentown. Md.
Taranto has retired from his con
nections with the business of Taranto &
Wasman. 1331 L st n.w. The said business
! is now a sole proprietorship In the name of
ANDREW B. SMITH JR trading as Tar
anto & Wasman. All debts to be con
tracted by ANDREW B SMITH, JR , on and
after April 5. 1341.___8*
debts other than those contracted by my
self MAXWELL Q COLEMAN. 1222 Oueen
st. n.e._10*
debts other than those contracted by mv
self FREDA BAKER. ‘104 lstst se in*
BILLFOLD last Sun. afternoon probably
in telephone booth. Peoples Drug Store.
I8rh and Col. rd. n.w. Reward Adams
7814 ft*
BILLFOLD, brown. April 1, In restaurant on
14th st . $50 Reward GE. JWJ80
BILLFOLD, black containing $50. in
Smithsonian Institute or taxi between
Smithsonian and Mayflower Hot**l Re
turn lost and found dept . Mayflower.
BLUE STONE and rhine stone coat pin
on Conn. ave. Reward Call AD 0941,
r after 6 p m
grain, gold Initials. ' F D ” Liberal re
ward. Call National 3120. Ext. 1201
CHILD’S PURSE containing glasses: name
on cas° "Schpurman of Cleveland Ohio ’
Lost at Zoo Sunday Reward WO. 1359.
COCKER SPANIEL, brown, light spot on
nose collar, but no tag child s pet. Re
ward_Dupont 2520.
! DOG. brindle. white leer, answers to name
of "Bozo.” Reward Oliver 4177. Vicm
i itv Leland st . Ch. Ch . Md. _
EXGIN WATCH with leather band be
tween 14th and U sts. and 14th and F
Thur.->day WO. 861fi evenings._Reward.
FOX TERRIER PUPPY, white with brown
; spots male lost vie 16th and Decatur
Name _^Tippy ” Reward. GE 4814
! IRISH TERRIER tan. vicinity Chevy
Chase Circle Md . license No 6434 Phone
Wisconsin 9448
LADY’S POCKETBOOK. Chillura Heights,
contains glasses and money. Return
glasses only. TA. 1361. _ __
POLICE DOG. light tan maie. vie Potomac
towpath scar on forehead 18 mo Re
ward WI 5389 _
PURSE. In hat store. April 5th; large black
English make purse Reward if contents
are returned especially Govt, pass and
keys _ AT. 3963-J ._8*
' spo' on hip. one brown ear and eye Re
| ward Cal! Sligo 3474
WIRE-HAIRED TERRIER, male, wearing
; very heavy collar, no tag. vicinity Silver
Spring Md . Saturday. Reward. SH.
1 6580._
; WRIST WATCH, woman's white gold Ham
j ilton. vie. K st bet. 16th and Conn or
Conn ave bet. K and L HA 2366 *
WRIST WATCH, man s silver Longines.
, name on back: «10 reward. Return 459.
Old House Office Bldg.
WRIST WATCH lady's small diamond
! studded Hamilton, black cord bracelet,
vicinity Y W C A Sligo 9221.
WRIST WATCH, man’s. Swiss. G. O
J Shriver. 35 York court Baltimore en
graved on back Call Plaza 3022. Balti
j more. Md. "
ANIMALS to Animal Rest Shelter. .3800
I Wheeler rd s.e AT 7353 Present facili
ties limited to that class only
IRISH SETTER, male. Call Shepherd 3154
AIR DUCT installation helpers and me
chanics with experience Apply 4711
Berhesda ave. Bethesda._ Md to 8 p.m.
ARTIST, young man. to draw pictures on
the order of strip cartoons. Phone Cole
man Adams^ 8578. _
ASSISTANT MANAGER over 3(1 years of
age. to connect with local branch: selling
experience helpful but not necessary:
earnings above average: give past ex
perience and phone number. Box 212-R.
AUTO GLASS MEN <S>. to install glass:
hours, 8 to 5: exoerienced only. Apply
Taranto & Wasman. 1321 L st. n.w. See
Mr. Smith.__
AUTO MECHANIC, lst-class only, familiar
with Packard. Lincoln and Cadillac: none
other need apply. Reliable Auto Service.
2047 L st. n.w. ____ _
AUTO MECHANIC and tune-up man: lib
eral salary and commission; analyzer oper
ator preferred. Call Wednesday- 8:30 to
12:30. Jack Auto Service Center. 5130
Wisconsin ave. n.w.
have an opening for a man thoroughly
experienced with Chevrolet parts in our
stock room Must be sober, honest and
reliable. State age. experience and salary
expected. Our employes know of this ad.
Box 224-R. Star
AUTO SALESMEN to sell new and used
cars: salary and commission: let's talk
this over Ask for Mr. Pettit, Lincoln Park
Motors, 141-151 13th st, n.e. _
AUTO SALESMEN—2 men with real sales
ability can find a real opportunity with a
live organization selling used cars, and will
also be allowed to sell new cars. To such
a man we can offer the best commission
basis in town, with transportation and a
drawing account furnished if you aualify.
See Mr. Roner, Edw G. Adams Co, 822
Potomac ave. s.e. Franklin 1322._
in sale of Chrysler and Plymouth. Must
be a producer to qualify. Sid Wellborn.
Chrysler-Plymouth, 8000 Ga. ave., Silver
Spring. Md._SH. 4500.__ _
AUTO SALESMEN, several needed to sell
new and used cars. We will train young
men. furnish demonstrators and prospects
to those whc can qualify and are willing
to work Must have good references and
be able to furnish bond. Small salary
and commission while learning the busi
ness. For interview see Mr. Carl at Call
Carl. Georgia avenue at Peabody street._
AUTO TRIMMERS and unholsterv men. 2:
hours. 8-5: experienced only Apply Ta
ranto & Wasman, 1321 L st. n.w. See
Mr, Smith_____.
AWNING ESTIMATOR, experienced only:
good position. Write Box 239-R. Star_
BAKER’S HELPER. ADDly 1736 Wilson
blvd.. Arlington. Va.. Village Bakery.
BODY AND FENDER MAN. experienced:
good working conditions and highest wages.
ADDly Mr. Bartram, Lustine-Nicholson,
Hyattsvllle. Md.__
BOY, white, with small car, for delivery.
Apply 1108 9th at, n.w.__ _
BOY. white, to do general work about store.
The Button Store, 725 life st. n.w, *
BOY, white, 18-20 years old. for clerk in
laundry office. Apply The Pioneer Laun
dry. 930 R. I. ave. n.e.. Wednesday.
BRICKLAYERS, white: $11 a day Call
Warlick. Michigan 0639. Sunday and
evenings _13*_
BUSBOY. with some cooking experience:
salary, meals and bus fare. Kelly’s Res
taurant. Capitol Heights. Md._*
CAR WASHER, Inside washing. Call at
Jack’s Auto Serviscenter, 5130 Wis. ave.
CHAUFFEUR, houseman, yardman:' refer
ences required. NO. 0114,_
CHECKER and sorter for laundry; start
ing salary, $18: bright future for serious,
intelligent worker; hours, 3 p.m. to 1
a.m. Apply to Mr. Joe Ruff, between 4
and 6 P.m.. American Linen Service Co.,
2306 Georgia ave. n.w.
CIGAR SALESMAN, part time. 6 t» 11
p.m. Apply Whelan Drug Store, 14th and
Columbia rd. n.w.
COLLECTOR, with car. to collect and sell
on old-established routes: good Income as
sured: vacancy due to previous collectors
promotion. Apply Mr. Trattner. 6311
Georgia ave.
COOK, colored. slTort order end sand
wich experience, 21 to 36 years, ref.:
no phone calls Apply 3 to 6 p.m., Tally
ho Restaurant. 810 17th st. n.w._
COOK, lst-class. must have references.
Apnly Old New Orleans Restaurant, 1214
18th st. n.w., between 2:30 and 6._
COOK, colored, experienced, reliable. Ap
ply 1003 You st. n.w._
COOK. 3rd. colored, single, permanent
for institution; salary, room and board.
Lincoln_2450.__ _
COOK, colored, for restaurant. 707 T
st. n.w.__
COUNTERMAN, with-light grill experience.
Apply at Country Kitchens, 1031 17th
st. n.w. _ _ _
COUNT8RMAN and steam table: good
character. Apply B li B Cafe. 2nd and
Penn, gve. g.e.__
DELIVERY BOY for grocery store, from
nearbv Hyattsville or vicinity. Apply at
Akman Market. 609 Defense highway.
Phone Hyattsville 0236. _
DRY CLEANER, thoroughly experienced;
germanent position. Vogue, 826 Bladens
urg rd. n.e.___ 9*
DRY CLEANING help wanted, spotters,
pressers. washers, markers and all other
experienced help. Apply Premier Cleaners,
rear 633 H 4, n.e._
ESTIMATOR, lumber, mill woik. hardware;
must be familiar with blueprints: perm
anent position with old established con
cern: state age exp., education, salary
desired. Box 421-L, Star._
FIRST-CLASS body and fender mechanic
and auto painter. Sterling 9657. •
Apply 2021 Virginia ave. n.w.
Industrious and with some experience:
salary and commission Apply Haines Qas
Station. 6503 ,Ga. ave n.wn_
GROCERY CLERK, colored, must have
market experience. Apply 1906 7th at.
n. w._ ___
concern can place 3 young men in outside
order department Can average S25
weekly, chance to travel. Fine chance for
advancement. Apply Mr. Broadhurst,
1333 G st. n.w., Rm. 708, alter 2 p.m.
No phone calls _____
JANITOR, licensed, reliable experienced,
colored man for large apt. building; ref
erences repuired^_Box 268-X, Star.
JANITOR, must be willing to work and
have references. Apply Wednesday morn
ing. 7 o'clock Federal Finance Co . 915
New York ave. n.w._*
JANITOR, colored, single, accommodations
for 1, preferably bet age of 20 and 36
yrs. Box 211-R. Star.
LAW OFFICE wants male stenographer of
settled habits, preferably over thirty. Box
283-X. Star._11 •_
LICENSED M D. chiropractor, physio
therapist or naturopath to do 2 hours of
service a week for $5 an hour. Michi
gan 0072.
MAN. young, with drugstore and luncheon
ette experience, with references. Tipton &
Myers. 14th and H. I ave
MAN. exper shoe repairer, also man. expert
hat cleaner. Capitol Valet Shop. 606 Oth
st n.w.. 7:30 a.m._
MAN for educational promotion work on
popular plan: must be hard workers liberal
weekly salary and bonus arrangement. See
Mr Lutton, Arthur Jordan Piano Com
pany, corner 13th and G st*
MAN, young, colored, to dress poultry;
must have good reference; good position
Alexandria Open Air Market. 181(1 King
st.. Alexandria. Va Alexandria 9589.
MAN. young to drive light delivery truck
and work in grocery store, experience
preferred but not necessary. Jefferson
Market. 6407 Ga avp n w
MAN. 20-30. free to travel. No. Va home
week ends, car furnished established
repeat business; sales exper not nec: about
$35 wk. 1427 Eye st. n.w.. Rm. 205
MAN. colored, wash cars; references nec
essary Apply Burrows Service St a., 6621
Wisconsin ave Chevy Chase. Md._1<»*
MAN. young, colored for grocery. Kay's
Market. 2446 Nichols ave. * e._
MAN young. 18-22, neat appearing, high
school education, to fill draft vacancy of
national sales organization. Experience
unnecessary. Must travel extensively 35
States Expense account, car furnished;
liberal remuneration. Apply Mr. Williams,
Cairo Hotel. 10 a.m. to pm Wed._•
MEN—We need 4 aggressive men to sell
nationally advertised goods on small weekly
payments; there is a big demand for our
line and producers earn big money. Apply
Mr Trattner. 5311 Georgia ave_ *
MEN «white), with sedans or station
wagons, to distribute samples; 5-week tob
Apply Wednesday. Aortl P to J M Ellis.
National Trucking & Storage Co. 1435
New York ave n e _•
MEN vour.g (2). to work with manager
of large national organization must be
neat appearing and ambitious no selling
involved real opportunity and good earn
ing* Call 8:30-10 am. 1406 H st. n e.,
2nd floor __
MEN—An Ohio corp with local office can
use 2 mer. over 4<» years of age. to assist
manager splendid opportunity for live wire
Apply Room 4 1731 K st n.w Wednesday
afternoon 3 to 6 Ask for Mr Kf .>o
MOTORCYCLE BOY for pickup and de
livery of cars Must have D C and Md
permits Apply 4718 Hampden lane Beth
PAPER HANGERS. 2. first class, that do
knife and straight edge work If you
can do painting we have a good job for
you. 2434 J8th st. nw Columbia 8705.
PRESSER. for wool and linen Apply Dry
Cleaning Dept Washington Laundry. 27th
and K sis, n w_
PRINTER S APPRENTICE hieh school, ex
perienced on case «10 1623 H st. n w •
PRINTER, experienced: one who can take
charge of shop, estimate, etc Call at
Earl's. Inc. 412 New Jersey ave nw
between •? and 3 P m Wed . April 9th;
middle-aged man preferred.
RECEIVING CLERK wholesale electrical
supply house experience required. S'a'r
age education, references, experience. Box
27 4-X._Star
PEG PHARMACIST or ree assistant;
state age. ref . salary; reg in Md
Brunswick. Md.. Box 26. A. G. Horine.
Federal Contracting Co.. Inc . 915 New
York avp n.w. _*
ROUTE SALESMAN for laundry, selling ex
perience necessary; married man with re
sponsibilities. good salary Box_142-R. Star.
SALES ASSISTANT, excellent opportunity,
wholesale electrical supply house experi
enced preferred. State age. education, ref
erences. experience._Box 275-X. Star
SALESMAN-COLLECTOR for Jewelry, natf
adv watches diamonds exp not nee.:
salary and comm Benson s. 1319 F st..
Room 202.__
SALESMEN summer suits, advertised In
Esouire”; big commissions daily Call Mr.
Paul. 10-12, 2-5. National 8510 for ap
Advancement assured. Apply 634 Fla.
ave. n.w.
SHOEMAKER, colored, capable. Appl'
3182 Mt Pleasant st. n.w.. Smith's
Cleaners.JTO. 5767
SHOEMAKER American, for valet shop
opening in Clarendon. Va good proposi
tion guaranteed salary and percentage.
Apply 3018 Wilson blvd . Arlington. Va.
SHOE SALESMEN, experienced, full and
part rime. Hollywood Shoes, 3312 14th
st. n.w.
SILK FT NISH ER. Apply Dry Cleaning
Dept. Washington Laundry. 27th and K
stv n w* ___
SLATE ROOFERS 2. experienced Apply
W. E Griffin. B. & O tracks and River rd.,
Md. 7:30 a m Wednesday
SODA DISPENSER—Good opportunity for
experienced man; good pay Apply Bab
bit t*s. 1106 F st. n.w. _
enced. Cathedral Pharmacy, 3000 Conn,
avp. n.w.
reliable Congressional Drug Store. 113
SPOTTERS, silk or wool. Excellent op
portunity for the right men. Vogue, 826
Bladensburg rd. n.e._9*
WHITE, with D C. permit: experienced
in grocery. 3704 Nichols ave. § e.
-By Bruno
Ufu o«c eirr >
TWO /ffAQS /
taking mo chances, the -STUDIO
TRAVEL CLERK. Kev.Mone Automobile Club, j
21-2H, must know city and should know
V. 3. well. ADPly Wednesday. April 9. at
9 ».m., 1643 Conn ave. n.w,_
WANTED SEVERAL MEN with sales ex
perience Can earn about $25 weekly to
»tart. 920 National Press Bldg._
WAITER, colored, experienced, reliable.
Apply 1003 You at. n.w._
Driver-salesmen with own trucks to
distribute direct retail dealers. Assigned
routes in city and suburbs. Call Du
pont 7112_for_appotntment. _
Young man for office of large, well
rstablished automobile dealer handling
budget, car installments and open ac
counts Excellent opportunity for one
with experience in credit, collection and
general office work. Reply stating ag°.
experience, education and salary expected.
Box tiX-X. Star. _
years of age, experience not
necessary. Applicants under 21
years of age must have birth cer
tificate or other suitable evidence
of age. Steady work, chance for
advancement. Apply in person,
employment department. Peoples
Drug Stores. 77 P st. n.e., 9 a.m.
to noon daily. __
At once for permanent position references
and car required Rood pay with expense
arrangement demonstration sales work
Apply Si to 12 only. Century Metalcraft
Corn .,_3548 14th at r. w _
Experienced m soliciting overdue accounts
for collection Must ana be of
good appearance and aggr< ssive. Salary
and commission (or the right men Apply
with_ full particulars. Box 4*.!>-R.__Star.
Has openings for men over 21 years of age
to drive: must be residents of D C or
Metropolitan Area for 1 year: free instruc
i tion: can earn *25 to $35 wfcly Apply at
I 10 a m promptly for further details. 310
M st. n.e Ask for Mr Booth
1 21 years of age with one-year residence
1 in D C. or nearby Md or Va.. with D C
operator’s permit to drive
Apply Mr A L Llvsie Rrn 111 1735
i 14th st. n.w between 3 and 5 pm.
Men, due to increased business we are
! selecting two neat aggressive men over
i 24 Department store experience ’in
: necessary permanent; future good earn
ings to start, car necessary Apply em
ployment office, fith floor, 10 am. Wed
nesday _
To assist sales manager oliciting new
accounts for our budget dept. Good pay
with chance for promotion to right party.
Mr T?ff. 1811 Rhode Island ave. n.e.,
between $ and 5 pm.
Must have experience in lubrication, tires
and battery work; steady lob for the right
man Broida Service Station. 1735 Ben
ning rd n e _
Full c»r part time, to serve regular cus
tomers Must be neat and have at least
seventh-grade education Afje no handicap
if active Earning art at once Average
S2<» to ^30 weekly Exnertence not neces
saiy. WE TRAIN YOU P” :ne-- under
race management Apply 2«03 P st. n w .,
in -o 12 a.m _
For new Spillway alleys: plenty of games,
4c straight. Apply ready for work 2004
: Nichols ave - e
A number of positions for boys
' and men 16 to 30 years of age.
I some of these positions require
the use of automobiles, others
bicycles: also walking positions.
Apply Western Union Telegraph
Co.. 1317 New York ave. n.w.
Steady work at good pay
for men who can qualify.
For complete details send
post card or apply in person
8 to 10 a.m. Monday through
, Friday.
Employment Division,
Capital Transit Company.
36th and Prospect Streets N.W.,
_Washington. D. C.
SALESMAN good knowledge of drafting
i supplies and equipment including repro
I duction papers: mu*t be U. S. citizen, have
! nleasinjr personality, ability t0 get along
with people preferably nor in draft, car
desirable. Give age. education, experience,
religion, references and salary expected,
te Box 55-X S
SALESMAN, experienced wholesale automo
tive parts and accessories Apply by letter
only. Southern Wholesalers. Inc 15H» L
st. n w._1°*__
Must have car and D, C real estate
| license See MR, BAKER. 1420 K st. n w.
Secretaries, typists, bookkeepers, dicta
phone operators, male and leniait salaries
up to $35 wk 15-25 opemnes daily. No
charge unless placed Visit today.
13.13 F St. tEst. 2.1 Years > _
SECRETARIES. .1 male *30 wk
SECRETARY, m,. statistical, *25 wk.
i CASHIER, m.. evening work. open.
SECRETARIES. 2. I.. ins. exp. *25 wk.
SECRETARIES. 2. f . legal exp.. S30 wk.
SECRETARIES. 5. f.. beginners ?17 wk.
NURSEMAID-aoverness exceHen’ salary.
ADAMS AGENCY 204 Colorado Building
1 RELIABLE AGENCY. DE. 5561. 1402 11th,
has cook* houseworkers. chambermaids,
waitresses, nurses, day worker*, part-timers.
COUPLE, no children: handv m.r woman
a,s cook and g h.w\: private quarters board
and $50 per month. Call aft^T 2 p m..
NO <•}.,: l
COUPLE, colored: city refs : sta* night
basement quarters Able to do any work
around house Care of lawn; $25 mo. ea.
to start. Box 203-R. Star._
STENOGRAPHER-CLERK for real estate
office. State qualifications, experience and
salary expected in own handwriting Resi
dent of Arlington preferred. Box 67-X.
S' .4 ' _
WILL GIVE man and wife 1 room and
kitchenette in exchange for wife 5 service:
no salary. Man must be employed. Call
MI. 1718. _ _ __
$10—W! PAY—$10
SETTLED, no children, city references ex
perienced in boarding house, general work.
Owner. 1309 I7tn st. n w.
QUICK review course in shorthand type
writing. bookk^pmg. calculating machines.
New classes now starting. Enroll at BOYD
SCHOOL. 1 MMi F st._NA Sill*
GREGG SHORTHAND, touch typing Eng'
arith . speed dlcL: beginners and review
ers. indv.. inst. 61)06 Conn. ave. WI. OM32.
AUTO DR I VINO taught by expert*: easy
parking a specialty, dual controlled car*
assuring perfect safety Permits secured.
Md Va and D C. Easy Method Driving
School. Randolph 8384 or Randolph 8397.
short, interesting: graduates working n
doctors’, dental, apt houses, auto, offlne*.
Touch typing FREE with course New
classes starting this week Capital P. B.
X. School. 1311 O j§A 2117
LEARN ANY LANGUAGE, by Linguaphone;
easy practical, conversational method
brings voices of native masters into your
home. Inexpensive BALLARD'S. 1340
G st. n.w. NA. 0414-0415
1 4<» Quc St NE_Duoont 1576 12*
3000 14th Sr Hobart (H««.
1101 Vermont Ave. NW
Day-Night Classes Beginning in
TOUCH TYPING New and Advanced.
Under CPA Instructor
SPEEDWRITING the Natural Shorthand.
Learn It in *-lrt Weeks No Weird
Characters to Learn._Just A B C’s >**
Beauty Instruction
In the Best Methods.
_1.»4<> N Y Aie __'Est i'l Yrs.i MI 777%
Warflynn Beauty College.
1310 G St. N.W. _ District _17B3.
Calculating Machine Course
Free with Card Punch.
clerical course fref with card
Bep;n at once The CivjJ Service Prepara
tory School. 525) J‘2th st n w ME A.'i.TT *
BEAUTICIAN expert for permanent posi
tion Anitas Beauty Shop 5612 Con
necticut ave
BEAUTICIAN needed Dorothv Prencip**
Beauty Salon. Skyland, 2441 Good Hope
rd s <
BEAUTY OPERATOR experienced perma
nent position Beauty Nook. 1742 F st._n w.
BEAUTY OPERATOR — Experienced all
around operator. Harper method.
Westory Bldg 14th and F sts or 1714
Conn, ave n.w Permanent position
BEAUTY OPERATOR, experienced, pref
erably with managing ability or n e tal
lowing Call in person. 20<»e; R I ave. n e
BEAUTY OPERATOR, experienced steadv
position. Rosemary Beauty Salon. 127
15th st n e __
BEAUTY OPERATOR, experienced Ethel
Talley Beauty Salon. 1105 F st. r-w
BEAUTY OPERATORS, year-around work
beautiful daylight shop: good salary; apply
immediately. Beauty Box «0!» 14th n.w
BEAUTY OPERATOR steady employment,
salary and commission Gragan Bfa'i’v
Shop 500R Conn. ave_ n.w EM :»7f»<*
BEAUTY OPERATOR, steady job food
pay for one who qualifie Chateau
Beauty Sui< n 1505 Good Hope rd se
BEAUTY OPERATOR all-around exper -
ence: *!* week and commission Anpiv
1715 Wi!>on blvd.. Arlington. Va. Oxford
BEAUTY OPERATOR all-around pfrrr>a
nent position Apply HENRI Beauty Sh' p
Washington Loan A: Trust Bldg, 060 F
st. n.w Room
CLERK, girl. IS to 25. to work in drv
cleaning store Apply between 12 and 6
pm. .2427 14th st n w
COUNTER GIRL for cafeteria, experienced.
21 to years of aee. ref reouired Ap
ply 2 to 5 pm.. Tally-ho Restaurant. Rio
17th St :: w
DRESSMAKER exp to work w:th fitter
references >1S week. Madame Reiss.
1625 Conn a*, e n w.
HAIRDRESSER experienced, steady posi
tion Chevy Chase Beauty Shop. Conn,
ave and McKinley st
HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS o\er IS years of
age: desirable work offering regular em
ployment with opportunities for salary ad
vancement and promotion No experienc*
necessary Apply in person at 722 12th -*
n w Room 101. between the hours of s ■»
?■ m and 5pm _
I concern can place 3 young ladies :n o :
Mde order department Can average *■ .
I weekly, chance to travel Fine chance f •
! advancement APDly Mr Broadhuru 12 :
G st. nw Rm. 70S. after 2 pm N*-*
Phone calls
HOUFEKFEpFR white: permanent hon
! familv of four free to co to beach r
summer 1420 Harvard st n w . Apt '*1
..-invalid. *2-room ant Must h vi
driver’s permit live in. 1 dav off p ■
I pverv ,‘trd Sunday. week Call Bradley
j 0316. Wednesday
LADIES, pref married part or full t:m°
worx. assisting nat'l sale and adv cam
paign- permanent. Not house-to-house
Rm 205. 1427 Eye st n w.
LADY *o copy addressee. part time Apply
own handwriting. Box 204-X. Star
LADY, with unlimited phone, to call m^
S customers, make appointments; salaty.
j Mr Long TA. 2JM W1 •
. LADY, young typist and general office
I work: temporary position, possible perm
anent. 334*2 M st. n w
LADY young, between 25 and 30. for
office work- must write a legible hand
and use typewriter: also be good sales
woman No temporary or part times
considered See Mr. Harris. 3337 Conn
ave. _ __ _
LICENSED M D chiropractor, physio
therapist or naturopath, to do 2 hours of
services a week for J5 an hour. Michi
gan 0072 _
I MASSEUSE young, thoroughly exnerienc*>d.
I to give bo<4> massage, full cr part time
^pplv 14*2!* F n w . ‘2nd floor._
OFFICE SECRETARY—Permanen* povior.
, with engineering a^d law Arm Experience
in all phases of office work required. Box
part time: permanent. Tager Studif
I 3512 Conn, avr
SALESLADIES experienced for dress de
partment: permanent positions. Apply
Blechman’s. corner 7th and H s:s. p f
SEAMSTRESS parr time for a linen surn'y
co. Apply 456 K st. n w _
SEAMSTRESS white for drv cleanmr
plant- must be experienced on linings and
alterations. Box 202-R Star.
SECRETAPY experienced .shorthand
typing, bookkeeping, state age: experience
and references. Box 223-R. Star
SECRET A R Y - STF N OG P A P HER re* I tr r
and insurance office perm, position* am -
racy tsd intelligence more important than
speed Slate exper and salary expected
Replies confidential Boa 75-R Star
SODA GIRLS, full and part-time experi
enced Apply in person. 1*00 D st. ne
STENOGRAPHER experienced chrr’
patent work: take charge small office:
under 35 yrs *130. Box ‘4-R. Star
STENOGRAPHERS capable, efficient, han
dle large volume detail5 experienced offc*
worker steady position old-established
Arm **5 month start, immediate advance
ment: reference5 Box 246-X. Star.
Answer in own handwriting giving full de
tails of experience. Box 27H-X. Siar
have unlimited phone In home pleaean'
work, good salary prefer Arlington en
114. 12-2 pm. _ *
WAITRESS White exp Apply Jsmr'
White Lunch. 517 F st nw
WAITRESSES, experienced, white Apply
Ho-Toy Restaurant. 5522 Conn. ave. be
tween 12 and 5.____*
WAITRESS, size 32-34 pert time Apply
Leons Delicatessen 1131 14th st nw
WAITRESSES ("». oier 21 Salary. Ufais
1 and bus fare. Kelly's Restaurant. Capitol
Heights, Md. _•
! WAITRESS. must hale at least 3 years'
experience: over 21. Apply 51*15 Georgia
ave. r..w. _ _
WAITRESSES <2* experienced over 21
Applv at National Cafe. 1524 M st. n.w.
WAITRESS white experienced in lunch
I eonette. Apply 800 11th_st. n.w
WAITRESS. experienced neat worker,
steady job. no Sunday. Applv KoLens.
637 P si D w
WAITRESS, thoroughly experienced fiver
18. DAVES GRILL, ill B st. sc Frank
i 1 in R5'.*u.
WAITRESS and counter girl: good position
lor experienced girl. Apply Babbitt’s. 110b
WOMAN, middle-aged, while, ua'ncum
bered, to help with housekeeping m guest
home- some sewing and room arrangement
experience helpful: $25 monthly, board
and room Box .'183-L Star._
WOMEN—Earn good commissions selling
by telephone: full or part time. Box 491-R.
Star. __ _
WANTED, experienced fitter for high-class
specialty shop; only those accusiomed to
high-class merchandise need apply. Box
374-L. Star. _
PLY HEARN'S, 806 7th ST.

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