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Bay Defense STAMPS and STAMP Out the Axis!1
Hankin Urges Funds
To Survey District's
Suggests $20,000 as
Minimum in Talk
To Citzens' Group
Gregory Bankln, chairman of the
Public Utiltles Commission, last
night urgee appropriation of funds
amounting to between $30,000 and
$30,000 for a survey of transporta*
tion facilities In the District.
Speaking before a meeting of the
Rhode Isle id Avenue Citizens' As
sociation, Kr. Hankin said the fund,
to be derlvtd from highway surplus
funds, wouil instrument a thorough
Initial transportation “origin and
Capitol Furs should not be con
fused with ordinary fur sales. Every
garment is from regular stock—
every valuation is the actual former
selling price—you share the great
est savings of the year because
of this yearly policy of clearing
stocks prior to inventory. No mat
ter what fur or price you have
in mind, you will find it here. A few
Items are listed, os an example:
$350 Black Dyed Persian Lamb *260
$325 Hudson Seal Dyed Muskrat jM fk
$195 Brown and Grey Dyed Caracul £1 /M HT
Coats.. now
$225 Blended Muskrat $1 H*
$210 Black Dyed Persian Paw HAS
Coats __now
$130 Seal Dyed Coney HAA
Coats_now JFV
Charge Accounts fyvited
1/ / ' 1208 GEE STREET
You don't have to compromise with
quality to find an extraordinary fur
value. Saks’ distinguished Persian
Lambs are characteristic of the sav
ings we offer. Rich, vivid black furs,
superbly styled.
COATS from Wciuora
Save 25% to 50%
Mink Blended Muskrat. Dyed D-| gjm p0
Black caracul Lamb, Dyed Black " I
rerdan raw, Natural Grey Per
dan raw. Reiularly Ills to IMS Tax Included
Natural Grey rerdan Lamb, Dyed W0
China Mink. Dyed Black Persian "
Lamb. Natural Grey Siberian
Squirrel. Reiultrly, |3M to f€»5 Tax Included
Other Groups at Great Reductions
Regular Charge Account
Deferred Payment Plan
Lay-A way Plan
destination" survey, which he said
Is urgently needed at the present
Mr. Han kin added that It would
be desirable, following the first sur
vey, for the checkups to be made
on a continuing basis, possibly at
yearly Intervals, to determine pop
ulation shifts in relation to trans
portation means. Continuing sur
veys, he said, would cost approxi
mately $11,000 yearly.
Pointing out the “antiquation”
of the last transportation survey,
made in 1930, the speaker stated
that such checkups ara imperative
and should be provided for in the
immediate future in order to ac
commodate the influx of Govern
ment defense workers in the Dis
The Rhode Island avenue group
chose John L. Fowler to serve as
president for his second term.
Other elected included Kenneth C.
Buker, first vice president; Mrs.
Eppa L. Norris, second vice presi
dent; Wallace E. Perry, secretary;
Charles F. Green, financial secre
tary; Mrs. Mattie A. Williams, as
sistant secretary, and J. A. Duerk
sen, treasurer. W. L. Howenstine
was re-elected and Fred T. Devine
named to succeed Thomas J.
Llewellyn, delegate for 13 years, as
the association’s representative to
the Federation.
It was announced by Mr. Green,
financial secretary, that the total
paid membership of the associa
tion during 1941 was 993, a record.
Seven new members were admitted
last night, including Mrs. Marie C.
Nold, Fred W. Nerlich, Addison
Hester, C. L. Buxton, A. C. Mosyn
sky, H. Bennett and J. Carl Orey
The meeting was held in the
Woodridge sub-branch library.
Marriage License **
under D. C. law. couples must
apply for a marriage license on
one day, wait three full days and
receive their license on the fifth
day. Sundays and holidays are
counted the same as other days.
James A Long. 19. and Doris G. Saunders,
li. both of 805 New Hampshire ave.
n.w.; the Rev. H. T. Gaskins.
Philip M. Fisher. 31. this city, and Mary
Nlcewarner, 31. Cheverly. Md . the Rev.
J. C. Ball.
Joseph W. Adams. 47. 438 M st. s.e., and
Betty a. Russell. 40, 714 3rd at. a.e.;
the Rev. Georse L. Washington.
3enJamin Payton. 18, 1529 1st st. sw,
and Vivienne V. Oofney. 16. 207 N st.
„ *■*.: the Rev. B. H. Whiting.
Raymond 8. Hall. 24, 1410 C st. se, and
Annie M. Brounson, 21. 615 Virginia 1
ave. s.e.: the Rev. F. F. King,
clarence Brown. 28. 728 3rd st. s w,. and
Alice B- Hal’. 23, 1410 C st. s.e.; the
Rev F. F. King.
W‘1| »P F Dowling. 2.3, Rive. Md . and
Billie N. Sprinkle. 2d. Hillside, Md.: the
liev. M. P. German.
Werner H. Weiss, 21. Aberdeen. Md . and
Vivian M Frulhaber. 21. 2517 Mosart
pi. n.w: the Rev. Henry Manken. Jr.
Marion Williams. 41. 1014 Lament at.
n.w. and Sadie Jones. 25. 1320 V at.
n.w : the Rev. J. c Beckett.
Clarence L. Studwood. 28, Newport News,
Va., and Nellie E. Keys. 23. 611 Florida
i'V 'he Rev Richard W. Rembert.
Teddy E Roas, 27. 807 Maryland ^e. n.e..
?h.d Bradley, 24. 922 GTl. n.w.;
.,i'h* H°»»rd 8. Anderson.
A1hf.r‘ »*• Helter. 27. 2431 E st. n.w.. and
Oladys 8. Royal. 23. 1734 New Hamp
w*« n.w ; „'!?« B,v- T- »• Harris
T3;„*nd Alm» N Whitby,
-1. both of 2611 Virginia ave. n.w : the
Rev. George O. Bullock,
nl* °.n5‘?in' 3,8’ A?,11 Bunker Hill rd.
! , N.'r.^e^v* Web38, Br00klTn’
! J,^erAY.^veiky2823Ar214iSS,0in6'thV.it ' n't*
_ Justice Bolitha J Laws U " ll‘ " W '
Robert. H- Sehwe.kart. 24. and Merva *
E “• **•
the Rev. Florian iurplllot.
George B Gibson. 42, 705 11th st se
»"d Margaret R. Kuhn. 36. 701 Penn
Juit*ee‘ *V*' " : th* R*t- D*"1*1 W.
“‘Ju.'PiS 2fnnl5i ri- Walter Reed Hos
KfSV'S Webste^Vh'n.w*
“‘Sf1?! Berth. I
Bode. 32. both of Burlington. Iowa‘the
_ rvcv- H Pruden.
Frin“' MbOflV' *1. 235 Rhode Island ave.
n.w and CTera M Burke. 43, 741 6th
at. a.e.: the Rev. Fairfax King
ManS W»'f.pwn*4% 22 Fort Belvolr. Va.,
th? nit* Turner. 22. Oberlln. Pe.:
»v* J*0^*1* Anderson.
33, and Dorothea A
FSy*Bemi«?°th 0t 808 L » * ! Rdw
Ruaaell Robinson, 21, 6°6 N st n w and
Rev £L‘»J9- 935 * th?
Rev. Frank E Hearns
H*wt.*.7n?; p,*7n„<\21- 813 8‘h at. s e . and
jneanor L Buller. 10 Hawley, Minn :
the Rev. Howard E. 6nvder
Donald D. McMasters. 43. 1318 13th at
?.*•• *nd Lula1 M_ Lynch. 29. SDartan
A.rJii : 'he Rev Walker Maydeld.
A 10 *nd J'atalie F. Toor.
H* Metz f ®*,tlmore: 'he Rev. Solomon
Eu*'ne P Gllleaoie. 23. Edtewood Arser.l
Hfl and George Ann Smith. "0. 3409
Tt°A.™;T.: U1* ?,rv Pevton R. Williams.
Clerence B. All*n. jr. CC Quartico
* Bita R Holland. Cl. Cleveland
AlJVLndlw Thomas B. D**d.
Alexander H. Underdoun, ir., °p. iiiq
Lamont st n w and Mareuerite O
ReV J.Vniiot3'4 22nd *&
Albert J Miller, ir.. Cl 7°l 7th at a e
*nd He1'" J. Holmes'. 18. 306 8th it
n.e.. the Rev. Carroll C. Roberta.
Births Reported
John »nd Mtrtmt. bov
22 i1'*' "Chard and Grace, boy.
QlTle* *ntl Caroline. *irl.
jjrady John and Jane. boy.
£J?*Z?'!fr' Andre and Jeanne alrl.
S2£5r# 1 and Nancy, girl
CfrdoTer. Henry and Erma, alrl
Cullinane. John and Maraaret. boy.
Dye. Howard and Salll. boy >
Frederick and Franeea. lr., girl.
Fyana. James and Charlotte, boy.
Oosnell Earl and Helen, alrl
Hale. Hasting and Evelyn, girl.
P,Ullnf- boy
$;fybrXSi and Marl*" boV*r**r,t' *,rt'
I® Fr/-^r,«?v
H sslck. Harold and Clara bov
Jr • p*ul »nd Edith boy.
IfS*.. H£rrX Jnd Alice alrl
MrCnHoch John and Elisabeth, hoy.
S’1"' 4r<m*ny *nd Thereat, alrl.
EfT"' WHllam and Olive, alrl.
Piper. One and Hope, elrl
ouade. Me'vln and Helen, alrl
Torera. Robert and Frances alrl.
grohlla. Ous and Ruhv bo*
£•”£: JVnV *nd Eleanor, eiri ,
SELLS' E!rl and Maraaret. alrl.
PParks. Dewev and Marv. hov
Furies. Jr.. Alexander a"d El'»h boy
gainer. Meyer and Marilyn? bov. 7‘
SJJJlf' Rjynay »nd Dorothv, bo*
wood. Alfred and Doroib*. alrl
pJJ?r.Tmin ir"2ld and Father, eirl. ,
Penjamln. Sandy and Queen, alrl.
Raf"..Melvin and Mary. elrl.
Cole. James snd Marie, alrl.
Corbin, Ernest and Carrie, alrl.
VSZl!’ Thomaa and Christine, alrl
•I*ntfer. John and Dorothv. hoy.
Johnson Preston and Hallle. boy.
5u*«r' Riley and Hannah, alrl,
Neal, Ollhert and Maraaret. alrl.
Pennell. Roland and M»rv. alrl.
Ppblnaon. OMrae and Maltese. girl.
He?*/. Robert and Isabel, girl.
Smith. Curtis and Mary. boy.
Smalls. Isaac and Cleo. boy.
Travers. Alfred and Ada. bov.
Jefferson and wtlhelmlna. boy.
Tyler. Ernest and Marguerite, boy.
Ward. Willie and Ella. boy.
Deaths Reoorted
Sr4- 2303 Minnesota ave M
jnirebeth o. Woodward, -a. j g-ott circle
JJj'ter Bjrwieb. 75, Ori’inwer Homttal.
HrVJ.PiL*«®T\75’ 2727 Adr««« Mill rd.
st^nw M,rBhm*nn’ 74, 527 Quines
iS?.? i-**er. 72. 304" R «t. n.w.
rmlly w. Kumnhrl-)*. 7J. «20 WM'Her Dl
wni2LR>. B£bCTw ""v 15*° *• it:
WH«55ita5' Htrb,u,h' ** «■ Elisabeth’s
0?£,e£j?.!bf°«k’ «»• w*It«’ *•«« Oen
Mantford Raskins, 62. Providence Hos
Wimam Krlthis, 61. It. Elisabeth's Hos
%nl«l D- Davis, 50. Oalllnser Hospital.
£™S.^,*J?eb*n- M Oalllnser Hospital.
9 °£ VS?*’ I1- Doctors’ Hospital.
A.?Ind£r z- Btanabury, 50. 1851 Insle
side Terrace.
Joseph N. Patton. 40, 2860 Wisconsin ava.
T,r"*”» I#uJ1*!,n -20- Oalllnaer Hospital.
Infant John C. Thomas, Oeorsetown Uni
versity Hospital.
Infant Rusk. Oeorsetewn University Hos
Samuel W. Watson. 86. 1110 Montello
ave. n.e.
Mary J. Bowman. 85. 621 L at. s.e.
Mlsabeth Bell, 78. Oallinger Hospital.
Mattie Oasklns. 84 Preedmen'a Hospital.
James Marshall, 67. Oalllnaer Hospital.
John Thornton. 53, Home for Aged and
Thomas Hawkins, 51. detention cell. Police
Perer Washington. 44. Oalllnaer Hospital.
Isaac M. Jordon, 44. 531 26th at. n.w.
Anne Nathan. 43. Oal’lnger Hospital.
Karl H. Wright. 40. 4610 Hayes st. n.e.,
Jefferson T. Abbott. SO. Oallinger Hospital.
Hattie O. Burch, 38. Casualty Hospital.
Bessie Wesley. 33. 404 M st. g.w.
William A. Thompson, 20. Preedmen’s
William Z. Kreltz. 20. <608 8 st. n.w.
Elisabeth Josle. 18. 60* 10th st. n.e.
Lillie Mae Josle. 5. 607 10th st. n.e.
William Josle. 1. 607 10th st. n.e
Infant Calvin Kales. preedmen’a Hospital.
Prince Georges Confirms
Welfare Unit Appointments
By • Staff Correspondent of The Star.
15.—Several new appointments to
the staff of the Prince Georges
County (Md.) Welfare Board were
confirmed at a meeting of the board
here Tuesday.
Mrs. Ruth Hayes, graduate of the
University of Maryland and the Na
tional Catholic School of Social
Service, was appointed child welfare
worker In charge of all foster child
cases. Her duties will be to place
children In suitable homes rather
than In Institutions.
Two junior social workers named
were Miss Helen V. Linthicum of
Laurel, Md., and Mrs. June Clark,
Randalstown, Md. Miss Linthicum,
formerly with the Allegany County
board In Cumberland, will serve In
the Seat Pleasant-Falrmont Heights
district. Mrs. Clark will work in
the Bladensburg, Kent and Queen
Anne district, succeeding Miss Ethel
Fisher who was transferred to the
Chillum, Berwyn and Rlverdale
Bailey's School Plans
First-Aid Class Today
The first-aid class at Bailey’s
School, Bailey's Crossroads, Va., will,
be held today, having been pre
viously scheduled for January 8.
The school began its sale of De
fense stamps on Monday, it also
was announced.
A Junior glee club, which meets
every Thursday, has been organized
at the school. Officers are: Buster
Wright, president; Tommy Duffy,
vice president, and Patricia Lath
rop, secretary.
4 f
Further Reductions on Fine Apparel taken
from Regular Stock bring you these un
usual values for tomorrow only. Clothes
with the Zirkih label so drastically re
duced should be considered as invest
ments at this time.
. vtf.wrrtMtv- ..
1 Silver Fox Jacket...-—~
I Silver Fax Jacket-—
1 London Dyed Squirrel JackeF
1 Sable Dyed Fitch Jacket
2 Grey Dyed Caracul Lamb Coats...
1 Brown Dyed Cordcul Lamb Fitted
Coat. .- ---
5 Hollander Mink Blended, Finest
Northern Muskrat Coats
1 South American Spotted Cat Fitted
Coot.... .
3 Block Dyed Fersian Faw Coats
3 Natural Skunk Jackets .«__
3 Natural Skunk Coats
1 Black Dyed Fersian Lamb Coat...
4 Sable Blended Northern Muskrat
Coats _
4 Block Cerocul Dyed Kid Cools—
4 Black Dyad Fersian Lamb Coats—
1 Motor* Brawn Alaska Seal
2 Sheared Canadian Beaver Coats...
1 Sable Dyed Kolinsky Coat
I Dyed Chin* Mink Coat..
SIZES Formerly NOW
16 S16S $9800
,6 SISS $118
it siss $79-50
14 *159 $79-5°
IB. 15 *159 $79-50
14 *159 $79-50
13. 14-18 *275 $158
12 *195 $9800
14, 16 S169 $98 00
16. 18 *159 $79-50
16 S2SO $158
16 *295 $169
9,16-20 . S195 $118
14,16,44 *159 $79-50
16. IS S395 $195
16 ' *495 $295
12, 20 *495 $259
20 *495 $295
16 *350 $229
All Abort Prieet Subject to Federal Tax
15 Unlrimmd Tweed Ceeti end Suit*
II For-trimmed Dreii end Cental
Coats, Newest Winter Colon and
•lack ..
• Silver Fox-trimmed Coats
SIZES Formerly to NOW
,2-20 *22.95 $13 95
12-20 M.75 $44-°°
,2-20 *89.50 $58-00
Above Meet 8%bieet to Federal% Fur Tax
56 Street, Sport and Afternoon Dresses,
Winter Tones, Rayon Crepes and
a few Wools..
32 Street end Afternoon Dresses, New
Pastel Wools, Pastel Rayon Crepes,
Prints, Navy, and Black.. . ..
30 Street and Afternoon Dresses,
Blacks and Colors with baaded
trims, in Rayon Crepa- - -
3 Costume Suits, Brown or Black
Wool Dresses with matching jackets
1 Costume Suit, Block with full
length fitted coat, Persian Collar,
and two-tone dress
30 Formal Gowns and FuH-longth
Wool Wraps_
SIZES Formerly to NOW
12-40 *22.75 $9’9®
12-42 *16.95 $13^5
,2-40 *29.75 *1595
1«. it *59JS $23 ^
11 *110 $4995
12-41 *25 $13'95
I IHIM .. I ■■■III.P
Raleigh Store Hours: 9:30 A.M. to 6:15 P.M.
44 Dreaaea, were--*17.95
71 Dreaaea, were--* 16.95
46 Dreaaea, were_*14.95
62 Dreaaea, were—*12.95
Come for the thrill of your life!
Come expecting dress values
that will leave you breathless.
Dresses reduced right from our
own better stock. Business
dresses, afternoon dresses, date
dresses. Bright wools, rayon
crepes, long-torsos, pleated pep
lums, two-piece styles, tuck de
signs, colors galore. Majority
one and two of a kind styles.
Jr. sizes 9 to 15, misses' sizes
12 to 20 in the group.
All Salts Art Final! No Approvals.
Sorry—A’o Mail, Phone. C. 0. D. Orders.
$4975, $5975 values *39
Beautiful wool-mixed plaids or tweeds with
gigantic Raccoon or Lynx-dyed Wolf collars.
Wonderful ond warm! Sizes 12 to 20.
SS.9S values *3.69
Shimmering rayon satin negligees with bodice
of lacs and zipper front. Brushed rayon
robes, zipper or wraparound. Not all sizes.
•5.95 HANDMADE SILK GOWNS... .*3.89
Pure silk with reams of hand-embroidery work.
$3.95 to f5.95 values *2.99
One and two-of-a-kind slipon and cardigan
styles, reduced because of incomplete sizes
and counter mussed. 32 to 38 in group.
•2.95 TO *3.95 TAILORED BLOUSES-—$1.99
Also dressy rayon crepe styles. Sizes 32 to 40.
$5.95 to S8.50 values *2.95
Rare finds! Beautiful tailored felts and little
dressy hats; colots, veil trims, black, brown,
navy and colors. One-of-a-kind stylet.
NATIONAL >140 1110 f STOUT

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