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'Count' Tomadelli
Guilty in $420,000
Light Bulb Swindle
'Man About Town' Faces
Maximum Prison Term of
25 Years and $5,000 Fine
“Count” Juan J. Tomadelli, 65,
friend of several high Government
officials and one-time man-aboutWashlngton,
today stood convicted
of five counts of mail fraud in connection
with the promotion of a
light bulb said to take is energy
from the atmosphere.
The “count” faces a possible maximum
penalty of 25 years’ imprisonment
and $5,000 in fines.
Denounced as Swindler.
Found guilty last night by a District
Court jury that deliberated for
three and a half hours, the man
denounced by the prosecution as a
“dangerous swindler” was remanded
to jail by Justice James M. Proctor,
who denied a defense motion that
the “count” be allowed to remain
on bond pending an effort to secure
a reversal of the verdict.
Tomadelli took about $420,000
from Ernest M. Swingle, Elberon,
N. J., and Massimo Antoniotti,
Union City, N. J., over a period of
about, 13 years. Tomadelli represented
to the pair that he was using
the money in the promotion of his
bulb, but the prosecution charged
that he used much of it for entertainment
of his friends in his fashionable
apartment here.
Evidence also was presented to
Show that Tomadelli represented to
the two investors that the Government
was about to place an order
for $300,000,000 worth of the bulbs,
which, Tomadelli claimed, required
no wiring. The Tomadelli Electronic
Corp. of Delaware was supposed
to manufacture the device.
Arrested in January, 1941.
Tomadelli was arrested here in
January, 1941, in his apartment,
where he grew orchids. He was a
propagandist for the Italian government
in Argentina during the
World War,
United States Attorney Edward M.
Curran prosecuted the case with the
assistance of John W. Fihelly and
Charles B. Murray, members of his
prosecution staff. Mr. Fihelly was
taken ill during the early part of
the two-week trial and Mr. Murray
took his place.
Water Billing System
Causes Confusion
Bj the Associated Fnu.
DALLAS.—The Dallas City Waterworks
is changing to a bi-monthly
billing system. This month it sent
out blank forms, on which were
printed only the serial numbers, explaining
that a double bill will
arrive in December.
But the confused customers are
sending in checks to correspond with
the serial numbers.
One banker, who made out a check
for $17.20, complained: "Please
check my meters. This seems a
little high.”
Transferred Prisoner
To Get Same Judge
SPOKANE, Wash.—Francis Alexander,
23-year-old Canadian, may
worry about his eyesight when he
appears in Federal District Court at
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on a charge
of re-entry into the United States
as a deported alien.
Alexander appeared in Eastern
Washington District Court and
Judge Lewis B. Schwellenbach ordered
him transferred to the Idaho
district for trial.
Temporary judge of the Idaho
district is Lewis B. Schwellenbach.
Stop grousing about the things you
can’t spend your money for. You
j can still buy War bonds with it.
Treasury to Borrow
9 Billion in December
To Finance War
Three New Types of
Securities to Be Sold
In Giant Campaign
By the Associated Press.
With the cost of war now nearing
the $6.000,000.000-a-month mark
and almost equaling the amount
spent for all consumer goods and
services in the entire Nation, Uncle
Sam today started oiling the world's
biggest dual-action financing machine.
First, the Treasury set up plans
to borrow during December approximately
$9,000,000,000 — the most
money ever raised that way at one
time in the world's history.
Second, it delved deeper into a restudy
of a new tax program—expected
to include some form of compulsory
savings—which probably
will be submitted to the new Congress
early next year.
New Types of Securities.
Building the borrowing program
on a wider base than ever before,
the Treasury will co-ordinate the
work of the Victory Fund Committees
and the war savings staff workers,
thus utilizing the efforts of
il? Hi
• ;*$ 1$M
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nearly 350,000 volunteers to float the
Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau
said the money would be
raised by stepping up sales of War
bonds and tax savings notes and by
offering three new types of Treasury
securities “designed for every
class and type of investor.”
In addition to the new securities,
Mr. Morgenthau said, the Treasury
hopes to take its borrowings deeper
into the pockets of the average
person by adding at least 7,000.000
more income earners to the ranks
of those already buying War bonds
on the payroll savings plan.
The special offerings will consist
of 26-year bonds bearing 2 y2 per
cent interest, 5%-year bonds bearing
1% per cent interest, and oneyear
certificates of indebtedness
bearing % per cent interest.
The 26-year bonds—unlimited in
amount and aimed for non-banking
investors as an anti-inflation move—
cannot be held by commercial banks
until 10 years after the date of issue,
Mr. Morgenthau said. The two
other issues will be available to
banks as well as all other investors.
Total of the two will be $4,000,000,000—the
limit to which commercial
banks may subscribe—plus whatever
amounts are taken by other
investors, whose subscriptions were
not limited and will be accepted in
The two bonds will be sold in
denominations ranging from $500 to
$100,000, and the certificates from
$1,000 to $100,000.
After the borrowing, the Treasury
plans no further major financing
until February when it will continue
on a bi-monthly basis.
Mr. Morgenthau also disclosed
that he had conferred ‘with President
Roosevelt, Economic Director
James F. Byrnes and others this
week concerning a new tax program
aimed at whittling next year’s rising
war costs and still keeping the public
debt under control as much as
possible. He said the entire tax
program was being restudied by
Treasury experts who were conferring
with “all those concerned.”
^. . . » ' -• ■ ;
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