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Oz 666
CRAMPS f„ nctiona! spasmodic pain usu
ally yields swiftly to Midol, tor an
ingredient relaxes and relieves!
HEADACHE a second Midol ingredient
acts against menstrua! headache, soothes it
fast while Midol provides other help.
DEPRESSION — Midol contains a third in
gredient. a mild stimulant, tor a quicker
come-back trom "dreaded days" blues’.
/> you heir rw organic disorder calling for
special, vertical nr surgical rare. 'did il
should help you as it has helped mill---ns.
Ask for it at any drugstore. Midol contains
no opiates.
Relieves Functional Menstrual Suffering
[■■nut a
| A new "extender"
| —tops in taste I
I Even your leftover meat get*
I s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d these days! And
! deliciously in this new meat roll—
I good to the last crumb! Be sure
j you hake it with reliable, cream of
I /ur^rROYAL! Foritseven, “steady
I action” helps protect your baking.
| Helps give light, tender biscuits—
I high, fine-textured, fresh-keeping
I cakes. When baking at home, safe
! guard scarce rationed ingredients.
I Always use ROYAI. cream of tartar
1 2 cup* lifted oil- Va teaspoon toll
purpose flour 4 tablespoons
j 4 tea* poo ns Royal shortening
I Cream of Tartor Va cup milk, or half
I Baking Powder milk, half water
l Sift together flour, baking powder and
I salt. Add shortcning;mixinthoroughIy
1 with fork. Add liquid to make soft
dough. Turn out on floured board; toss
I lightly until outside looks smooth.
I Roll out into 10-inch square, 14 inch
I thick. Spread with Meat Filling; roll
J up as for jelly roll. Place on greased
! baking sheet. Bake in hot oven at
I 450° F for 2 Oto 30 minutes.If desired.
I serve with tomato sauce or leftover
I gravy. Makes 8 slices. So light and
j tender, so tasty made the ROYAL way!
I MEAT FILLING: Mix together cups
| cooked, ground meat (lamb, pork or
I veal). 14 cup milk, 1 teaspoon salt,
| 1 tablespoon minced onion, 2 table
I spoons chopped pickle, 1 tablespoon
J prepared mustard and 1 tablespoon
! chopped parsley.
■ a
Nazi Guards Outside Vatican
Think Pope Has Strong Army
(This is the third of a series
of uncensored stories describing
what is really going on in Ger
man-occupied Italy. Gunnar D.
Kumlien, chief Rome correspond
ent for the Stockholm newspaper
Tidningen. wrote the series espe
cially for the Associated Press.
To bring the story back, he trav
eled by truck, train and plane.)
STOCKHOLM, Nov. 11.—Pope
Pius XII stands today av a symbol
of peace. Since the dramatic days
beginning in September, 1939, he has
frankly and impartially worked for
The little word of peace is now a
magical word which contains hope
j within the fortress of Europe. While
j Fascism is now a "living corpse,"
; and the House of Savoy has lost
prestige in the eyes of many Italians,
Vatican City still is a haven of peace
in the eyes of tremendous numbers
of Europeans.
German soldiers occupy Rome and
stand guard outside Vatican City.
They have been told the Pope has a
powerful armed force—although the
Swiss guards only recently received
f live instead of blank ammunition
j for their rifles—and that the Vati
1 can ts a den of Jews.
Despite this attitude among the
soldiers and although the Nazis have
fostered hate propaganda against
the Catholic Church and have ap
propriated church property in Ger
many, relations between the Ger
man occupation forces in Rome and
the Catholic Church on the whole
have been correct since the Italian
Relations Harmonious.
This is completely in harmony
with German policy. There was
always a German ambassador to the
Vatican and a Papal Nuncio in Ber
lin. The concordat between the
Reich and the Vatican is still valid,
at least in form. This is advan
tageous to German propaganda
when the Nazis are accused of re
ligious persecution.
I talked with a number of diplo
mats at Vatican City and members
of the Swiss guard which Is assigned
to defend against attacks, although
the Pope does not want them to
shoot, whatever happens All agree
the Germans have acted correctly
toward the Vatican so far as form
is concerned. i
They all make reservations as to
what the future situation will be
when Rome becomes a fighting zone
The mysterious bombing of Vatican
City last week was a serious warn
ing of a dangerous position.
While Germany is flooded with
anti-Catholic propaganda, there has
been a noted religious renaissance
among Catholic German soldiers in
Troop*' Morale Affected.
Superhuman demands are put on
the German soldiers in general and
the unbroken series of defeats which
Germany has suffered for more than
a year has had a definite influence
on morale among the soldiers.
There is also the influence of a
black postwar prospect, and more
sensitive Germans suffer from the
depressing feeling that the Germans
have the unpleasant record of being
the most hated people. This is no
ticed in a thousand ways and not
only in Italy.
Before the altar in the under
ground church in St. Francis’
Basilica in Assisi. I saw German
soldiers and officers kneel and pray.
It was strange to see their uniforms
and hear the clink of iron from
their boots echo in the peaceful
Their presence in the church gave
a picture of how far Germany has
gone and that the German people
want something different than what
Dr. Goebbels has been preaching in
Das Reich.
A monk told me that a high Ger
man officer who holds an important
post in Italy came every Sunday to
Assisi to take communion in the
basilica. Was it just a p>o.se? A
sinner's conversion when the dav of
reckoning is nearing? It hardly
seems likely when you take into ac
count how such an action would
compromise his position.
Germans Hear Cardinal.
Some days later I heard Cardinal
Schuster speak in the Milan Cathe
dral. Among his listeners were a
great number of Germans in uni
form It was difficult to hear every
word that the aged cardinal said,
for a beautiful Gothic window of
glass was shattered in >he cathedral
when bombs exploded in the neigh
borhood, and a biting November
wind and a roar from the street
:echoed irritatingly in the church.:
Only the mighty notes of the organ
and the voices of the choir drowned
out the noise from outside.
The cardinal spoke of peace but
, remarked that it could not be ob
tained with a simple move like mil
itary victory or by the signing of a
I He said the foundations of peace
; must be sought by digging deep and
; that peace was only an empty word
if hate and reprisals decide the
j peace treaty.
The word “peace" returned again
j and again in the cardinal's sermon.
What is the Pope's attitude toward
the new' turning developments in
the war?
Cardinal Criticized.
It is evident that Cardinal
Schuster's words at least partly re
flect the Pope's attitude, even if the
cardinal earlier was regarded as
having gone too far as an Italian
cardinal and "given almost as many
patriotic speeches as a French cardi
nal.” French cardinals have a repu
tation in the Vatican for being
strongly patriotic—perhaps more pa
riotic than is appropriate for a
cardinal who ought to see politics
from the standpoint of the Catholic
Pope Pius sees political events from
the church standpoint, although
naturally his Italian heart bleeds for
Italy in her terrible agony. Since
before the war the Pope and the
fighting Catholic clergy in Germany,
Belgium and France have been the
only ones who ceaselessly protested
against Nazi persecution of the Jews,
the slaying by medical methods of
"unproductive" persons and the ac
tions of the secret German police.
German bishops and cardinals
thundered against these Nazi prac
tices from the pulpits. Neither the
Gestapo nor the German security
service dared do more than try to
prevent the distribution of such
Just after the armistice, when
German troops-entered Rome from
Ostia after fierce fighting in which
they had the support of tanks and
artillery. I inspected devastated city
blocks. I talked with a group of
German parachutists and asked how
it all happened.
Nazis Blame Pope.
"We broke through here with our
tanks against the Italian traitors.”
one said. "Everything went well,
but suddenly we met hellish fire from
first-rate antitank guns from the
Italian side. Look at our damaged
tanks! Do you know what it was?
It was the Pope’s antitank artillery.”
Some days later, I talked with
two German parachutists who now
stand guard in front of Vatican
City, and repeated what their col
leagues had said about the papal
artillery. I thought they would
laugh it off. Instead they declared
very seriously that the Pope prob
ably also has a strong air force.
That, in fact, characterized the
German private's strange attitude
toward the Vatican when he en
tered Rome. Later I heard an S S.
officer describe the Vatican as "a
den of Jews” and "a black interna
tional,” in which manner the Nazis
refer to the Catholic Church.
Incidents Occur.
Meantime, an officer standing in
front of St. Peter’s frequently di
rects his field glass toward the
papal rooms. The Germans are
alert. Even so, incidents such as
the following occur:
A few days ago a diplomatic auto
mobile with a Vatican license plate
arrived from the center of Rome.
It was allowed to pass the German
guards while the Swiss swung back
the heavy iron gates to the left of
the main entrance of St. Peter's.
The Germans, watching the diplo
mat's ear so intently, did not notice
a smoll private automobile follow
ing almost immediately behind.
With a burst of speed the car swept
past the Germans and disappeared
behind a Swiss sentry box.
It, was such a daring maneuver
that not even the Swiss could halt
the car. When It was well inside
Vatican City, three American pris
oners of war Jumped out and per
formed a wild triumphal dance on
the neutral ground. They had taken
the car outside Rome from the Ger
mans. who earlier had confiscated
it from an Italian. The Americans
were not the first Allied prisoners
to escape Into the protection of the
Vatican, but they were the first to
do It past German guards.
tfopyrlthf. 104.1. by the A P )
Baptist Institution Here
Local Baptist Institutions arc to
benefit from the more than Jt00.000
estate of Mrs. Mlnta O. Howe, un
der (tie terms of a will filed for
probate in the register of wills of
fice at District Court.
Mrs Howe, who died September
-6 at the age of 60. was the widow
of Dr Orwin F Howe, physician,
who died in 1033.
The will makes specific bequests
of $3,000 each to a nephew. Orwin
C Wood of California, and a niece,
Mrs Thurza R Rhodes of Topeka,
Other specific bequests leave resi
dential property at 434 Park road
N’W. to the National Baptist Memo
rial Church and $1,000 each to the
Baptist Home and the Baptist Home
for Children
After certain other specific be
quests. including real estate in Kan
sas wnled to the nephew and niece,
the will provide? that the residue’
of the estate including approxi
mately $94,000 worth of personal
property, be divided as follows:
One-fourth to each the nephew
and niece and one-sixth each to
the Womens American Baptist
Foreign Missionary society, the
Women's American Baptist Home
Mission and to the Women's Mis
sionary Union. The petition to the
will was filed by Attornev S. F.
ANTIQUES °r things old wanted, furmture
£bjJ?a- wUS c boxes/ lamps, guns. Sell th*se
now. Wisconsin -in.M
Jfbt* olber 'hail those contracted bv
£?ysf\^ ~ Robert T. Gouldthorpe, R F D
No Box h.'V.^Aiprcandria. Va. v:• _
Any worker last employed In an
essential or locally needed activity
can not be hired by any other em
ployer except upon presentation of
a statement of availability from his
last employer or the USES.
ASSISTANT warehouse superintendent,
over .38 years of age; must have car
References. Ours is an essential war in
dustry. Apply Mr, Bishop. 5 to 6 pm.
Smith’s Storage Co. 1313 You st nw
synthetic enamel finishing: good salary
and working conditions with old-estab
lished firm flit 14th st. n.w.
AT TO BODY MEN—Washington's oldest
Chevrolet dealer in center of town Shop
nlled to capacity. Large earnings, good
working conditions: permanent position
alter th** war Referral card needed. See
Mr Dillon. Barry-Pate Addison. l.V2‘2
1 4th .st. A w
Al'TO FENDER and body man. experienced.
1 'In an hour. See Mr. Wpisigcr, Arcade
Pontiac Co.. 14.'ll Irvine m. n w.
ACTO MECHANIC, Washington's oldest
Chevrolet dealer in center of town. Shon
nilec to capacity large earnings- good
work in r conditions, permanent position
after the war Referral card needed. Rep
Mr Dillon Barrv-Pate & Addison, 15*2-2
14th st n w.
ACTO MECHANICS, top salary and liberal
bonus, comfortable and light shop. Ap
plicants must have a referral card fiom
the local USES H J. Brown Pontiac
Inc Rosslyn, Va.
portunity to learn the automotive trade:
o12-day week, permanent job. good wages.
a i o, M,r.- Zimmerman Lee D. Butler Co..
J121 :21st. st. n.w
ACTO MECHANIC, experienced, draft de
I^red, for well-established garage and
filling station: good salary and advance
Call _Mr. ^Lauor. ME. 9089.
JJtI°tAMECHAN Sli an txcellent opportu
nity to use vour highest skill in essential
work permanent job. good working con
S1V055-. ° .2"?,ay ...week plus overtime if
desired, availability certificate required.
11o, ,r; Zimmerman. Lee D. Butler Co..
1121 *21st st. n.w.
rsted in learning the auto top and up
holstering ousiness: good salary and work
conditions, with old-established Arm.
21 14 14th st. n.w.
mVJi? ?,R «tPUCK MECHANICS earn a,
nS- «#as and more! This
typ^. of work has been classed as not only
J?u^ cr^ical! We give our men
stek benefits, vacations with pav. annual
bonuses and believe that we offer as fine
tv«^hi1nvfnnndlVf0n8 85 any comuany in
Washington If you are a .skilled me
MntnVC rnPlyiV,VA0ncei°„Mr Hunton. Trew
Motor Co.. 14th and V sts. n.w* Oall
Our 30th year In business'
the* local1'tjmaStphVe a reffer81 rari from
JWN'NG MECHAnIc. good wages. Apply
401 h C»a. ave. n.w.
f°rA P*!* or full time job. excellent
R4RTrvKiD'',r'u bflWPPn - flnd 4 P-m’
Rood salary and
hS icu,Pp yH v ad bartender. Carlton
Hotel. 10th and K sts. n.w
BOY. colored, to work in take shop, no
Sun da y work. 0*231 Georgia ave n.w.
- colored- 'or nightwork in bakery,
i t0ea5a.rt>s Apply in Person. Schuoo's
Bakery. 5 .->4:2 Conn. ave.
BCS BOYS, colored, no experience neces
sary. meals and uniforms furnished Ap
iPkv maitre dhotel. Carlton Hotel, loth
land K sts n.w.
BUTCHER wanted, excellent salary, short
hours. Shepherd Park Market. 780*2 Alas
ka ave. n.w GE 8000
CARPENTER and carpenter helper with
tools for inside work. Call onlv bet 7
and 9 p m.. WO. *.2:280.
CARPENTER, steady job. good pay. must
have tools. See Mr. Ferris, Federal Con
New York ave. n.w. ll*
ca* for reDair work.
Phone GL. ‘.2140 after < p.m
storm windows and doors. Gates Con
'riaiiil^ f’A,724»°.wi.*’ ave” Bethesda- Md.
lAsHifcR for cafeteria on war project. 70
miles from Washington. Salary, bed and
meals. MI 0183.
CHAVFFER* houseman. cook. colored,
capable of taking charge of home for
single gentleman; must have good refer
ences: live in WI. 3531.
CHAUFFEl'R-HOUSEMAN. part-time hrs..
10 a m. until 3 p.m.: D. c. permit and
refx. required. GE. 1807.
CHECKER, elderly man. while, preferably
experienced Apply manager, Burlington.
Hotel. 112(1 Vermont ave nw
COAL TRUCK DRIVERS, reliable. Apply
Kay Coal Co.. 010 W st. n.w.
COPY READER with business news bark
ground for N. Y. financial daily: good
salary lor right, man. Box 72-D. Star
COUNTERMAN wanted. Crystal City R«:
taurant. 104. 20th st. n.w.
COUNTERMAN, white, reliable, experi
enced man who can also wait on tables;
Sundays off. Dikeman a Reitaurant, BOB
loth at. a.w.
Weather Report
District of Columbia — Partly
cloudy, windy and continued cold
this afternoon, clearing and some
what colder, with temperature
slightly below freezing tonight;
tomorrow fair, with slowly rising
Maryland — Partly cloudy, windy
and continued cold this afternoon;
clearing and colder, with freezing
temperature tonight; tomorrow fair,
with slowly rising temperature.
Virginia — Partly cloudy, windy
and continued cold this afternoon;
clearing and somewhat colder, freez
ing temperature west and north,
frost in southeast portion tonight;
tomorrow fair, with slowly rising
River Report.
Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers
cloudy at Harpers Ferry. Potomac
very muddy at Great Falls.
Report for List St Hours.
. Temperature.
Yesterday— Dealers
4 p.m. 4ft
k p.m. _ _____ _ _ 44
Midnight _ 43
4 a m. _ _ _ 3»
H a m. . _ _ ;ift
Noon 40
Record for I.ost 21 flours.
(From noon yesterday to noon today >
Hlahest. 43, 1:2o n.m. Year attn. 45,
Lowest, Nil. 3 a m. Year aso. 35.
Record Temperatures Thli Year.
Hlahest, 03, mf Auinit 10.
Lowest, it, on February 1ft.
Humidity for Last 21 Hours.
'From noon yesterday to noon loday.)
Hlahest. 87 per cent, at 3 .in a m.
Lowest, 48 per cent, at •2:30 p.m.
Tide Tables.
(Furnished bv United Slates Coast and
Cieodette Htlivey)
Today Tomorrow.
Utah _ 3 I | a m. S:fts a m.
Low - 7:41 a m. .'1:211 a,m.
Hlah . . S:3ilpm. 0:70 p.m.
Low 7:,VI p.m 3:42 p.m.
The Sun and Moon.
„ . . Rises. Reti.
Son, today 7:4 7 ft:5!r
Siin. tomorrow 7:43 ft 57
Moon, today 3:10 p.m. 7:00 a m.
Automobile Hahls must be turned on one
half hour after sunset.
Monthly nreetpltatlon in inches in the
Capital (current month to date):
Month, 104.1. Avg. Record
January . .... 7.37 3.55 7,83 ’37
February ._ 2.02 3.27 ti 34 '34
March _ 31 3.*5 3 34 '01
April 7.33 3.77 0 13 '30
May .. __4.04 .3 70 10.00 'So
June . .... . 2 43 4 13 10,04 '00
July 1 .40 4 71 10.03 '30
August _ ,74 4.01 14.41 '23
September _ _. 2.83 3 24 17 4,7 >34
October _ 4.20 7 84 3 si '.37
November .. 4.12 2.37 3 00 '3,0
December 3 32 7.50 '01
Culpeper Soldier Missing
Tech. Sergt. Thornton Stringfcl
lotv, son of Dr. James L. Stiingfel
low, Culpeper, Va., has been re
ported missing in action in the
European area, the War Depart
ment announced today.
Keep on barking the attack with
your purchases of War bonds. Give
War bonds ior C hristmas.
IMMIWASHI.R for drugstore. steady
dependable V_”? week, free meals East
Capitol Pharmacy, *th and E. Capitol sts
1.1 l 5n0
DISIIW ANIIER and store porter. H-riay
week, A\> Delicatessen. 4*55 Mass avc
n w
DISHWASHER, pleasant working rondi
t ion: . meals and uniforms free, no Run
navv, { week. McReynold- Pharmacy.
1 N'h and O sts n w
DRIVER (or firm serving hotels, restau
tant- must be steady man and earlv riser
Dieter drafi exempt, good salary and com
mission no Sunday. Call MI l.V’l for appt
DRI\ER. white. draf: exempt. pickup
ai.d deliver laundry Dorn retail stores to
Plant. Good salarv and commission. OI.
I < l <• 73\’n Wis ave
DR| f» (I.ERK. A4<* week to start, plus
some commission diaft deferred, experi
enced Digger s Drug', ftm 7 Connecticut
av » n w
DRUG ( I.ERK good salary and hours, rnm
nv.svjon and bonus; no Sunday work oppor
tunity for advancement McReynolds
Pha-macy. 1 «th and C» sts n w.
experience, salary desired Box
•'.» * -D. Star
a to »»:30 pm. Apply superintendent.
1 v>.> Eye st. n w
ENGINEER to operate ammonia refrigera
tion Pjar,ti no license necessary. Apply
133.; H st. n e
FOIMAIN MEN. colored, full or part time,
*fternoon work. Hendersons
Grih. , 3r> 14th st n.w .
for inside work; good salary See Mr
Stokes. P J. N»e Co. 1741 Johnson pi.
n w . or nhone EX *2600
FI RMTl’RE STORE requires services of
licensed drivers and helpers Also need
several warehousemen Apply Mr Stokes.
J- Nce Co., 1741 Johnson pi. n.w.
EX. .0(1(1
driving paimit. yu> week Virginia Avenue
Service Station. SOI Virginia ave. $.e.
GROCERY CLERK with knowledge of meat
cutting .strady worker: must be sober for
mixed tr*dr good pav S5 H st n w
HOUSEMAN-CHAl'FFEl’R. colored settled:
city reference- -alary. AIM). Call NO.
'.’in for appointment
HOUSEMAN attend furnace: good wages.
*oom ana meals; reference required MI
7 .">(>« i
JANITOR clean offices daily from 3 to 7
pm no Sunday work pay »Soc per hour
plu- :oc day carfare must have local refer
ence- Aopjv Mi Kitchen. 7 1 0 llth st. n w
JANITOR, colored. *(>."> per month and
quartets. Apply Mrs. Campbell, lT’O N
st. n w
LI BRICATION MAN: good salary. See
Mr. Dennison. Triangle Motors. 14 o 1
Rhode Island ave n p (Mi’ist present
statement of availability from local USES >
pah work on schools Call W. T. Carrico.
Alexandria 57 45 or Fairfax 17. r."
man. young, to make deliveries and keep
^tore clean. Apply Beuchler Surgical
Store. 1325 Conn ave. n w
MAN. white, to work nights in shipping
dept in bakery. Apply 30 O st n e
MAN for established candy vending ma
chine route; guaranteed salary and com
mission. Car or small truck needed. Co
lumbia 1300.
MAN. colored, for garage work, with ex
perience on grease and wash rack inside
work in heated garage; top wages paid
McNeil Motors. 141H P st. n.w.
MAN. combination body, fender and paint
er guaranteed high salary and bonus.
Benoa 11 Motor Sales. 1 too King st., Alex
andria. Va Phone Temnle 29] s.
MAN for established laundry route. Per
manent position, exp not necessary
paying higher than average See Charles
A. Wells, pet ween 4 and 0. Ambassador
Laundry. 14 23 Irvine st n.w.
MAN. colored, chauffeur and houseman,
capable of taking charge of home for sin
gle gentleman; must have good references
live in WI. 3531.
MAN wanted, auto parts department: must
be experienced; we have been established
30 years and carry Dodge and Plymouth
parts and accessories; good salary and
work.ng conditions. See Mr. O’Rourke, mgr.
parts dept.. Trew Motor Co.. 2111 14th st.
n.w., or phone Decatur 1914 for appoint
MEN, young, as auto mechanic's helpers.
Earn good salary learning essential work.
See Mr. Weisiger, Arcade Pontiac Co., 1437
Irving st. n.w.
MEN. draft exempt, with knowledge of
leather work, woodwork or light metal
forming, to learn niehly specialized trade
in essential industry; well paid while learn
ing; 48-hour 5-day week. Apply J. E
Hanger Inc.. 221 G st. n.w.
MEN. 18 years and over, work in ice cream
plant. Apply 1335 H st. n.e.
MEN for essential work in vulcanizing
shop Experience not necessary. Good
salary and working conditions. Ben
Hundley. 3446 1 4th st. n.w.
MESSENGER-PORTER; must have refer
ences; 40-hour week guaranteed. Mc
Queen. 520 loth st. n.w. l;{•
MOTORCYCLE RIDER to deliver storage
cars; daywork; good salary. Applv Kaplan
& Crawford. 2329 Champlain st n.w.
MOTORCYCLE RIDER: good salary. See
Mr Dennison. Triangle Motors, 1401
Rhode Island ave. n e.
p.m. daily. Apply from 2 to 4. Hender
sons Newsstand. 735 14th st. n.w\
NIGHT JANITOR for apt. bldg , good
working conditions. See resident man
ager. 1010 25th st. n.w.
NIGHT MAN. colored, for large apartment
house, hours 1 1 p.m. tos mu, Must oper
ate P. B. X. switchboard. APPlv resident
manager 2i4 Mass. ave. n t.. TR. 4240.
PAINTERS, plenty of work. $lo per day
Apply Mr. Batson. 933 23rd st. n.w.
PAINTERS, paper hangers and wall clean
ers. $11 day. Baltimore Renovating Co.
2323 18th st. n.w.
PAINTERS, first class; steady work, top
wages. Call Taylor 5051 before Jo a m.
or alter 5 p.m. 11
PHARMACIST. registered; $75 week, no
Sunday; reference and qualifications con
fidential. Box 102-J. Star. 11*
PLASTERERS and hod carriers, defense
housing, steady work. 38th and Rhode
Island avr Brentwood. Md
PLASTERERS—Report ready for work.
2100 Summit pi. and Adams Mill rd.
PLUMBER'S HELPER, drive truck. 627
P st. n.w.
PLUMBER'S HELPER to work with me
chanic. n§w and repair work; can make
full time; good pay; must have statement
of availability. Apply J. L. Bateman &
Son. 2004 R I. ave. n.e HO. 2*200.
PLUMBER. 1 st-class Jobbing man. must
have tools and be able to drive truck; must
have statement of availability. 1104 18th
st. n.w. NA. 2649.
PORTER, colored, to work in automobile
service station must have D. C. driving
permit; good pay. steady work. See Mr.
Dillon. Barry-Pate A Addison. 1522 14tb
st. n.w
PORTER. general millinery atore cleaning:
good opportunity for young man with some
experience. Apply Mr. Williams. HIT G
st. n.w.
PORTER for drugstore, good salary, steady
work and meals. Beverly Drug Store, 39-5
Mt. Vernon ave.. Alexandria. Va. TE. 4444.
POTWASHERS, colored, for restaurant: no
Sunday work. Apply chef. lSCP Que
st. n.w.
ROAST COOK, experienced, for permanent
position; good salary. Applicant must have
referral card from local USES Apply
chef. Wardman Park Hotel Conn. ave.
and Woodleyyd. n.w.
ROOFER, experienced; applying tin roof
flashing, gutters and downspouts; $14. See
See Mr. Duncan. 3219 Volta pi. n.w.
SALESMAN, to become associated with local
Arm. northwest section, which offers won
derful opportunity for rfght man; no can
vassing. Salesman earning $250 to $500
monthly; opportunity for rapid advance
ment. Write, giving experience and refs.
Box 306-B. Star.
■SALESMAN WANTED — Packing house
salesman wanted by Western meat packer.
Necessary to have automobile. State age.
experience and phone number. Box 149
J. Star
SANDWICH MAN. experienced, excellent
salary; short hours: no 8undays. Leon s
Delicatessen. 1131 14th st. n.w.
SCHOOLBOY to drive truck all day Sat.,
few hours 1 or 2 days a week. Apply
4c!2 14th st. n.w.
SEXTON, married: permanent job. 8t.
Margaret s Church at 1820 Conn. ave. n.w.
SHIPPING CLERK. and special deliverv
man. no experience necessary. Apply 1336
H st. n.e
SHOE REPAIRMAN, experienced, wanted
at once: white or colored: good pay. Apply
S. A S. Shoe Shop. 1128 H st. n.e.
tunity; $50 week to start. Economy Phar
macy 9th and You sts. n.w.
STOCK and will-call boys to work in
clothing store: good salary: permanent
position, with excellent opportunity. Applv
Mr. Berns, Bond Stores, Inc., 1335 F
st. n.w.
TIMEKEEPER, elderly man. white, hours
3 to 11 p.m : good waves Apply manager.
Burlington Hotel. 1120 Vermont ave. n.w.
TINNER, experienced: applying tin root,
flashing, gutters and downspouts; $14.
See Mr. Duncan. 3219 olta Pi. n.w.
TINNERS wanted, good pay and working
conditions. W S. Jenks A Son, 723 7th
st. n.w.
TIRE CHANGERS for essential work in
vulcanizing shop. Good salary and work
ing conditions. Ben Hundley, 3446 14th
st. n.w.
TRUCK DRIVER for hardware store de
livery Apply 2010 14th st. n„w
TRUCK DRIVERS, fuel oil. Apply in per
son. 9 a m. to 4 pm. W. F Hummer A
Son. Inc.. 802 B st. n.e
TRUCK DRIVER and shop helper wanted,
steady employment, in woodworking estab
lishment. H. W. Heslop Bros., 724 Eye
s' *w
UPHOLSTERERS wanted, good salaries,
steady work. J. Holober Sc Co., 61 1 F n.w.
VULCANIZERS. experienced on passenger
ear and truck tires, essential work, excel
lent salary and working conditions. 40-hr.
week, timp and a half for overtime; cer
tificate of availability necessary. Ben
Hundley, 34 40 14th st. n w
YOUNG MAN. white, draft deferred. *o
work in wholesale supply house, hi9 9th
j st n.w
i DO YOU want an interesting position '
! doing light mechanical work, steady job
with a postwar future. w’i»h an outstand-j
1 jng organization0 We will pav you while1
learning Call in person or write. Rem
I ing'on Rand. Inr 1015 L st. n.w.
WANTED. 2 young boys to learn trade in
l dental lab . 5-day wepk good pay District
t Dental Laboratory, J 214 New York ave.
j n.w, EX. 3520 _ j
! 4705 WI3 AVE. N.W._WO 8000 __
Steady employment, inside work in es
sential industry. Applicants mu-? have
relea-r Apply Mr Desch. bet. 8 and 10
am. FRIDAY NOV J2th. at
1900 F ST. N W
Salesman, experienced, with car Every
home owner urged by Government to save
i fuel Our method saves up to 50',. l ocal
, factory co-operation Wratherizing Corp.
j of America. 2660 Jefferson Davis highw ay.
Arlington. Va. Phone Mr. Harris. Jackson
1530 •_ _ _
Reliable, sober stoker and elevator ex
perience. general utility; good quarters,
salary $9o MI 7951.
Outside investigation work. D C . Va and
nearby Md. Write stating full Qualifica
tion'. age history and phone number,
Agev “5 to 55. Lock Box 584. Benj.
Franklin Station. Washington. D C
'White, for steady inside work, ."'.-day
week Apply paint shop. Waraman Park
Hotel. Conn, ave and Woodley -d n w
Rea! opportunitv for right man. See
Mr Slusser. Ton Hat Style Tailors 11M4
7th s• n v . ;> to 7 p m _ 1 1 •
Experienced; excellent opportunity for ad
vancement good salary and commission.
Cent_raj_ 51 8 fith st. n w ___
For locaJ office of national corporation,
performing highly essential and nationally
recognized service to restaurants and
hotels. To qualify, applicant must he a
high-class, energetic proven sale- closer
fully capable of assuming responsibilities
for sales to important accounts in the field;
permanent and substantial earnings guar
anteed ’o successful applicant State ace.
previous employment record, phone draft
status and full details. Box 101 -J, S*ar
1.141 CONN AVE N.W
housing project; good work
ing conditions, sick leave and
vacation with pay; excellent
salary^ Call Greenbelt 2231.
Attractive Permanent Position
With Increasing Possibilities
In Postwar days offered by national or
ganization: selectee will be paid while
training and placed in local territory with
established substantial income earnings
average S'h’.'nn Give information on
initiative, industry, age and exper:en< e.
For interview in detail include phone
Box 7S-D. Star
good salary, steady work, oer
manent job. Apply Plym
outh Farms, 1113 Maine
ave. s.w.
Earn up to V^OO per week prospects
furnished, co-operation in closing your
sales. Come to our office tomorrow for
complete details. George Washington
Memorial Cemetery, 145 Carroll ave.,
Takoma Park. Md ; next to Takoma Fire
Station SL. 7 400.
Young or middle-aged, must know how to
cut meat Good hours and good pay. 4th
and V sts. n.e. _
F ST. AT 7th.
Apt. bldg., elevator and switchboard op
erator. lo p m to b a m . mo.: 1
night off each week. Apply JH\!5 N. H.
ave- n.w. MI. 47 70. _
ADJUSTMENT CLERK, experienced in dry
cleaning and laundry. Apply personnel
9Lam°nt st. n.w. RA. 8000.
ASSORTERS. laundry or dry cleaning, ex
perienced; steady position, good salary.
Apply personnel office, 735 Lamont st.
n.w. RA. 8000.
DRAFTSMAN, junior, map. good letterer.
familiar subdivision work. computing.
Write fully experience, draft status., sal
ary expected. Submit, snapshot, samples
of lettering, not returnable. Box 28-D.
DRUG CLERK, good salary and hours,
commission and bonus: no Sunday work;
opportunity Jor advancement. McReyn
olds Pharmacy. 18th and G sts. n.w.
GiRL OR MAN wanted soda fountain. 0 to
12 p.m . 30 hours. $25. 210Pa Fa ave
References. ]*>•
LINOTYPE OPERATOR, extra, to set mostlv ,
straight matter evenings or part time dur
ing day; ad. setting ability desirable. Plant
located in Silver Spring. Md.. easily reached
by Georgia ave. streetcar. 10th st. bus or
B. O. R. R Phone SH. 2320.
MAN AND WIFE to manage farm in Silver
Spring. Md. Executive 0708.
MAN AND WIFE, white, to take over house
keeping and management of group or
rooming and apt. houses, modest Quarters
and salary. Give ages, exper. and phone
number. Box 130-D, Star
MAN AND. WIFE, colored, no children.
™9**arm nearby Md., for general farming
Wife to do housework; permanent job for
sober, reliable couple. Purn. house with
electricity and running water; $95 mo. i
Cal at 1021 7th st. n.w
Route of 800 families. Write today. Raw
leigh s. Dept. DCK-14-SA. Chester. Pa. •
OFFICE CLERK, capable of handling laun
dry and dry cleaning office. Apply Per
sonnel Office. 713 Tamont st. n.w. RA.
8000. ^
A COLORED MAN desires coi*ple to take
care of farm. Can have »2 of what is pro
duced. Wood, rent free. Can commute
to Washington every day. William M
Doup. Clifton. Va.__ •
Experienced couple as cook, housekeeper,
houseman and chauffeur (white or colored).
4 in family: servants' quarters consist of
2 rooms and bath over garage: must start
immediately. Call Mr. Salzberg. RE. 0120.
10 a m. to 5 p.m.: evenings. TA. 4363.
Anr worker last employed In an
essential or locally needed activity
can not be hired by any other em
ployer except upon presentation of
a statement of availability from har
last employer or the USES.
with at, least two years' high school educa
tion. to assist in production department of
large advertising agency: no experience
necessary. Telephone ME. 0863. Kal
Adv , Inc . Star Bldg.
RAXES for part or full tuna lob, axcallent
salary. NIL 7467, between 2 and A p.m.
BEAUTICIAN, experienced, all-around;
very good salary and commission, steady
or part time, good hours. Call Alfred. WO.
1065. or 4106 Wisconsin ave. 16*
BEAUTY OPERATOR, license not neces
sary; hours U to 6. x2 day off. at least can
make $40 up to $75 week. Phone Oxford
BEAUTY OPERATORS. 50'r or salary and
commission; splendid opportunity. Vera s
Beauty Salon. 222 Carroll ave.. Takoma
Park. Md. Evenings, call 8H. 6738.
BEAUTY OPERATOR, top salary and com
mission ; good tips. Lou Chrysler Beauty
Salon. 1802 20th st. n.w
BEAUTY OPERATOR, all-around; perma
nent pdMtlon. Call GE. 0676.
BEAUTY OPERATOR, experienced salary
and commission, steady position. 1745
Conn. *ve . Richard Hair Stylist.
BEAUTY OPERATOR wanted good salary.
50'./ commission. Pollyanna Beauty 8hop.
3500 14th st. n.w.
BEAUTY OPERATORS (2), good working
conditions. 2 nights a week; good salary.
Alyce Beauty Salon. 1103 Pa. ave. s.e.
TR. 8013.
BEAUTY OPERATOR, experienced, all
around. and manicurist: good salary and
commission. Apply Robert of Paris. Inc.,
1514 Conn. ave.
BEAUTY OPERATORS. 3; salary and com
mission Anita’s Beauty Shop, 5612
Conn ave.
BOOKKEEPER, preferably one who can
operate Underwood-Elliotl Fisher book
keeping machine; excellent working con
ditions. State age and salary expected.
Box 7T-D. Star
BOOKKEEPER-TYPIST, age 25-35. after
noon work, 1 to 5, 5-day week, 80c per hr.
Box MU-J, Star.
accounts receivable; 48-hour week; good
salary; age 20-35. Apply Mrs. WayR.
Smiths Storage Co, 1313 You st. n.w.
CASHIER-CHECKER, white. 4 to 8 pm,
no Saturday or* Sunday work. Elevent h
Cafeteria. 411 11th st. n.w.
large guesthouse, good salary. 1704 18th
st. n.w.
perienced. for work in large boarding house. I
1123 13th st n.w.
CEERKS-TYPISTS, general office help, no
expoiience necessary. $30 week. New York'
Jewelry Co., 7 27 7th st. n.w.
I CLERK for general office work, including i
(typing and filing; interesting work. Amer
ican Instrument Co. 8010 Ga. ave.
jCLERK with knowledge of typing. The
| Washington Loan and Trust Co. Trust
I Department.
1 CLERK-TYPIST with knowledge of se
curity records. The Washington Loan &
Trust Co. Trust Department.
CLERK-TYPISTS, 8 to 4:45 pm., 5-day
wk.. no Sat. work, permanent, positions,
excellent working conditions; must be high
school graduate Apply Monday through
Friday. Room 702, 810 14th st. n.w
(Equitable Life Insurance Co
CLERK, cleaning, attractive salary, good
i hours, permanent position. 1405 H st.
; n.w
COOKS, first, and second, white or rolored.
Apply Ebbitt Hotel, loth and H Ms. n.w.
• COl’NTER GIRL, white, good salary, no
(Sundays. Eleventh Cafeteria, -111 13th
M n.w
1 DENTAL HYGIENIST: excellent position for
I right person, 5-day week' top salary. Box
121-Star 3 2*
month, laundry and meals: 25 to 35 years
of age Employment agency. Garfield Hos
pital. loth and Florida n w
DISHWASHER, colored, full or part time,
day or evening work. Henderson's Grill,
*35 nth st. n.w.
DISHWASHERS, colored, aged over 21.
Call Emerson 0X25. 4 109 Conn. ave. n.w.
DRV CLEANING CLERK, excellent salary.
Astona Cleaners. 809 North Capitol st
FITTER, . xperienced, for smart New York
-hop on Connecticut ave NA 5781.
FIR SALESLADY, experienced, for per
manent employment, full or part time;
unusually fine salary. Zlotmck the Fur
rier. 12th and G
GIRL, young, to work in bookkeeping dept.,
good hours, reasonable pay while Uarn
i nc Apply in person. 9 till 4. W. H
Blanz. American Building Assoc. 300 Pa.
j ave s e
| GIRL, w hite, for housework live in. 2
day: of! a week; sin per week. J x!Uo
Burke st. s e
GIRL to learn photo finishing Mr. Par
rish. Ritz Camera Center. 1112 G M n.w.
I GIRL to woik in milk testing laboratory.
,48-hour week, a good salary must have
at least a hich school education: preferably
one majoring in chemistry Apply Lucerne
Cream A; Butter Co, 2040 West Va.
ave n e
GIRL, white. 3 9-35. typing, filing, etc :
pleasant work 4 0-hour week $ .5o start:
permanent 121X Mount Olivet rd ne
GIRLS <2 i. for office work one for short
hand and typing, salary. *s.30-$3.5; hours,
it to o and 12 to 9; pleasant working
conditiQBs. chance for advancement. Ap
ply Kopv Kat 7 17 H t ne
GIRLS, white, sandwich-fountain experi
ence >2.5 wk . meals and excellent tip
6-day week. 1 1 :3o a m to 7 pm. or 3
pm to JU:3o p.m Apply Hotri Roosevelt
Pharmacy, ltitH and V tts. n w.
GIRLS wanted to learn bindery trade in
an essential industry, pleasant working
conditions, good salary while learning, ex
perience not necessary. Sauls Piano
eraph 17 41 14th st n w
•4 in school*. Musi be meticulous, sys
tematic manager strict with children.
Prefer middle-aged Catholic whi’e woman.:
Live in or out. Salary open Give all
particulars first letter. Box J28-J, Star.
3 2*
HOI'SEKEEPF.R. white, pleasant person
ai tv. live in two in family. Cal’, after 6
Wed. any time Thurs., AD 3607.
JINIOR CLERK, real estate office, must
have knowledge of typing, nn bookkeeping,
permanent 51 2-day week Apply in person.
Goss Realty Co, 1639 Eye *•. nw
LADV. young, experienced, retail and
Jewelry store. A. Kahn, Inc . <»35 F
s t n w.
LADV. young, to train for operation of
Remington Rand bookkeeping machine,
bookkeeping knowledge helpful but not
essential Apply general office Wardman
Park Hotel, Conn. ave. and Woodley rd.
n w
LADY, between the ages of CO and 30. lor
general office work, vacation. 40 hours
Der week SCC 50 to start Box rttf-D. Star.
LEGAL SECRETARY—Permanent position
with private law firm, good salary, depend
ing on ability; stenographic speed of 1 M3
and typing speed of over so required.
Write, giving age. experience, present sal- i
ary marital status, permanency in Wash
ington and reference". Box 354-B. Star.
MAID. aKo cook and 1 waitress; live in
or out: for hotel at Colonial Beach. Apply
1311 Fairmont st. n.w.
MAID, par' time, from 0 am. to *? p m
neat appearance Jennie Schultz Health
Salon ill*-: Connecticut ave. n.w
MAIDS, colored. Apply housekeeper, Eb
bitt Hotel loth and H sts n.w.
MANICI’RIST. first clas> wood oppor
tunity Apply Munsey Barber Shop.
Munsey Bldg. F st between 13th and
I4th sis. n.w. Phone NA. 0C35
NCRSE. graduate for work in industrial
clinic in Southwest Washington: knowledge
of tvpmg essemial: 44 hr" pt r week Min
month. Cali NA. ICtJT bet. 10 a in. and
5 p m
NCRSE. white, take care of ° children,
ages ’Ha years and d mos salary accord
ing to experience EM d45o
Nl RSEMAID, white. S'10 weekly: undpr 40
years of age; take full charge of K-mo-old
babv while mother works, father in Army
no housework Call CH Sd3‘*
PRACTICAL NCRSE or nursemaid to care
: for baby and small apt. References.
Cal! OF 31 5S
P B X board. Saturday and Sundav work
Apply resident manager. '.’14 Mass. ave.
n.e. TR 4'.’4<».
SALESGIRL, women’s dress shop, salary
and commission Sherman Shop. 11«»4 F
st n w II*
SEAMSTRESS. *35 week: experienced flt
tint dresses, suits and coats; permanent.
Embassy Gowns. 1103 Conn. ave. n.w.
SEAMSTRESS, with knowledge of men’s
tailoring preferred. Apply Rigg.s Tailors,
sno '.’mh ."t n.w.
SECRETARY: shorthand not e'sential
State salary and experience. Box 14 .-J.
Star 13*
SODA GIRL, experienced: pleasant workin:
conditions: meals and uniforms free no
Sundays; s*f5 wk. McReynoids Pharmacy.
1 sth and G #'s n.w
STENOGRAPHER, with legal experience
. for permanent position with law firm. Cali
DI. 4S'J3 for appointment.
tified public accountants, preferably with
experience in typing tabulated report".
I Excellent salary and good hours ana work
ins conditions Box 44\’-H. Star.
STOCK CLERK, white, experience not nec
essary. but must be accurate with figure"
Rothstein Dental Laboratories. 1TEye
st. n.w
hours. 7:30 a m to 4:15 p.m and 4 15
p.m to 0 p m. on alternate days salary,
j $73.60 per month. Apply Mr. Elder, Ml
i 15th st. n w.
position. Garrison's Toy and Novelty Co .
1215 E st. n.w.
TEACHER. Gregg shorthand English
hours. 6 to 9 p.m. Boyd s School, J333
F st. n.w. NA. *2338.
TYPIST, rapid promotions. 5-day week
experienced in clerical work and neat
appearance essential: must be able to
meet, the public and keep accounts accu
rately. Frederick W. Berens. Mortgage
Bankers, 15*28 K st. n.w.
i TYPIST and general office work 48-hour
week; good salary: aged 20-35. Apply Mrs
Ways. Smiths Storage Co. 1313 You
st. n.w
“WAITRESSES, tops, white.” thoroughly
experienced in fine lestaurants and bars,
with pood references and release, only
top-flight” girls will be considered. ■ ork
! ing cond.. tips and clientele ‘the I *st.“
Call Mr. Lewis. FR 9783 between 3 p.m.
and midnight lor appointment.
WAITRESSES, white, for breakfast and
; luncheon: excellent tips. Apply maitre
ri hotel. Carlton Hotel, J 6th and K sts. n.w.
WAITRESSES, white Apply Childs Res
taurant. 1340 New York ave. n w.
WOMAN, refined, young, as secretary in
office of privat** Kiris' college in city; per
manent position with maintenance in
cluded in salary if desired. Box 33-D.
WOMAN, white, middle-aged, for cashier,
switchboard and some typing; good salary
and hours Box 138-D. Star.
WOMAN over 30. ambitious and refined,
j P »rt time; start now future security; help
I humanity. E'nerson 8510.
WOMAN OR GIRL for care of child 3
afternoons a week, hours, 1*2 noon to 4
p m OL. 3153.
WOMEN, colored, to work as counter girls
for cafeteria; also experienced salad Kiri
and maid for work in kitchen. Employ
ment agency, Garfield Hospital, 3 0th and
Florida n.w\
WOMEN, white, middle-aged, to manage
light sandwich stands in downtown Govt,
bldgs.; hours, 8 to 4:30; Sat.. 8 to :! p.m.;
no Sunday: top salary to efficient parties.
National Food Service. Inc., Mr. Hollander
or Mr. Thrift. 2533 Bladensburg road n.e.
FR. 0688.
W7OMEN (2). colored, honest and reliable,
for soda fountain work; no experience
necessary. Investment Pharmacy. 1501
K st. n.w.
YOUNG LADY for office and bookkeeping
work. Apply in person, District Linen
Service, Co., 56 L st. s.e.
YOUNG WOMAN. 18 to 35, general office
work: permanent position, pleasant sur
roundings. w-ith insurance company;
chance for advancement; 40 hours per
week. Salary to start, $2*2.50. Give
Bhone number when answering. Box 278
'. Star.
white lady to learn restaurant business,
no experience necessary; salary to start.
$30 week and meals: steady advancement
if satisfactory; regular hours, no Sundays.
Applicants cannot now be employed if in
essential war industry. Interview. 511
14th st. n.w. between 9:30 and 11 am.
or 7 and 8 p m
clerical assistant, tome •tenography. 6
day wee^ $30 to start. Call DL 7131.
WILL GIVE nicely furn. room to middle
aged emp. lady in exchange for com
panionship to young mother and child: or
will give home and small salary to un
emp. lady who will do light housework.
Hillside 1052-J. Hillside 0020-W _
SALESLADIES, experienced for ladies’
ready to wear, *25 Plus commission; can
average up to $40 per week
LADY LEE, INC., 1205 F St N.WJ_
410ft Wts. Ave. N.W_WO._8000._
For attractive young girls, to obtain nicety
turn, rooms and board, with good hours
and pleasant environment In exchange lor
waitress services At PURPLE IRIS INN.
Chevy Chase. D. C. Dupont limn Ext. 25b
Phore between In a m. and .'l pm
In publicity department of large public
utility co. Interesting and diversified
work, good salary, free transportation.
CH. 5710._
White, for Restaurant. Experienced.
No Sundays. Apply
_msjTtjyst, n.w. _
*24 week. Continental Drug, 422 North
Capitol st_
White, Full or Part Time. Experienced
Not Necessary. No Sundays. Apply
_«1‘! nth st, n.w
For Salad. Pantry and Potwashing.
No Sundays Apply
_ Hi 2 11th St N.W.
(White), not over care child ?>1 j, at
tending nursery school mornings: live in.
Leaving for Fla early Dec Only experi
enced with excellent references need
apoly_Good salary NO.
OFFiCE CLERK, with type
writing experience for Wash
ington Golf and Country
Club. Apply to manager,
Washington Golf and Coun
try Club, Arlington, Va.
ATOR, secretarial service.
Call Adams 4300. 2325 15th
st. n.w.
CASHIER for large downtown
store, highest pay, pleasant
surroundings and discount
on purchases.
IRVINGS, 10th and E Sts.
WAITRESSES, white, for
hotel coffee shop; good sal
ary, meals and uniforms fur
nished. Box 366-D, St?.-:.
Steady position; hours. 9 to 6;
no Sunday work, good pay.
Washington Bldg.,
15th and N. Y. Ave._
Nr experience necessary: daywork only,
no Sundays; uniforms free, good pay.
Service Pharmacy. 17th and Eye sts. n.w.
For Singers Restaurant. 4*\’:j Georgia
ave. n a Very good alary
For office work, those familiar with figures.
Connecticut _ Optical Co.. !»:{<♦ H st._n.w
Two high school graduates under *75. ca
pable of taking dictation at <v" words pei
minute and willing to assist in general office
work in busy office. rt-day. 4.';-hour week
with Saturday afternoon off. about Sfl.'Ui
per month to start, with excellent oppor
tunity for advancement, free transporta
tion paid vacation etc.: these positions
are of particular ’merest to those living in
Georgetown or nearbv Maryland or Vir
ginia^ as they save travel time Apply in
person or phone or wrue for appointment
to M:*< Helm Room .'iOh. Capital Transit
Co h and Prospect ave n w Georee
to on -Take route Cabin John street
ear -
With some college training under 35 year*
of age for work with figures of a non
accounting nature; reasoning ability ac
curacy and a liking for detail essential;
those with mathematic major preferred.
* 1 4 o per mo to start, with excellent op
portunity for advancemen* Apply per
sonnel dep- Room 30!*. Capital Transit
Co . 3ftth and Prospec’ ate n w Take
Route No 30 <Cabin John streetcar) to
door These positions will be of special
interest to those residing in Georgetown
or nearby Md. or Ya as this saves travel
general-office work
ER, permanent position, $35
weekly. Apply H. Abramson
Co., 1032 7th st. n.w. _
Exceptional opportunity for young wom
an with some experience i ooci c hance lor
advancement to manager in one of our
shops; excellei t salary, plus commission
Apply any turn*. Mr \Yhia:ns, Hollvwood
Shops i ;',«)•! F nw
Earn up to ‘*■3 on tier week Women are
a- successful in o ur worn as men.
Pio^prets furnished, co-operation in clos
ing your sales If you leel that you can
sell, or have had -ales experience come
to our (JtHr tomorrow for complete de
Tieorgt Washington Memorial
Cemetery. 145 Cariull ave . Takoma Park.
Mu next to Takoma Fire Slat on. SL
High school graduate, under 35. experi
enced. willing to help with general office
work. '■‘130 per mo. to start <;-dav.
hour week office located near 1 4th arid
Buchanan sts n w Apply personnel dep'
Room 30!*. Capitol Tran-.; Co .tilth, and
PrO'Dect ave n w . Georgetown. 'TTakc
rou e 30. Cabin John streetcar >__
Beauty Operators Wanted
Hishest salary and commission; in large,
bright, pleasant salon. Year-round pos:
tion. Exceptional ad\antages and oppor
tunity Box 3.0-D. Star.
To take charge of small cafeteria in Alex
andria. daywork, good salary, pleasant
surroundings: must haw* had previous food,
cafeteria or restaurant experience Reply,
giving telephone number, age and business
experience. Box 4-D. S'ar._
CASHIER and office girl, $35
wk.; steady position. Liberal
Clothing Co.. 415 7th st. n.w.
wanted for manager of in
dustrial photographic plant.
Apply for a personal inter
view by writing letter to Box
74-D, Star. Give qualifica
tions, experience and salary
(White), for 3 infants; sleep
in; $20 week. Phone NO. 6950.
$140 Per Month to Start.
Write experience, qualifications, Box
365-D, Star __I
Box Office Ticket Seller,
Exper,_reserved-seat "filing._DU._3 i S3.
AFTERNOON MAID for laundry and table
waiting; other help kept. Small family.
No Sundays CO OS17.
boarding house, room in or out. 1336
15»th st. n.w.
first-class guesthouse; good pay. 5'2-day
week. Apply in person, 17 36 New Hamp
shire ave. n.w.
and bath 3rd floor.'$75 mo. 34 IS 34th
pi. n.w. OR. 1413.
CHILDREN’S NURSE, settled colored wom
an: room and bath 3rd floor. $75 mo. 3448
34th pi. n.w. Phone OR. 1413.
COOK, general housewqrker; live out;
references; good salary. 1633 Jonquil j
st. n.w. TA. 1330.
COOK and general houseworker. experi
enced. excellent salary; family of 4: live in;
references required WI. 7570.
COOK, housekeeper: live in or out; no
nights; good salary. 4530 17th st. n.w.
GE 7583
enced: references required; Thurs. and
every other Sun. off. $30 week. GE 4877.
COOK, g.h.w.. live out: adequate pay.
North Florida st.. Arlington, Va. CH. 0530.
COOK WANTED in guesthouse: no Sunday
dinners. Apply at The Fireside. 1615 New
Hampshire ave n.w.. see Mrs Madlgan. *
rectly for armed forces, needs housekeeper
or complete general houseworker, good pay,
houff, appreciation. Box 75-D. Star.
G.H.W., laundry (Bendix); 2 in family.
References required. WI
G.H.W., plain cooking 4 adults. 11 g m.
7 p.m., no Thursday, no Sunday, 512 week
and car Pass DF 3895 •
GENERA!. HO! SEWORK. cooking and
laundry, for family of two: (i days a wk.,
no 8un.; $1*; wk. and carfare. 3230 Cleve
land ave. n.w. EM. 14JMS \
GENERA!. HOISEWORKER. fond^of chil
dren good salary Taylor 3008.
GENERAL HOI SEWORKER. cook: live in:
51H week, will raise after 3 months: small
house. 2 In family. References required.
24 hours off weekly. Please call CO. 2217
general HOIJSEWORKER. light laundry;
* 15 we«k and carfare: hours 9 to 5:30.
Small family. Phone SL. 3283.
room bath, near Bu. Standards: pav com
mensurate with exp.; refs, important. OR.
1227 n*
GIRL to care for child and small apt .
5’2-day w/*ek. Pleasant working condi
tions; 510.25. Phone FR x.Kio. Ext 524.
GIRL, white: live in. g.hw.; fond of
children: 57 5 month. Phone GL. 8879
after k p.m.
GIRL, experienced, for plain cooking and
general housework, help rare of baby; live
in «ood wages. WI. "014.
GIRL. 5-day week, live in or stay Z
nights; good laundress and cleaner; health
card SI 5 week. RA 0 131
GIRL OR WOMAN, colored to care for two
children, one in school and live with us
as part of respectable colored family, g h w.,
<15 weekly: a golden opportunity for a re
fined person Mr Hattie Wilson, 4o9
Eye st. s.e. LU 300* 11*
GIRL OR WOMAN to stay occasional after
noons or evenings with baby, Bethesda.
OL. 1*17
HOMEMAKER, white refined, live in or
out adulc DU. '**0. *!'!6 S st. n.e.
HOUSEKEEPER. eftled colored woman,
fo.' g.h.w. for men in modern, comfort
able. detached house live in or nut: pay
good refs Phone GE 4 171 after 6 pm.
HOUSEKEEPER, white, for family of 3
in small new home, live in or out; no
8 Jn(\a v . Call CH 3767
HOUSEKEEPER, white, motherless home,
i 3 children, daytime. ME. 6015; evt*
1 nin*»s. TR n"36.
HOUSEKEEPER —Is there anywhere %
white woman who would appreciate treat
ment as member of family and S50 month
to keep house lor a teacher and her semi
invalid father, in a home where every
thing is electric including washing ma
chine15 If so. phone G!Ar "3*5 or write
to 4*05 North Rock Spring Rd , Arling
ton Va
HOUSEKEEPER, white. 3 adults, 1 child:
i light laundry new home; live in. $'!()
. week Phone Sligo '!'!:!6.
HOUSEKEEPER for employed couple, ‘wo
children Call Mrs.' Allen. RE. 6500. Ext.
*_* 7 * * i. before 6 pm.
MAID, general housework; small family.
Apt 3", 13.16 Euclid s’, nw DU. <5*1
MAID white or colored take care 'mall
a and 1 1-month-old baby Mother
i employed. Must live in. Good salary.
I Call TA.
MAID, colored, wanted: general clearer,
1 1 hours mornings. S* 5<t week. AD 0*7'.!.
MAID SERVICE. adjoining modern aprt .
'light laundry; no Sundays hours. f» to 5;
<14 wk. and carfare Cal’ TA 00"o.
MAII). g.h.w . live in or out. pleasant sur
roundings new apartment, 3 in family.
Phone SH. 354*. 13*
MAID, g h.w live in: must be good rook,
exp w.th children 4 in family Refs,
necessary. Good salary WI. 65*5.
MAID, with health ^ard for general
housework 3 or 6 days week; good Pay.
Call CH 6*40.
MOTHER'S HELPER, young colored girl:
live lr,; can go to school. Phone LI.
MOTHER S HELPER, live In. . small chil
dren: Bethesda. $15 week. WI.
NURSE, white, experienced, reference
full care of infant assist w* h S12-year
boy: other help: $35 weekly. OR 0143
NURSEMAID and general houseworke-:
<ood wages, short hours, no Sundays.
SL 5*8 ]x.
NURSEMAID to live in and care for *1
children, their room and clothing. No
o’her household duties. EM 8133
WOMAN, t hw■ . laundry .•-mall house and
family. Monday Wednesday. Friday, P "0
1: ">«»c per hour Hillside lfirtH.
WOMAN, white. «!«»o month, ghw good
cook complete charge small hous» .n
Georgetown. Sleep in; refs and exper.
necessary HO 3 145
WOMAN, refined, for housework, food sal
ary WI ;tx73.
•' WOMEN. I lor rooking ghw. o’hcr for
upstairs work and care of 15-mo.-old girl:
new house in country near Washington:
comfortable quarters, references required:
excellent salary Elmwood 545.
SMALL GUESTHOUSE, couple, no objec
tions to husband working ou’ Live in or
or: s j (hi month. References required.
Call NO 40515.
I W \NT A COOK and general house
worker of any color, religion or nation
ahty for 3 adults, to live in or ou’. clean
and comfortable maid s room with full
private bath and gas furnace heat Off
Thursdav afternoons and every other Bun
day In applying, state age religion,
nationality wages and weight. Box 131 -J,
Star, or phone Taylor 3301. •
NO SATURDAY — General housework,
laundry, elec. wa*h**r. ironer $05 to start.
S’ a v in or out GE S50n 45*00 13th st n w
GIRL colored for ghw can have fine
quarters to live In. GE. 15x3._
Young couple with lit^e boy. in pleasan*
country home anxiously searching for
kindly responsible white woman, good
wages . mo*tly_cooking CH. 8556_
L ve in or out: food salary. Call OP
In large home with all electrical device?:
family of . cooking washing and genera!
• housework: Thursday and Sunday after
noons off health card and references: sal
ary, s-l > week if live in. otherwise $16 w*c
_MRS MYERS. ME_:t4«*0._
exp in commercial field as salesman, sales
and ac.v mgr . personnel Exp Govt, con
tact'- and routine. Loyal, highest char
acter. Draf' exempt Box 1.45-J. Star. •
COILECil (.RADI ATE, 4-F \’s years old.
desires to make chance. Has been meeting
pubiic f.>r past s years. Sales and suPfr
visory experience. Wants connection wi’ft
1; \ e-wire organization in postwar field.
Many Washington contacts Prefer dis
tributicn or wholesale business. Box
1 J. Star. •
COLORED MAN wants truck-drivinf 3obi
don't drink 4-H. TR S471.
MAINTENANCE MAN. can make plumbing,
heating and electrical repairs. Box 141-J,
Star. •
Man. colored, respectable, marriad. ro
children desires job a' janitor in small
apartment house w;fh comfortable living
quarter. city ref. Man now emPloved.
HO Ml» JC*
MAN. white. 54 •: .''worthy, handv a*
:any work, available by 15th; refs. Box
14n-J. Star 1 *>•
M AN. ambm »’t' rn.-.t • d. draf- exempt,
hard and sincere worker, able to grasD
quickly. accU'.-med to meeting public,
capable of rt spoit :b> position, exp man
aging liquor .-'.ore gasoline station; a.'O
experienced in creci.: business; good sales
1 man ready immediately fir good steady
position ol any sor not afraid of long
ihotits. cannm consider anything less than
v5n per week: be > ret. Union 4
PART-TIME WORK from 4 .40 p.m. to 1C
pm ; truck drner. with D C perm.'.
North i*'.'5> be '.. 5 ai.d 7 p in . E. P^rry.
PH %RMA( 1ST. regis'ered. experienced.
; young man. draft exempt, is seeking posi
‘ tioi. Box 1 1.4-H. S:ai
years’ exp. married, class t-AH available
mimed ; IJ. C. or suburbs. Box 1*75-J. S^ar.
class hotel and restaurant experience. Box
74-.I. Star.__*
ACCORDIONIST, professional, night club
work. weddings. banquets. references.
North 154 s
BOOKKEEPER, stenographer, typist, ex
perienced high-salaried employee, full or
part turn Box 1 * * * • - J. Star *
DRESSMAKING, designing, remodeling and
alterations: reas Bert. 1030 Irving at.
n.w . Apt. 4 AD ‘.’tNts
parts manufacturer available thoroughly
familiar secretarial duties, dfflce routines,
Taylor (hi7 1
(HRI., young. attractive and efficient,
sires work after 7 d m. Clerical, cashier,
checker or sales. For details write B'X
7 s-J. Star. *
HOSTESS, experienced woman of 50. cnl
i lege bred and traveUfd. would like position
'as hostess Box 130-J. Star 14*
I.ADY of dressmaking, young, educated, is
applying for position. Box 4\!-J. fltar. 11*
NCRSE. trained 'infants'*, wants rather
newly born cases, A-I references. Call
i Columbia HS!»1. 11*
PIANIST, professional, desires day or eve*
; nine work Telephone LI. 537*.'. 14*
executive ability; thoroughly experienced;
s*.!op mo Box 114-J. Star. •
[ i apher-typist, 31 yrs. married, prefer con
struction or engr. office: e; yrs. construe,
exp ; prefer northern district or Takoma
! Park area: 40 to 44 hrs., $50 weekly.
* Call CL. 7'.’ss
STENOGRAPHER, college degree, available
few hours each day; experienced in versa*
! tile* lines of work —editing, stencil cutting,
ghost writing DI 1S10 or AD. 901*.!. •
IY Pi ST. experienced, will do work at home.
Box 3M3-B. Star.
WOMAN, colored, light, wants work as re
ceiving clerk for packages. Refs., over 16
1 vears: no Sundays. HO. SfiRS. 13*
WOMAN, white, will rare for child in
apartment: live in. Call HO. 0751 befora
1 o u in •
I CLEANING, morning or evening, by colored
| girl. Call DE. 2061. •
\ GIRL, colored, wishes morning work P to
j l. doctor's office or apartment; $10 Per
I week and carfare. Mt. Pleasant section
preferred Excellent ref. AD 4631.
GIRL, colored, wishes to operate elevatof
i> days week, no Sundays; day's work, n#
j nights preferred. ME. 2498.
i GIRL, colored, wishes job as child care of
1 g.h.v . in small apt. DU. 4589 between
i 5 and 9 p in.
GIRL, colored, desires housekeeping join
'prefer children, live in. CO. 6451. •
GIRL. neat, colored, experienced, wished
j part-time job. 4 hrs day CO. 1000. 1
GfRL. colored, experienced, neat, want!
morning s work. 7 to 10 a m . waitress evef
nings. Call 11 or after 3. DI 0050
(GIRL, colored wants day's work. $4 and
carfar**. Call DU. 1071 after 5 p.m
| GIRLS, colored (2>. want work with em*
5loved couples. 8 hrs. day; no Sunday!.
II ^385
LAUNDRESS, experienced, with refs. NO.
5466. •
WOMAN, colored desires Job at night,
hours, 12 to 8. Call LU. 5068.

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