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New Ceramic Paint
Helps Keep Walls
Of Basement Dry
Waferproofing Agent
Merges With Surface
By Chemical Action
Keeping basement walls dry Is a
ma.lor problem in many homes,
whether old or new. With the in
creased use of the basement as a
living space by converting it into a
game room, home workshop or some
other playground it has become more
and more important that that part
of the house be made as dry and
pleasant as the "upper” part of the
homp. In fact, even if the old base
ment is retained, with only the
furnare and a few preserve shelves,
It is important that it be kept dry
so that furnishings and decorations
upstairs aren't harmed by excess
Various ways of combating mois
ture have been brought out from
time to time and now it is possible
to waterproof basement walls so
that they are really dry. Not only j
does this new waterproofing ma
terlal effectively stop water seepage,
but it also provides a good-looking
exterior finish as well. It may be j
used on brick, cement, cement block. !
hollow tile, building tile and other J
unpainted porous masonry surfaces, j
and its fine white finish looks like
• good paint job.
This material, a chemical ceramic !
paint, works quite differently from
ordinary paints or waterproofers. It I
contains no oil, casein or cement, j
and its elements are not only water- j
proof, but they are fireproof and
will resist to the end the alkalinity,
moisture and porosity which ordi- i
narly act as destructive agents in
Becomes Part of Surface.
After it has been put on it doesn't
drv like ordinary paint, but is said
to “bake" itself on by a chemical
action so that it becomes a part of
the surface of the masonry. In
fact, it clings to the masonry in two
ways, by hanging on by strong
physical adhesion and by actually
penetrating into the pores of the
surface then expanding when it sets,
so that it is well anchored.
In this way a powerful water
proof barrier is set up which will
withstand the influx of water. Two
different types of the waterproofing
are available for use on exterior
surfaces, one with a pure white fin
ish and another with a light coral
color, r. hich is valuable for use as an
underroater on porous surfaces such
as masonry, fiber and plaster boards. :
For. exterior decorative finishes
you ran also obtain a waterproof
coating which goes on over the base
coat we have just described. This
material is made in five different
colorings, including cream, buff,
gray, green and blue. The same
colors are also made for interior
finish and are said to be compa
rable to casein and oil paints in cost,
ease of application and color-retain
ing powers.
Thermometer for Bahv.
Tf you have a baby around your
house you more than likely wonder
from rime to time just how it. should
be dressed to meet various weather
conditions. It isn't easy, some
times. to determine whether it is
too cold or too hot for certain kinds
of clothes and you have to make a
hit-or-miss guess, using inside tem
peratures and possibly the weather
page of the newspaper.
A new thermometer has been
brought out recently, however, which
takes the guesswork out of this
problem and practically dresses the
child for you. The thermometer
itself is an accurate one of the clin
ical type and is inclosed in a sturdy
glass tube which protects it from
the ravages of the weather. It is
sealed a Neither end by plastic sup
ports which arc screwed to the win
dow frame outside in a convenient
The babv-dressing part of it comes
In on a new type of scale which not i
only gives you the temperature in
degrees, but also show's you how
the child should be dressed for va
rious temperatures by means of
clever little sketches placed along
side the numbers. These sketches
range from a small house down in
the zero area, when the baby should
be kept indoors, on upward through
heavy clothes for outdoors, sweaters
for moderate cool weather, light
clothes for warm weather, etc.
* * * *
Note: For further information
nbnut any of the products de
scribed here, write Mr. Crolius,
The F.venine Star, and inclose a
■tamped, self-addressed envelope.
Louisiana has twice been an in
dependent. State—for 10 months
after revolt against Spanish rule
hi 1769 and for six weeks after
secession from the union and be
fore joining the Confederacy in 1861.
You Can Make It Yourself
Picnics and bench parties are gen
erally haphazard affairs in which
the service of a couple of pack mules
is needed to transport the boxes,
bags, jugs and tables that an aver
age family finds necessary.
In an effort to lighten the burden j
of the poor fellow who has to do the
toting this lightweight combination
lunch hamper and picnic table was
designed It's really a capacious
carrying case which opens to make
a substantial table of the right
height to serve a ground-sitting
Lightness and strength are found
in the selection of materials and in
the construction. The frames are
made of half-inch thick oak stock
and the panels are made of a hard,
pressed fiber board which comes
with one smooth surface and one
matted Access to a circular saw
will be needed in building the ham
per because the frame joints and the
panel grooves must be cut cleanly
and accurately.
The two halves of the hamper are
assembled with glue. The best glue
for the home craftsman, in my ex
perience. is either the cold-water
casein glue or the new synthetic
resin glue for cold water mixing,
both of which come in powder form
with complete and simple directions
for using.
The frames are prepared first.
Four end pieces 3>2 inches wide by
1412 inches long are cut. Four sides
pieces the same width by 30 inches
long are prepared. The side pieces
are rabbeted at the ends to make
the simple joint shown in the en
larged detail In the upper right cor
ner of the accompanying illustra
When this has been done a panel
groove is cut in the outer edge of
each framepiece as shown in the
lower right hand detail. This groove.
’* inch w'ide by ’i inch deep is cut
inch away from the edge. An
average saw blade will cut this
width in one operation. Cut all the
grooves with the same fence setting
and the panels will fit smoothly into
the frame.
Each panel measures 14 'i by 29'i
inches. If the grooves have been
cut accurately the frames should
make a tight fit around the panels, t
If not. trim the panels lightly on the
saw until the comer joints meet
flrmlv. Then prepare the glue and
assemble the two halves of the
hamper. Use the glue liberally in
the grooves and joints. Cabinet
clamps will help in this job but if
they are not available, soft cotton
rope wound tightly around each
assembly will serve to press the
joints together until the glue has
Allow the glue 24 hours to become
hard. While this time is passing
the triangular reinforcing blocks
can be cut and the legs can be pre
pared The blocks are glued into
all eight corners and small C clamps
will be needed to pull them tight.
The legs, made of the half-inch oak
stock, are 2 inches wide by 12 inches
long. The pivot end is rounded and
holes are drilled in the leg and
frame to take a quarter-inch car
riage bolt, fitted with a wingnut.
The comers' of the two halves of
the hamper are next rounded, as
shown, with a wood rasp followed
21 Annapolis Candidates ’
File for Cify Primary
Bj rhf Associated Press.
ANNAPOLIS. Mri., June 7.—j
Twenty-one candidates filed certi
ficates for Annapolis municipal offi
ces yesterday with a primary con
test assured in the second, third
and fourth city wards June 16.
William U. McCready, Democrat,
and Joseph M. Armstrong. Re
publican, are unopposed in the
primary for Mayor. They will op- i
pose each other in the regular elec- j
tion July 14.
Three Democrats—Edward T.
Beavin, Charles G. Bernstein and
J. William Graham, a candidate for j
re-election—are seeking two Demo
cratic aldermanic nominations in
the second ward.
Four Democrats—Arthur G. El- ,
lington. Sam Fertitta. Bernard C.
Hoff a/id Alderman John J. Stehle
—will fight it out for two aider
manic nominations in the third i
ward. >V|
The Republican fourth ward pri
i —A
Construction loons and
permanent long term
financing for apart
ment house and busi
ness property develop
ment or refinancing.
• •
Tyler & Rutherford, Inc.
1512 L St. NA. 0475
I1 J
A Community of Distinctive New Homes
Just West of Chevy Chase Circle
(Corner of Montgomery)
First floor knotty pine den with lavatory, kitchen with breakfost
alcove, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, unfinished attic, recreation room
and ample space for servant's quarters in the basement, built-in
garage and about 12,400 sq ft. of beautifully landscaped
grounds. Priced at $18,500. Other homes from $16,500.
TO RfACH Drive "«t Wisconsin Are.
to Oliver St. IIft afreet on right
east the Dntriet line) turn right two
hloekt to property. investment Ride. DI«t. ASA*
mary contest will be between
Charles L. Spriggs, incumbent;
Alphonse G. Addison and James J
Biggest Detached
Home Value—
Exhibit Homa FurniahaJ by
6017 New
Hampshire Ave.
R larae rooms (.1 bedrooms*, beau
tiful tiled bath, de luxe kitchen with
steel cabinets. larse covered porch,
air-conditioned hear, full basement
with laundry and lavatory. Bus al
your doo”, all city conveniences
Tn Reach: Drive nut New Hamp
shire Arevve to Peabodu Street and
homes (just across from the Past
ern Star HomeJ.
Built by Culvert Builders
1515 K St. N.W. District 3100
by a dressing with sandpaper. Knot
ted rope handles are recommended
and holes to fit the rope selected
should be drilled. Space these holes
close to the panel edge to avoid
straining the frame.
A piano hinge with half-inch
wings, opening to 1 inch, is recom
mended as the strongest method of
joining the two halves of the ham
per. Three or four butt hinges of
the same size will serve, however.*
The only other fitting for the ham
per are two catches to make it se
cure when it is closed. These are
not shown in the illustration be
cause every hardware stole will have
a different type. In a pinch an ordi- j
nary hook and eye fastening will
serve. Two should be used, however,
because a solid fastening of the
namper is necessary if two people
should volunteer to carry it, each
grabbing one of the lope handles.
The finish of the hamper is largely
a matter of individual taste. The
pressed wood panels have a natural
dark coloring which would blend
well with a stained and varnished
frame. The whole thing can also
be lacquered or enameled any de
sired color. Before any finish is
applied the frame should be sand
papered carefullv and all sharp
edges and surface roughness re- j
District to Investigate
Protest on Overtime
Members of the Board of Com
missioners yesterday promised rep
resentatives of the United Federal
Workers of America (C. I. O ), Local
No. 183, representing District gov
ernment workers, they would in
vestigate reports that certain per
diem employes of the Sewer, City
Refuse and Highway Departments
of the municipal government were
being worked illegally more than
40 hours a week.
Protests regarding this overtime
work situation had been filed with
the city heads by a C. I. O. delega
tion including Henry Rhine, .na
tional organizer of the U. F. W.
local: John J. McDonald, president
of the U. F. W. local: Elmer H. Ches
eldine. secretary of the local, and
Felix Keppler, member of the Exec
utive Committee of the local and
chairman of its City Refuse Com
Kugel Heads Smoke Group
H. Kenneth Kugel, smoke regu
lation chief for the District, was
elected president of the Smoke Pre
vention Association of America at
the closing session yesterday of the
3.5th annual convention in Atlanta,
Ga. Delegates selected Cleveland
as the 1942 convention city.
Dr. Cardozo Sails for Rio
Dr. Manoel S. Cardozo, curator
of the Lima Library of Catholic
Univeisity, sailed yesterday for Rio
de Janiero. He will visit the princi
pal schools in Brazil, Uruguay and
Argentina, and will obtain new
books for the library.
These all-brick homes are one of the
best values or. today's market. They
ha vp large living room with wood
burning Prep.are dining room fully
equipped moriprn kitchen with K cuhtc
ft i efi iterator, ?;ie ba‘h with shower,
full basement, attic snare for addi
tional rooms, oak floors, furred walls
fully insulated, oil heat largp rear
porch and large lor 2? sold. 8 left.
Drive not Wilson Bird through Clar
endon to North Albemarle St., left to
C’Hest. »H17 HObart 5.TJ*
CHeat. .MM 9 On. 2194
A Netv Homp in Clwiy Chasp, I). C,
This new home is situoted in one of the city's finest residential sec
tions—convenient to everything It contains four bedrooms, two
baths, first-floor lavatory, finished recreation room and air con
ditioned heot A hou'e of quality at a price the
coreful buyer will appreciate. Built by Miller K. 514 950
Reading_ __ _ _ _ 1
Open Today and Every Day
1417 K Street Realtors NAtional 9300
Built by
HERE is a home with the solid, enduring virtues of good, simple, Colonial lines,
a comfortable plan with appealing details. HERE you will have the pleasure
of wide, view-catching windows admitting abundant sunlight and air, and will en
joy the open, uncluttered space inside the house.
HERE wall papers have been selected in a variety of lovely colorings to bring the
full measure of charm and beauty to the home.
HERE you may have the fun of green grass and gardens, trees and flowering shrubs
on this large lot, 100x215.
HERE are four spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms with built-in magazine compart
ments, with a paneled and painted library with built-in bookcases and cabinets.
To Reach: Out W’scons’n Avenue to
^kevv flinti WA-JL., Bethesda, turn left at the Bank on
cnevy inase, WUOdley Edgemoor Lane and continue two
D C 3 300 blocks to Clarendon Road, then right
one Mori to Moorland Lane and left
WULORLM JR..PM* property.
Dunbarton Commencement
To Be Held Tomorrow
Mast Rev. John M. McNamara.
Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore, will
preside at commencement exercises j
of Dunbarton College of the Holy I
Crass tomorrow at, 8:15 pm.
The Rev. Joseph R. Slavin. O. P.,
of the faculty of Catholic Univer- ;
sity will speak and Dr. Roy J.
Deferrari, secretary general of the
university, will confer degrees on j
20 students.
At 9 a m. tomorrow the baccalaure- ;
ate exercises will be held, with 1
Bishop Joseph M, Corrigan, rector
of Catholic University, the celebrant.
The centenary of the founding of
the Sisters of the Holy Cross will be
celebrated at the exercises. Gradu
ates will be Elizabeth Batchelder,
Regina Bushwaller, Eileen Dwyer, •,
Lillian Grigg. Janet Handy. Josce- j
lyn Harris, Anne Hunt, Elizabeth
Janezeck, Mary Ann Kennedy, Ger
trude Kirk, Lucille Kirk, Elizabeth
La Baie, Anastasia McCloud, Mary
Rickel, Mary Ethel Roddy, Rose
Ruppert, Doris Tansley. Ann Maria
Vieth, Anna Marie Walsh and Rita
Zuch. j
A Mott Up-to-Dote
4 Milei From D. C.
For Sale or Rent
Address Box 412 E, Stor Office
Combining exclusiveness of neighborhood with unequaled construc
tion in Montgomery County's restricted small home community.
Prices Start at S4r^350 F. H. A. Approved
Less than 10 minutes from U. S. Public Health Center and new
Naval Hospital in Bethesda. All neighborhood facilities within
walking distance Featuring: 4 and 5 large rooms and bath; com
pletely insuloted throughout with Johns-Manville products, full
length copper screens, Venetian blinds throughout, Standard plumb
ing fixtures, oir-conditioned, copper gutters and downspouts, copper
water pipes throughout, 6 cu. ft. refrigerator, completely insulated
gas range, hardwood floors, steel beom construction, R. O. W. spring
cushion windows; completely floored second floor; landscaped lot.
All utilities in and poid for.
Exhibit home furnished by Hilda N Miller
To Rearh: Out Wiacnnaln Are. anrl Rnrkville Pike to Ihe enlranre
In Rnrkville. turn riiht on Viera Mill Road In Ihe Rnekrreat
aim. Or out Georiia Ave. In Viera Road left to Rorkrreat aim
Rockville 110-470 Rockville, Md.
Experienced Advertisers Prefer The Star
riii — — m ■■ . i -■ —.__a
8120 West Beach Drive 427 Butternut St. N.W.
New detached brick home* that are truly a spacious detached center-hall residence
different. Seven rooms, two baths, first of six rooms and two baths. Large rerrea
noor den and lavatory, air-conditioned tion room with beautiful bar, oil heat,
heat and garage. ,-rar garage. Builder's
Facing Rock Creek Park! trade-in. Priced to sell.
ONLY 3 LEFT! / m AMERICAN \ _ _ _ _ ^
$12 750 UNIVERSITY PARK $10,950
r New
Oof Ihth St to Kalmia ltd left pc • J B • I Out Georgia Are to Walter Feed
three tgucres to «. Beach Dme USrOCheO DriCKS Hospital turn right on Butternut
and right to homes. * to home.
- $9,550 -
1414 Hemlock !“•:“£,= 708 E. Lelond Si.
IN BEACTIFUL Ifith ST. HEIGHTS Out Wisconsin Are to Athe
On fine elevation, near Var,f wt / <cher, ch„,e. m* ,
school and transportation. a vuim «iooo Home on
C.v.n rnnmc fan ha f Vic wooded lot 90x140 tool Stor-down
jseven rooms, two oatns. tirin* room BSr)nr hbrar
paneled den, finished attic, automatic u»«t«r*. reoeeatfnn room orirete card room and bath
gas heat, garage. *” *■■*"
D.ait.cally SI 2.950 Priced For Below
^ ’ Reproduction Cost
Jufl drive out ltth St. to Hemlock and turn rtfftt r
one square. o*jt Conn. Are. to Leland St. end right r.x squares
[Shannon & luchS]
1505 H St. N.W. REALTORS NA. 2545
Jim Jim jni Jiii ):.:rjni im mrm m hit im wnFwm mi rwi mi rm mu mi mu mu in .m ......
A wonderful home value—a wise investment today
$5,120 to $5,890
Sec the home of your dreams today—
a spacious five or six-room home, in fill* tv V
a beautiful, restricted community of \
individualized, well-separated mod- \
ern dwellings, in Arlington, Virginia. I J
Westover Hills is a distinguished com- \ . ^ J
munitv, modern in every sense of the \ MONTH /
word, convenient to Washington— . Zzr
yet away from the city’s hustle and Apnroxwi^Jin* «*t,
bustle. It’sconvenient togradeschools, h"SjSX’'
junior high and high schools, easily F. H. a. Approved,
reached by bus and car. More than 180 homes have already
been sold, and the balance are being sold fast. Visit West
over Hills today. Consider the amazingly low price of these
fine homes, the easy payments, the many outstanding features
often not found in homes priced much higher. You’ll really
be amazed at the home you can buy . . .for less than the usual
rent in the Washington area.
Come by car or bus—any time between 9 A. M. to 10
P. M. Daily, and see the Model Home. Or Telephone
Arlington, Chestnut 7222, for special appointment.
t. S^-inch Masonry to the roof.
2. Timken Air Conditioning.
3. Parquet Hardwood Floom on
first floor. Hardwood Floor* on
4. Youngstown Freeeed Steel
Kitchen Units and Sink.
5. Entire plot aodded and land
fi. Wid. lot, ampi. upar. h*tw<wn
I 7. Copper Water PI pee through
3. Insulated and Weather-stripped.
9. Full Tile Bath with Shower.
10. Full-length Copper Screens.
11. Full Improv.m.nta, No A»»««»
[ 12. St..| and Cnorr.ta Firat Floor.
IS. Full Conrr.t. Ba».!n»nt, Laun
dry Traya.
i Id. Gaa Rani;, with Automatle
Ov.n Control.
15. Sid.walka, PavH Strw-ta, City
IS. Conv.ni.nt to Srhoola.
17. Exe.ll.od Tranaportation Fa

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