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Catholic Conference
To Discuss Economic
Aspects of War Effort
Sessions Are Scheduled
Two Days Next Week
At Carroll Hall
Economic aspects of the war ef
fort. including International postwar
reconstruction, will be discussed at
the Catholic Conference on In
dustrial Problems which will be held
at Carroll Hall, January 26 and 27.
under the sponsorship of the Most
Rev. Michael J. Curley, D. D., Arch
bishop of Baltimore and Wash
The meeting here will be the first
of a series to be held throughout
the country. The Catholic Confer
ence on Industrial Problems is a
national organization established
under the direction of the social
action department of the National
Catholic Welfare Conference to pro
mote better understanding of in
dustrial problems In the light of
Catholic teaching.
The Very Rev. Lawrence J.
Shehan, pastor of St. Patrick’s
Church and director of the Catholic
Charities, is chairman of the local
committee, formed of clergy and
laymen prominent In public affairs,
to promote interest in the con
Representatives of labor, manage
ment and Government will address
the conference on such subjects as
present day economy, post-war plan
ing, wages and prices, governmental
efforts In collective bargaining and
6trtke prevention and the training
of workers for national defense.
Members of the local committee
Include the Right Rev. Msgr. Francis
J. Haas, director of the School of
Social Sciences of the Catholic Uni
versity of America; the Right Rev.
Msgr. Edward P. McAdams, the
Right Rev. Msgr. Eugene J. Connelly,
the Very Rev. Arthur A. O’Leary,
S. J., president of Georgetown Uni
versity; the Rev. John S. Spence, the
Rev. Lucien Lauerman, director of
the N. C. S. S. S.; Representative
John Tolan and Representative A.
B. Kelly, John M. Carmody, chair
man of the Maritime Commission;
Charles Fahy, Solicitor General;
Gerard S. Reilly, National Labor Re
lations Board; James E. Colliflower,
Edward Keating, John Saul, John
Reilly, George O’Connor, Maurice
O’Conner and James Allen Nolan.
All sessions will be open to the
public without charge.
at To Do
Concert. National Symphony Or
chestra, Constitution Hall, 4 pm.
Music hour, Y. W. C. A., Seven
teenth and K streets N.W., 5 pjn.
Michael Rosenberg, character
actor, and Nini Gordano, costume
song recitalist, Jewish Community
Center, Sixteenth and Q streets
N.W., 8:30 o'clock tonight.
Hike. Accotink Creek, Va„ spon
sored by Capital Hiking Club; leave
1416 P street N.W., 9 a.m. today.
Hike, Sugarland Run to Lowes
Island, Va„ sponsored by Wander
birds’ Hiking Club; leave from front
of National Theater, 9 a.m. today.
Retreat and conferences. Pius XI
Guild, Convent of the Sacred Heart.
1719 Massachusetts avenue N.W., 2
to 6 pjn. today.
Sigma Phi Sigma, Willard Hotel, ,
8 p.m. today.
Women’s Patriotic Conference for
National Defense. Mayflower Hotel,
9:30 a.m. tomorrow.
National .Symphony Orchestra,
Carlton Hotel. 12:30 p.m. tomorrow.
Overseas Writers’ Club, Willard
Hotel, 1 p.m. tomorrow.
Washington Executives’ Associa
tion, Willard Hotel, 12:30 pm. to
Sight-seeing tour by Auxiliary
Group, Red Cross Motor Corps, meet
at Soldiers, Sailors and Marines’
Club, 10 am. today.
Open house, Washington Hebrew
Congregation, Eighth and I streets
N.W., 3 p.m. today.
Tea dance, National Catholic
Community Service Club, 3 p.m. to
Dinner, National Catholic Com
munity Service Club, 6 o'clock to
Open house, Soldiers, Sailors and
Marines' Club, 3 to 6 pm. today.
Open house, Y. M. C. A., 4 to 6:30
p.m. today.
Open house. National Capital
Losses in War at Sea
By th* Aaaoelatad Pnii.
The following “box More" lists sea warfare losses reported during
the 124th week of the war, from January 11 through January 17, inclusive:
-Bunk by
Sub*. other or
_ .. . Plane* Unknown _ Known '
Nation. Warahlna. Mine*. Cause*. Tonnaie. Dead. KUaU>(.
Japan . 16 0 0 (x)22,167 8 0
Panama . 1 0 0 9,577 2 0
Britain .. 10 4 <x)8,543 0 0
Denmark.. 0 0 1 1.950 0 0
France .. 0 0 0 (y) 1,595 0 0
United States ... 0 0 2 651 1 0
Italy . 1 > 0 0 (x) 0 0
Total . 18 0 7 44,483 12 0
Previously reported 1869 268 724 8867,156 34,915 10829
Grand total-. 18f8 268 731 8,311,639 34827 10,329
(x) Tonnage 14 Jap, 2 British and Italian ships unknown.
<y> Tonnage French ship previously reported sunk.
Losses by nations (Includes naval vessels):
Britain. 938; Norway, 238; Germany, 176; Greece. 158; Italy, 136;
Sweden, 127; Netherlands, 82: Japan, 78: France, 76 Denmark, 64;
Finland, 47; United States. 26: Belgium, 24; Panama, 17; Soviet, 14;
Yugoslavia, 14: Estonia. 12; Spain, 12; Portugal, 7; Philippines, 6;
Rumania, 6; Turkey, 6; Poland, 5; Bulgaria, 3; Egypt, 3; Iran, 3;
Lithuania, 3; Hungary, 2; Argentina, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, 1 each.
Connally Stes U. S.
Taking Offensive
In Pacific War
Can't Neglect That Area
Or Japs Will Occupy
Australia, Senator Says
By the Associated Press.
Chairman Connally of the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee said
yesterday increased activity of the
American Navy in the Western Pa
cific indicated the United States
intends to fight an offensive battle
there rather than a mere delaying
Senator Connally said this, to
gether with the reorganization of
the arms production machinery and
the prospect that 21 Latin American
nations would join in breaking off
diplomatic and economic ties with
Axis powers, contributed to an en
couraging picture of developments.
The Senator told a press confer
ence this country could not afford
to neglect the Pacific for war in
any other part of the world. He
said the Navy’s sinking of five Jap
anese transports and cargo vessels
illustrated the kind of results he
and others wanted to see there.
“We can’t go off and leave the
Pacific theater alone,” he declared.
“If we did. the Japs would be in
Australia soon. If we neglected the
Pacific, the Japanese would be apt
to so solidify their points of conquest
that it would take a long and dreary
war to get them out. It seems to
me imperative that we should con
tinue naval activity in the Pacific
with increased vigor and energy.”
If Japan became strongly en
trenched in strategic points of the
Pacific. Senator Connally said, Rus
sia might be discouraged from mov
ing against Japan. He made no
secret of the fact that American of
ficialdom hopes that Russia even
tually may be In a position to join
actively In the fight against the
There has been recognition here,
however, of the difficulties Russia
would face in lighting a two-front
war and Senator Connally, as well
as others, have been reported as
counseling patience to await further
developments of the Soviet counter
offensive against the German
Mrs. Martha E. Moore
Heads Pioneer Group
Mrs. Martha E. Moore was elected
president of the Women's Benefit
Association of the Pioneer Club at
a recent luncheon meeting at the
home of Mrs. Helen Luckett, 1212
Orren street N.E.
Others elected include Mrs. George
Weisser. vice president; Mrs. Martha
E. Eberly, secretary; Mrs. Ada V.
Byrne, treasurer, and Mrs. Vir
ginla Metcalf chaplain.
Service Men’s Club, 2 to 6 pm. to
Open house, Jewish Community
Center, 8:30 o’clock tonight.
Bullet supper, Informal recrea
tion, Y. W. C. A., 4 to 10 pm. today.
Open house, games and outings,
Arlington Recreation Center, 1 to
10:30 pm. today.
Swimming, Y. M. C. A„ 1816
Twelfth street N.W., 2 to 6 pm. to
Lost and Found
Lost Ads and Death Notices
may be placed in The Star
up to 12 noon—Lost end
Found Ads are on page 3
every day
have a field J
fgrfWHy DON'T
■ you mind
and let me
I FAST — %
'n^^evALREAPy I
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Y aw. vou ^
' MO BEN-GAy .
i make Me y
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long-famous rub-in contains up to 2 Vi times more at
those wonderful active pain-relieving ingredients -
methyl salicylate and menthol—than 5 other widely
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• Be sure you get the genuine Bee-Gay. There’s alto
Ben-Gay Mild, especially lor children.
Colored Lawyers Insist
Race Backs War Effort'
The Washington Bar Association,
organization of colored lawyers here,
has condemned a declaration by a
New York conference of colored
leaders recently that colored people
are not "unreservedly” supporting,
the war effort.
At a meeting at the Musolit Club
Thursday night, the local associa
tion passed a resolution listing three
specific ways in which the colored
population is supporting the war
The statement from New York was
issued last week by the Allied Coun
cil of National Organizations. The
members defeated by a vote of 31
to 4 a resolution stating that it was
the sense of the group that "colored
people are wholeheartedly and un
reservedly all out in support of the
present war effort.”
Scoring the action of this
self-appointed and self-constituted
body,” the Washington association
pointed to the colored persons' sup
port of civilian defense, their pur
chase of defense bonds and stamps,
and their co-operation in the Sele<*-1
tlve Service organization.
"The Washington Bar- Association
has from time to time condemned'
unfair and discriminatory policies
and has insisted upon a complete
integration of all elements of the
population in all efforts connected
with the defense effort, including
governmental service,” the resolu
tion stated. "The association will
continue to do^this and will con
tinue to insist upon the elimination
of all barriers due to race, creed,
color or national origin. Yet at
the same time the Washington Bar
Association feels it c-annot sit idly
by and permit to go unchallenged,
such afl impugning of the proven
loyalties of some 14,000,000 citi
The resolution was .offered by a
committee headed by Thurman L.
Dodson. Henry L. Johnson, Jr.,
association president, presided.
Hostesses Secondary
In General's Plans
To Develop Morale
Seeking Tough Fighters,
He Rates Good Food
Above Actresses
lr tin Associated Press.
SAN JOSE, Calif, Jan. 17.—Host
esses and beautiful actresses as
builders of morale in Uncle Sam’s
Army took a back seat today to
such ordinary things as command
attention and good food in the
plans of an Army general who wants
his fighting men tough.
“Armies must be tough if they are
to win battles," said Maj. Oen. Rob
ert C. Richardson, jr„ commanding
the Northern California sector of
the Western defense command.
So he sent out suggestions to of
ficers under his command for the
development of morale among their
Command attention — it means
commanders who take an active ln
tercst in their officers and men—
—roady in your room
whon you awakul
New York hospitality found only
at the Barbizon-Plaza Hotel —the
breakfast is served piping hot in
your room, with no extra charge, no
tip, no delay. Guests enjoy nightly
concerts with refreshments, well
stocked library, art gallery, open-air
and enclosed sun decks. Delicious
French cuisine at moderate rates.
$af It rooms with private bath as low as
•3 dolly • *11 weekly • syo menthly
Double room with twia bads as low ae
H dally**30 weekly**110 menthly
AM terns iachidt a delicious
Write directly ta the Betti far latest
brsehare WDS sr lasalr*. Ask Mr.
fester—The fmlsls Beyal. District 4400
Prices Reduced
An after-inventory clearance of stock we want
to move at once. Included are many popular
new and floor sample pianos and our entire
stock of used and slightly used instruments.
Prices in every instance have been cut deeply.
Arthur Jordan, used-^ $450 8198
Arthur Jordan, made by Lester- $695 8275
Cable-Nelson, used_ $595 8295
Winter, new __ $575 8385
Everett, used- $725 8395
Huntington, new_ $485 8395
Marshall & Wendall, like new_ $850 8465
Story & Clark, new- $585 8495
Steinway, used_$1,750 8595
Chickering, floor sample_ $725 8595
Steinway, music room size_$2,500 8750
Knabe, slightly used_$1,750 8785
Mason & Hamlin, floor sample'_ $955 8825
Concord, slightly used_$245 $193
Huntington Spinet, slightly used_$335 $223
Winter Spinet, new_$325 $238
Hallett Gr Davis, slightly used-$375 $265
Steinway, used medium size vertical-. $750 $275
Cable Spinet, new_$370 $295
Story & Clark Spinet, slightly used_$385 $287
Musette, floor sample_«. $425 $325
Chickering Spinet, a floor sample_$580 $475
Knabe Spinet, used 30 days_$565 $475
Very Easy Terms Pianos in Trade
Arthur Jordan
Comer 13^&Gsts • National 3223
wm placed ahead at boeteee houses
and attractive hootesees as builders
of morale.
Good Food Excels Radio.
Good food—soldiers' "spirits rise
when their gastric juices have been
stimulated," was declared more im
portant than radio programs. Pride,
both in one's self and In one's ogani
sation, was placed before theaters.
Above all, the general said, “re
member that our country is at war *
and that every day shall be used to
a maximum to train the men in
their respective tasks and make
them <feel that what they are doing
Is a great contribution to victory.”
He recognized the Importance of
the hostesses, the entertainment
and other diversions in the life of
the soldier, but asserted they were
given undue emphasis.
Spartan Lives Emphasised.
“When the* Army began its ex
pansion much Influence, chiefly
from civilian sources, was exerted
to make the transition of the
selectee from civilian life to Army
life as painless as possible with in
sistence that he be provided with
the comforts and entertainments
identified with civilian life," be
"The writers were unaware of the
fact that armies in order to be ef
fective must lead Spartan lives.
“Undue emphasis was, therefore,
placed on radio programs, recrea
tional buildings, hostess houses,
hostesses, movie stars and like di
versions, as if these amusements
were the panacea for good morale
or the antidote for poor morale.
“External aids may add to good
morale, but they cannot of them
selves produce it.”
Navy Takes Over Five
Wildlife Service Boats
The Navy announced yesterday it
had taken over five small patrol
boats from the Pish and Wildlife
Service of the Interior Department.
The boats, ranging from 50 to 120
feet In length, have been on petrol
duty in Alaskan waters.
The boats are the Widgeon, Kitti
wake, Elder, Brown Bear and Murre.
The Eider was originally a halibut
fishing boat and has been used in
seal protection service. She already
mounts a gun.
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