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Excellent Working Conditions
Washington Institute
of Technology
College Park, Md. Warfield 900C
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Ship Seizure Attempt
To Bring Sabotage
Order, Vichy Warns
Handing Over of Vessels
At Martinique Ruled Out
By Authorized French
Bj tbi Associated Pr»»«.
VICHY, Unoccupied France, May
18.—Authorized French aources by
Implication,' warned the United
States yesterday that any effort to
take over French merchant ahips
at Martinique would be answered
by orders to their crews to sabotage
the vessels.
These sources said this threat was
clearly indicated by a passage in
Pierre Laval’s note to Washington
Saturday saying the handing over
df the merchant ships "cannot be
envisaged by the French govern
Yesterday afternoon’s newspapers,
the first to appear since Laval’s an- j
nouncement of rejection of most of i
the United States demands, pub
lished in full the texts of the com
munication which the chief of [
government said Washington had
delivered to High Commissioner
Admiral Georges Robert of Marti
nique. and of the communication
Laval said he had sent to the
United States. The newspapers
made no comment, however.
“Empire Fortnight” Opened.
In the meantime, the French
opened observance of “Empire Fort- [
night” with nation-wide demonstra
tions. including officially organized
protest meetings against the British
occupation of Madagascar in the
Indian Ocean.
A meeting at Lyon, which was pre
sided over by Paul Creyssel, director
of propaganda, adopted a resolution J
supporting any effort to "reconquer ;
the territories which have been
wrested from us” and ended with
a parade of several hundred persons
through the heart of the city crying
"down with England!”
(The Lyon radio, heard in Lon
don. said Marshal Petain would
broadcast from Vichy last night
at the opening of "Empire Fort
night,” but at the appointed hour
the Minister of Colonies, Jules
Brevie, spoke instead with no
explanation of why the aged chief
of state had failed to broadcast.)
English to Be Made to Pay.
The Ministry of Information de
voted its entire issue of "weekly
information notes" to a discussion of
“the French empire and England.”
The bitterly anti-British comment
included a warning to the United
States that as far as French colonies
in the Caribbean were concerned,
“it is hoped for future French-Amer
ican relations that Mr. Roosevelt
understands the French position and
presents, only demands compatible
with French honor." The issue in
sisted on French reconquest of the
“France will make the English pay
for all their crimes against her,”
the notes said.
Of the United State*, the notes
“France received with anxiety
news that the United States framed
demands on the subject of the
French Antilles. Certain reserve
has been imposed regarding the
question, which still Is under ne
gotiation. We recall that Mr. Laval
declared the day after the attack
on Madagascar that the French
government would never take the
Initiative for the rupture of relations
with America.
"On the other hand, the United
States knows that France will never
accept ac” abdication of her national
British Bitterly Denounced.
The publication then went into
a bitter denunciation of the British
saying "England, having weakened
us after the 1914 war. and after
disuniting us. threw us into a war
of British capitalism.
“Having thrown us into this war.
she shamefully abandoned us in a
dramatic moment, delivering the
French sky to German planes while
re-embarking the few poor divisions
she sent us.
"Being wounded and bled. France'
concluded the armistice with the
victor which saved France from an
nihilation while England continued
the spoliation of France.”
(The denunciation followed
closely the wording of Laval's
first speech after assuming
The notes then declared that "in
two years, the Anglo-Saxons had
stolen" vast territories from France.
“The empire which remains must
be defended.” the notes added.
“We must prepare to reconquer the
parts of the empire which have
been wrested from us.”
“Sailors of Europe.”
The notes then indicated the offi
cial view of the role of France in
Hitler's “new Europe.”
“If France conserves her fleet and
empire, if she understands her great
role which can fall to her in the
world of tomorrow, Frenchmen will
be the sailors of Europe.
“France will assure the greatest
part of the sea links between Eu
rope and America, between Europe
and Africa and between Europe and
the Far East. French ports will be
the warenouses of Europe.
“France will direct the flowering
of the greatest part of Africa. She
and Europe will find therein their
Charlie Murray's Widow Dies
HOLLYWOOD, May 18 OP).—Mrs.
Nellie B. Murray, 58, widow of
Charlie Murray, the film comedian,
died yesterday of heart disease. The
Murrays had been married 38 years
when he died last July.
D. A. R. 'Elm' Tree
Is Blooming—in
Cherry Blossoms!
By the Associated Press.
RALEIGH, N. C., May 18 —
Years ago, Daughters of the
American Revolution planted on
North Carolina’s Capitol Square,
with elaborate ceremony, a little
tree purported to be an offspring
of the "Continental Elm” under
which George Washington took
command of the Continental j
The ladies kept a box of earth
from around the root* of the
parent tree for use In christen
ing the “elm” when it grew up.
The little “elm" has grown
up—but it’s blooming, and State
Forester J. S. Holmes identified
the blooms as cherry blossoms.
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Prices effective until close of
business Wednesday, May 20th,
1942. No sales to dealers.

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