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Roosevelt Praises
Heroism of Dutch
In Letter to Queen
Biddle, Elevated to Rank
Of Ambassador, Formally
Presents Credentials
By Use Associtted Press.
Dutch heroism in the face of
aggression at home and overseas has
stirred the imagination of the Amer
ican people. President Roosevelt
told Queen Wilhelmina In a letter
presented to her in London today
by Anthony J. Drexel Biddle, Jr.,
as first United States Ambassador
to the Netherlands.
Ambassador Biddle, who func
tioned as Minister to the Nether
lands government. In London until
the elevation yesterday of the re- I
SDective missions to embassy status,
formally presented his credentials
to the queen today.
Text of the President’s letter to
the queen, as made public by the
State Dapartment today, follows:
"Your Majesty:
"The stout-hearted courage and
gallant spirit which Hollanders have
shown on every front in their de
termined resistance to wanton ag
gression by Germany and by Japan
have stirred the imagination of the
American people.
"We are proud that the men of our
armed forces have in recent months
fought side by side with the brave
soldiers, sailors and airmen of the
Netherlands forces in the Indies and
in the Caribbean.
"It seems fitting therefore, that
the United States and the Nether- i
lands should as a mark of their
united efforts against their common
enemies henceforth exchange diplo- i
matic representatives with the rank
of Ambassador. I have heen very
pleased to learn that you have
agreed to receive the Hon. Anthony
J. D. Biddle as Ambassador extra
ordinary and plenipotentiary of the
United States of America near Your
Majesty’s government and I trust
that you will give full faith to any
action which he may take on behalf
of his government.
Americans Transferring
From Canadian Forces
. I.—United States
youths who have been serving with
the Canadian Army. Navy and Air
Force began transferring to the
armed forces of their own country
yesterday aboard a 15-car special
train serving as a traveling recruit
ing center.
The transfer? are being made un
der an agreement signed several
weeks ago m -Washington and Ot
The special tram, which is earn
ing members of the Canadian-i
American Armed Service Board on
a three-week tour of Canada to
facilitate transfers back to the j
United States, was doing its work
here yesterday as efficiently as if
housed in more orthodox quarters.
One United Stgtes major said the
procedure much as if the men i
were volunteering all over again.
"In the first place.” he said, “the
men ask for transfers only if they!
wish them. They are taken through
a Medical Board, their past records
are looked up and finally they are
sworn In as they would be had they!
joined up from civilian life.”
As for the men themselves, they '
say their original plans for serving'
with Canada were changed by
Pearl Harbor
"It's not that we didn't like serv
ing with the Canadians,” one soldier
explained, "it's just that ever since
Pearl Harbor we have felt we should
be fighting with fellow Yanks. And
it is swell to find we can.”
The American? will receive ranks
in the,United States forces equiva
lent to the ones they held in the
Canadian Army.
Brazil Oils, Fats Held
Enough for Americas
Charles E. Lund, head of a tech- ,
nical mission recently returned from
Brazil, said yesterday that country j
la’ "the world's greatest untapped
source of fats and oils.”
Brazil, he continued, could sup
ply most or all of the American
Hemisphere's requirements of veg
etable oils which formerly were ob
tained from the Far East.
"Billions of babassu palm trees are
concentrated in the northern trop
ical states of Maranhao. Piaul and
Para.” he said. "And these con
ceivably could provide the world's
needs for lauric acid containing oils
of |pe coconut and palm kernel
He described lack of transporta
tion a' tie chief drawback to in
creased production of the area. Im
provement of rail facilities in state
of Maranhao would Increase 10 or
20 times its output of 42.000 tons
of babassu kernels in 1941. he said
Roads and port improvements now
under construction will aid produc
tion in the state of Piaui. second
only to Maranhao in babassu pro
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Dive Bombers
Attack Convoy
30 Times in Day
By the Associated Press.
LONDON. May 8 —The perils of
a trip along the Arctic Sea route to
Russia were described today in the
Daily Mail by Negley Farson, who
said German dive bombers one day
attacked the convoy in w’hich he was
traveling 30 times.
“Once we thought they had got
us.” the correspondent wrote. "In
a small way they did. Three bombs
dropped directly beside my ship
and exploded. They knocked all the
Ice off the sides of the ship.’*
(There wag no indication
whether Farson was in the run
ning battle between April 30 and
May 3 in which the British - lost
the cruiser Edinburgh and four
other ships.)
Farson said he saw two Junkers
shot down into the sea. and de
clared sea mists and high winds
possibly saved the convoy from
heavy losses.
'•The outstanding incident to me
was a wedge of tracer bullets which
went within 5 inches of my nose
while I was watching another ship.
“I didn't know that while I was
watching one plane another was
diving on us and machine-gunning
us before dropping its bombs."
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