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Sore Throat, Coughs
Take just one swallow of Thoxine.
See how quickly even one dose brings
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Legion of Merit Given
To Brig. Gen. Dillon
And Col. Dabney
Brig. Gen. Joseph Vincent DePaul
Dillon, who had a number of assign
ments in Washington before he went
overseas, has been awarded the
Legion of Merit for outstanding
services as former chief of the mili
tary police under the provost mar
shal general, the War Department
announced last night. He was also
assistant provost marshal general in
A similar award was given to Col.
Walter D. Dabney, retired, of 3918
Benton street N.W., former acting
chief »f the personnel division,
National Guard Bureau, as well as
chief of its budget and fiscal divis
ion. Col. Dabney retired last Jan
Studied Law at G. U.
A native of New York City and
graduate of West Point in 1920, Gen.
Dillon was transferred to the legal
branch of the Army after obtain
ing a bachelor of law degree from
Georgetown University in 1934. Be
fore then he had been in the artil
lery. After his graduation he was
on duty two years on special assign
ment to the Office of the Attorney
General in the Justice Department.
He was next assigned to the Judge
Advocate General’s Office in the
War Department and resumed
studies at the Georgetown law school
to earn a master of law degree in
1939. On both occasions at the law
school he was an honor student and
on the staff of the Journal. Upon
graduation again, he was sent to
West Point as assistant judge advo
cate general of the military
academy. Later he became an in
structor there.
In May, 1940, Gen. Dillon returned
here for duty with the judge ad
vocate general and the provost
marshal general.
He was detailed to the corps of
military police in November, 1941,
and as its chief, according to the
award citation, he conceived, plan
ned, organized and trained the
corps from its inception.
Gen. Dillon was designated assist
ant provost marshal general in
Washington in May, 1942, and in
the following December assumed
command of the Provost Marshal
General Training Center, Fort Cus
ter, Mich, He was sent overseas
last April, a month after being
promoted to brigadier general.
Long Service in Army.
The award to Col. Dabney, mem
ber of an old Virginia family, was
for services he had performed
since the mobilization of the Na
tional Guard. He is a graduate of
the University of Virginia and went
into the Army before the World
War. Mast of his Army career was
in the Finance Department.
Col. Dabney had served in the
Philippines, Hawaii and in France
during 1917-18.
As chief of the personnel division
of the National Guard Bureau, he
had to deal with the flood of indue
Seniors in U. S. Service I
When the Declaration of Inde
pendence and the United States
Constitution were hauled in a wagon
from the State Department to the
Library of Congress on September
30, 1921, the event constituted the
biggest thrill ih the 46-year Govern
ment career of Samuel M. Croft,
chief of the Library’s mail and de
livery division,
“It was kept very quiet,” he mused.
“The priceless documents were
hauled in our wagon, since we had
no automobile then. There was a
motorcycle escort, but no armed
guards were in the wagon, as best
as I can recall. I remember that
our librarian emeritus, Mr Herbert
Putnam, signed for it. No time was
lost in transferring these documents,
inasmuch as the executive order
directing the transfer was not signed
until September 29, 1921.”
Through Mr. Croft’s division pass
es all mall and documents, some
times amounting to 1,000,000 pieces
each year. He helped remove his
torical papers from the Georgetown
home of Robert Lincoln, son of
Abraham Lincoln ,.. “He showed us
about the house, but talked very
little about his famous father.”
Mr. Croft, dean of Library em
ployes in continuous service, has
been a lay preacher of the Metho
dist Church for 35 years, and is
secretary of the Gospel Mission of
Washington ... “Mingle with young
people, lead a temperate, active
life, and your work will be more
Will Expand War Plant
The Defense Plant Corp. has au
thorized an increase in its contract
with E. I. du Pont de Nemours &
Co., to provide additional equipment
at a plant in Virginia at a C06t of
tions of guardsmen and guided the
expansion of that arm of the serv
ice. Throughout this period he also ■
had to clear the involved property!
and fiscal accounts of the United]
States in the various States. i
—Star Staff Photo.
/ Johnson’s Red Cross Plaster
helps relieve backaches and
other muscular aches and
pains, for these reasons—
• Rotate* and adds to tody hut
• Provide* prossan and support
• Appdos add modlcation adttout
•dor or danpor of sodod dothte*.
• Gteoo constant passive massage.
One Check to Pay Monthly Bills
When all the utility bills come due each month,
just total them up, draw one check on your ac
count here, drop it and all the bills in the mail
to us and we’ll make the distribution.
Of course, they must be current bills — and
within their due date.
This is only one of the many services of con
venience which makes The Second National
growingly popular.
You cannot make a better INVESTMENT than
in War Bonds. Keep on buying and BUYING.
The Second National Bank
1333 G St. N.W. 509 S«v«itth St. N.W.
OlfUM 187*
Member Federal Deposit In sure pee Corporation
-='! ' ' ^
Norge salutes America's war mothers

Planning balanced rations, packing lunch
boxes, preparing snacks at odd hours for
work-sharpened appetites—these are some
of the contributions to victory made by the
housewives of America. Other patriotic
duties performed by them include doing
their own washing and ironing, raising and
preserving much of their own foodstuffs,
practicing economy and conservation every
as we do the women who give generously of
their time in war plants and those who
volunteer in the armed forces, in Red Gross,
A.W.V.S. and O.C.D. activities.
Norge Rollator refrigerators and other home
appliances are doing their part, too, by light
ening the household duties and adding to the
efficiency of America's women war workers.
day and in every way possible.
We at Norge, completely in war
work, honor these efficient, tire
less workers on the home front...
". . . Sot outstanding pro
duction oS war materials
Soon after the victory, Norge will
salute these women with a brilliant
new line of household appliances
that will emphasize America's
new-era standards of living.
Rollator Refrigerators ... Electric Ranges ... Washers
Gas Ranges ... Home Heaters . .. Commercial Refrigeration
1519-21 L STREET N.W.
Miami Herald Drops Ads
Br the Associated Press.
MIAMI, Pla., Nov. IS.—A new
"victory edition," from which all
display advertising has been elim
inated, was published this morning
by the Miami Herald.
Classified advertising was carried,
the newspaper announced, because
of its “vital public service,” but
about 1,300 inches of other ads were
dropped from the first streamlined
edition which will be continued each
Monday for "as long as is necessary.”
Elimination of the advertising en
abled the victory edition to condense
into 12 pages all the news and fea
tures customarily carried in Monday
morning editions averaging 20 to 22
pages, according to an announce
ment carried in the first edition.
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up to *1,000 If you are killed—costs
as little as 3c a day!
And most important—It covers
ALL accidents from the very first
day . . . ALL sickness from the
very first day. except those specifi
cally excluded in the policy. No
waiting period of 7 or 14 days, as
so many policies require.
It has other benefits—you will
see them all for yourself when you
send for a regular policy on FREE
inspection yithout obligation.
Postal now is offering this pro
tection on a monthly payment plan
of only *1.00 a month—or on quar
terly, semi-annual or annual pay
Write for policy on free inspection.
No agents will call—no medical ex
amination. Write today—send full
name, address, age, occupation, and
name of beneficiary to Postal Life
<i Casualty Insurance Company,
6533 Postal Life Building, Kansas
City, Mo.
Photograph token ot Southern Hotel Supply Co.
will be served at
' !
Beginning Monday, November 15th. Brought to you directly from the
Southern Hotel Supply Co. who have been well-known here in Washing
ton more than 90 years for their fancy prime meats.
Come early and get these delicious steaks and roasts cooked to your
individual order... as only Cannon's chefs can cook them!
Fine wines and liquors.
(One Block North of Florida Avenue N E )
/£ 0/r

Day and night, the telephone is in the thick’ of war.
Long Distance links a nation together and speeds its
_ work.
So that necessary calls can get the right of way, the
operator will tell you if the circuit you want is busy.
You can help by canceling your call if it isn’t really
vital. '
On calls you must make, we’ll appreciate your co
operation when the operator says—"Please limit your,
call to 5 minutes. Others are wasting*

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